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you suffer
Any Bleach fans out there? I'm just getting into the manga and anime. Anyways, this is a thread to discuss the series, so go.


Frustrated Elf
I'm really enjoying it. I have the five volumes that have been released into English so far, as well as the first 15 or so Japanese volumes. I like the manga better than the anime, even though the anime does kick butt.


.::Come on::.
I <3 Bleach so far. *read up to 1/2 of volume 4* My favorite mangas are always the kind where the setting is in a 'believable' world. =3 Ichigo is so kawaii~ x3 I've have yet to see the anime though... ;-;

Yuugis Black Magician

Namaikina Imouto
I've read 1-3 and 5-6 thanks to my library, I really enjoyed the story so far, espicially because of all the funny school scenes.


Knuckle Trainer
I want to start, but the downloads are taking too long because there is something wrong with my computer, so it will have to wait.


Radiance of Shadows
I've read the first six Shonen Jump Graphic Novels released in English so far, and I see why that it is one of the more famous mangas out there. I like the whole aspect of life after death, with some ghosts going on while others becoming Hollows, which could be related to the specters that haunt us and are violent.

I do plan on going forward and reading translations of it soon, but I'm too damn lazy. :p My only gripe with it though is that Ichigo becomes too powerful way too damn fast. Other than that, the action, drama, humor and even the slight romance (Which turns into humor occasionly) are great.


With Action Amusing!
I've seen all the anime and read 1 - 6 of the manga. I'm really enjoying the anime ATM :) It's an awsome series.


I'm starting to love Bleach. I haven't seen the anime yet but I've listen to the opening and ending themes. (I absolutely love "Life Is Like A Boat" by Rie Fu and "Asterisk" by Orange Range!) Manga wise, it's awsome! Although, I wish I could of read volume one. (The bookstore only sold volumes two to five. T_T)


Radiance of Shadows
Meh, still been too lazy to check up on the manga online. But I guess this is why I'm asking a quesiton here. For those who have read both the 'original' -as some may call it- and Viz's translation of it, could you tell me if Viz stays pretty true to the 'original'?


Coral Eye Trainer
I like the manga better than the anime, but you can't go wrong with either.


gone with the wind~
Ah, I <3 this anime! ...though I haven't finished it ^^;; I LOVE the opening theme Asterisk! It's so catchy! XD *is listening to it right now* I haven't read manga yet but I probably will soon since it's so good.


Rose &gt; your mom
I really like the anime so far. I can't say anything about the manga because I haven't had the chance to get my hand on it. But I can say the anime is really good and action packed. Also, the animation quality is awesome. If I am not mistaken, the series is planned for 52 episodes and 1 movie. So the manga will probably end when the anime ends :<.


Well-Known Member
I haven't read the manga as of yet...but the anime series is a perfect combination of action and comedy. I watched the latest epi (37) last night...^_^


umm the anime is only up to episode 34 as of 6/3, and the manga is on chapter 181. I do not know if they can wrap up the soul society arc in the remaining of the 52 episodes, i do not want anything to be rushed because i enjoy it so much.


Sanity? Don't Got It
HellKorn said:
Meh, still been too lazy to check up on the manga online. But I guess this is why I'm asking a quesiton here. For those who have read both the 'original' -as some may call it- and Viz's translation of it, could you tell me if Viz stays pretty true to the 'original'?

Shinigami ---> Soul Reaper. Not a horrible translation, by any means.

Oh, and they kept in Chizuru's lesbian antics. Even if Bleach has better lesbians...


Radiance of Shadows
Ah, thanks for the mention, ShadowDino. Although, is that the only major difference from the original Japanese version to Viz's translation? Because it seems to me at certain parts as if Viz included something of American Culture, except I forget what it specifically is at the moment. :S


Both the Bleach manga and the anime are good. It will eventually turn in to another DBZ but I'll still read it! :p
Here's another link Bleach7


Another amazing manga by Kubo Tite, who I think is one of the most creative artists. I mean, his characters are really original and he draws them with different styles of clothing. His art is amazing. I like this one image or all the guys in black suits with shades. I'm about a volume ahead of the anime right now and I can't wait to see how it'll be animated. I've seen the special Ichigo vs. Grand Fisher OVA and it was pretty awesome. I also like their music, but I may be getting a bit off-topic here since this is about the manga.
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