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Blind [PokéShipping, R, OneShot]

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by shadow_shipper, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    Blind [PokéShipping, R, OneShot]

    Sorry I deleted the last post, I've re-written some parts of it and since I was multitasking, I went on to delete the whole thing instead of just editing T_T

    well, let's get on with it...

    This is what made me write something again. Thank you.
    And thank you to all who have reviewed my first one-shot !

    Okay, a few words before we start…
    This was hard to write for me.
    Mostly because I don’t like Ash as a shippy character, therefore I felt uneasy sometimes describing what he feels…
    And, it is also long. I just kept writing, and writing, and writing as it came…bear with me :rolleyes:
    Keep in mind, this is the second fic I’ve ever written xD
    Much monger than my previous one which was about 6 pages, this one is nearly 16 pages long…gawd o_O more description of feelings, it’s also quickly read :p I just hope I managed to hook you at some point :)

    Warning : this is sometimes more towards the NC-17 limit of R, than the PG-13 limit. But it is rated R for material of higher maturity, including alcohol and sexual content up to summary of activity or touches or description, but no explict detail. According to the New Shipping Fic Rules.

    More important Warning : This one-shot is not for rabid PokéShippers who condemn any other Ash ship ! As it also contains mentions of PearlShipping and KissShipping, though mostly to back up my version of PokéShipping here.
    It is mostly from Ash’s POV.


    “Well…here I am again…”

    That was the initial reaction of a young Ash Ketchum, as he stepped foot on the sandy beach of Shamouti Island, a green travelling bag over his shoulders, much larger than his usual backpack, his Pikachu on his red and black hat, matching his black vest with a yellow v-shaped pattern on it and a white T-Shirt under it, and some dark-blue jeans which weren’t so baggy, but more of the style he wore when he first started his journey.
    His facial expression was also different from the last time he was here : first of all, he had grown, and so has his face, showing a more serious tone, which wasn’t at all childish by nature…yet those intense brown eyes that so many girls fell in love with hadn’t changed a bit. The raven hair and solemn gaze also gave him a different aura…the idea of a darker side, a hidden side : a broken side of him.

    The weather was beautiful, as always. That is, if you omit the phase with the Legendary Birds Ash faced alongside Tracey and Misty…Radiant sunshine, crystal blue water and an azure sky with some few clouds here and there, and a warm temperature. Flocks of various bird pokémon roaming the sky, sound of waves crashing right behind him : indeed the ideal point to spend a holiday, interrogating your inner self on the choice on your future as a pokémon trainer.
    After all, losing in the finals of the Sinnoh League, yet having the best team from all your travels, one must wonder : what’s next ?

    He did travel for extensive years, train hard, accomplish various deeds and achievements, met interesting and very interesting people. Now, he finally decided it was time to sort everything out. No more avoiding matters and questions, no more acting dumb, no more postponing matters : he was determined to end the pain and angst, clear his mind and soul completely, and he decided to start by the most painful ; his love life.

    To be completely honest, he already started to deal with that matter after Sinnoh, as Dawn had expressed her love in a very special way after their journey had ended…

    Laying completely still on the sofa of the room they had rented, reflecting alone, gazing at the roof and occasionally through the window to observe the white snowflakes slowly falling to the ground in the ink-black night, which was only lit by the distant moon, the raven-haired trainer was having a hard time accepting his loss in the final of the Sinnoh League…

    “So close…closer than ever before…yet still so far…man, this is so cheesy what I just thought…”

    He sighed heavily with his cap sharply tilted forward, lacking to cover only his mouth. He was wearing his usual Sinnoh clothes, and had his arms behind his head, resting and trying to figure out a way to relieve the pain and frustration.

    “Dammit…Pikachu, Charizard, Sceptile, Staraptor, Torterra, and Kingler…where did I go wrong ?... Maybe it’s me after all…” that’s when Dawn walked in, carefree and carelessly beautiful as well…and with the adrenaline of being the first rookie Grand Festival winner still flowing through her body, she was even more radiant and smiling.

    “Hi Ash, feeling any better ?” she asked, only to receive a mumble in return. “I see…” she proceeded to her room.

    “Where’s Brock ? I though he was with you ?” Ash asked, apparently snapping from the lethargy he was in the last few hours.

    “He…met this girl at the bar we were, and he…went to her apartment with her” she answered from the room, sighing.

    “…I thought I’d never see the day.” muttered Ash, audible only to himself, a grin which was nor scornful nor happy, nor sarcastic or ironical, just a wicked smirk.

    “I’m going to take a shower.” He suddenly said while getting up.

    “Now that I came back, you leave me alone ? where are your manners, couldn’t you have done that while I wasn’t here ?” she said annoyed.

    “No…I didn’t feel like getting up from that sofa, but now, a nice hot shower would really do the trick…” he entered the bathroom, turning his head to Dawn, who only huffed in return, and closed the door to her room ; and so did Ash, entering the bathroom.


    He was in the shower cabin for at least ten minutes now, simply leaning against the marbled walls, letting the water impact on his naked body with vigour, the steam-filled room also acted as a sauna, trying to relax him, and make him forget some of his worries.
    When suddenly, he heard the door open…

    “Who’s there ?” He promptly asked in a menacing tone.

    “It’s me…” said a faint feminine voice.

    “Dawn !?” Now, Ash was thinking out loud. “What the hell are you doing here ?!” He truly began to panic as he could now see her figure approaching him through the steam-cover glass of the shower. But something still wasn’t right, besides the already awkward situation…

    “DON’T !! Don’t come any closer ! You realise I’m naked do you ?” He said with a trembling voice now, driven against the wall, as he had nothing but his words to prevent the unstoppable events that were unfolding…

    “Uhuh” She said, still approaching, with a slight devilish giggle in her reaction.

    Ash’s eyes were now trembling, his heart throbbing like never before, his nervous system was beginning to fail him, as he felt some shaking and twitches in his hands and feet, his breathing hard, irregular and loud. And then, he at last noticed what was even more wrong : she was naked as well.

    “This is not happening…” Oh fear…he was completely powerless, he was completely overwhelmed by what was happening right in front of him, and to him, as he never thought this would happen, at least…not now…especially not at this moment. A naked girl was entering the shower he was in…

    Acting on instinct, Ash lunged from the wall to the door of the cabin, and hastily grabbed the handle of the door and held it, preventing Dawn from entering.

    “What the hell are you thinking ! Why are you doing this ?” He pleaded, visibly shaken and awkward, as they could now completely see each other’s nude bodies, Ash stared in her eyes, trying to scold her in a manner, yet as the silence persisted, he was beginning to lower his gaze, down to her neck…and couldn’t help but to look at her breasts, which were to him, not too big, yet perfectly shaped ; still he was continuing to examine her, very uneasy but hormone-driven, down to her stomach, her waist, and finally, he stopped when he saw her cunt, something thing he didn’t think he’d see this soon in his life…after all, he was sixteen.
    Both were inches apart, and the only thing separating them was that glass door, and Ash’s willpower to keep a hold on that handle…
    But with him being a young teenaged man, that very same willpower that was keeping him from doing something stupid with a fourteen year-old girl was beginning to fade, as he was still observing her body, his grip on that door loosening. He also felt some other thing, he was slowly beginning to have an erection…
    Dawn was observing on her side of the glass as well, and couldn’t help but giggle when she saw what was happening, to which Ash, blushing with shame more than bashfulness at this point, simply turned his back to the door, so that he didn’t have to look at her, and she couldn’t look at him.

    “You still haven’t answered me…” he said, a bit calmer…He had now crossed an enormous threshold in his life ; for the first time, he had seen a girl fully naked, and felt that something has changed inside of him. “Why are you doing this ?”

    “To lighten you up, and mostly because I think that this will help you a lot, in many ways…so come on, let me in.” she said, her body pressed against the glass, and though it was a sinister circumstance, her voice was sincere, as were her motives. “I love you Ash, I care for you…” she said, placing her hand on the glass barrier separating them. “I can’t stand seeing you a depressed wreck like you have been last few days.”
    Minutes passed, yet he still hadn’t moved. He then suddenly replied.
    “I can’t…not here, not now, and not with you…” he then turned to face her through the glass, directly gazing into her beautiful azure eyes, his own stare completely blank, as he was thinking of a red-haired girl…against his own will.

    “Why not with me ?” she was starting to feel hurt nonetheless. “Why can’t you ?” she said in a higher pitched voice.

    Though Ash stayed silent, merely shaking his head “If I had to do something like this, I’d do it with another person Dawn…I’m sorry, I just don’t…love you.” He then looked in her eyes again, only to find that tears were forming in them. He suddenly felt guilt…

    “I see…” she sobbed “…so, there’s no way you could change your mind ?” she looked at him again, only to notice that Ash had let go of the handle.

    “I won’t change my mind, and I don’t want to…however, I can’t change your mind, so do what you want.”

    Dawn hesitated, examined his body again, and simply smiled and wiped the tears with her forearm, turned around and gracefully exited the bathroom, leaving Ash in that cabin, still feeling the jets of water touching his back…he sighed, sat down in the shower leaning against the wall, with the hot water, getting slightly colder, still falling on his head, and progressively began to cry while holding his knees over the next few minutes. He then started thinking about all the other girls he had met, and what they felt. He didn’t see a thing…and he cried even more.

    Ash Ketchum was having his first emotional breakdown.


    The group parted the next day, and as usual, Brock and Ash leaving their travelling companion after a fulfilling adventure, though as much as he was torn when Misty left, as much as he was sad when May left, this time, he was depressed when Dawn left, for she was the first girl to openly acknowledge feelings for him. Well, this was incorrect, but this was the first time since he started to care. As a parting gift, she had given him something she had found on a wild pokémon : a beautiful small round white and pink pearl…

    That was a few days ago.

    Ash put his hand into his pocket and pulled out that very same pearl he was thinking about, looked at it and promptly put it back.
    ”What’s done is done…” he concluded “Where could I find Melody now…”

    “Pika” exclaimed the yellow pokémon on his shoulder now, pointing towards the location where they were their first night on the island, a rather small stone hall near the ocean, with pillars holding the roof. As he didn’t know where to start, he figured he might as well start with the familiar places, and the location where a beautiful girl played an ocarina for you and said that you’re the “handsomest Chosen One in years” is truly a memory worth remembering.
    Ash grinned as he started walking, recalling the Charizard that had brought him here.

    “But what do I say to her ?” he suddenly realised, he hadn’t planned that part out… “Hi Melody ! It’s me ! Yeah, I came back after God knows how many years, can I stay at your place for some time ?” Well, at least it would be honest… he sighed.

    “Pi-ka ?” asked his companion, as he looked at him.

    “No, I’m fine, it’s just that I have a lot on my mind…besides, you should know that.” he answered the rodent.

    “Pika-chu” smiled the yellow pokémon and patted his trainer on the head in a touching, yet funny gesture.

    “Thanks Pikachu” he rubbed him in between his ears, much to the delight of his friend “But I’d rather have somebody else hold me and cheer me up right now…”

    Not much happened during the walk, as both of them simply admired the landscape and how the island had, or precisely hadn’t changed in all these years. All of a sudden, as they neared their destination, they saw the first familiar face since arriving on the island, who was, with some other people, putting up decorations and Japanese paper lanterns near a stone bridge on the canal.

    Dark brown hair which was styled with it being slightly spiked on both sides, she was rather tall and was wearing a sleeveless emerald green shirt and beige pants, and Ash spotted a pair of green eyes as well when she looked in his direction.

    As he was nearing the people preparing the decorations, Ash was searching in his memory for the name of this person, who he knew was Melody’s sister.

    “Hold this for me a second will you ?” the woman said, as she handed a cardboard box to a young man helping with the preparations. She then started walking towards Ash as well.

    The collision course being set, they both stopped about two feet away from each other, which was followed by the traditional awkward silence after you meet someone again after a very long time.

    “Ash ?” she asked, still looking at him and tilting her head a bit to the right, trying to observe him from another angle.
    He was embarrassed for a second, since he couldn’t remember the woman’s name, but he suddenly looked up, his memory having finally collected the information he sought.

    “Yeah, it’s me” he began with a smile “Nice to see you again Carol.”

    “Oh my…” she covered her mouth with one hand “You’ve completely changed ! You’ve grown so much, and look at you ! you've turned into such a handsome young man !” she excitedly said while observing him. “But I have to say, you look less carefree than the last time I saw you…what are you doing here again after all these years ?” She bluntly asked him, quite shocked to see him again here of all places “Did you miss being the Chosen One ?” she followed with a grin.

    “Well, if I get another kiss, I might consider facing three Legendary Flying Pokémon and a demented collector…though I don’t think a kiss would be enough to make me do it again, now that I know what’s in store for me…” he said out loud, in an obviously fake thinking stance, holding his chin with his right hand, which made Carol laugh, and that in return made Ash smile, he was truly feeling relief, because he was starting to feel comfortable around the people here again.

    “Come on” she said, as she walked towards Ash and placed her arm around his shoulders “let’s get something to eat. I’d invite you to my place, but this way, you can tell me what you’re here for.” She told him. “I’ll be back in about twenty minutes guys” she yelled to the people who were helping her set un the decorations.

    “Annual festival approaching ?” Ash asked her.

    “Yep, though there’s hardly that much action since the time you were the Chosen One…” they both smiled at this and continued walking until they could find a nice place where they could sit and talk, Ash sighing, as he just accepted the fact that things have just been set in motion, and that there is no way out of it until it’s done.

    Soon after, at a nearby restaurant near the edge of a cliff be the lighthouse, they both ordered some lunch, and started talking while their orders arrived. The view was magnificent ; a clear view of the ocean and the horizon, and opposite the restaurant towards the inner island, they could see the houses and small village of Shamouti Island.

    “So, what brings you back here Ash ?” she asked him, sitting across the table, facing him “I’m sure it’s not just the memories.”

    “Oh you have no idea…” sighed Ash, as he took Pikachu off his shoulder and put him down on the floor, where to yellow mouse promptly started running outside the restaurant. “…I came here to sort things out Carol…” he took his cap off as well putting it beside him on the bench. “…things of…how to say this…” despite his will to proceed, even so he was feeling nervous “…roman-, no, you could say sentimental value, my love issues…my feelings…”he couldn’t find the right word or expression.

    “I see.” smiled Carol “so, you came back here to…find Melody ?” she inquired, staring at him.

    “I’m tempted to say ‘of course’, but I’ll just say ‘yeah’ and nod…” he told her, while slightly nodding with his head.

    Carol again laughed, and began telling him about her little sister.

    “Well you’re in luck, she’s actually here on the island. I’ve sent her an e-mail telling her that the festival is approaching, and that she should come back as soon as she can, and she has just arrived yesterday. After you came, and for the last five years, she has played the Festival Maiden every year, of her own will, and she told me she liked it. On a side note, I’m sure you helped her with that.” She winked at him after the last comment, which provoked an uneasy laugh from Ash.

    “Anyway…” she continued “so she’s on the island, right now I have no idea where or doing what, probably studying or something at home.”

    “Wait, she’s studying ?” interrupted Ash, intrigued.

    “Yes, she’s studying psychology” she told him almost indifferently “And of course, she still plays that ocarina in her spare time” she said with a smile.

    ”Why am I surprised ? It’s not like I didn’t know she wasn’t into pokémon…”

    “Does she have her own place here ?” the trainer asked her.

    “No, since she doesn’t live here anymore, rather on Valencia Island near her college, she just stays at my place, where she still has our old room, so I let her stay there.”

    “Oh…ok then” said Ash, his excitement abruptly stopping. The small meals they had ordered came soon after. Nothing much, simple pasta with some shellfish from the surrounding area, just enough to hold them until dinner, as Carol has invited him to her and Melody’s place tonight. Of course, she had also told him that he could spend the night there, and Ash said that he’ll think about it. Mostly, try and figure out what Melody might think about it…


    “So Ash, here are the keys to my place, cause I don’t know if Melody’s there or not, so you can get in just in case…besides, it may start raining by the time you get there.” They both looked at the sky to see that in fact, grey clouds have formed over the island. “She’ll be home rather soon I think, and I’ll be back as usual around dinner time…see you both then. And do you remember the directions I gave you ?” she asked him, stopping in her tracks.

    “Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll find it.” Ash reassured her with a smile.

    “Ok, bye then, I’ll try and finish this as slowly as possible anyway, so you can have some more time to catch up.” She giggled, which made him feel uneasy again.

    “Hehe” he smiled sheepishly, until she was out of his sight, walking around a corner.

    “…wow…” he sighed, and turned around to head in the direction Carol gave him.

    “Now seriously, what do I tell her ?” the trainer wondered once more, hands in his pockets and looking at his feet, observing the repetitive motion of his feet, occasionally glancing up to see where he was going and as not to bump into people.
    The weather had completely changed. From the radiant sunshine and blue sky of a few hours ago, there were only remains of the sun, masked by thick grey clouds, barely allowing it to give warmth. Ash also felt the cold flow of air harassing his face, a stinging and very uncomfortable situation, as he was forced to keep his head lowered to shelter himself from the cold.

    He couldn’t see where he was going, the wind getting stronger by the second, Pikachu starting to grab his shoulder tighter as not to fall. And the cold was taking over him. His clothes were inappropriate for these kind of conditions, so he began rubbing his arms and sides with his hands, while going at a faster pace towards the house.

    “Damn, I’m missing something here…”

    Indeed, he had nothing to keep him warm in situations like these. Racing alone through the stone houses of an island, searching for someone to give you an answer, he felt even colder. Ash hated the sheer cold of being alone. He was used to friends always being there, all his life, and he missed the feeling. Ash then came to the conclusion, the obvious conclusion, the painfully found conclusion ; that he needed someone by his side. Someone human.

    He came on this Island, thinking it was that reason.
    He knew now, with certainty, that it was that reason.

    “Does this make me a bad person ? the ink-haired trainer looked up while running, as to not miss a turn “I mean, I am following a list in my head to see if these girls still love me…shouldn’t have I gone to find Misty directly ? That would have saved us some time and unpleasant situations…”

    True, one could think he was being a hypocrite by proceeding with this ‘elimination’ process. But he needed to either tell the other girls who loved him, that he doesn’t love them, or he needed to make sure that they have grown over the crushes they had on him.

    “Man ! Was I blind back then…”

    May, Annabel, Casey, the list goes on, and he never saw anything coming. He needed the extreme action Dawn made to finally have something in his brain triggered.

    “What ?” Ash abruptly stopped.

    He was standing in front of a house. A rather large, stone house. It had a small garden in front of it, and there was a small stone wall serving as a fence, with a small space, giving access to a path on the green grass, leading to the dark wooden front door of the house.
    Ash arrived at the door, and looked to the right to see light coming from a window. Not as far as the window, he saw a marble number built-in into the grey wall.

    “5054…this is the place” he sighed while raising his arm to the doorbell. He pushed the button, a melody echoed inside the house, and he was left to listen to the raindrops starting to fall.

    “And I still don’t know what to tell her…guess it’s time to improvise” he shrugged, dreading a bit the imminent reunion.

    “I’m coming !” came a soft voice from inside the house, followed by a few footsteps.

    Ash froze, there he was, in an uncontrollable situation, and he had to make a choice. He was forced to. The moment was getting nearer, she was unlocking the door, and opened it halfway, the metal chain still holding it to the frame, just in case.

    “Yeah ?” a girl with long flowing burgundy hair and denim blue eyes appeared in the opened space, and instantly, those very same eyes began to tremble with shock.

    Awkward silence, lasting for about five seconds. And because of relativity, it seemed an eternity for both Ash and Melody.
    Not a movement, they simply stood gazing into each other’s eyes until Ash started talking.

    “Hi Melody, it’s…” he was cut short by her sudden movement, because closing the door in his face wasn’t what he had in mind. He felt uneasy, but that lasted only a second, as he heard the chain rattle on the other side, and very soon, he saw the door open completely in front of him, revealing a silk black negligee-wearing Melody.

    Ash blushed at the sight.
    She was very beautiful, she had grown, her body had developed. Her hair was now to the level of her lower back, completely straightened, with a few locks of hair falling in front of her face. The fact that she was wearing a negligee was also…to be honest, the last thing Ash expected. But in some way, it seemed to suit her, he had to admit.
    What happened then, well, was another thing Ash didn’t expect.
    She dived towards him, wrapping her arms around his neck, pressing her body against his own, her head resting on his right shoulder, making Pikachu a bit uncomfortable on his trainer’s other shoulder, yet a faint smile on her lips.

    “…Ash…it’s you…” she whispered.

    He was still overwhelmed, he was still blushing and kept on looking towards the inside of the house, not turning to look at her. His facial expression was one of person at loss for words. He hugged her back with his left arm.

    “Well…yeah, it is me…” the young trainer said in return. “I guess I didn’t have to say much after all.”

    “I guess you’re happy to see me.” he asked her.

    “Yeah…I don’t think I missed you though, since I’ve been doing fine without you all these years.” she pulled away and rubbed the tears in her eyes “It’s just…wow…I’m so happy to be able to see you again !”

    “No traditional welcome kiss ?” he teased with a smile.

    “Sure, why not ? Plus you’ve matured, you’re much more handsome than that ten year old kid you once were…” the young girl then gave him a kiss on the cheek.

    The kiss felt bittersweet this time for our protagonist. As much as he was feeling bliss the first time she kissed him all those years ago, this was different.
    At that point in time, he didn’t care, he was enjoying what he felt.
    But this kiss, he felt temptation…
    He wanted to kiss her back, to stay on this island with her, except something didn’t feel right. And again, just like with Dawn, a certain red-haired girl appeared in his mind. Yes. He knew he loved Misty, and didn’t want to find a reason to it, didn’t want to explain why he couldn’t stay here, that’s why it’s called love, something you can’t control. Yet again, choice is there. Offering you a tempting and a ‘right’ solution…

    And Ash was torn.

    “Okay, let’s do what we came to do and find out if she loves me.”

    “Well, let’s not stay here, come on in before we catch a cold or something !” she snapped him out of his mental conflict and dragged him inside.

    “Yeah, sure.”

    “Man, you don’t sound to thrilled…am I not what you expected ?” she smiled and feigned a hurt expression with her hand.

    Ash simply rolled his eyes and genuinely smiled and began walking inside. “You’re much more than I expected.” He breathed.

    “My my Ash, that could almost sound flirty !” she winked at him.

    “Well, you are obviously happy to see me, so why shouldn’t I be happy to see you again ?”

    “Don’t know…you just seemed depressed a second ago.”

    “Maybe I’ll tell you later.”

    “Okay, just let me get go put on a dressing gown or something…I think I’ve shown you enough for now.”

    “You’re going to explain me that as well.” his head motioning towards her body, and what she was wearing.

    “Fine…” she sighed, as she was off behind a door.

    “The kitchen’s on the left, and the living room’s on the right, sit wherever you want, I’ll be there in a second.” came her voice from the room she was in.

    The trainer looked towards his travelling companion “…living room sofa ?” he asked his best friend.

    “Pi-ka !” the pokémon replied happily.

    “Melody, we’ll be on the sofa !” he yelled, as he had already made a right turn.


    Both were sitting next to each other on the living-room sofa. A television set, a table, two sofas and an immense picture window with a view on the beach and the ocean. The discussion went smoothly. Ash was now completely relaxed, he was happy to see her again after all this time and notice that the personality he so liked in her hadn’t changed. They discussed many things : their lives, what they had done, experienced, Melody seemed interested in his various journeys. We all know what went on, Johto, Hoenn, Kanto again, Sinnoh, it all seemed to pass so fast…Ash had found out that Melody had lived the life of a normal girl, whose life wasn’t completely influenced by pokémon. She went to High School, she had hobbies, playing her ocarina mostly, and she was happy with it. Of course, as well, she told him that she had gotten over her little crush on him. This made Ash feel relieved. Half of his ‘mission’ was done.
    The rain was falling even harder outside. Raindrops falling on the window make a peaceful and relaxing sound, one that Pikachu couldn’t resist, and gracefully curled himself into sleep.
    Our two teenagers kept on talking about their years apart, with Ash suddenly bringing up the topic of the negligee, to which Melody explained that it was her sister’s birthday gift for her, and she decided to try it out as she found it.

    “Wait, it’s your birthday today ?”

    “Yeah, I’m seventeen ! Of course I forgive you, you didn’t know…” she had anticipated his reaction.

    “Well then, happy birthday. I still have something for you though, just didn’t think it would be for your birthday.” with that he handed her the pink pearl that Dawn had given him.

    “…I truly am a hypocrite…but I’m just cutting the ties that bind, that keep me contained, and that make me suffer…”

    “Ash, it’s beautiful.” she was losing her breath “Who thought that someone like you could be this romantic ?” she smiled and hugged him again.

    “Who indeed ?” he sighed. “It’s nothing, but shouldn’t you be celebrating ?”

    “I was, all day, but I wanted to spend the night quietly…but here I find you at my doorstep…so I guess the calm night is out of the question, huh ?” she looked at him with a grin.

    “Depends on what you had in mind for a ‘calm’ night Melody…” the raven-haired trainer was carefully avoiding the subject.
    With that, Melody got up, went to a nearby cupboard, and pulled out two glasses and a bottle of Bacardi Superior.

    “I had in mind ‘night without alcohol’ silly boy.”

    “Sure, why not ?” he got up and went to the table where she had placed the drinks and glasses.

    “So…where’s the other stuff for cocktails ?” he asked, looking around, intrigued.

    “We’re playing the ‘I never’ game” she started pouring the liquid into the Highball glass, about half an inch, maybe a little more “you say something starting with ‘I never had…’ and if anyone of us has indeed had, or has done what has been said, he or she takes a shot.” She sat down, crossed her arms, and stared at him.

    “When does it stop ?”

    “When we want it to.”

    “Ladies first” he grinned.

    “Fine. I’ve never lied.”

    “God, what kind of question is that ?” Ash complained, as both of them took a shot, Melody refilling the glasses.

    “Well, I just wanted to see if you were the Angel I thought you were Ash, guess I was wrong.” The maroon-haired girl giggled.

    “On with it. I’ve never been truly in love.”

    “You’re testing me Ash.” They again both took a shot.

    “This is going to be interesting.” Ash said out loud, smiling mischievously.

    “Yes it will…” she kept her smile all along.


    Ten minutes have passed. Subjects such as dares, friends, even house pets and of course, pokémon have been ‘debated’ and they both came to their approximately eight shot.

    “I’ve never had a boyfriend.” Asked a visibly under the influence of alcohol. Melody of course drank.

    “I’ve never had a girlfriend.” She immediately spat back.


    “What ?” she got up, shocked. “Ash…” she burst out laughing and started walking “Figures…I knew you were dense…but come on, you and Misty have never…” she fell back on the sofa.

    “Please, don’t bring her in this Melody, I’m here actually because of her. You see I…”

    “Don’t tell me it didn’t work out between you two, and you came to me as a second resort !”

    “No, I did not. I swear on Pikachu’s life, I did not.”

    “Good…but you do love her ?”

    “Yes, but I needed to see if you still loved me.”

    “Why ? why now all of a sudden ?”

    “Because we don’t know who we truly are until we have suffered. And I’ve suffered in these last months.”

    “I’m sorry to hear that Ash. If there’s a good person on this earth who doesn’t deserve to suffer, it’s you.” She got up, and went to sit back at the table.

    “Thanks Mel…” Ash got up and hugged her.

    She simply stood there, and hugged him back. “Let’s finish this, I still have a few things I want to know about you.”

    “No problem.” He sat back as well, poured some more rum in the glasses and said “I’ve never seen a person of the opposite gender, about my own age, naked.”

    A few seconds of hesitation, when both grabbed their glasses, lifted them to each other, and took another shot. Yet another refill.

    “I’ve never had sex.” She asked calmly. She looked at Ash. She waited, he motioned with his head : No. Melody sighed, and went for the glass, and took a shot…

    “I’m done.” She said while attempting to get up, leaning on the wooden chair, which prompted Ash to get up and support her.

    “Who truly loves gives up on sincerity Ash, what you’ve told me about Misty, why you’re here…with me…you love her. You never really loved me.” She moved forward and pressed her lips against the young trainer’s, who, after all, didn’t move. A few seconds passed, and Ash proceeded to take her to her room.

    “Why did you do that Mel ?”

    “Just so I could kiss a person I loved…”

    Ash felt uneasy, part from the alcohol rushing through his veins, part from what she had said.

    “I don’t know if I ever loved you, but I liked you, if that means anything to you.” He opened the door to her room and set her on her bed.

    “Ash, I may be a bit drunk, but I’m lucid. And the fact that you love Misty and came here to tell me, in case I hadn’t gotten over you, so I could stop dreaming, means very much to me.” She said while laying on the bed. “Don’t worry, you’ve done what you came to do, and I was very happy to see you again. You can go find Misty now, unless you have more girls on your ‘list’ to check on.”

    “Nope, I’m done.” He smiled at her. “I was glad to see you again.” He kissed her on the forehead, left the room and closed the door.
    He went towards the exit of the house, making a detour by the bathroom, just in case the sudden feeling of vomiting became more than a feeling. He also put some water on his face, drank some as well. Exiting the bathroom, he went into the living room and took a slumbering Pikachu in his arms, and put him in his backpack, his head kept outside for air.

    As he exited the house, he took out from the side of his bag a map and compass. “Kanto is north from here, and that would be…” once outside, he glanced at the compass “that way.” He looked towards the horizon.

    “Lucky that it stopped raining.” Ash thought as he released his orange dragon.

    “Come on, we’ve got some way to go.” He proceeded to jump on the back of his Charizard, petting him, and pointed to the same direction he had earlier looked towards.

    “And let’s hope Misty hasn’t moved on…”


    It was around 5 a.m., just after the break of dawn, that a young Charizard-riding trainer landed in front of the doors of the Cerulean City Gym. The purple and yellow dome-shaped roof was still the same, and it brought back so many memories. Blue waves were at the base of that roof, describing a circle around the whole facility. White columns with blue helix-styled designs were supporting the structure in front of the three glass doors. ‘Cerulean Gym’ with it’s trademark Dewgong stood proudly in front of each visiting trainer.
    Idyllic surroundings : morning dew all over the greenery, birds peacefully waking up with their melodious chants and a sky mixed of icy blue and burnt orange. The sight was breathtaking.

    Pikachu was still sleeping in the backpack and Ash was starting to feel the effects from his little reunion with Melody, but nothing much, he could still carry on. With that in mind, he walked towards the front door, staggering on a few occasions, and started knocking on the glass, and ringing the bell.

    “Please don’t let it be Daisy who opens, please oh please Lord !” he begged while leaning with his arm on the door, his head resting on that same arm. It was a bit cold this early in the morning.

    “Morning ? Oh shit…I just hope she doesn’t murder me when she comes out…”

    Worries began to overwhelm his mind after a few minutes of waiting. He rang and knocked again.

    “Oh man, what if she’s not here ?” Panic now began to overwhelm him. “What if she has moved on ? What if she spent the night at her boyfriend’s place ? What if she’s not the gym leader anymore ? What if she never wants to see me again because I was too dense ? What if…”

    Footsteps inside the gym, getting louder and louder.
    And Ash had heard them, the tears that began to form in his eyes faded as soon as the sound hit his ears.


    A figure, a shadow actually, came to the door from inside the house and started unlocking it. Ash’s heart was pacing at an alarmingly high rate, as his eyes began to widen and his throat began to dry.

    “This…is…it” was all his mind could come up with, before the doors opened, revealing what he wanted and at the same time feared.

    A girl.

    A young woman.

    An orange-haired girl in her pyjamas with half open cerulean blue eyes stood in front of him.
    Her hair was shoulder length and was let down and her face was angelic. Half asleep, but to his eyes, she was the epitome of beauty. Inner and outer. And of outer beauty, she had grown as well, but Ash couldn’t see much of it now, as he was staring in her eyes, suffering from total failure of his nervous system. He couldn’t move at all.

    The young Waterflower yawned and started focusing on the person in front of her, since nothing had been said. She observed him, and tilted her head to the side before finally coming to realise who was standing in front of her.
    The warm chocolate-brown eyes, those ‘z’ shaped marks underneath them…

    “Ash ?” she whispered, the moment beginning to take over her as well, as she began to blush.

    Then, something snapped in him. He abruptly made a step forward and took her in his arms, holding her as if he were holding on to dear life.

    “I love you…” he sobbed while embracing her, his arms wrapped around her shoulders “Misty…I’ve missed you, I’ve really missed you ! I finally understood what was passing me by all these years…I love you…”

    “This…is a dream…right ? was thinking the now very awake Waterflower.

    “Ash…” she blinked twice and embraced him back, resting her head on his shoulder “You know I love you too, and that I’ve waited this long for you to tell me this, plus there are a whole lot of things that could be said about you being dense, but right now : can you please stop acting like a person on the verge of emotional collapse ?” She pushed herself from his embrace so that she could look at him. He was wiping away his tears.

    “Sorry Mist, it’s just…now that I realised everything, I was so afraid you’d have gotten over me…that’s why I’m so glad ! I love you ! I want to scream it on every rooftop ! I love Misty Waterflower !!”

    He had turned around and screamed that last part to the delight of the young gym leader, as a smile instantly crept on her face. Ash turned back to face her again.

    “I want to spend more time with you, and less time on the road. I’ve met a lot of people, but I’ll never meet someone like you…”

    He had not finished his phrase that Misty had stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck, and pressed her lips against the raven-haired boy’s for a long an passionate kiss. And this one felt much better than the one he experienced with Melody. Who could explain love ? The commotion made a slumbering Pikachu appear from the backpack. He smiled and went back to his sleep.

    “I love you too…” she pulled away and told him.

    “Thank goodness Melody wasn’t wearing any lipstick or something like that, this could have gotten ugly…” he sighed and looked up to the sky, still holding the love of his life in his arms. When suddenly, he felt a pain in his stomach, and the sudden need for air. He then looked at where the pain was coming from, only to find Misty’s fist pressed on his abdomen.

    “What…was that for ?” he gasped, rubbing his stomach.

    “Boyfriend or not Ash, you do not wake me up at 5 in the morning. Though it was a good reason, and the sight is so beautiful, I went easy on you…” she winked at him and kissed him again.

    “You gotta love her.” grinned Ash as he was pulled towards the inside of the gym.

    “What are you doing ?” he asked his new girlfriend.

    “Well, to start with, we’re going back to sleep for at least four hours, and then you’re bringing me breakfast in bed to make up for the lost sleep.” She told him as she started walking.

    “And where do I sleep ?”

    “With me of course, but I warn you Ash, these few hours ahead of us, there will be nothing but sleeping in that bed, understand ?”

    “Truly gotta love her…” smiled Ash again. “Of course Mist, plus I still haven’t taken you on a date yet.”

    “I can’t wait to see that…” she laughed.

    “You’d be surprised.” He frowned at her reaction “You don’t think I’d take you on a romantic date ?”

    “I just said I’m anxious Ash !” she stopped and spun around to face him. “I really am as excited as you are about this, about us !”

    “Speaking of surprises, I’m surprised you didn’t find someone else as your boyfriend. What gives ?” he looked at her again, stopping completely.

    “Just call it a gamble…Sooner or later, I knew you’d come…Sooner or later.” She repeated, emphasizing that last part.

    “I get it…I was dense and blind ! So sue me.” He sighed with his arms spread. “Where are your sisters ?” he suddenly remembered to ask her.

    “Modelling-convention-thing, something like that. But they’re away for a few weeks.” She smiled devilishly at him.

    “Really…” he came closer to her “Well, nobody really knows where I am, so I guess me being missing for another few weeks won’t hurt…” he hugged her sweetly.

    “Since when did you start thinking like that ?”

    “Since I realised I was in love.”

    With that, he once again leaned forward to kiss her. A long journey that lasted from the first day he got a pokémon, to now. Nearly seven years later. They had spent beautiful moments together, their relationship had evolved, from friendship to something much more intense. This journey had been one of the most important in their lives, as what they had obtained now, is eternal ; what they had obtained now is much more valuable than any trophy. Obstacles and hindrances were spread all over this path of life we call love, and it took a girl’s determination to wait how long it takes for him, and it took the bold and radical action of another young girl to eventually make him open his eyes to it all.

    Ash Ketchum and Misty Waterflower were in love, and done hiding it.

    The doors of the Cerulean City gym closed behind them as they entered the building, the final chapter of this romantic affair being at long last engraved in stone. Everlasting stone, as is their genuine feeling. Love.

    The End

    Yep, second one-shot finished ! :D

    My version of Ash’s possible emotional ride, and what it would take to make him see that there are women interested in him. Something as radical as Dawn did.
    Yes, KissShipping because I consider it a “safe” bet for Ash. I’m sure he’d always be welcome in Melody’s life. Dawn ? Well, as I said : he's met enough interesting people in his life, I don't think Dawn's at the top of the list. And PokéShipping, cause, yes, I support it :)

    Thank you for reading if you have gotten this far, and please leave a review if you feel like it ;)

    Disclaimers : I don’t own anything in this story, except the plot and story itself.
  2. Melody93

    Melody93 <--Yay New me!

    I actually read the whole thing pretty fast. Being I'm not much of a reading.

    I found it interesting and romantic also funny with Melody wearing lipstick part.;)

    Good job glad my video inspried you to write it.
  3. Angelic Pika

    Angelic Pika i stalk you

    okay ... i found it quite interesting ... even though it is R-rated {i am an opened minded person}

    +nice storyline//plot
    +good description or chara//scenery and emotion
    +very nice length {perfect for a one shot!}
    +nice choice of ships {esp. the pokeshipping part}
    +balanced sense of humor and seriousness

    -i found it quite confusing {i don't know why though}

    "ah emotional breakdowns, i've had 2 of those since my highschool life has started {i'm a freshman and proud!}"
  4. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    well, two reviews, might as well leave something in return :rolleyes:

    I can see you read it quickly, since the thing was : Ash was thinking that it's lucky she didn't wear lipstick...What might have Misty thought if, while kissing him, she tasted lipstick on his lips ? the carnage :p

    Thank you for the review !

    Glad I have more pros than cons ^_^'
    As for the confusing thing, well, if you don't know why, how could I know ? xD
    though I think I know what you mean :D

    huh, well, that's life I guess :rolleyes:
    Thanks for the review as well ;)
  5. Aqua-Mew

    Aqua-Mew Member

    Very romantic! I thought it was great! I too thought it was funny with Melody and lipstick! Yep, loved the pokeshipping part! Overall, I love it!!
  6. el_toro

    el_toro Superfly

    Figured I'd leave a review for my old friend here! ;)

    The premise of the story was very interesting though a bit farfetched. I honestly can't say I can picture Ash as the type of guy who would go out and seek his old flames (though it does make for an interesting thought since I'd sure like to do the same!) For some reason, Ash seemed a bit too broody, at least for my tastes, but you could also say it's because he's a teenager and you know how us teenagers get! :rolleyes:

    On the grammatical side of things, there were occassional hiccups here and there, maybe a thorough proofreading could have sorted them out?

    Other than that, it defintely made for an entertaining read and in the end, that's what matters most.

    Keep it up Shadow!

    And you defintely should make more Pokeshipping stories! ;)
  7. TheKickerOfElves

    TheKickerOfElves Chikity Check Urself

    Loved it!
    The fact that Ash would go back and find all his old crushes made the story a little interesting. But the thing that really kept me thinking the whole time is how Misty would react when he finally got to her.
    Dawn..wow..never really saw that coming from a 14-year-old but it certainly changed things up for Ash. It got him thinking anyways.
    And Ash actually flirting with girls and being able to express his feelings is something that really appealed to me.
    Loved every word! Keep it up!

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