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BLISSEY - Moveset


Active Member
Ok, I just EV trained my bold Blissey with 252 hp / 252 dfp and 6 sp. def

Now I need a good moveset... I cannot get seismic toss, and i didn't know you had to breed Aromatherapy :(
So does anybody know what moveset I should have, excluding those two moves?


Well-Known Member
Go to the "Complete Moveset Thread" in the DP section for individual pokemon moveset questions. This is the Competitive Rate My Team subforum.


Bona fide Narutard.
Calm Mind
Ice Beam


Light Screen
Ice Beam

Always have Softboiled. And always hold leftovers, the HP recovery from it is monstrous. Also, if possible, make sure you have Natural Cure if you don't have Aromatherapy.