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Bob's sprites


back again...
|I would like criticism on these please!!!



no promises
Where to start?
Okay your Chaos are good but they seem very cartoonish and not like a pokemon chaos should kind of look like.
I like your idea of putting pokemon in diglets hole upside down it looks cool.
Your fusions are okay aswell but like i say to most people don't C+P, but scratch bits on.
The pokeball is okay and so is your lineless phanphy.
Your trainer/pokemon are really good but there are some visibale signs that you C+P bits again, so try to scratch.


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Good Idea on the diglets! I like them! Although, the dugtrio's belly doesn't have shading, which i think it should have..

Wingull recolor is good, nothing i can say about it..

The egg is okay, i think i don't need to say anything about it because it's kinda easy to make.. For the psyball, it looks funny! but cool :)

Moltreebel - I think it's just a victreebel, with moltres wings, and tail.. It could've been better if you put a beak..
Crognetorb - It's good.. you got the colors good, and... somehow it reminds me of the Flyeye.. in MapleStory.. Good on this..
Camelux - I think it looks C+P.. head and tail transplant..
Salazard - 2nd best among them for me.. Maybe because Salamence looks like Charizard? But it's good. Keep up the good work..
Scydribat - I think it's the best among your fusions.. the combination of the colors and wings match for me..
Gulshugon - Looks a bit Copy pastish.. but alright as well..
Zangret - Is is really Zangoose? It looks good, 3rd best for me..

Chao - They look good! I think Mudkip's fin at the top looks too straight though.. Nothing more I can crit..

Your Trainer fusions are alright as well, I don't know about trainer fusions but for me they are okay.

The grids.. I just can't understand.. But Creative!

The holemon are very creative.. I like them!

Okay that's all..


so can you help me eith my deoxys dex????


kiss my greens
Wow, so that's what a Diglett actually looks like... XD; And I like how the Scyther/Beedrill fusion came out.

Most of it is decent, but those 3 little pixelated ones? I have no idea what they are. I only recognize Mudkip because of it's unique body shape.

Keep at it!

Papa. L

Maybe a gridded Cherrim? To be honest I don't understand them and I don't get how you make them. What's the second one?

Papa. L

Hehe, lol.... How about a Munchlax then? And I don't think that Psyduck should be gridded either.