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Body "Art" i.e. Tattoos


"The human body is a canvas in & of itself."

I'm really sure that most tattoo artists would swear by this phrase above. Not only that, they believe that having tattoos on your body would make people even more beautiful.

My response to that: My %$& it does!

For me, seeing anyone with tattoos on their body is a sign for me that the person in question is either rebellous, corrupt, or chaotic in nature - of course, it's possible that a combination of these two, or even all three of them, would be true to that particular individual. I most often see street gangsters literally having their entire bodies covered with tattoos, most of which is for affliciations with their gang.

However, the thing that really baffles me is that there are normal people getting these tattoos on their bodies. For this reason, my question would be, what possesses these people to waste their precious money on a tattoo in the first place?! Especially with the ecomony being tight & all, in which that money getting blown on that tattoo would be much better spent elsewhere, & I really don't need to go into that, now...
Tattoos have become very accepted in the past years, and that makes me very happy. I always found them to be a beautiful way to show something that symbolizes you and/or your life or something you love.

Some of them are a little too extreme, where people will go and cover their whole bodies in them, which I don't find very attractive, but it goes along with what they want to do with their body so I can't say much. My dad has both his arms covered in random tattoos.

I'm getting a faerie or something on my lower back very soon. Very simple and beautiful. It symbolizes my love for unseen and mysterious beauties in the world.


TCG Trainer
"Ted's got that nice clean look that never goes out of style." -Barney Stintson

To be honest, I'm not a body art person. I have good friends who have tattoos (my roommate has one), and I won't judge people for ones that make sense (one has his Family Crest, the other has a design with him and his brother's birthdays on it), but some random ones just seems to odd for me.


':o Me is stinky??'
to me, 90 procent of all tattoos are ugly or arent ugly theirselfs but make the person who has them uglier. those are most of the times for some emotional reason.

however, the 10 procent does look good are most of the times small, black and nothing else, very well positioned and are cool designs without things like hearts or names.
Tattoos can be beautiful. As long as you don't overdo it. I also think your tattoo has to have some meaning, and shouldn't be some standard thing you saw in the tattoo shop itself.

I'm actually thinking of getting my first one this year ^^;


If the Crown Fits...
I do agree that there are some people that seem to think "Oh, I want a tattoo. I'll get this just cause it looks cool/bad ***/hip/popular/etc." And there are the ones that get tattoos that are just to be funny...but just looks stupid. Those are the tattoos that I think are a waste of time, money, and everything else.


There are the other ones that I think are really great. The ones that have meaning and beauty to the person are the ones that I really love. The ones where you get a story when you ask them why they got them are the ones that I really appreciate. If thought, memories, and care were placed in to the who, what, when, where, and why of a tattoo, then I think that they are beautiful.

I have one, it is the triquetra. But no one knows what that is unless I show them or tell them the "Celtic Knot or Trinity Symbol". The reason I have it is because the triquetra has so many sides and meanings behind it, so there really is not one right answer. Just like me. I am not just one level with one meaning, there's so many different aspects to me. Plus, the triquetra represents that everything is connected. I have been through SO MUCH that I personally have seen how so much in my life is connected. Events happening now are direct results of things that happened in the past and that will happen in the future.
(I also decided that I wanted the tattoo in high school. Instead of running out and getting it, I waited till my junior year of college to make sure that I wanted it still.)

Now, I want to get wings. The design, style, and placement all have very powerful and personal meaning to me. (The likes of which I won't fully share to online strangers)

Another that I am toying with are various stars that I would get in a band on my arm. Each star would be different and each star would have a different story attached to them.
(And the thing about bands is that you have to get them all around because if you don't, it says "I'm a bad *** if you're lookin, but not if it's ouwie!")

And yeah, when I got my tattoo, it was with birthday money. Even though I have not finalized my wing designs, I wouldn't go running out and get them right away. As much as I want them, I still would rather save that money for important things. It's when I can afford to spend the money that I do spend it.


Obsessive Shipper
They used to be symbols of rebellion, but not anymore. They can look cool... though I don't really like how the colors turn out. Even if I did, though, I wouldn't get one. Because it wouldn't go with everything I wear. I don't think tatoos look right with formal dresses and shoes. So... yeah.


Petal Paladin
if they didnt hurt so bad i might consider getting one, but not a rebellious thing. Id get a ribbon spelling out my girls name or something

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
I have a tattoo that looks like a rocket ship.

whoever guesses where it is wins twee fiddy.


If the Crown Fits...
They used to be symbols of rebellion, but not anymore. They can look cool... though I don't really like how the colors turn out. Even if I did, though, I wouldn't get one. Because it wouldn't go with everything I wear. I don't think tatoos look right with formal dresses and shoes. So... yeah.

Yeah, that's why mine have to be placed in spots where I can easily hide them at formal events and under work suits. I feel like it almost defeats the point of having them since few people can see them, but then the beach and pools and any other random activities are a chance to showcase them. :) The one I have right now is on my lower back. If it wasn't for mirrors, I'd never even see it. :/ My next ones, some place that I can see with my own eyes! :D

if they didnt hurt so bad i might consider getting one, but not a rebellious thing. Id get a ribbon spelling out my girls name or something

I actually am so deathly afraid of needles and was afraid that it would hurt like nothing I had ever experienced. It was not bad at all. Not gonna lie to you, the initial bit hurt, but it was just like an annoying scratching and scraping. Plus, the area does go numb, so after a while, I honestly thought that it felt very nice and like a very very VERY precise massage.

You either end up leaving there thinking "This is the last tattoo that I will ever get" or "I WANT MORE!!!!" If I had that fake thing called "extra money" I'd have gotten more as long as they had meaning to me.


Still In Kanto
Fact is tattoos are cool. I like tattoos. However I think a lot of tattoos are ****. Sometimes because they have no meaning, or the people who have them just think they mean something to them or sometimes they're just poorly done.
tattoo's are very nice. i'm hoping to get one done in the next few years. they're not trashy or ugly. they're art, and art isnt ugly.
Art can be very ugly.
Getting the name of someone else engraved on your body is damned stupid.
Chances are you will not stay with that person, or they are dead.
It's stupid to have a dead persons name on your body, and the name of someone you broke up with is even worse.


From Zero To Hero
I'd only get a simple tattoo that'd be hard to **** up, because I don't want a mistake sitting on my skin for my entire life.


♥ Speak Now xo ♥
beauty is in the eye of the beholder. if thats your thing (getting a tattoo) then fine, good for you. If its not, leave them alone, everyone has their own opinion and are free to choose whatever they want.


Well-Known Member
I don't see any problem with tattoos really. I mean it's the persons choice if they want to get one. Some get them for religious reasons, and others get them because they feel it is a way of expressing who they are. I don't think it's fair to say that people who have a tattoo instantly have a particular nature, it's just a way of expression IMO.


If the Crown Fits...
Given the general age on the forums I'd advise against getting a ribbon with your girl's name on it.

I would like to echo what was said because this is SO true. Do not get a name on someone unless you know that person is going to mean something to you for your entire life. Sure you can get tattoos removed rather easily, but why waste money to get it and then have to pay for a cover up or removal? Please listen to Locke Yggdrasill...and well...now me too. ;)