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Body "Art" i.e. Tattoos


G-Rank Hunter
I Have on pierced ear, and I'm Getting 3 tattoos soon.
One, is a "Made in Canada" logo on my Right shoulder,
The other one is the words "Sublime" across my upper back,
The last one is a Secret :p


not the color
I'd like a tattoo, but not one that's overly-huge or covering my entire body. I don't understand why someone would ruin their body by covering it in ink.

I'd get a tattoo, but a smaller one, and probably only one. It'd be something meaningful, but I don't know what.

My friend's getting a tattoo now that he's 18. His uncles all have shamrock tattoos to reflect their Irish heritage, and so he plans to get one as well.

Dark Latios

Beautiful Tragedy
My friend's getting a tattoo now that he's 18. His uncles all have shamrock tattoos to reflect their Irish heritage, and so he plans to get one as well.
I wish now I had gotten one that celebrates my Italian heritage. My family's bloodline was pure until my mother's dad married my grandmother who was Polish and of course my mother and father are mixes.. I would have gotten a phrase that means a lot to me in Italian such as 'faith' or something inspirational. Idk I may end up getting another, but I don't see it happening.


People have been tattooing, painting and drawing on themselves for centuries. This is nothing new at all. In fact in some cultures it is a way of life. Whether you like it or not is a personal thing.

I love to look at tattoos but would never have one (although I am tempted to having a tiny Bumble Bee done somewhere). One of my businesses is high impact temporary body art and extreme makeup, but I also occasionally design Tattoo's. I just don't do the needle part. People coming looking for Tattoo design predominantly are asking for a specific topic incorporated, be it remembering a deceased person or their children etc. But it is their choice. I always advise that they wait a couple of years and if they still like the design then get it done. But mostly these are people with other tattoo's. Occasionally it is someone wanting an existing 'botched' Tattoo covered up (interestingly these are mostly older folks wanting a teenage whim covered up)

Whatever the decision is it is incredibly important that if you do get a tattoo done that it is with a good reputable Tattooist who is happy to show examples of their own work...then go compare it against others and decide who will be best for you. As with alot of industries, there are alot of 'Hams' out there, who see it as being a way to make a quick buck.


That's right!
I never really liked tattoos...I just think people look nice the way they are. Same with make-up...


Artsy-fartsy type
When I was younger, I believed that people who had tattoos were "bad." Oh, how naive I was. Now I view tattoos as a personal piece of artwork, forever immortalized on the body part of ones choosing.

I got my first tattoo a couple years ago on my lower back; it's a pair of black/white wings with the kanji for "dream" in the center of it. It's custom made.
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