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Boiling rain


Artistically angry
Hey everyone, due to a lack of battling on PO lately, and not wanting to lose my edge, I've decided to make a team for random match up. This means I will have a maximum of 3 pokemon at any given time, so I've decided to split this team into 3 groups, however almost every poke can be put with another, so without further introduction, let's see the team;

So I wanted a team that my opponent couldn't predict very easily, so I decided to make a dual weather team. Being a dual weather team I decided to use ninetales, who I already have EV trained, and politoed, because.. Fire and rain apparently work well together?

Next I decided I needed some second in commands. Magnezone was who I chose for politoed. Then I realized, he not only would help toed, but the tales as well.

I was having difficulty choosing a second in command for tales, so I decided to work on my two mercenaries instead. Salamence instantly came to mind, sporting a great move pool, and not needing to rely on either of my weather starters. Then sableye came to mind, being able to burn any physical attackers, which the tales and toed both appreciate with their less than stellar defense stats.

Now I just had to pick 1 more second in command. I was going through the list of grass types and went omgzicl victreebell. Then I realized it's movepool was shallower than my brother, so I decided to try tangrowth instead.

At some point it occurred to me, magnezone and politoed are both special attackers. So I decided to dump magnezone in favor of Mamoswine, who could do all that I wanted zone to do, and be physical.

The flames of war

Ninetails @ wide lens
252 sp atk 252 spd 4 hp
Fire Blast
Will o wisp

I forgot to mention, this is a dual weather team, which made me give a lot of thought into each poke. I gave it wide lense for an accuracy boost. Calm nature is because I already have an EV trained drought ninetales with this nature, and a little extra bulk never hurt.

Tangrowth @ muscle band
52 hp 252 atk 204 spd
Power whip
Brick break

Due to not having a dw venusaur, I needed a strong chlorophyll use for my sun side. However he can be used on the rain side of my team due to his bulk, and one of his weaknesses being weakened by the rain. Return is for hitting dragons, EV's give him some bulk, some speed, and a good amount of offensive force.

Cleansing Rain

politoed @ wise glasses
56 hp 224 sp Atk 224 spd
Focus blast
Ice beam
Hp electric/toxic/hp grass

My second weather starter, not nearly as foxy as ninetales, but it will do. Wise glasses allows me to switch moves while having an offensive presence. Ev's give me some bulk, while (once again) leaving me an offensive presence. Last moveslot I'm divided on. Hp electric hits Gyarados, hp grass hits swampert and gastrodon, while toxic could hit both, but will take time to work.

Mamoswine @expert belt
Snow cloak
4 hp 252 atk 252 spd
Ice shard
Rock slide
Stealth rock

You might be very confused as why I put my mamoswine as my politoed back up, the explanation is simple, he can take on electric types (switch in included) and politoeds other weakness, grass types (need to be careful with these). He also works well with the other weather by taking out any dragons the other two couldn't. Stealth rock is filler in case your wondering.

The mercenaries

Sableye @leftovers
252 hp 100 def 152 sp def
Will o wisp
Night shade

I decided I wanted an annoyed on my team, I forgot who used this on me, but it's not bad. On either team it can stop a physical attacker cold. It's even more important for taking out something like Dragonite, will o wisp will forever break it's scale AND half it's attack. Toxic is more for walls however. Recover is recover, and night shade is so I'm not taunt bait.

Salamence @ life orb
128 atk 128 sp ATk 252 spd
Dragon claw

If you have ever looked at my go to salamence set, you will realize this is not it. However I am guaranteed a psuedo stab with this team if their are no weather wars, and that is amazing, especially since 9/10 times I pack flamethrower for skarmory, I can now use surf instead.

So their you have it, this team can be mix and matched in so many ways I think I should be able to go into the random battles with my head held high.
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