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Boktai (Lunar Knights) Redux/Meanwhile v2 (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by VampirateMace, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Gonna go ahead and run to RPGs at once, since Life died, the RPG forum is a tad slow right now, and I know at least one person that'll probably play.

    This RPG is loosely based on the Boktai/Lunar Knights video game series. While no knowledge of the series is necessary, (as this story is intended to take place in a different region with different characters, and all the mechanics/concepts important to this RPG will be explained) it DOES CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS, as the concept is the same. So if you haven’t played the games, but plan to, you may want to stop reading now.

    - For anyone familiar with the games, the story details will more closely follow Boktai (such as using the Pile Driver instead of the Space Station, and not dealing with the ParaSol), while pulling in some extra elements from Lunar Knights.

    Rating Note: This RPG is rated PG-13 for violence, and contains fantasy guns and melee weapons.



    A world ravaged by monsters. They came here from another place long ago, legend says it was a place beyond our solar system, somewhere across the galaxy. They have only one goal, to consume all life and move on to the next planet. Basically, alien vampires. Their human victims may even become Ghouls.

    The strongest of these monsters are called Immortals.

    They’ve been here a long time now, the planet is now a desolate wasteland where humans (and a few benevolent alien refugees) struggle to survive. Many people live in small ramshackle communities, underground or hidden in the wilderness, while others are trapped, enslaved by the vampires in their cities. It is a harsh life and an unforgiving world.

    But hope is not dead, there are small communities of rebels that seek to overthrow the rule of the undead and return the world to it’s former state. Hunters from these communities, wielding the Terrennial (elemental spirits, see the Terrennial section below) powered weapons, seek to destroy the vampires/monsters and free the human slaves.

    One such stronghold of rebels, simply called The Guild by locals, as many of they communities are, is nestled deep in the Shadow Woods. The woods are now composed of mostly dead trees and poisonous shrubs, but once it was a lush flourishing place know by another name… but no one alive can remember it (the undead might remember, but they’re not telling). The Shadow Woods are located just outside the vampire run city of Shadow Dale.

    It is this Guild that our young Heroes (Vampire Hunters) are from.

    Recently, several hunters when on what seemed like a standard mission, an attempt to rescue a few imprisoned humans from an Immortal’s lair in Shadow Dale. Missions are always dangerous, but this time the hunters found their enemy to be much stronger than they had estimated. Many of the hunters were seriously injured in the fight that followed and a few actually died. The few survivors managed to escape and limped back home, but are currently unable to fight.

    So now, it is up to their apprentices/children (ages 10-20), and any Hunters that stayed behind, to protect the community hiding in the Shadow Woods, free the humans trapped in various locations around Shadow Dale, and ultimately defeat the Immortals. The apprentices have been trained in using the weapons like their adult counterparts, though they’re less skilled.

    As the heroes prepare to enter each Immortal’s lair, their Terrennials (again, see below for details) will summon a device known as a Pile Driver (a magic circle with 2 or 4 energy beam generators pointed at the almost defeated enemy), which will be used to purify the Immortal with energy, destroying it... that is, if they manage to defeat them.

    (For simplicities’ sake, let’s all assume the Pile Driver’s generators knows how to convert sunlight/moonlight into whatever energy is needed to destroy that particular enemy.)

    But first they must make their way through the lair, fending off the Immortal’s minions, until they finally manage to reach the immortal him/herself. If they make it that far, and actually succeed in defeating the Immortal, it will retreat into it’s coffin, which they will then have to drag back to the Pile Driver. Along the way, the Immortal will make one last desperate struggle to survive, and call any remaining minions to come help it.

    (There may be some immortals that will be willing to join your quest if you offer to spare their lives, increasing both your manpower and knowledge of the terrain - but it's impossible for you to tell which ones are sincere in their repentance, and which ones will lead you into a trap.)

    Elements & Terrennials:
    There are six Elements; Sun, Dark, Flame, Frost, Earth, and Cloud. While humans do not have an elemental alignment, the Immortals and weaker monsters do, making them weak to attacks of their Element’s opposite, like so:

    Sol/Sun (Light/Day) - Dark (Moon/Night)
    Flame (Magma/Fire) - Frost (Ice/Snow)
    Earth (Rock/Grass) - Cloud (Air/Wind)

    This is important (this time around, minor enemies alignments will be used as well as those of larger enemies). Each element is vulnerable to it’s opposite, but it is also resistant to itself. So if you attack a Dark enemy with a Light powered weapon, it’ll do more damage, but if you attack a Light enemy with a Light weapon, it will do less damage than normal. All other enemies hit with a Light weapon will only take average damage.

    Humans can use Elemental attacks by befriending Earth's Elemental Guardian Spirits/Embodiments known as Terrennials.

    Terrennials vary in form (the Sol Terrennial in the game series appears as a sunflower, but other forms, like a sunfish, could work as well, just be creative and have fun, this isn’t meant to be a cannon script RPG). These creature are as intelligent (if not more intelligent) as humans, and can aid their Hunter’s progress through hints and suggestions.

    * Attacks not charged with a Element/Terrennial will do as much damage as a same type attack. (This is not a likely scenario, nor is it canon for the guns, but it’s good for you to know about, just in case you lend a Terrennial without taking one in exchange, or an enemy kidnaps yours.)

    Hero Weapon Options (Simplified):
    For the sake of simplicity and fairness, all weapons are capable of a non-charged attack as well as elementally charged attacks. They are also capable of a Trance attack, see the trance attack for further details.

    Melee Weapons:
    Sword (Fast, Low Damage) - Easiest to wield, but the weakest melee weapon. Player may occasionally get in 2 swipes in a post against an Immortal.
    [5 attacks in Trance]

    Spear/Lance (Mid Speed, Mid Damage) - Heavier and longer that a sword, this weapon is good for jabbing and dashing attacks.
    [4 attacks in Trance]

    Scythe (Slow, High Damage) - A very powerful weapon, the scythe takes the most skill to master. Easier to dodge.
    [3 attacks in Trance]

    Projectile Weapons:
    Gun (Mid Speed, Mid Damage)- Shots elementally charged projectiles.
    [4 attacks in Trance]

    Dual Guns (Fast, Low Damage) - A skilled shooter may make use of 2 slightly smaller and weaker weapons. Unlike other guns you will be allowed 2 shots per post against an Immortal.
    [8 attacks in Trance]

    Dragoon (Mid Speed, Mid Damage) - Basically an elemental flamethrower.
    [longer/stronger attack in Trance]

    Bomber (Slow, High Damage) - A gun capable of shooting elemental grenades, slow, but does a lot of damage and is very hard to dodge since the damage is widespread. Be careful not to launch grenades too close to your teammates.
    [3 attacks in Trance]

    *If you want to sign-up using a weapon different from those listed above, go for it. Make sure to include strength, attack, and trance details. I’ll let you know if it’s not going to work. But, if you've played Lunar Knight, you'll know you can get away with a lot here.

    After you have made 13 posts, you may make a Trance State post. In this post you will be allowed to attack multiple times (3-8 depending on weapon) against an Immortal, or attack using an Elemental Super Attack where you’ve merged with your Terrennial and transformed (taken on physical traits that match your Terrennial’s element). After this post, you will need to wait 13 posts before you can make another Trance post.

    You may hold off on your Trance Post if you’re not ready to use it, but your Trance post count will not reset until you use it. In other words, there’s no rollover for any extra posts before your Trance.

    Attacking, Dodging, Health, and Defeat:
    There is no HP meter in this RPG, but rather each player will be expected to keep track of their current health (Healthy, Tired, Injured - broken leg, lacerated elbow, Sick - flu, Dying, Etc…) God-Mode will not be tolerated. You will also be able to restore your health by eating food, using items, and resting.

    *Items will be doled out by the GM either as a reward, the result of a search, or as an enemy’s drop item. Unfortunately that means return of the Inventory system. All players will start with only their Weapon and Terrennial in their Inventory (unless a third item is approved by GM).

    On your turn, you may:
    1. Dodge an attack, or take a Hit
    (If any player consistently dodges attacks [say 3 or more times in a row], it is considered God-Mode, and they will incur penalties, or possibly even be kicked out of the RPG if the issue is big enough).

    2. Attack
    - When attacking minor monsters such as Ghouls, Spiders, and Bats, please treat them with a little respect; you may attack multiple times in a post and even 1 hit KO them, if it’s reasonable (please don't 1 hit KO them if your element matches theirs), but again, no God-Mode:

    Not Good:
    Dravos swung his sword right and left as he ran through the room eliminating all 25 Ghouls in a matter of minutes. He was totally prepared for such low level monsters.

    Laney surveyed the room, 25 Ghouls. This was not good. She swung her sword at the nearest Ghoul‘s neck, it went down like a rock. She moved onto the next, making a deep gash in it’s side. It charged, and she was forced to stab at it short range until it also went down. She sighed, 23 Ghouls to go.

    - When attacking boss monsters (Immortals) you can only attack 1 time, unless your weapon states otherwise (e.g. sword, dual guns), or you are in a Trance state. You do not get to decide if your attack hits, that is the privilege of the attacked player (in this case the GM, unless you’ve been tricked/confused into attacking the other heroes).

    3. Perform a supporting action:
    - Use an item on yourself or others.
    - Give an item or weapon to another player.
    - Ask for (or Accept) an item, weapon, or Terrennial trade with another player.

    4. Move into the next room/area:
    - Always do this last, so that the GM can set the scene for the new area including décor, puzzles, traps, monsters, and boss monsters (Immortals).

    If you are defeated:
    - The dungeon’s immortal may; kick you out of his/her lair (just be thankful and go home to recuperate), keep you as a prisoner/slave/prize (the other Hunters/Heroes will have a chance to save you), turn you into a Ghoul (which is Game Over for that character, but you will be allowed to sign-up for another, and your old character will wander the Immortal’s Lair as a minion under the GM’s control), or they may just kill your character off (also a Game Over, but you can still sign up for a new character). Different Immortals prefer different tactics for dealing with defeated hunters, but don’t get reckless just because they don’t usually kill victims…


    ~ I will be accepting 1 hero per Terrennial, so I’ll be accepting up to six players. If we do not have six players (myself excluded), I’ll probably decide on ‘hiding’ locations for the remaining Terrennials, and reward observant players with them when they inspect suspicious things.

    ~ When signing-up, please remember, that Good characters have both Positive and Negative traits, they have both Strengths and Weaknesses. Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus will be rejected.

    ~ There are Good Aliens in this world too… and you may play one if you wish. They tend to look almost human, or like animals (for example dogs and rabbits), but can you can use any reasonable body structure you wish. You can also be a half-breed. But, remember the flaming marshmallow from the flambé dimension that I keep talking about? Don’t be that marshmallow.

    Approved Players:

    1. Sun - GoldenHouou (Aurelia & Mars - Sword)
    2. Dark - *Jean Grey* (Rose & Moon - Scythe)
    3. Flame - Monster Guy (Adam & Inferno - Dual Guns)
    4. Frost - Corrosion (? & ? - Polearm) *Reserved*
    5. Earth
    6. Cloud

    Boss Villains (GM - VampirateMace):
    1. Stratus - Cloud
    2. Bridgett - ???
    3. ??? - ???

    * I’ll be posting a new sign-up for each immortal, but let’s not have too many spoilers right away…

    Hero/Hunter Sign-Up Sheet:

    Name: Your Name

    Age: Your age, 10+

    Gender: Male, Female, Etc…

    Species: Human, Half Human/Half Immortal, Half Alien, Full Alien, Half Immortal/Half Alien, etc…

    Appearance: What you look like, +8 sentences

    Personality: How you act and think, +8 sentences

    History: What happened in you past, +8 sentences

    Weapon: Sword, Lance, Scythe, Gun, Dual Guns, Dragoon, Bomber, etc…

    Terrennial Name: What’s it called?

    Element: What’s it’s element?

    Appearance: What does it look like, +3 sentences

    Personality: How does it think and act, +3 sentences

    Trance: What your current Terrennial Trance transformation looks like, and how you attack when/if not using your weapon, 5+ sentences.


    Name: Stratus

    Age: Ancient (Looks to be in his late 20’s or early 30’s by human standards)

    Gender: Male

    Species: Vampire/Immortal

    Elemental Alignment: Cloud

    Stratus is tall and slender, with light muscle tone. His flawless skin is pale and slightly blue, a few more veins than normal are visible. His somewhat feminine face is oval in shape with a pointed chin, a small nose, and large blood red eyes with heavy lashes. His thin lips are almost as pale as the rest of his skin, so he's usually wearing blood red lipstick to enhance them, which can sometimes give the impression of there being fresh blood on his lips (which is sometimes actually the case). Both his ears and canine teeth are unusually long and pointy. His hair is silver in color and very long, usually neatly braided, and he wraps the braid around his shoulders twice (outside his oversized coat's collar) to keep the end of the braid from dragging on the ground.

    Stratus wears tight matching turquoise shirt and pants, under an oversized light-grey hoodless jacket. The jacket has a shiny floral print on the lower half that matches the color of the rest of the jacket, causing the pattern to appear and disappear based on lighting, sometimes even flickering. Additionally, Stratus wears a pair of thick silver boots, much like snow boots, a pair of wide-rimmed goggles as a headband, and a silver cuff on one of his ears.

    There’s something wispy about his movements, they are light, agile, and always appear very intentional. Undead have a general stench of death about them, but Stratus’ scent is augmented with the sweet smell lavender.

    Stratus speaks in a light breathy voice, making cold-heart observations and inappropriately timed romantic advances. His cruel observations are usually aimed at unnerving those he views as the weaker members of the groups, while he tries distract the stronger hunters with flirtatious suggestions. It’s mostly in jest, since he knows no human could want an undead partner, but Stratus truly is a lonely creature, and it often shows in his eyes.

    He may seem cold and calculating, but in reality he’s not thinking that far ahead. Stratus is a shoot first, ask questions later, sort of guy. That attitude also tends to keep his banter short, a mercy that his victims may find themselves thankful for. Of course, the knowledge that they’ll likely end up as Ghouls might make them more interested in keeping him talking. Stratus prefers to turn his victims into Ghouls, because it add an extra layer of protection that any new hunters that come after him will have to deal with.

    Stratus takes orders from his superiors (higher ranking Immortals) well, but tends to get bored waiting around between orders. During this time he rearranges his lair, the result being that it contains several maze-like twists and turns, as well as several dead ends.

    He also dabbles in aromatherapy.

    Stratus was born on a windy world with a thicker atmosphere than the Earth. He is still dressed warmly, with his super long hair fixed into a braid to keep it from tangling, like he would back home, despite not having been to that dead world in a good many years.

    He came to Earth with several other Immortals from various worlds in order to seek out more life for them to consume. They’ve been here several years now, and are currently preparing for on final raid on Earth’s life forms.

    When the Immortals took over Shadow Dale, Stratus was given a section of outskirts to look after. After surveying the area, he decided to make his lair in an Airbase. This location had plenty space, lightly challenging victims, and resources.

    He’s grown comfortable with ‘living’ here. Recently however, some young hunters have been sniffing around his lair.

    Stratus has a tendency to appear out of nowhere for an ambush attack. He often directs his minions to preform ambushes as well.

    He also has a tendency to rely on his ability to float during battle, rising at least two feet above the floor. He attacks primarily buy making a throwing motion to shoot high pressure jets of air at his victims.

    His secondary attack is more complicated, he uses his air/cloud controlling abilities to collect fog into the area, making it difficult for his victims to see where he is in comparison to them, then he releases a air pressure blast (basically an explosion-less shockwave) to knock them off their feet and injure them.

    Of course, he always has the option of biting his victims, to drain life from them, as well… which he is not opposed to doing.

    Lair Location:
    Outskirts of Shadow Dale, Abandon Airbase

    Lair Details:
    The airbase contains both indoor and outdoor areas, including open fields, landing strips, hangers and barracks. During the day, the hangers are still pretty well lit inside, providing some protection from the possibility of encountering ghouls. The barracks however, are dark day and night, and absolutely crawling with ghouls.

    Several uniformed ghouls wander the Abandon Airbase, as do a few mutated guard dogs (the alignments of these ghouls and guard dogs will be announced as they are encountered). Spiders (Earth), wasps (Cloud), bats (Dark), and, crows (Cloud) are also abundant in certain areas.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2014
  2. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    I'll join this again with Rose, hehe. XD Same character…Dark, Wolf Terrenial and Scythe. XD

    Name: Rozalia Faustyna Górniak (Goes by the nickname "Rose")

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Rose is a little over 6 feet tall and a beauty, her skin being pale and her long hair is a crimson red, its length significantly past her waist, though it is often tied in a high ponytail that reaches waist-length. She has long bangs that cover her left eye, which she refuses to push out of the way, even if she is made to. Contrary to what some may think, however, her left eye is nothing strange, being the exact shade of bright azure-blue as her right. Her body is slim, lean and fit with large, ample breasts and long, slender legs. She knows that she's attractive and is used to wearing revealing clothing that emphasizes her body. Around her upper arms are a pair of thorny, black tattoos that encircle them like bands. Her navel is pierced, as are her ears (three piercings each).

    Rose wears a flowing, sleeveless black vest, slit at the back for easier mobility. The vest is closed partially by three evenly spaced-out black leather belts , the first one being just under her bust and the last one above her navel, exposing her ample cleavage (She does not wear a shirt inside). A looped silver chain dangles from the left side of the lowest belt. For freedom with her legs, she wears short black shorts as her bottoms. Her shoes are tall, sturdy, black boots reaching her knees, with dark silver studs and chains and on her hands are short, black fingerless gloves. It should be known that Rose made parts of her outfit by improvising and cutting up old clothes, the vest was once her father's old longcoat and her shorts were formerly a pair of trousers she recovered from her deceased brother.

    Personality: Rose is beautiful but also thorny. She is standoffish, unfriendly and hostile towards others, as well as rough around the edges, evidently not the feminine type. She rarely warms up to people, and is difficult to get to know due to her lack of effort in reaching out to others. An independent spirit, she believes that she can handle her issues and problems by herself, even things beyond her control, and often brushes others aside, believing that she needs nobody. This happens especially when men try to intervene and try to see her as fragile. True, she's a very brave girl who would fearlessly join a fight and never runs away from obstacles, but she does not see the need to warm up more easily…which is probably the most important obstacle she has to overcome. Rather, she focuses on strength, so that she would not need to lean on anyone. It is difficult for her to trust someone, as she was lied to and betrayed terribly once, leading her to believe that people are undeserving of her trust. Being one who speaks her mind all the time, she does not care about what others may think, she just says things, disregarding the possible consequences. Towards others, she is brash, speaking with foul language and hostility and sometimes is also needlessly crass to those who annoy her. She is also extremely irritable, and won't hesitate to hurt anyone physically if she feels as if they are annoying her. Overall, she is definitely a difficult person to get along with.

    Rose likes to think that she hates guys a lot, and she definitely does show it. She is obviously more hostile towards men, often using her heartbreak as a scapegoat and excuse for the way she acts. One would find out however that this is not exactly true, if one takes the time and is patient with her. She's just very reluctant to allow herself to give in to or trust anyone, especially with the possibility of a repetition of her past experience. It still affects her a lot, and it torments her to the point of becoming this way. She does not think guys are worth it if they don't try hard enough or dismiss her immediately. What she really wants is someone who is patient with her and would stick by her through everything. She doesn't believe that guys like this exist and would probably continue to stick to that, unless someone proves her wrong, of course.

    This, however, doesn't mean that Rose is entirely bad company. While still driven by her own anger, she still has feelings, and that includes compassion, though she does not always show this. It takes patience, understanding and trustworthiness to reach out to her, and it does not always succeed. However make no mistake, Rose knows a good person after she spends some time with him or her, and would warm up in her own way if she trusts him or her enough and deems them to be someone she can lean on without worries, though it is extremely hard for her to do so. And her ways of warming up often include denial and covering up when confronted about it, leading her to become a bit too defensive if she does. However, it would be worth it, as Rose is definitely someone you can rely on and would be proud to call a friend...that is if you manage to see the rose despite its thorns and pick it without fear or reservations.

    Interestingly, Rose is less cold and unsociable around younger children and those who seem to be lonely or shunned. Perhaps this is because she doesn't believe that children have it in them to break her once again, or maybe because she can identify better with those who, like her, are alone, believing them to be less likely to mess with her. Another factor might be her father's line of work taking care of the Guild's young ones, not wanting to get expelled or earn a bad rap, and learned to grow a bit less hostile, but only around them, though she still shows that she isn't exactly gentle in her way of doing things or caring either, though she shows her better side less reluctantly towards them, though the denial to others still exists even in these cases. It should be known that Rose is less likely to hit or shout at those types of people compared to others, though she's still quite unapproachable even to the former unless one really does make the effort to reach out to her and be patient with her.

    Rose is independent and headstrong, knowing her way around things and often trusts her instincts more than she trusts others' advice, partially because of her confidence and partially because of her refusal to trust just about anyone. She isn't one to just sit around in a corner and do nothing or look pretty. She actually enjoys fighting and is not the type to give up or back out of a fight...especially in situations where she would have to sit out for a man to step in. Her manner of talking as well as her tendencies and gestures, cannot be described as very feminine. In fact, she is rough around the edges and rather masculine and not above hitting anyone. It's also pretty difficult to get this girl drunk, especially since she has a high tolerance level, but doing so makes her uncharacteristically flirtatious, even towards those she says she hates, greatly contrasting her personality. Despite all these however, Rose does have a heart, albeit a very difficult one to know.

    History: Truth be told, Marek (Mark) and Agnieszka (Agnes) Górniak never intended to drag their daughter Rozalia into the dangerous lifestyle that surrounded them as Hunters. Born in Eastern Europe and the older of two siblings, Rozalia, or "Rose" as she was called, was not expected to lead the life her parents had. Rather, that was reserved for her younger brother by one year, Karol (Charles). Because of this and the growing danger of the situation, Rose was smuggled out of the country at the age of nine by Ignacy, a trusted friend of Marek's, and was taken to the relative safety of what was once Scotland, perhaps to allow her to live a relatively normal life. Ignacy raised Rose for eleven years, yet did not listen to his friend's words, knowing that the world they lived in was not a safe place. Instead, he trained Rose to fight, seeing that it would be better for her chances at survival. Rose's first experience with a weapon however was not with a scythe, but rather, a gun. Over the years, she learned to toughen up and survive under the care of her father's friend, growing up to become an independent, adventurous and rather rough young woman. She also met a number of people her age whom she made friends with. Nights were spent out with them, be it in the single, rather run-down pub near their settlement where they would drink, experimenting with their weapons or simply lying on the grass of the nearby hill. She was closer to one of them compared to all the others however. Aidan Murphy, two years older than she was and an experienced spear user, was her best friend. It soon developed into something more and despite the danger they were in, love blossomed between them by the time Rose was nineteen and Aidan, twenty-one.

    Her time on the island was cut short when she was twenty by Ignacy's sudden death, suspected to be at the hands of an Immortal. With only the knowledge that her family was still alive, she journeyed back to her homeland and Aidan followed her to ensure that she made it back alive. It was true that Marek, Agnieszka and Karol were still alive, and she was reunited with her family after more than a decade. After finding out that Rose was indeed trained, Marek reluctantly allowed her to keep her weapon and train, knowing that it was inevitable, given his late friend's stubbornness, but still had reservations about allowing Rose to train further, as none of them wanted Rose to resort to involving herself in something so dangerous. During this time, Rose and Aidan grew closer, to the point of consummating her relationship with him only a year after. She loved him, and she knew that he loved her. This unfortunately, did not end well for either of them. It so happened that a few months after, Aidan always turned up late or at times, never even did show himself whenever he promised to. After a period of four days of no-show, Rose went to the place Aidan used as a hideout to get an answer from him, only to find out that he was with another woman, kissing her. Rose had no words for him, but it was at this moment that the flower grew its thorns. Only allowing her eyes to speak for themselves, she shot Aidan dead with her gun, followed by the woman. Rose was heartbroken and bitter. Here, she gave her heart, trusted him...only for him to cheat on her. Resolving never to trust another man again out of hurt, heartbreak and anger, she left them, never feeling sorry for what she did or regretting her decision. They deserved it after all, she told herself.

    Rose never wanted to use the gun again after that. Instead, she took up the scythe, much to her parents' horror, despite its difficulty to master. Anything that would make her stronger and take her mind away from Aidan was good for her. It was also at this time that her parents and Karol were called to a mission as Hunters across the ocean, in a faraway country. Rose insisted on accompanying them, and they agreed, knowing that perhaps it would be better for her after all, as her moods had become worse and she hardly listened any longer. It was also here that she received her Terrenial and began training with it while still mastering the scythe, alongside her lance-wielding brother for practice while her parents started to look after some of the younger members of the Guild in addition to their Hunter duties. The future however, was not kind to Rose. During a rescue mission involving prisoners taken hostage by an Immortal, Agnieszka and Karol were killed. Marek survived but could hardly fight any longer, with an injured leg and a missing right eye, which made him take up the full-time task of taking care of the younger members of the Guild. Now, the task of being a Hunter fell on the shoulders of the girl who wasn't supposed to be one in the first place. This only drove her to become more powerful in order to protect her father and fight for the family she lost. Soon, the time came for her first mission...

    Weapon: Scythe


    Terrennial Name: Księżyc (Also answers to "Moon")

    Element: Dark

    Appearance: Księżyc takes the form of an adult black-furred wolf with silvery-gray eyes, reminiscent of the moon, which is where he got his name from. His midnight-black fur is thick but also smooth, and his fangs and claws are silver, just like his eyes. He stands at three feet from paw to shoulder, on all fours.

    Personality: Księżyc is aloof and a bit of a loner, preferring the company of Rose and often gets rather aggressive around others on first impression. Unlike Rose however, he gets used to others faster than she does and learns to trust them. Do not be fooled however, as he can tell those he could be comfortable with from those he couldn't, and would act accordingly, assaulting and attacking the latter type fiercely. He is a very loyal partner who looks out for Rose, but also tries to stand his ground when he knows that she's being unreasonable. He also has a pet peeve, which is his name being mispronounced. Thus, he also answers to the name "Moon" to make things simpler and less embarrassing for his pride.

    Trance: The most distinct change in Rose's features during Trance are her eyes. No longer are they bright azure nor human, but rather, wolf-like and silver. Her teeth become lupine fangs also in a silver color and from her back sprouts a thick, black wolf tail. Surrounding her are black shadows that seem to shift in shape from fog, to thorn-like then back to fog again at different times. In her Trance state, Rose's attacking speed becomes considerably faster, allowing her to chain three scythe attacks instead of one. When not using her weapon and choosing to merge with Księżyc, the shadows around her become alive and controllable, taking the form of sharp, black thorns/spikes, which she controls to sink under the ground before emerging below the foe, the sharp, shadowy thorns and spikes rising and falling from under rapidly to deal damage quickly and while a single pierce attack is not as strong as a scythe attack, the shadows hits faster and more times, though she has to keep her concentration on while sustaining this attack in order to maximize its duration, as it's an attack that is relatively easy to interrupt, be it from loss of focus or Rose getting attacked herself.
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  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Reserving Fire and the Dual Guns again. :)

    I need to modify Adam's Sign Up, and change his Terrenial.
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  4. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    *Jean Grey* (Rose & Moon - Scythe): Accepted

    Monster Guy (Adam & ? - Dual Guns): Reserved
  5. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Name: Adam Hayes
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human

    Appearance: Adam is tall and lean, standing at exactly six feet. His face is round, and a bit boyish, with a small nose, and large, expressive almond shaped eyes, which are a light shade of green. He keeps his short red hair spiky using a good amount of hair gel. Only enough to keep it's shape, but not so much that any girl who may want to run their fingers through his hair hurt themselves. He was born with lightly tanned skin, not pale, but not bronzed either, that is maintained by spending a lot of time outside in the tropical sun. He is an athletic boy, and is in good shape. He has a toned physique, that he got from years of training and being active. He is quite proud of this, and likes to show it off by wearing tight tank tops a lot. Apart from on top of his head and eyebrows, he has no hair on his upper body or face.

    Adam has simple tastes when it comes to clothes. He wears what is comfortable, and prefers things that are easy to move around in. His favorite color is red, and is often covered in that color from head to toe. He often just pulls something random out of the closet, and wears that. He dressed rather practically for the occasion. He wears a red form-fitting tank top that shows off his physique. He prefers to wear shorts, but for this mission, he has on a pair of red pants made from a durable material, and are held up by a red belt. He usually prefers sandals on his feet, but for this occasion, he wears a pair of red steel toed boots that have plenty of room for his feet to move arond in. He has a red headband around his forehead, He thinks it looks cool, and it also absorbs sweat so it keeps him cool on hot days. Covering his hands are a pair of red fingerless. The gloves have steel reinforcements under the knuckle area. His weapon is a pair of red pistols, which he carries in holsters attached to his pants when not in use. he carries around a red backpack to carry around any items he may find.

    Personality: Adam is a rash, hotheaded young man who has trouble sitting still. He prefers to actually do things, as opposed to sitting there reading about other people doing things. He is brave, sometimes recklessly so, and he enjoys the outdoors and physical activities, he is also physically strong because of those activities. Adam is the type of guy that likes to shoot first, and ask questions later. Adam has a tendency to act on emotion, and has a difficult time standing still. When something sets him off, He will jump head first into things without thinking, making him easier to target. Often immature and mischievous, he disregards rules, and can often be a troublemaker. He can also be very blunt, and isn't one to sugarcoat things, which usually ends up offending people. When it comes to voicing his opinions, he's not exactly the most polite person, often speaking his mind and never hesitating to shoot down anyone for any number of reasons. He speaks in a crude manner, and has a tendency to swear a lot. He has no problems breaking the rules in order to get things done. Despite his lean appearance, Adam has a big appetite, and he likes to eat a lot. He is not picky, about the foods he eats, and is willing to try anything once. He is lucky enough to have a high metabolism so that he doesn't get chubby easily, plus he excercises a lot anyway. He's very competitive, and hates to lose. He is not afraid to resort to dirty tactics if it means a victory. He is an arrogant winner, as well as a sore loser. Often coming to blows with people he has lost to.

    At times, he is lazy, and he often procrastinates to get work done. Despite this, he is very stubborn, and once he's set his mind on something, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. He is very confident in himself. He thinks he is awesome, and he likes to show off his strength. So much so, that he often comes across as arrogant, he has a tendency to brag about his accomplishments, and he often underestimates others and overestimates himself. It is not difficult to get him mad, and he will not hesitate to hurt people verbally and/or physically if he is provoked enough. If one is patient with him, and he comes to respect someone, they will find he is one of the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. He will stick by you, and defend you no matter what. Although, he will still laugh at you if you did something stupid.

    Adam is as heterosexual as they come. He frequently hits on girls he finds attractive, usually with poor results. It hasn't stopped him from trying, though. While he is not always polite in his interactions with them, Adam loves women, and will do anything for a pretty girl. He is easily deceived, tricked, and manipulated by women. He will also never hit a woman unless she hits him first. Even then, he will hesitate to do so. He also likes playing games of all kinds, and he can often be found at the game arcades and casinos spending a lot of money to play. Besides playing in the casinos, his favorite pastimes are playing any kind of sport that lets him show off, and winning. He is a nicknamer, and he often gives nicknames to new people he meets. Despite all the chaos that's going on, Adam still tries to keep an optimistic attitude. After all, being angsty all the time isn't going to accomplish anything. There are several types of people he can't stand. Mostly rich snobs, stoic loners, annoying know-it-alls, and generally anyone he perceives as thinking they are better than him. He purposefully tries to irritate these kinds of people when he meets them, to get a reaction out of them. His biggest insecurity is feeling like he's not good enough, and that he doesn't belong anywhere. He hates being reminded of this fact, and it is the reason why he lashes out when he is upset. All in all, though hotblooded, Adam is a kind hearted, cheerful boy, and he's a loyal friend to those willing to put up with his antics.

    History: Adam was born to a family of veteran hunters. During his childhood, Adam did not get to see his family very much, for they felt that he was not mature enough to handle the responsibility that comes with being a hunter. Instead, he was sent off to live with family members in another place the immortals hadn't yet touched, so he could have some kind of normal life. As a child, Adam was a bit troublesome. He often got into trouble for speaking his mind more than he should, and disobeying the rules in general which caused the aunt and uncle he was living with a bit of concern. While he may have gotten into trouble a lot, he found it easy to make friends due to his outgoing personality. He quickly became popular on campus, though that didn't help him win over any girls. Adam led a relatively simple life, but for the most part he was happy.

    Normalcy didn't last for too long. Shortly after Adam turned thirteen, his new home was invaded by immortals. Life changed drastically for the boy after that. Adam's guardians decided that they couldn't keep the boy in the dark forever. So, against their family's wishes, they trained him to fight. They originally taught him to use a Sword, seeing as it was the weakest weapon available. While Adam picked up swordplay rather quickly, he was much more interested in using the guns, simply because he thought they were cool, and because swords were considered "the easiest weapons to wield" which turned him off. Of course, at that time, he was much too young to be using guns, and so he wasn't allowed to go anywhere near them, much to his disappointment. For a few years, Adam trained during the day, and hung out with friends at night. When he was fifteen, his training was cut short when after his aunt and uncle's deaths at the hands of an immortal. After finding out from friends of theirs that his parents were still alive, he went back home, and reunited with his parents. Although, they were upset that he had been trained against their wishes, he had been allowed to keep his weapon, and continue training with the other hunter's children. He was still not allowed to go on missions with parents, which Adam was still not happy about. He had already been training for years, and he was sick of it. He felt he was ready to go out and do something. Adam not no say in the matter, and Adam was forced to stay behind at the guild.

    He stayed behind at the guild with the other kids who were too young to go hunting, and while this displeased him, he was finally allowed to start using a gun. He got the hang of using a gun well enough, but by this point, Adam was sick of training. He had already been doing for three years now, and was ready to start actually doing things. He started slacking off in his practice, and snuck off at night to kill whatever random creatures he could encounter. He didn't get along well with a lot of the others there, either. They thought he was a jerk who didn't belong there, believing he was underestimating the severity of the situation, and Adam couldn't stand their attitudes. He occasionally got into fistfights with others when he was provoked, causing him to be disciplined by an adult that was in charge of the trainees.

    During a rescue mission involving prisoners taken hostage by an Immortal, his parents were killed. The boy did not take it well, for a number of reasons. Besides the fact that more of his family members had been killed by these immortals, he also believed that he could have done something to prevent their deaths if he had been allowed to come. After this, he started taking his training more seriously. Eventually upgrading to Dual Guns, and received his Terrennial. Finally, the time came for Adam to take on his first mission. Most of the other trainee thought he wouldn't survive out there, and Adam was determined to prove them wrong. He was determined to prove his worth to the others.

    Weapon: Dual Guns


    Terrennial: Inferno
    Element: Flame
    Appearance: Inferno is a red and gold European dragon. He is covered in red scaly skin, and has a gold underbelly. His eyes are big and childlike, and have gold sclera with black irises. He has a set of spikes that start on his head, and go all the way down to the tip of his tail. Two small red horns protrude from the back of his head. His little arms end in a set of claws, and two fangs are visible even when his mouth is closed. For some reason, he has gold markings above his eyes that slightly resemble eyebrows. By dragon standards, he is only a baby, and as such is rather small, so his head comes up to Adam's waist when standing straight. Unlike the one in the picture above, he is a European Dragon, not a Chinese one, which means he is more lizard-like than snake-like, (and Chinese dragons are associated with Water, not Fire.) He also has small red wings with a gold underside growing out of his back. He is able to fly to some extent. He can't go very far, or very fast on his own. He mostly just hovers in the air, walks, or sits on Adam's head.

    Personality: Inferno has a lot in common with his human partner. They both can be mischievous at times, and often act before thinking. Although he is generally a friendly dragon, he has a tendency to playfully tease Adam, or other Terrennials when the opportunity presents itself. Inferno dislikes his small size, and gets upset about it if it is brought up. He wishes he were bigger so he can actually be taken seriously. He cares about his human partner a lot, and views Adam like a brother, although he insists on being the "big brother."


    Trance: In his Trance form, Adam gains a large pair of red dragon wings that grow out of his back. Adam usually takes his shirt off before triggering the change, for no reason other than to show off. His eyes become red with thin black irises. He is surrounded by fiery aura. He becomes much faster in this state, and is able to fire 8 shots from his guns. When opting not to use his weapons, and merging with Inferno, Adam is able to fly with the use of his wings. He also starts going on a rampage, and starts attacking enemies with fire infused attacks. (Which can vary from elementally charged punches and kicks, or actually expelling flame from his mouth.) When the trance finishes, Adam is left exhausted, and must rest for a bit before he is able to continue fighting.
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  6. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    May I reserve Frost with Spear? Can I have a "spear" that's more of a polearm/knife-on-a-stick/slashing weapon than the traditional one that's more for jabbing or thrusting? It'll likely be done by Sunday, though I might post the weapon/trance/terrenial parts earlier to make sure that they're okay.
  7. VampirateMace

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    Monster Guy (Adam & Inferno - Dual Guns): Accepted, but a couple things:
    - The rescue mission his parents were on is obviously separate from the one in the plot, based on timing.
    - Inferno is a spirit, therefore, "will grow someday" is irrelevant to him.
    - Trance should not damage clothing, as it's a spirit magic state. So, don't worry about that.

    Corrosion (Polearm): A polearm is fine. You're reserved.
  8. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    1. That's fine
    2. I'll have to edit that then...
    3. Adam will still take his shirt off during trance state, even if it doesn't damage clothing. :p
  9. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    He is perfectly free to do that, though in the heat of battle it may not be practical.
  10. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou going, going, goon

    'ey, long time, no see and all! Could I snatch up Sun? I have a character in mind for this and her Sign Up is pretty much done already, save for a few minor edits I'll be making to fit the setting better. Which leads me to a question; you mentioned that Aliens/Half-Aliens would be human or animal-like, but what about the Immortals? They're listed as options for the species, so I'm guessing we can play them too. How would they (particularly Immortal/Human halfbreeds) differ from regular humans appearance/power-wise? I'm asking because I might make my character a halfbreed, depending. It could add a fun layer of inner conflict, considering how she loathes monsters of all kinds.
  11. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    GoldenHouou: Sure!
    - The appearance of half Aliens and/or Immortals is up to the player (don't be ridiculous though). The immortals tend to very in appearance, so anything from pale to bluish/purplish skin, horns and batwings (or other night animal parts), hairlessness, odd eyes, and distorted proportions are all perfectly acceptable.
  12. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou going, going, goon

    Alright, thanks, that clears up a lot! I'm going to keep her mostly human (and she's going to try and hide her immortal features as well) but with a few select things that give her away. Also, her weapon is going to be a sword (I dunno if we can reserve those but... yeah, just for the record, anyway).
  13. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Sure, I'll add the sword to the reserve. Weapons aren't really limited, but variety is appreciated.
  14. GoldenHouou

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    Done! Phew, I haven't made an SU in so long and just... didn't know when to stop. Sorry this got so long and rambly, wow. Tell me if you have issues with her appearance or the whole tail-thing! Or the history. Or Trance-form. Or. Anything, really, especially if it's canon-related, since I'm not at all familiar with the source material.


    Name: Aurelia de Rege

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human/Immortal halfbreed

    Appearance: Sketched her up earlier. She's without her cape there, and I imagine her clothes would be more worn after a bit of traveling and fighting, but yeah. Also, blue is just my sketch color, so the only thing with real colors is her eye.

    Aurelia very often gets mistaken to a guy from afar, and definitely not without reason; standing at 6'2.5" with a relatively strong build, she leaves quite a few male colleagues trembling in her shadow when she passes by. However, should you actually get near her or pay close enough attention, you would notice that despite her height and physical prowess, she does retain quite a few feminine features as well, most notably a mildly curvy waist, long and slender legs as well as a feminine face, complete with a small chin and smooth - if almost sickeningly pale - skin. Of course, if you actually got close enough to see her face properly, it most likely wouldn't be her mouth or skin you'd be paying attention to. Rather, it would be her eyes, and not only because of the icy glare she's most likely giving you at that point; the thing is that her right eye is always hidden underneath a black eye patch and her left one is a peculiar red in color. If questioned about the former she will explain it away with an incident and if questioned about the latter, she will promptly tell you it's the light playing tricks and refuse to comment further.

    Imposing both in demeanor and appearance, Aurelia gives off an aura of diligence and authority even when she's not actively hunting down 'prey' (as she likes to call the Immortals and monsters in general.) Her expression and constant state of awareness accentuate this rather well, as does the fact that smiles come scarcely for her, and never without a good reason. She’s always well-poised, and even on the rare occasions when she does let her lips curl upwards, most likely when near a kitten, she's quick to snap back on track if she realizes someone else is around. She's graceful in her movements when she fights, yet you can also always see her being very... reserved. Stiff. The way she shakes hands, the way she sits and even the way she sleeps, she appears to be constantly on alert and ready to attack if need be. Patting her on the back or doing any other sudden movements near her are not recommended, because she might reflexively punch you or grab you into an arm lock, and not even apologize afterwards. It was your fault for being suspicious in the first place, after all.

    Her hair is semi-short and jet black, always combed away from her eyes and face and in a manner that her ears get buried underneath her locks. For this reason she isn’t a fan of either slicked back hair or ponytails, however formal and otherwise befitting of her style they might be. She isn't one for headwear either, although she does have a cat that likes to ride on her head whenever able, if you count that.

    Why, then, does she keep her ears hidden? For the same reason she never removes her eye patch and refuses to undress in front of others; to hide things that shouldn't be there. See, while Aurelia was blessed with a mostly human appearance, she is, in fact, not a human. Not fully, anyway; with her father's Immortal blood coursing through her veins, she is a halfbreed with multiple notable tell-tale signs. Her right eye, in addition to being red like her left, resembles that of a cat's and is almost blind due to having been covered for so long. Her ears are not much bigger than a human's but they are pointed, and her pale skin and red eyes are more than just the results of unfavorable lighting or malnourishment. None of these are the biggest anomalies her body has, however. No, that 'honor' belongs to her back, or more specifically, her spine; Aurelia's spinous processes protrude from her skin like small, scaly spikes, and her spine splits near the tail bone to form a long, bony tail - the only thing she can't even begin to try and hide. As such, instead of trying to tuck it away from sight, she wears it at her belt and referring to it as a whip - a backup weapon she inherited from her father. Which, technically, she did. She can also use it for very limited combat, but really only does so as a last resort; it is part of her spine, after all - meaning that not only does hitting it against something very hard send a nasty reverberation across her bones (also making it one of her weaknesses), it's attached to her and doesn't offer her that big a range. In most cases, she will try to find an excuse not to use it even if people encourage her to.

    Clothing-wise, Aurelia prefers neat and proper clothes above everything else. She does understand that cutting down monsters is not exactly the cleanest career path out there, but she at least wants to set out on the job looking professional. The blood and guts on her as she comes home? Come with the job and couldn't be helped. She will absolutely not be caught dead in a skirt or a dress, either - not necessarily because she'd hate them, but because they're just something completely alien to her; she's never tried them because she's never felt the need to, that's all there is to it. High heels are out of the question no matter the time or place as well. Usually, she dresses in dress shirts when they're available, topped with neat, formal jackets and straight pants. She's also taken a liking to capes, as they cover the origin of her "whip" rather nicely. In times of need, though, she's not particularly picky. As long as she can move fairly comfortably and can hide her species, she's golden.

    Personality: Strict, formal and serious are the top three words to use if you ever find yourself needing to describe Aurelia. She isn't very talkative either, preferring to limit herself to discussing things that actually matter, as efficiency is a big thing for her. A diehard perfectionist, demanding flawlessness both from herself and those she associates with and will feel down for a while if she fails in anything she sets out to do - be it important or not. As such, she predictably doesn't take kindly to slackers or anyone else she feels contributes less than 110% for a common goal and while usually calm - if cold - she can get frustrated rather easily if she feels she's wasting time, especially if it's the fault of someone else. And although she doesn't do it on purpose, she has a bit of a habit on blaming things on others at times and being harsher than she should. Also, while her tough exterior is difficult to crack and she's not too easy to rile up usually, she will not ignore slights if they go on long enough and is bound to answer with curt snark of her own if met with big enough annoyances. She's not particularly proud of not being emotionless all the way through, and she's working on that. What hinders her job performance the most, however, is that Aurelia is not exactly a team player unless the roles and rank of everyone involved are clearly laid out in a hierarchical manner. That is to say, she will follow the order of an officially appointed leader and respect their authority, but not go along with any hot-head's plans if she doesn't consider it the smartest choice. She's also not one to offer moral support or pats on the back to her teammates - she will save your ass if you need it; that should be far more than enough.

    What's she like when she's off the job of being a hunter, then? Well, pretty much the same as when working; she seems to constantly be in a work-mode of sorts, even when there's no perceivable danger anywhere in sight, and considers a moment spent daydreaming a moment wasted. The only time she can truly relax is when she's petting Mars; cats have always had a calming effect on her for as long as she can remember, for reasons she doesn't know. And while Mars might be a bit larger than your average house cat and, well, a spirit, he still has a delightfully fluffy stomach, an adorable purr and whiskers to die for. Aurelia also does recognize the need for the occasional few hours of rest to maintain energy, and is a surprisingly heavy sleeper when she can get away with it. She also loves food, although it might be hard to believe and next to impossible to see.

    Usually, (aforementioned circumstances not withstanding) Aurelia is fairly polite if blunt, and sees no need to neither sugarcoat the things she says nor insult anyone for no reason. She can also be rather considerate when it comes to civilians, despite her rough demeanor. No, she isn't mushy to common people, but if she sees them needing assistance with anything, she will go and help - and most likely not even require payment (or ask if her help is needed, for that matter). She is even liable to go against a direct order from a superior if it places civilians in unneeded danger; behaviour that often surprises many, as it's a common misconception that she's mean to the bone or only cares about her job. That isn't true. She cares about people - hence why she's doing her job in the first place.

    Well, it's part of the reason, anyway. Her fixation with monster hunting has a far deeper-rooted reason as well, one she doesn't readily admit even to himself; guilt. Guilt and hate, to be more precise, with a touch of bitterness thrown in. See, she considers Immortals to be beasts, and being part one herself, she feels guilty and... dirty, in a way. But when she's hacking away at monsters, she can, even for a moment, feel like she's atoning for what she's done - and what she is. It's a brief moment of relief and calm when a beast falls in front of her, and she lives for those moments - kills for them. It's become such a fixation that she often engages in fights with monsters even when there's no real need or they show no major signs of hostility. She just needs it.

    Of course, her sense of justice and need for retribution doesn't extent only to Immortals or monsters, either. Criminals and other evil-doers are just as likely to wake her wrath, no matter their species or status. And once she sees someone as a bad guy, they better watch out. Her worldview is very black and white, with no room for grey in-between, and she doesn't consider evil worth a speck of mercy. She doesn't forget or forgive any slights against others and is quick to go and right all the wrongs she sees. She doesn't believe in "hate the sin, love the sinner" - to her both should be hated with equal passion.

    The way she treats someone and any possible punishment she might deliver of course depends on the perceived crime in question; if you kick someone, she will come break your leg. If you kill someone, well, you'll guess what happens. And all she does, she does in cold-blood, because even if she seeks to do good, Aurelia is by no means a warm person. She's friendly and helpful when able, yes, but she isn't a comforter, nor is she a shoulder to lean on if you want to hear pretty words; she doesn't believe in words, she believes in actions. If someone's giving you hell, she will go and take care of them for you - but she will not verbally pick you up from your depression afterward. She also has a rather hard time feeling empathy, so to say, so don't expect her to know how you feel unless you very clearly spell it out for her or she can liken your experience to one of her own.

    As you probably guessed, Aurelia isn't one for humor. It's not that she hates the idea of it, it's just that she simply doesn't get it. The same goes for friendship, love and all things similar. True, she has had friends in the past but that was ages ago and even then, she wasn't very expressive about her feelings. It's just not in her to do that. This doesn't, however, mean that she holds no interest in such things; she is mildly curious as not understanding something frustrates her a great deal, and she's ashamed of people finding out. Reputation is sort of important to her, after all.

    As mentioned, Aurelia's one absolute weakness are cats; big cats, small cats, plushie cats, cartoon cats, she loves them all with equal passion, and heaven better help you if you so much as think about injuring one in her presence. Hell hath no fury like a woman defending a poor hapless kitten, after all.

    History: Aurelia was born to a rather peculiar couple. Her mother came from a long lineage of hunters, all renowned for their skill and diligence in their respective communities. It was said that every member of the de Rege family fought Immortals from the cradle all the way to their graves and surely enough, that was true for most - but not for Aurelia's mother. For reasons she wasn't willing to disclose, she refused to hunt down a single Immortal from the day she turned twenty, and even moved away from the main branch of the house to live at the edge of town with a husband she never showed to her peers. A husband that was, without any shadow of a doubt, not human. He was an Immortal.

    It went without saying, then, that Aurelia wasn't quite human when she was born, either. She was pale, with oddly shaped ears, a strange left eye and a very strange spine structure. Her mother knew that most wouldn't take kindly to seeing the offspring of an Immortal and a human, and feared what might happen to both her daughter and husband should the truth of their species be revealed. As such, she insisted that Aurelia cover up each and every anomaly of her body. The pale skin wasn't that big of a problem and although her pointy ears were somewhat funny-looking, they weren't a big enough tell to worry about past brushing hair in their way or having her wear a hat. Also, at the time her tail was so small that it could be conveniently tucked into her pants, leaving everybody none the wiser.

    So with that, the only real problem was posed by her eye; monstrous and ugly, it wouldn't take a genius to figure out the truth if anyone saw it. As such, Aurelia's mother made her wear an eye patch, telling her that her eye had a disease that could potentially spread to others should she not conceal it. Scared of infecting her peers and friends, young Aurelia promised never to remove the patch - which effectively led to her eye becoming blind. Not that she spent much time outside or with other kids in the first place; her mother preferred her to stay indoors, only allowing her to play with her immediate neighbours sometimes. She can't really remember the details, but she faintly recalls that she used to play with her father a lot.

    That was, until she turned four. In many ways, that was a year of changes for young Aurelia. Her mother bore a second child, a baby boy, and a little after that, her father up and disappeared. She was never told exactly why, and any attempts to ask her mother about it were met with a vague answer such as "he just had to go" or "he did it for all our sakes." Asking always seemed to make her mother sad, so eventually she just stopped talking about it altogether and accepted that her father was gone, not a single picture of him left behind. In a few years, she didn't even remember his face anymore.

    When Aurelia turned old enough for school, her mother was reluctant to let her go. She did recognize the importance of education in a world as dangerous as their own (survival skills were a necessary part of the curriculum) however, and did eventually allow her to enroll. And while Aurelia did get remarks about her skin and ears, nobody really suspected them to be anything inhumane. Sure, there were bullies, but she also made friends and was generally able to live a pretty normal life school life... As normal as one can in a rundown post-apocalyptic community, anyway. Her little brother? Not as lucky as her; while her deformations were rather easy to hide, his weren't. Large, black bat-like wings kind of tended to get in the way, no matter what you did. And no matter how much one tried to explain them away, bullying and rumours ran rampant from the very moment he set foot outside the house to try and interact with the world.

    Aurelia was having none of it. At the risk of her own reputation and even well-being, she fought of bullies both verbally and physically. Her brother was dear to her. He was the one she'd spent most of her childhood playing with when locked inside, and she regarded his wings as the coolest thing in the world. She didn't understand this fear and hate towards Immortals, either. Sure, she understood that some of them were bad and attacked human settlements, thus needing to be fended off, but she refused to believe that every single one of them was to be persecuted for no apparent reason. And her brother? He was a human anyway, right? Why wouldn't he be? Wouldn't that mean she wasn't a human... either? That made no sense.

    Regardless, Aurelia became her brother's bodyguard, and that eventually led to her developing rather firm moral values and sense of justice at an early age. Eventually, she not only fought against her brother's bullies, but all those she found causing mischief to others. She decided that if teachers and adults didn't help those slighted, she would. Someone had to. But in order to do that, she had to be strong. So, she turned her best friend into her sparring partner, practicing on the school grounds and at home whenever the both of them found a free moment. It was fun for them both - at least, until a certain incident took place. See, with every year ticking past, one of Aurelia's beastly traits kept becoming more and more noticeable - namely, her tail. It grew longer and longer, to the point it was eventually impossible to hide. Her mother implored her to come up with a way to hide what it really was and so, she eventually figured out a way; she wrapped her tail around her belt and called it a whip she'd gotten from her father to carry around for self defense. It was perfect. It was harmless enough not to be banned, but looked nasty enough to elicit fear from bullies she was fending off for her peers. She was so in love with her invention, that she just had to show it to her friend during one of their practice sessions!

    And so she did. And things went straight down to hell; not only did she have no control over her swing, she had severely underestimated the sharpness of her bones - and the weakness of a young preteen's knee when assaulted with a powerful motion. Her friend's knee broke, and although doctors did mend it back to health eventually, she was never able to run quite like before. She wasn't a cripple, but she was injured. For life. Because of her.

    Aurelia came home crying that evening, demanding to know why she even had her tail in the first place. She hadn't seen anyone else with weird parts like that, no matter how much her mother had told her that everyone had those but just didn't want to show them. Something had to be wrong with her, right? Her mother didn't know what to do, so she did the only thing she felt she could; she told her the truth. Aurelia took it rather hard. Her mother tried to explain that there was nothing wrong with being part Immortal, that she had taught her not to hate them for a reason, that it was okay, but she hardly listened. She had hurt someone, how was that okay?

    It wasn't much later when, one day, she happened to encounter a family being assaulted by hostile Immortals. It was her first time actually seeing them attack; her mother had made sure she never had to witness such a thing before. It was horrifying, but Aurelia could not keep herself from getting involved. She was a warrior of justice, after all! And if she truly was part Immortal herself, it was almost like her duty to keep her half-brethren in check.

    Too bad that a twelve year old hardly held any power against full-grown monsters, as she was quick to find out. Hunters rescued her and the family in the end, although not before most of the group had sustained quite a few injuries. And, once again, Aurelia was down. Her best friend had started to fear her because of her tail, her little brother was bullied because of things beyond his control, Immortals were monster despite what her mother had said and she was too weak to do a damn thing about them. Immortals were horrible. She hated her father for dooming her into this body. Something had to change.

    Not knowing what to do, Aurelia ended up visiting her grandparents - something she didn't do often, at the request of her mother. She'd always known her grandparents were hunters, but she never knew exactly what it entailed. Now was the time to find out. Overjoyed, her grandma, the current head of the family, promised to teach her the ways of a hunter, should she wish to. She accepted, but kept it a secret from her mother. That's how life continued for a few years; Aurelia lived a life of secrecy, hiding her species from her grandparents and her training from her mother. Too bad, that didn't exactly last, either. It was only a matter of time, really, when both her secrets got revealed. Her mother was sad more than she was angry, and while her grandparents did still continue almost like usual, Aurelia was no fool. She saw that the way they looked at her changed. They still smiled and said they loved her, but she could tell. They were constantly on their guard. It was awkward. She hated it. She hated Immortals and she hated her halfbreed body. They'd taken everything from her.

    And then, one day, Aurelia's grandparents never returned from a mission - almost none of the hunters that left that day did. And she finally saw her chance to be useful, to atone, even. With a quick goodbye to her mother and brother, she grabbed her sword, whistled her Terranion companion (who she'd gotten from her grandparents a few years prior) to follow and ran out the door.

    Weapon: Sword, more specifically one resembling a yanmaodao.


    Terrennial Name: Mars

    Element: Sun

    Appearance: Mars is an adolescent tiger, not yet having grown past the size of a large dog. He has brilliantly bright fur that almost looks like it's glowing at times, and the stripes found on his body are white, instead of black. When he attacks, his stripes radiate light.

    Personality: For all intents and purposes, Mars acts like a lap-cat most of the time. He loves attention and especially being scratched or petted, and his favorite past time is just loafing around, sunbathing. He's a bit spoiled due to Aurelia's immense love for felines, and can be a bit prissy sometimes, refusing to do things that would get his paws or fur dirty. Due to his young age he can be a bit hot headed as well as prideful, displaying a condescending attitude towards other Terrennials. When it comes time to fight however, he is obedient and does as instructed... most of the time.

    Trance: In her Trance-form, Aurelia's colors as a halfbreed truly show and her anomalies get amped up to eleven. Most notably, her bone structure hardens and her spine protrudes out of her back, with her deformed eye gaining the ability to see in darkness (her father being a creature of the night as well) and glowing even from underneath the patch. As expected, she becomes very fast, able to slash with her sword more times than usual.

    If she forgoes her weapon attacks and fuses with her Terrennial for an attack instead, the change is even greater; her spine bursts out from her back completely into sharp, glowing spikes of light, their shape and weight forcing her to walk hunched enough to almost become quadrupedal. Her tail grows thicker and stronger and takes the vague shape of a tiger's, also becoming shrouded in light - and thus, transforming into a far more effective weapon capable of lethal slashes and stabs. She attacks by ferociously pouncing on anything she sees, using her tail and claws to tear at the enemy. While in this form, she gets very reckless, liable to accidentally injure an ally if not careful. Also, once she returns to her normal form, she suffers from back pain and sore bones for a while, rendering her slower than usual.
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    GoldenHouou (Aurelia & Mars - Sword): Accepted, with 2 notes
    - The tail being hidden as a whip is a bit of a stretch, so no getting angry if someone's char realizes it's her tail
    - Terrenials are spirits, they don't grow or age, basically Mars isn't ever going to look like anything other than an adolescent tiger.

    I think 3 hunters is enough to get started, so I'll make the RPG thread this evening.
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    - Of course, it's very much my plan that her ruse can't hold forever. All it takes is for her to swing the "whip" and it not extend too far because it's attached to her, or her clothes to rip a bit to reveal where the whip's origin is (it's hidden underneath her jacket/shirt/cape atm), really. It really only works for as long as she doesn't use it, and considering she isn't that experienced a fighter in the end...

    - Yeah, I wrote that part before you noted me about the spirit thing, so my bad.

    Anyway, whoo, RP thread!
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    It has no flesh, as it's solely bone. But yeah, the point's still there; if you've seen bone, you can probably notice the uncanny similarity.

    Awesome! Will post when I have a bit more time. 8:30 PM and I'm still at school orz
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