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Well yeah...a deck that I've been a bit sitting on for a little bit now, but I s'pose with the Regionals coming soon I'd better announce it now...It was inspired by the Metanite decks that are rapidly growing around...and I figure I'll try my hand at an Electric Deck. And yes, I realize that I'm over on energies, I just for some reason always find my decks with 18 energy, yet they still work.

Tyranitar ex [delta] x2
Pupitar [delta] x2
Larvitar [delta] x2
Rayquaza ex [delta] x2
Magneton (PK) x2
Magnemite (PK) x2
Metagross [delta] x3
Metang [delta] x2
Beldum [delta] x3
Holon's Castform x2
Pokemon: 22

Lightning Energy x14
Metal Energy x4
Energy: 18

Low Pressure System x2
Holon Researcher x3
Holon Farmer x2
Holon Adventurer x2
Holon Tranciever x4
Scott x3
Energy Charge x3
Rare Candy x3
Prof. Cozmo x2
Prof. Elm's Training x3
Fieldworker x3
Potion x4
Trainers: 20

Okay, so it's a lot of Pokemon, yes, but there are only really 3 families and Rayquaza's just for added power, so he can be taken out whenever he feels like it. Standard procedure for the Metagross, only Magneton takes 2 Energy back at the cost of a card which may be able to be taken back by a Tranceiver or Energy Charge. Trainers are mainly Supporters to add to Scott's potential, plus the Holon cards...well...self-explanatory.

So in short, the strategy is the same as Metanite, but if you wish you can put Energy on T-Tar and let him have a go at stuff, then when he's done you take his energy and use it for Crush and Burn or Magnetic Force on Magneton.

If possible, rate by Saturday?

~fuzzy out~