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Boomers Breeders Paradise, Taking Orders for 5IV competetive Pokes (Updated as of 2020-01-26)


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@MK.ultra which are you interested in? what is the spread, nature and egg moves of rockidee, zigzagoon and lure corsola?
I'm interested in Love Ball Impidimp, Level Ball Growlithe and Heavy Ball Ferroseed.

As concerns spread, nature and egg moves, I have to look, but I can breed in case you need something in particular. Let me know.


Im a Tamer
Hi im interested in one of these:
Magic Bounce
Aromatic Mist
After You

i can offer mints(let me know which one) in exchange for one of these set, let me know if that works for you,


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@MK.ultra Sorry I thought I already replied.
If you can make:
zigzagoon (Moon,HA) and rockidee (beast ball HA) 31/31/31/XX/31/31 adamant

And corsola lure ball HA
31/XX/31/31/31/31 bold
That's ok! I'll start breeding those.

I ask then:
  • Impidimp (Love Ball, Prankster) 31/31/31/XX/31/31 Adamant
  • Ferroseed (Heavy Ball Iron Barbs) 31/31/31/XX/31/0 Brave
  • Larvitar in Moon Ball
Let me know if you agree


still in a dream, skin eater
LF: bold, 5IV lapras in lure ball
FT: adamant 5IV swinub in level ball

it would be nice if you could trade a male female pair; I can do that with swinub if interested


still in a dream, skin eater
yeah, they are both thick fat. I;ll be online the rest of the day


still in a dream, skin eater
@ok boomer if you don't want to do the pair that's ok with me. I don't have much else to offer that you don't already have lol. can I get water absorb on lapras?

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