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Born to Be a Champion: Pikachu's Johto Diaries


The magic of Pokemon
Born to Be a Champion: Pikachu's Johto Diaries

Day 1

Clear evening
Current mood: tired, but excited.
Current location: Pallet Town

Dear Diary...

I received this diary as a present from Ash for doing well in the Orange League...so I guess I'll write while I watch him pack his supplies for tomorrow....

What happens tomorrow, you ask? We leave for the Johto region! I'm pretty excited about seeing new places, meeting new people, and battling new Pokemon! You can only battle so many Pidgeys before you yearn for a new challenge...which is something I've been longing to have for the last few days, so going to Johto is right up my alley.

Everyone in Pallet Town was very excited when they heard that we won the Orange League, so they threw a big party for us in our honor! To top it all off, I got to see Brock again! Sure, Tracey, Prof. Oak's new assistant, was fun to be with, but I sure missed listening to his stories and songs. He kept everyone laughing the whole night with his arsenal of jokes...my personal favorite being the one about the absent minded Kadabra...I laughed so hard, I got cake all over Ash!

After that, we played games for a while, but Gary had to come crash the party and challenge Ash right in the middle of Charades! Ash was pretty steamed about that, and a battle almost erupted right in the living room...and I was in no mood to battle.

Thankfully, I didn't have to battle...so after a quick match (and Ash getting utterly flattened), Gary went on his way...seeing Ash lose always makes me want to try my hardest and be my very best, because I don't like seeing him sad...

Ash is telling me to finish up and head to bed, so I'll wrap this up here.

Until tomorrow,

Day 2

Sunny morning, with a few clouds
Current mood: joyful
Current location: Sailing towards Johto!

Dear Diary:

Yawn...Ash woke me up early this morning...I want to go back to sleep, but I have to watch the sea and look for any sign of land...it's quiet up here on the deck without anyone to talk to or play with. Ash is reading over his Johto League registration packet in the cabin, Misty's on the lower deck in the swimming pool (and Togepi's with her, no doubt), and Brock is...well, trying to clean tomatoes off of him...he probably tried to serenade a pretty girl and got tomatoes thrown at him. Poor guy...sometimes I wonder if he'll ever learn the RIGHT way to win a lady's affection.

I can see Misty coming up here...I could spot her sunny red hair a mile away if I was asked to find her...and Togepi's with her! Let's see if he wants to play...

Until later,

Mostly clear day, a few clouds, foggy
Current mood: frustatrated
Current location: The Forest of Beginnings, en route to New Bark Town

Dear Diary:

Boy, it sure is foggy out here in the forest...I can barely see the pencil I'm writing with! So what am I doing all the way out here? I'm holed up in a clearing with Togepi while I want for tensions in the camp to cool down.

You see, we disembarked close to New Bark Town, where the resident Pokemon professor lives...but to get there, we have to go through a dense forest called the Forest of Beginnings...what I don't get is why it's called that when the forest just continues to stretch on for ages...I am beginning to get weary of seeing all these trees...

The tension must be getting to Misty too...she accused Ash of going around in circles and getting us lost. Ash tried to defend his choice of a route, and the arguement just escalated from there. Being the peacemaker he is, Brock tried to calm both of them down, but before long, he was yelling and screaming as well.

Quite frankly, the noise was giving me a headache, so I took Togepi and found this clearing...it's by a grove of berry bushes, so we won't get hungry while we're out here...but then again, maybe we should start heading back to camp...

Until later,

Warm and misty
Current mood: surprised
Current location: Legendary Pool, in the Forest of Beginnings

Dear Diary:

Wow! Do I have something to tell you this evening!

As we continued through the forest, we came to this lake called the Legendary Pool...Brock told us that Legendary Pokemon have been spotted there, so Ash suggested that we camp here for the night...personally, I think he just wanted to see if Legendary Pokemon actually come out here...

So, we made camp and had dinner (hot dogs, yum...). Bulbasaur kept hogging the chili, however, so I just had to eat a boring old hot dog with no toppings. Squirtle kept bugging Charizard to roast his, but when Charizard finally obliged, he BLACKENED the hot dog (much to Squirtle's chagrin). He ate it anyway, so I guess he was hungry enough to eat it, blackened and all.

After we had cleaned up our camp somewhat, we began our usual campfire singalong...it's been so long since we've sung together, so it was quite nice to hear all of my old favorites...but "Island Lady" got a particularly rousing rendition; I mean, Tracey could at least carry a tune, but Brock does a MUCH better rendition of that song. Not to mention Brock has the better and more pleasent sounding voice of the two...his singing reminds me of caramel: smooth and silky, with a bit of sweetness.

So just as we started another chorus of What for me toora loora laddie, what for me toora loora lay..., I heard a rustle in the bushes. My interest piqued, I climbed on top of a rock to get a closer look...and came face to face with a Legendary!

A blue cat-Pokemon with a long, flowing, purple mane was coming to the lake, his fur giving the trees a strange blue aura. Ash was even more surprised than I was, so he grabbed his Pokedex, eager to learn about this ethereal Pokemon.

The Pokedex had this to say: (I'll write it down just as I heard it)

"Suicune, the aurora Pokemon. He embodies the compassion of a pure spring of water. It is said that north winds will somehow blow whenever he appears."
Sure enough, a cool breeze began wafting into the clearing as Suicune sipped at the fresh water...I concluded that this must be Suicune's watering hole, from the way he drank from the water, paying no heed to us. In fact, I don't think he knew we were there.
Satisfied with his drink, Suicune tossed his mane and raced into the night, only a glowing blue speck against the dark world.
Ash was mystified by the whole experience, judging by the way he kept brooding about whether it could be a sign or an omen. Misty just told him to calm down and sleep on it...I guess she's going to bed, so I will too.

What could this sighting mean for Ash? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Until tomorrow,

Day 3

Cool and sunny
Current mood: content
Current location: New Bark Town (FINALLY!)

Dear Diary:

We arrived in New Bark Town this morning. It's a quiet little town, probably not much bigger than Pallet Town...but I don't remember Pallet having this many cherry trees, but they do have pretty flowers, nonetheless.

Ash was more than excited to start his Johto League challenge, but Brock was quick to remind him about procedure: sign up at the Pokemon Center first. If you ask me, he was wanting to see Nurse Joy more than anything. So off we went to the Center.

Upon arrival, Brock immediately burst into song: "Nurse Joy, won't you please? Cure me of this bad disease? Oh Joy, the diagnosis please..." That was about as far as he got before he realized he had been serenading a Chansey the whole time! You should have seen his face, which was a lovely shade of Charizard red.

Misty pointed out a monitor that said "THE NURSE IS OUT. WILL RETURN AT 2:00." but a glance at the clock showed that the nurse was an hour and thirty minutes late...we were practically dragged out the door in search of Nurse Joy...sometimes I wonder if Brock knows when to keep his crazy romantic self in check.

The first spot we checked was the local lab; where we found Brock's OTHER romantic interest: Officer Jenny. Granted, she was busy looking for clues, but that didn't stop Brock from sauntering up to her and singing "Officer Jenny? Can't you see? You can lock me up and throw away the key...." Jenny was more than glad to oblige, but Misty dragged poor Brock away before he could get arrested. I hope that'll be the last time he attempts that stunt...but knowing Brock, who knows what he'll think of next to impress a lady?

While all the commotion went on outside, Ash and I explored the lab, where we noticed Nurse Joy berating the professor over being careless with his Pokemon. I waved a paw in their direction--that got their attention!

The professor--a young, slender guy with ruddy brown hair and spectacles; Elm was his name--said hello to us and explained the problem: one of his Pokemon had gone missing.

Ash took that opportunity to introduce himself and show off Bulbasaur and Squirtle for Prof. Elm. Needless to say, he was quite impressed.

In return, he showed us the Johto starters: Chikorita, a charming Grass Pokemon with a leaf on its head; Cyndaquil; a small mouse Pokemon with flaming quills, and Totodile; a feisty water Pokemon. It turned out that the Totodile was missing, and he was due to be given an owner the next morning--if they could find him, that is.

After a chat with the professor, Ash told Nurse Joy he wanted to register for the Johto League--but before she could begin his registration, one of the other officers raced in with a clue: footprint casts! We all rushed outside, anxious to find out who--or what--made the prints.

It turned out that the prints' owners were none other than Team Rocket! They were not about to let the Totodile go without a fight, so Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charizard and I charged into battle! Squirtle and I did most of the fighting, though...Bulbasaur and Charizard stayed on the sidelines in case we needed help...but Weezing and Arbok were a piece of cake...nothing that a good Thunderbolt wouldn't fix!

The Totodile was safe and sound; albeit a little spooked from his ordeal. I tried to calm him down while Ash finished his registration, but after a little hug from Nurse Joy, he warmed up to me right away. I asked him what he hoped his future owner would be like...and he said he hoped his new owner was brave and loyal, just like Ash. I wished him good luck with his journey, and after saying goodbye to everyone, we're now camped outside of town. Our next stop? Violet City.

I think I see Jigglypuff hidng in the brush, so I'll finish up and hide my pencil where she can't find it!

Until tomorrow,

Shining Venusaur

i liked it when pikachu said he thinks he can see Jigglypuff in the bushes so pikachu better go


The magic of Pokemon
I got that from the ending of the first Johto episode...Jigglypuff appeared at the end.

Intead of having them walk off into the sunset, that counts as a "stop and make camp"


The magic of Pokemon
Day 4

Pleasent and mild
Current mood: exhausted
Current location: en route to Violet City

Dear Diary:

Whew...what a day! So much to see, and we even met a new friend today!

Rather than leave you wondering, I'll start from the beginning...

After we broke camp this morning, we set out to Violet City...but not long after we left, I heard some sort of yelling and screaming coming from a field near the road. My first instinct was that someone was in trouble, so I asked Ash if we could take a look.

It turned out that the yelling and screaming was not someone in trouble, but a trainer out with her team. She had on a black and yellow pinstripe shirt--which reminded me of a Beedrill--with a white T-shirt underneath. Some blue shorts and a cap with a thunderbolt completed the look. She must've been an athlete by nature, since she kept calling sports terms to her Pokemon; like calling a Tackle attack a "line drive". I'll have to ask Ash just what that means. At any rate, she was quite happy about catching a Rattata--or at least I think that was why she was singing a sort of victory song to her Electabuzz. I couldn't hear any of it from my position in Ash's pocket, so don't ask me how it goes.

Right after she finished the song, she saw us in the brush--and she must have been happy to see me from the way she grabbed me from Ash's pocket and swung me around. She was also babbling a lot too...but the only part I heard was something about an Electabuzz, a Raichu, and a Beedrill...why she wants those Pokemon, I'm not sure...maybe because they could match her pinstripes?

Despite the girl's enthusiasm about me, she calmed down long enough to introduce herself...her name was Casey. After introducing ourselves to her, Casey asked me to shock her...so just as I was about to charge a low level Thunderbolt for her, Ash stopped me and said it wasn't very nice to shock people. Casey, on the other hand, cut him off mid sentence and begged some more for me to shock her.

Now at this point, I had a little dillema: Do I give in to Casey and give her a playful zap, or do what Ash says and mind my manners? On the one hand, it would get Casey off my back, but then again, Ash would be mad at me...so since I couldn't decide on one or the other, I gave both of them a good zap! Ash was definitely not amused.

After we had all recovered from laughing, Ash asked Casey why she liked yellow and black so much. She is the Electa-bolts' (the Electabuzz baseball team, for the uninformed) biggest fan. Ash was not impressed by this, since the 'Bolts (as the Electa-bolts are affectionately called) haven't won a game yet this season. But Casey says she likes them because they play their hardest every game, and she respects them for it. Ash, however, thought that a team should be respected for how many games they win, so naturally, an argument began to brew...so Brock suggested that Ash and Casey duel to settle the score.

From my position on the sideline, I watched Charizard stomp Casey's team flat, reducing her to tears...but no sooner had Brock declared that Ash was the winner, Team Rocket came! They declared Ash's win "invalid" and demanded a rematch in their own baseball field. We had no choice but to accept.

From the second we walked in the stadium's gates, I had a feeling that something was up...I agreed to duel Chikorita. He packs quite a wallop, since he had me on the ground in seconds. Fortunately, I recovered enough to fire a Thunderbolt...only to see it bounce off the home bullpen.

About that time, Team Rocket sprung their trap...they almost had Chikorita knocked out of the park, had I not shielded him from their heavy hitter. The hit sent us inside their secret spot in the scoreboard...but when Ash and Casey tried to rescue us, it started raining baseballs!

Ash didn't even get as far as first base, but Casey was hitting home runs like there was no tomorrow....that gave Ash enough time to recover and summon Bulbasaur and Squirtle, who helped out with the home run contest, as did Rattata and Pidgey. Needless to say, Team Rocket struck out.

Casey also realized that Team Rocket had been lying to her about Ash cheating all along...so the two of them had an emotional handshake. After we sang one rousing rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (Brock accompanied us on guitar, like he always does), we said our goodbyes, set out, and made our camp.

If today is any indication of how our time in Johto will go, I can only dream about what will happen tomorrow!

Until then,

Day 5

Cold and windy
Current mood: happy
Current location: En route to Violet City

Dear Diary:

We have a new face on the team: Heracross! He's mainly a strong, silent, and friendly type...not to mention strangely warm and inquisitive--he's trying to read over my shoulder, and trying to write while a huge snout is in your face is SO annoying!

There we go...Brock started playing his guitar again, so that got him out of my face long enough to write (Heracross must be his biggest fan or something)...I hope Brock picked a long song to play, since I have a lot to write! The melody is quite nice to write by...reminds me of the Orange Islands, but Heracross is spoiling it by chanting "Hera hera, hera cross" along with it!

So, how exactly did Heracross join us? It all started when we set out this morning...we came into a forest with a lot of bare trees. Since autumn is not for a while, and it didn't look like there was a fire, we were all confused...that's when we saw a bunch of Heracross stripping the bark off the trees and poking the trunks with their snouts...Ash wanted to catch one right away, but a Pokemon ranger named Woodruff stopped him, saying that the Heracross helped the local Butterfrees find nectar and sap to eat. Just then, I saw a band of rogue Pinsirs enter...and they scared off all the Butterfrees!

Ash and Misty asked the Heracross to fight back, and they almost did, but the Pinsir scared them off. Woodruff explained that Heracross are usually peaceful and don't fight very often...so Ash sent Bulbasaur to lend them a hand. While a good Vine Whip seemed to help, the Pinsirs had Bulbasaur cornered in a matter of minutes! Thankfully, I managed to scare them off with a Thunderbolt!

One Heracross was so thankful, he tried to open Bulbsaur's bulb--which Bulbasaur didn't take too kindly, so he whapped him against a tree with another Vine Whip.

Ash asked where the Pinsir lived, and Woodruff took us to a grove just across a river. (Misty remained behind--her bug phobia kicked in about that time) But no sooner had we arrived, we noticed that the bridge was out--so how were we to get across?

Luckily, a Heracross felled a tree for us, allowing us to pass. Who should we meet when we got there but Team Rocket! They had built an army of robotic Pinsirs and using them to mine sap--something that REALLY angered Ash.

The Heracross helped us duel Team Rocket--and in the end, we defeated them and sent them running away...possibly to cook up another harebrained and half-baked plot. But, when we stopped to make camp this evening, the Heracross--the same Heracross that is now sitting at Brock's feet listening to the pling-plung of the guitar--offered to go with us...and that's how he joined our party!

Uh oh...Brock finished the song, and I can hear Heracross flitting back to the tent! I better wrap this up before he reads this!

Until tomorrow,

Hikki Kokurabuji

Aw, the last entry was so sweet, with Heracross bugging Pikachu and such. Write more! Write more! :D

Shining Pikachu

Nice story

So you did mean it when you said you would write a first person Pikachu fic. I don't mind, even though I have changed the story to fist person( see the reply I posted at my .) Good luck.


The magic of Pokemon
Day 6

Mild and cool
Current mood: content
Current location: En route to Violet City

Dear Diary:

The sunrise this morning was quite awe inspiring, but what makes today's sunrise (and sunset) unlike any other? I got to see it from high above the ground! That's right, we're camped on a mountain for tonight! Quite appropriately, all our campfire songs this evening had something to do with mountains and rivers...but right now, Ash is already asleep, so I'm using a flashlight to light my work area so I don't wake him.

When we first arrived on the mountain, the view was amazing...but Ash just HAD to yodel and cause an avalanche. Not that he was a good yodeler to begin with, but still...

After we had recovered enough to climb out of the rocks, Ash spotted a Donphan, and tried to catch it, but Brock said that HE wanted it for breeding purposes. Thankfully, Misty broke them up before the situation got too out of hand...she may have the short temper, but every so often she'll play the peacemaker--when she wants to, that is!

The Donphan must've been panicked by all the yelling and screaming, and ran away! Brock tried summoning Onix to catch it, but Onix was flattened by a Rollout attack! Ash decided to send Heracross to help--but before the duel could go any further, the Donphan's owner, a young lady named Rochelle, came to rescue it! She was not too happy with us for trying to catch her Donphan, but Ash quickly apologized--buying Brock time to go into "crazy romantic" mode. I on the other hand, was interested in the pretty orange stone in her necklace...which I later learned was amberite, a jewel worn by kings and nobility in medieval times. My daydreams of Ash being a king were soon shattered when Ash told me we were heading off to camp...oh well. Maybe I can get an amberite for myself in the morning...

Until tomorrow,

Day 7

Sunny, but cool
Current mood: cheerful
Current location: En route to Violet City; on the peaks of Mt. Amber

Dear Diary:

Rochelle brought us food this morning...but she wasn't her normal and happy self today. Her youngest Donphan--the one we tried to catch yesterday--had gone missing; and she was frantically searching for it. She had been trying to teach it to dig for amberites when it wandered off...and its captors looked like a guy, a girl, and a talking Meowth...now who does THAT sound like? If that description isn't painfully obvious, I don't know what is!

We found Team Rocket on another peak, unsuccessfully digging for amberites. Ash demanded that they give the Donphan back, but they chose to sic Arbok and Victreebel on us! Brock summoned Onix to Bind them, but he only managed to get Victreebel, who put Onix to sleep right then and there!

With Onix out of the picture, Misty and Ash joined the duel while Brock and I went to rescue the Donphan. Poliwag managed to knock out both Victreebel AND Arbok (which is amazing for such a little guy like him), and Heracross popped their Meowth balloon before Team Rocket could escape...so the only thing left to do was Thunderbolt them into the stratosphere...but knowing them, they'll be back and ready for more.

Rochelle was so happy, she showed us how she digs for amberite...the Donphan charge into the peak; which dislodges the nearby rocks and frees the amberite enough for her to pick it up. As a reward, she gave us each an amberite--mine is in the little pouch Ash's mom made for me before we left (I told her I'd collect souveniers from Johto).

It's a shame we have to climb down this mountain tomorrow...I could stay up here forever and admire the view...but there's plenty other places in Johto to see...

I can hear everyone singing ouside...sounds like Brock wrote a song about the mountain...so I'll close this with a verse and a little piece of the chorus:

I hear her voice...in the morning hours, she calls me,
The radio reminds me of my home far away...
And walking down the road, I get a feeling that I should've been home yesterday...yesterday....

Country roads...take me home...to the place...I belong...

Until tomorrow,

Day 8

Cold and humid
Current mood: frightened
Current location: En route to Violet City; in the Forest of Illusion

Dear Diary:

Oh boy...first we camp on a majestic mountain, and today we have to camp in a spooky old forest...and I'm scared that a Gastly might hypnotize me or confuse me...or worse, eat my dreams! It makes me shiver just thinking about it! Not only that, but the old house we're staying in is creaking a lot; and it's scaring me so much, I can't sleep!

I could ask Brock to get his guitar out and sing his mountain song again to get me to go back to sleep; but he appears to be sleeping peacefully, so I guess I'll just write until I feel tired again, so here goes...

How did we wind up in here, you ask? The scare-fest began early this morning, when we all started hearing weird noises and seeing scary faces on the trees...and while we were running away in panic, I caught a glance at what--or should I say, who--was scaring us: our old rival Gary and a Hoothoot!

After we got a chance to stop and rest, Gary came and taunted us about being scared...but he did drop a little hint for us before he went on his way: The only way to get out of the Forest of Illusion is to find a Hoothoot to guide you. With that thought in mind, we began our search for a Hoothoot.

It didn't take us very long before we found one...I suppose you could say that this Hoothoot found us. He came right up to Misty and nibbled her toes...but when Ash tried to talk to him, he was the not-so-proud recipient of a faceful of Hoothoot beak (Funny!) I wasn't the only one that thought this was funny; Brock got out a camera and took a picture! (and Ash is still mad at him for doing that!)

Ash took me to give the Hoothoot a Thunderbolt for pecking him, but before I could charge up, I received a Hoothoot beak in my face too! I nearly expected Brock to take a picture of me writhing in pain (therefore allowing me to share in Ash's humiliation), but before any of us could do anything else, we met the Hoothoot's owner: an odd old lady named Hagatha. Thankfully, Brock knew better than to go into "crazy romantic" mode this time.

We learned that Hagatha lends Hoothoot guides to help travelers through the Forest of Illusion; but she had just sent out her last Hoothoot this afternoon...so here we are in Hagatha's old, creaky house, waiting for a Hoothoot to return....maybe then we can get out of here and continue on our way to Violet City.

Well, my eyes are feeling heavy and I can barely hold my pencil...so I guess I'll try to get some sleep...

Until tomorrow,

Day 9

Cold, but sunny
Current mood: exhausted.
Current location: Just outside the Forest of Illusion, en route to Violet City

Dear Diary:

And I thought yesterday's adventure in the Forest of Illusion was weird...today topped yesterday in the weird department by a long shot!

It turned out that the Hoothoot we got was inexperienced at guiding, judging from how scared she was from all the illusions...but in my confusion trying to figure out which of all the fire and traps was real, I felt a rope around me...and it certainly felt like a real rope!

Ash realized that Team Rocket was pulling me up into their little tree house overlooking the forest...but the forest conjured up a Dragonite to knock them down! (allowing me to wriggle out of the ropes into Ash's arms) That Dragonite illusion should keep them busy for a while...at least until they figure out it's an illusion, anyway.

But the forest was not done toying with us yet...next, it started to duplicate Ash! While Misty and Brock were scratching their heads in confusion, I simply just shocked the duplicates, sending the real Ash to the ground...

Then, it conjured up a bunch of bugs to scare Misty! That gave the young Hoothoot the courage to fend off all the illusions--and exposed a few Haunters in a bush, enjoying our apparent confusion and fear. Thankfully, they're no match for a well placed Thunderbolt! With that, we made it out of the forest without incident, and set up camp by the road.

I only wish that our next adventure is not so scary or confusing...but we'll just wait and see.

Until tomorrow,
Last edited:

Shiny May

a nice fic. Good length and description
And I'm not a big fan of fics that go across the anime (except shippy fics! ^^) but I like this one !! KIU !!


The magic of Pokemon
For the record, when I get to the last entry "Gotta Catch You Later", (spoilers ahead) you'll see what Pikachu thinks of the whole "Is-Ash-in-love-with-Misty?" debate.


The magic of Pokemon
Day 10

Warm and sunny
Current mood: estatic!
Current location: Flowender Town

Dear Diary:

Finally! Civilization!

We arrived in a little town called Flowender this morning, (so named because of all its pretty gardens) and apparently I'm not the only one glad to see a town after all this time. Misty wanted to go look around, and Brock was excited about courting a pretty girl or two...so he promptly set up shop in the town square with his guitar, his great voice, and a cup marked 'TIPS'. Last time I checked, he had about 150 credits' worth of tips.

Meanwhile, Ash, Misty, and I decided to check out the games and shows...it looks like the annual Pokemon Exhibition is going on; and I certainly saw my fair share of cool Pokemon today! There were Flareon jumping through hoops, Oddish balancing on Electrodes, Primeapes showing off their kicks and punches, an Alakazam telling fortunes...but the best act of all, I think, was a pair of Bellossom--and they were hula dancing to Brock's island song. (considering that the stage was on the edge of the square, they could hear him very well.)

Suddenly, one of the Bellossoms tripped in the middle of a loop step and fell off the stage--Ash caught her in the nick of time! She was okay, save for a few squished petals.

The trainer, a girl named Bailey, was relieved that Bella (the Bellossom that Ash rescued) was all right...Ash just smiled and said it was nothing--and about then, Brock stopped playing long enough to enter "crazy romantic" mode about Bailey...but Misty gave him a HUGE tip just to keep playing and singing!

Bailey explained that she wanted her Bellossom to win first prize in the Exhibition's Music and Dance division, but Bella always misses the loop step when they get to that part.

Ash and I offered to help Bella out--so what Ash did was write a new routine for the Bellossom to do that included the loop step, but was still easy for them to do, and then we talked them through it. Bella's getting the hang of it, but is still having trouble on the loop step.

If you want to know how it goes, here's the calls Ash wrote for it and the steps you do with it:

First part:

First your left, (touch your left toe to the floor and step to the left)
And then your right, (touch your right toe to the floor and step to the right)
Now, one step back, (take two steps backwards)
and two steps forward.... (take two steps forwards)
Now, your right, (touch your right toe to the floor and step to the right)
And then your left, (touch your left toe to the floor and step to the left)
Take two steps back, (take two steps backwards)
and toe, now. (touch your heel, then your toe, to the floor)

After you do this part twice, then comes the second part:

Kick your heels nice and tall, (do some kicking)
Turn all around until you're dizzy, (the loop step, basically turn around four times to make a loop)
We'll be dancing all day long, (take two steps back and turn)
Toe, and we shall repeat, now. (touch your toe to the floor and turn back to your starting position)
Kick your heels nice and tall, (do some kicking)
Turn all around until you're dizzy, (the loop step, basically turn around four times to make a loop)
We'll be dancing all day long, (take two steps back and turn)
Toe, and we shall repeat, now.. (touch your toe to the floor and turn back to your starting position for the first part)

Easy, huh? I'm having fun teaching the Bellossom to do it...Ash is calling the dance for me, so I better wrap this up and keep rehearsing for tomorrow's performance. First your left, and then your right....

Dancing on until tomorrow,

Day 11

Warm and sunny
Current mood: joyful
Current location: Just outside of Flowender Town

Dear Diary:

What a day! The people really liked our dance, and I had fun doing it for them too! On that note, I'll write about it here, just to relive the excitement and adventure!

We woke up early this morning to practice the dance--which I had to teach to Misty, Brock, and Togepi. They thought it was a good dance--and Brock promised me a surprise if I did well in the performance. I didn't have time to ponder what the surprise could be, though, because we were called to the stage soon after that.

At first, the stage was perfectly normal...but when I saw that the Pokemon were being tied up in a huge net, I immediately noticed that something was up--Team Rocket was there, trying to ruin the show before we even got started!

So, Heracross launched me onto their Meowth balloon, allowing me to pop it (again) and free the Pokemon! Team Rocket wasn't too happy about this, so they summoned Arbok and Victreebel to duel us! Ash decided to call our dance and let me try dancing to defeat them. If you want to know how that worked, here's what happened:

Arbok tried to Poison Sting me, but as soon as Ash called "Take two steps back," he ended up stinging the floor instead! Victreebel tried a Take Down attack, but no sooner did Ash call "Kick your heels nice and tall" did he receive a face full of feet--I kicked him four times in sync with the music. By this time, Arbok and Victreebel were more than a little angry, so they both sprung at me! Thankfully, I just "Turned all around until you're dizzy" out of the way, making them crash!

Misty and the others decided to help Ash call the dance--before they could call another step to me, Victreebel had me all wrapped up, and Arbok was about to Vine Whip me...at least until Bailey called "Turn all around until you're dizzy!" to the Bellossom. Amazingly, Bella got the loop step right, breaking me free!

Brock made the perfect call to summarize what happened next--"And Team Rocket's blasting off, now!" We combined our power and sent them flying!

The other trainers were so happy, and the judge gave us the first prize medallion--and as thanks, we did our dance for the crowd, and they LOVED it!

What was Brock's surprise, you ask? A harmonica! Now, I can learn to play the song we danced to, plus all of our campfire songs, and many more songs...but I can't actually play anything decent just yet...but when I do play it, I think of Bailey and her Bellossom...I'm going to miss them so much...

Well, I have some time before lights out, so I think I'm going to practice on my harmonica for a while...

Until tomorrow,

Day 12

Current mood: happy
Current location: Just outside Cattalia City

Dear Diary:

We arrived in Cattalia City yesterday morning...and the first thing we noticed was there were police cars everywhere! Thinking that Officer Jenny was in one of them, Brock led us down the street, all the while singing My uniformed beauty is simply the best! She's got my heart under house arrest!. We got more than enough weird looks as we raced by.

In his zeal to find Officer Jenny, Brock wound up getting caught in a Spinarak web...we tried getting him out, only to get ourselves caught in it! I have to feel sorry for Misty though--she was the first one to discover that the Spinarak was home!

Thankfully, Officer Jenny came and clipped us out of the web. She thought we were apprentices to the Black Arachnid, a master thief that terrorized Cattalia many years ago--her ancestors caught him by way of a Spinarak, so that's why the force uses Spinarak instead of the traditional Growlithe.

Later that afternoon, the Cattalia mayor told us that the Black Arachnid was coming to steal the town's prized trophy--the Golden Spinarak--at midnight. It sounded fishy to me, but Ash told me that they were taking it very seriously--so we were going to catch Mr. Black Arachnid right in the act!

That night, we all set up guard at the mayor's house. Since everyone else took the best spots for a lookout point, I stayed with Ash and practiced my harmonica for a while-- both to pass the time waiting for midnight, and to keep Ash awake. It wasn't a total loss, though--I figured out how to play "Sunset Farewell", the ending theme to Misty's favorite movie, while we waited...Brock helped by adding in the yodels you hear over the harmonica part...it was nice hearing the Oooh-doo-ooh-ooh-do-ei-di... complimenting my song.

Midnight came and went without incident, but just as we were about to give up, Team Rocket arrived and snatched the trophy! It turned out that they were planning to steal the trophy all along under the guise of the Black Arachnid. Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charizard, and the Spinarak combined their power to bring Team Rocket down, buying me time to give them their just desserts: a nice big Thunderbolt! That should teach them a good lesson...but knowing them, they're not the type that gives up easily.

So here we are in camp...we all took a nap to refresh us from staying up late last night...but I'm feeling a bit groggy, and Togepi looks cold, so I'll sleep with him and keep him warm tonight.

Until tomorrow,


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I read most of this yesterday but didn't have time to review. -.-

But now I do! Anyways, tis a very good fic FlamingRuby; I like how you're using the Johto series and having Pikachu's p.o.v. on it. I like the Bellosom one the most with the dance steps. ^_^

Flow and description are nice and the same with spelling, grammer and paragraphing.

Overall, a job well done. ^^

LaTeR dAyZ!


Pre-Read: I haven't read this yet. I just wanted to say that I think that this fic sounds like it is going to be brilliant! I love the idea of seeing the journey through the eyes of the pokemon. The only other place I've seen that is in A Pokemon? Master? It's INGENIOUS! I hope it lives up to my expectations^^

Okay, I just read your first post. I like it, it's clever. 'specially the part when Jenny was "more than willing to oblige". That was clever:D Try to avoid repeating words, it can get a little boring. Otherwise, keep up the goood work (or suffer my eventual wrath)
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The magic of Pokemon
Day 13

Warm and breezy
Current mood: content
Current location: On the outskirts of Palm Hills

Dear Diary:

The road to Violet City took us into Palm Hills, a resort famous for its beautiful mansions. While we were all gawking over the pretty columns and decorations (and Brock's camera was flashing like crazy...), we noticed a rather cranky Growlithe sitting by a fountain. Ash tried to offer the little guy a treat, but he narrowly missed being bit.

The Growlithe's problem turned out to be a michevious Snubbull...she only wanted to play, but obviously the Growlithe didn't think so...Not long after, one of the butlers retrieved the Snubbull and offered us a chance to have lunch with his mistress. We said yes, and went inside one of the mansions. (and Misty reminded Brock to behave himself and not go into "crazy romantic" mode...or else)

Mistress (We didn't really learn her name, so for the purposes of this entry, I'll just call her that for now) was glad to see us, and offered to take us on a tour. Our first stop was Snubbull's wing...her room had this nice red and blue swirl pattern in it, with mountains of different furs inside the majestic closet.

Next came the workout room...Misty couldn't resist popping in one of the videos and stretching to it...so Ash and I ran on the treadmill while Brock practiced karate in another area...most of it was punches, but he knows some great kicks as well.

Our workout complete, it was off to the showers--or should I say--jacuzzis! It was definitely different than a boring old bathtub! Not to mention we got complimentary massages too!

Then, it was time for lunch--and what a lunch it was! The waiters kept bringing us whatever food we wanted, in as big of a portion as we liked, and however much we liked. As Brock put it (fake French accent and all): "Tres gourmet!"

However, Lady Snubbull was not enjoying her share of the grand feast...whatever the waiters put before her, she would not eat. Mistress was concerned, so Brock did her a favor and offered some popcorn balls from yesterday to Lady Snubbull--and she ate those right away!

But, we all heard some yelling and screaming outside during the dessert course--so when we went outside; we found that Team Rocket had tried to sneak in--and Lady Snubbull had developed an affinity to Meowth's tail--that's one less Thunderbolt for me to perform today, I guess.

After we shooed Team Rocket off...we learned that Lady Snubbull was nervous because of her upcoming wedding to her lover--who I found to be particularly ugly. Then, we went outside and strolled in Mistress' gardens...where Brock overheard a particularly juicy conversation between two trainers; and he was REALLY steamed at some of what they were talking about! (which I couldn't hear at all). To make matters worse, Team Rocket showed up in the middle of Brock's lecture and swiped one of the Snubbulls!

Thankfully, Lady Snubbull distracted Team Rocket while we worked outselves free...Heracross took care of Weezing and Arbok, and Lady Snubbull helped by biting Arbok's tail...and she appeared to enjoy the duel!

Mistress was quite surprised by how much fun Lady Snubbull enjoyed the duel...in fact, she told her servants to build an arena for her...but as for Lady Snubbull, I think she's chasing after Meowth right now, but who knows?

Until tomorrow,

Day 14

Sunny and warm
Current mood: proud
Current location: Stantler Grove, en route to Violet City

Dear Diary:

Brock did something amazing today: he helped a lost baby Stantler back to its herd. I have to admit, even though he has a tendency to go into "crazy romantic" mode a lot, he still is a softie for baby and young Pokemon...I guess budding breeders are like that.

The adventure began not too long after we set out this morning...Ash discovered a Stantler in the bushes...so Brock picked a blade of grass and showed me how to make a homemade Stantler call with it...and it sounds just like the real thing, too!

The Stantler, thinking its mother was calling it, began to approach the bush we were hiding in. (although the noise was just Brock blowing between a piece of grass...the noise does have an amazing resemblance to a female Stantler distress cry) Closer inspection revealed that the poor fawn had a broken leg--but before Brock could even get close to examine the wounded area, a whole Stantler herd arrived--and they were not too happy with us for messing with the fawn! I'm still tired from all that running we had to do to avoid getting trampled!

As we caught our breath back in the bush, Officer Jenny came...and not surprisingly, Brock accepted her offer to let us relax in the police station while the force cleared out the forest due to all the Stantler stampedes in the area....apparently, someone--or something--is scaring them into a frenzy!

Not long after we had gotten comfortable, the Stantler fawn returned--giving Brock a chance to clean and dress its wound. It looked so happy prancing around the field outside of town!

We returned to the forest later that afternoon to release the Stantler...but it had obviously grown a liking for Brock and didn't want to leave. Despite all the coaxing and pleading, it decided to curl up in Brock's lap and take a snooze...and Team Rocket came not long after that, using a robotic Stantler to capture the poor fawn!

Brock tried to free the Stantler, only to wind up caught in a net himself! Despite his predicament, he managed to summon Onix--and Onix destroyed the robot with a Bind attack! I fired a few Thunderbolts at Team Rocket as they ran, but they proved to be too fast for me. To add to the confusion even more, an adult Stantler saw what was going on and charged into the net holding the fawn, ripping it completely in half!

About this time, Brock had worked himself free from his binding, and started to chase Team Rocket! Ash joined the fray by summoning Bulbasaur--but the Stantler was too heavy for Bulbasaur to hold...and Brock made a leaping catch just before the Stantler landed! (I didn't know he could jump that high or that far!) By this time, the entire herd of Stantler arrived--and they chased Team Rocket away. Finally, the Stantler fawn found its mother--I couldn't resist watching them nuzzle each other as we looked for a place to camp...I sometimes wish Ash would hug me like that...

Until tomorrow,

Day 15

Cold and snowy
Current mood: cheerful
Current location: Petal Mountains, en route to Violet City

Dear Diary:

I am proud to say that we have another newcomer to the party--a playful little Chikorita. Ash is playing with her in the snow, but I can't find my scarf and cap, so I'll sit here inside the tent where it's warm and watch. She does like my harmonica though--but she's my biggest critic!

From the looks of her romping around in the snow, you'd think she'd been with Ash for a long time--but if it wasn't for him, she'd be dead.

So how did we manage to meet up with this little girl? As we traveled through the Petal Mountains, we found her romping in a field at the foot of the mountain...so Ash called "If anyone owns this Chikorita, speak now...'cause I'm going to catch it!" With that, he summoned Bulbsaur, and the duel began! Surprisingly, she completely thrashed Bulbasaur! Even more amazingly, she even managed to defeat Charizard, although Charizard is many times bigger than her! However, the tussle with Charizard wore her out, so we rushed her to the Pokemon Center for treatment!

To make matters worse, Team Rocket captured Chikorita just as we got to the Center...so we followed them up to their little cabin atop Mt. Petal. Ash marched right in and gave Team Rocket a stern warning: Give Chikorita back, or get a thorough pounding...while he was doing that, I bailed Chikorita out of her cage and made a run outside...but we tripped the security alarm on the way, which tangled us all (Ash included) in steel ring netting....so we went rolling down the hill, and ultimately crashed into a tree.

When we'd all recovered, I noticed that Chikorita was nowhere to be found--so Ash and I frantically searched for her. The search lasted for several hours, and it was only further complicated by a huge blizzard, so I huddled up in an alcove while Ash looked for Chikorita. Thankfully, we found her safe and sound, and by this time, the storm had subsided enough for us to return to the Pokemon Center.

However, Team Rocket was still determined to catch Chikorita--and they'd packed a snowball launcher to try and freeze her! But, we combined our power and sent them running...her Razor Leaf and my Thunderbolt ended that snowball fight rather quickly! After that, we said our goodbyes...and here she is, romping in the camp with Ash.

I can smell some mint drifting in here...that means Brock must've fixed some of his famous hot chocolate for me! (and added mint as a special sweet surprise!) So I'll wrap this up and enjoy my drink...Chikorita looks like she's having fun out there...

Until tomorrow,
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The magic of Pokemon

"Ignorance is Blissey" is included in the next batch of entries, so if you liked that episode, keep an eye out for Pikachu's entry!

Meta Kyogre

Well. It's originall having a pokemon writing a diary but descriptions my problem sometimes things that need description aren't described making it hard to picture it however it's a good fic. well done and keep it up


The magic of Pokemon
Day 16

Sunny and breezy
Current mood: tired
Current location: Just outside of Cherrygrove City, by the Cherrygrove River

Dear Diary:

I am SO tired this evening...mainly because I had to do a lot of running to get Ash's special GS Ball back!

How did we lose the GS Ball to begin with, you ask? This afternoon, we were all getting tired of walking, so we made a temporary camp nearby a river. Squirtle, Chikorita and I had a ball swimming while we waited for Brock to finish making lunch.

After we had gotten out, Ash let me watch how he cleans his Poke Balls...he told me (and I quote): "The Pokemon Master always knows when to clean his Poke Balls" But I was left with a nagging question: If Ash is not quite the Pokemon Master, how come he's talking like he is the Pokemon Master? It must be his ego, I guess.

Before Ash could start on cleaning the GS Ball, I heard Brock call "Come and get it!" On that note, we all raced back to the camp for lunch...but I noticed a Pokemon climbing out of the river as Ash fixed my plate...I told Ash to look, so he fished out his Pokedex, which said this:

"Quagsire, the ground fish Pokemon. He has an easy-going nature. While swimming, he always bumps into boat hulls."

Misty didn't bother to hear the rest of the entry, she just grabbed some of her Poke Balls and hurried to the riverbank and summoned Starmie to duel...only she wound up summoning Psyduck, much to her chagrin.
Quagsire didn't really want to duel--he stared at Psyduck for a moment, then swiped Ash's GS Ball! We ran as fast as we could, but the Quagsire was much too quick (and too slippery) for any of us to keep up! Ash summoned Squirtle to help, but even HE had trouble hanging on!

Thankfully, we caught up to the Quagsire after several hours...Squirtle sprayed him with Water Gun, making him drop the GS Ball! I made a diving catch just before it could fall in the river...Ash was so relieved to have his special ball back. Just then, Officer Jenny arrived right as Squirtle and the Quagsire began dueling each other and asked if we had been planning to catch the Quagsire. Ash said no, but Officer Jenny told us she was taking us to the police station for questioning--just to be sure.

After several hours of questioning, Ash decided to call Prof. Oak and ask why Cherrygrove has such strict rules concerning Quagsire...he told us that the people of Cherrygrove use Quagsire to check the water quality--since Quagsire only live in clean water. Not only that, it's also the time of the Blue Moon Festival, where Quagsire gather round objects, bless them at Blue Moon Falls, and then send them back down the river to their owners...and if your item is the last item to return, you will be blessed with great luck in the coming year. No wonder our Quagsire swiped the GS Ball...it was probably looking for a round object to take to the falls.

Officer Jenny let us go not long after that, with a stern warning not to catch any Quagsire. Just as we walked out of the station, we saw our Quagsire, who promptly tackled Ash in hopes of getting the GS Ball. Ash summoned Chikorita to help him out, but she used a Whirlwind attack to protect herself and blew us over in the process, which led Brock to conclude that Chikorita has a crush on Ash. If you ask me, the sky's gonna turn green before Ash falls in love with anyone...

We found Team Rocket as well...apparently the Quagsires had swiped their entire team; so they followed us down to the falls, where we saw a whole bunch of Quagsire swimming...Ash was pretty angry that one of them had stole the GS ball, and he was going to catch the culprit--but Misty stopped him and reminded him of the 'no-catch' rule.

Ash's anger must have inspired Team Rocket--so they tried to capture all the Quagsire--and also grabbed me in the confusion that followed! The Quagsire, meanwhile, started throwing rocks at Team Rocket--breaking me free and buying Ash time to summon Bulbasaur. His Razor Leaf coupled with all the rocks the Quagsire were throwing was enough to send Team Rocket flying off...again.

All that chasing, running and battling was well worth watching the Quagsires bless the round objects at the falls...they fire them at the moon and chant blessings as the objects fly through the sky...and when the objects came floating back...the GS Ball was the last thing to return!
I wonder if the Quagsire's blessing will work on Ash as we get closer to Violet City...all I can say is, I can tell some great things are in store for us this coming year!

Until tomorrow,

Day 17

Sunny and cool
Current mood: content
Current location: Violet Plains

Dear Diary:

Tonight, we're camped on Violet Plains--and that means that Violet City is nearby! I am SO ready to duel for a badge!

That doesn't mean that we didn't have an adventure today though...we were walking across the plains until we came to a stream. Just as we were about to cross, Misty noticed the bridge was out--apparently a sign than Team Rocket was in the area. So by now you're probably asking, "Well, if the bridge was out, how did you get across?" As we were thinking about how to cross, Chikorita heard the sound of a high pitched flute in the air--more like a whistle. When we looked to see where the strange song had come from, a girl landed before us with her team of Ledybas...and how beautiful she was! She probably sent Brock's "Love-O-Meter" jumping off the scale, judging from how fast he ran over to her...

Interestingly enough, Brock decided to play "Pokedex"...or should I say "Ladydex"...his "Ladydex" entry for the girl went like this(and I quote):

"Girl traveling with Ledyba. This natural beauty's short boyish hairstyle provides the ideal compliment to her warm feminine features...this girl is obviously Brock's type!"

He was about to run up and kiss her had I not given him a good zap to snap him out of "crazy romantic" mode when I did...although the Ledybas and their owner, Ariel, thought this was the funniest thing in the world!

Ash was piqued by Ariel's whistle, so she told him it was a family heirloom passed down through the ages, complete with the story behind it...the story was so long, it bored Ash to death--but I noticed that Ariel's whistle had mysteriously disappeared while she had been talking about it! I jolted Ash awake, and we all went to look for it.

Not surpisingly, we found Team Rocket with the whistle--and they were trying unsuccessfully to play it. In fact, when Jessie played a very butchered version of the attack song, Ariel tried telling the Ledyba to Tackle them; but that didn't work either. I decided to jumpstart a duel and fired a Thunderbolt at the Team Rocket balloon...but I accidentally scared all the Ledyba off in the process!

We combed the plains looking for the Ledyba...Brock tried using his Zubat's Supersonic to locate them, but all Zubat found was a flock of Golbats--not what we were looking for! Ariel did give us a hand by telling us her Ledyba liked flowers...so Ash summoned Heracross and told him to sniff out some flowers...but all Heracross managed to sniff out was a snack! Go figure.

We tried her hardest to assure Ariel that she didn't need the whistle that much...and after some thought, she seemed to agree...that was when she detected the tell-tale smell of Stun Spore! Not surprisingly, we found the Ledyba dragging Team Rocket all over the place...so we charged to battle; and ended up caught in a net!

Lickitung and Victreebel tried to grab me, but the Ledyba made a shield and fended them both off! I ran out of the way while Ash summoned Bulbasaur to cut us loose. Once we had climbed back on the ground, I then gave Team Rocket their daily zapping...

Later, Ariel thanked us for helping her out...and she promised to try not using the whistle so often...

...and here we are in camp...I can see the lights of Violet City over the hill, and Misty says we'll arrive there in the morning!

Until tomorrow,

Day 18

Cool, with a few clouds.
Current mood: concerned
Current location: Violet City

Dear Diary:

Well, here we are in the Violet City Pokemon Center...and Ash is all bandaged up from his run-in with a overly helpful Blissey...every time I try to snuggle close to him, I somehow manage to step on a place that hurts. I can hear his grunts and groans from all the pain...and it's keeping me awake! I could play a lullaby on my harmonica to help him sleep, but that would wake Misty and Brock up...so I'll just sit here and try to write; but the more I keep hearing Ash suffering, I feel like I'm suffering along with him.

The trouble started when we arrived in town. No sooner had we knocked, did the Blissey whisk us inside and pile us high with food trays! The combined weight of all the trays was too much for Ash to handle, so he tumbled to the floor, with the food splattering all over him a few seconds later. Nurse Joy rushed him into the bathroom so he could take a bath...which would have gone well had the Blissey not tried to scrub his back...she left some nasty marks!

Nurse Joy tried to bandage and dress the wounds, but Blissey tried to "help" by splashing rubbing alcohol on Ash's back--and let's just say you could hear Ash scream all the way back in Pallet Town!

After we had FINALLY cleaned Ash up and calmed him down, (he was screaming in pain the whole time we were bandaging him up), it was getting late, so we went to bed.

Well, Nurse Joy is coming to check on Ash, so I'm wrapping up for tonight. Maybe Ash won't be in so much pain in the morning...

Until tomorrow,

Day 19

Current mood: content
Current location: Violet City

Dear Diary:

Ash is his usual happy self today--I would feel glad to get out of all those bandages if I were him...

Unfortunately, we had to chase Team Rocket away from the Pokemon Center today--they tried to steal all the food!

The first sign of trouble came this morning--there was barely any food left in the pantry compared to yesterday! Nurse Joy checked the security camera and noticed that in her helpfulness, the Blissey had given Team Rocket all the food. Misty, thinking something was going on between Team Rocket and Blissey, led us outside. Sure enough, Blissey was piling the food high into Team Rocket's balloon!

Ash demanded that they give the food back, but Team Rocket claimed that they dropped the food by mistake (but I knew full well that they hadn't).

Blissey, meanwhile, tried to "help" Team Rocket find the "lost" food...but Jessie, Arbok and Lickitung kept shooing her off. With Jessie distracted, Meowth tried to grab me, but I shocked him hard to tell him that I was NOT going to be captured again. It was the Blissey realized that Team Rocket had been trying to hurt her in shooing her off...and her reunion with Nurse Joy bought us time to send Team Rocket washing away, thanks to Squirtle.

It's beginning to get dark, so I'm going to close for tonight...Ash says that we're going to see Sprout Tower tomorrow; so we can train for the Gym Leader!

Until tomorrow,
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