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Borrowing Locations

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by epicninjask123, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. epicninjask123

    epicninjask123 LoL Lunatic

    Hey guys. I'm a relatively inexperienced writer but I love doing it. But I'm terrible at coming up with names in stories, especially that of places. I tried (and failed) to post two stories already, but I never really had the will to finish them. They, in my eyes, got too repetitive, but that's not the point. I'm referencing these stories, and the two stories I have in progress, because all four of them use locations from inside the Pokemon games themselves. Two started in Sinnoh, and the other two started in Unova! Never have I ever made up a location that is purely my own, and part of that lies a sense that I wouldn't want to confuse the reader with my terrible sense of direction. So is that bad that I only use pre-made locations?

    Also, I'm contemplating at least one other story that takes place in a Pokemon-ified version of the real world. More specifically, a version of the U.S. where Pokemon do, in fact, exist, either alongside humans, or a possible PMD fanfic where the human dimension and Pokemon dimension are parallel but, for the most part, never interfere with each other, yet it would take place in North America with the same landmarks, cities in the same locations, etc. Again, what do you make of this?
  2. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine ██████████

    Fanfiction doesn't need to take place in a fan-created region in order to be good. In fact, most don't. Really, no one's going to mind that much if you use canon regions so long as you're just as descriptive with them and careful in developing your take on them as you would be in describing or putting together some world-building for a place you've created all on your own.

    Likewise, nothing's wrong with taking a real-world location and shaping it into a Pokémon-based one. That's what most of the canon regions actually are: Pokémon-verse mirrors of real-world places. (Take Kanto, for example, which is based on a region of the same name in real-world Japan. Johto is also Kansai, Sinnoh is Hokkaido, Hoenn is Kyushu, and Unova is New York City and some surrounding places.) The trick is to develop your fan-created place carefully. You don't want to take the real world and jam Pokémon into it but rather ask yourself what would be different in ___ if Pokémon existed.

    (But I am intrigued by your idea of having the two worlds parallel to one another. I'd imagine you wouldn't really encounter any troubles with the setting whatsoever because all of your weight would be focused on the plot, so to speak.)

    Point is, you're good. b)'')b Hope this helps a bit!

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