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Boruto: NNG Anime/Manga discussion

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Because I think it deserves it's own thread after the anime gained popularity in the last few episodes.

Remember spoilers please, also for the anime viewer.


gen 9 lover
So to let the thread start rolling (no reply yet lol)

Manga chapter 14:

-Shojoji already being down is pretty akward. But maybe there's another fight
-Boruto's lightning shuriken was cool
-Tentou seems to be a neat character
-It seems like Boruto is more confident here than in the movie.

Todays episode:

-Team building was hinted here. Ino-Shika-Cho and Boruto's team was obvious. More and more hints for Metal to have Iwabe&Denki in the team and the three girls building one team.
-Sumire staying (thanks god) and that last scene with her was heartwarming
-Shino getting once more some screentime.
-NaruSasu scene was good
-Toneri confirming Boruto's eye to be the named the "Jougan".
-The Momoshiki&Kinshiki scene was beatifully animated and it was really impressing. Also it just felt like the debut scene of Vegeta&Nappa in DBZ so much.
-Gaiden staff coming soon. Prefered the first version of the ending.

Good ending to the arc and the arc in generell was actually quite good compared to what we got in the second half of Shippuuden.


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The original thread is just fine.
Not open for further replies.