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Boutique Dion - 5G Event pokemon cache


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Boutique Dion - 5G Event pokemon cache 300+ Event pokemon on offer


Thank you for visiting

First off a few Guidelines:
1) All SPPf Rules and Guidelines apply
2) I only trade legit pokemon and I expect you to do the same. If a pokemon I have traded you turns out to be a hack a full refund will be provided, however I will not exchange it for another of my pokemon.
3) I will only accept event pokemon, I have no interest in shiny or legendary pokemon, unless of course they have been distributed in events. Please consider this when offering me pokemon.
4) You are more than welcome to PM me or post here. If you do choose to PM me please put the name of the pokemon you are requesting in the subject box, if you are after more than one pokemon put "TRADE" in the subject box. And please everyone try to be as clear and specific as you can about what you are offering/requesting.
5) Have fun pokemon is a game after all

all My offers are UT unless stated otherwise.

2003 Events
WISHMKR Jirachi - Calm
WISHMKR Jirachi - Hasty, Shiny
PCNY Pokemon
PCNY Christmas
PCNYc Kingdra - Bashful
PCNYd Kingdra - Adamant
PCNYa Zangoose
PCNYd Zangoose - Hardy
PCNYc Seviper - Hardy (T)
PCNYd Seviper - Quiet
PCNYd Milotic - Quiet
PCNY Halloween Week
PCNYb Level 100 Exploud - Jolly
PCNYc Level 50 Exploud - Naughty
PCNYd Level 50 Exploud - Naughty
PCNYc Level 100 Aggron - Careful
PCNYb Level 100 Wailord - Naive
PCNYc Level 50 Wailord - Modest (T)
PCNYc Level 50 Crawdunt - Serious
PCNY Monster Week
PCNYb Shedinja - Docile
PCNYd Cacturne - Timid
PCNYb Shuppet - Modest
PCNYb Duskull - Docile (T)
PCNY Dragon Week
PCNYd Seadra - Bashful
PCNYc Flygon - Lax
PCNYd Flygon - Modest
PCNYd Altaria - Hasty
PCNYd Salamence - Sassy
PCNYd Salamence - Lax
PCNY Evolution Stone Week
PCNYc Pikachu - Naughty
PCNYd Gloom - Lax
PCNYa Staryu - Mild

Negaiboshi (ネガイボシ) Jirachi - Rash (JP)
Ageto (アゲト) Celebi - Hardy (JP)
Colosseum (コロシアム) Pikachu - Rash (JP)
Berry fix Zigzagoon Ruby (ルビ-) - Naughty, Shiny (JP)
Berry fix Zigzagoon Sapphire (サファイア) - Rash, Shiny (JP)
Stamp (スタンプ) Pichu - Bashful (JP)
Stamp (スタンプ) Absol - Lonely (JP)
PCJP Wish Absol - Lonely (JP)
PCJP Spite Absol - Careful (JP)
PCJP Wish Ralts - Careful (JP)
PCJP Charm Ralts - Hardy (JP)
PCJP Wish Bagon - Calm (JP)
PCJP Iron Defence Bagon - Gentle (JP)
PCJP Teeter Dance Pichu - Brave (JP)
PCJP Wish Pichu - Lax (JP)
Batoruyama (バトルやま) Ho-oh - Lax (JP)
E-card Togepi - Sassy (JP)
E-card Mareep - Mild (JP)
E-card Scizor - Hasty (JP)

2004 Events
CHANNEL Jirachi - Gentle
CHANNEL Jirachi - Sassy, Shiny
MATTLE Ho-oh - Bashful
MT BATA Ho-oh - Bold (French)
DUELLBE Ho-oh - Careful (German)
ERNESTO Ho-oh - Impish (Spanish)
MONTE L Ho-oh - Bold (Italian)
SAPHIRE Zigzagoon - Adamant, Shiny
SAPHIRE Zigzagoon (Zigzaton) - Mild, Shiny (French)
RUBY Zigzagoon - Hardy, Shiny

PCNY Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire
PCNYc Flygon - Lax
PCNYd Flygon - Modest
PCNYc Seviper - Hardy (T)
PCNYd Seviper - Quiet
PCNYc Absol - Careful
PCNYd Absol - Quirky

JEREMY's Gengar - Hardy
JEREMY's Growlithe - Quiet
JEREMY's Vulpix - Quirky
JEREMY's Ekans - Docile
JEREMY's Psyduck - Lax
JEREMY's Machamp - Quiet
JEREMY's Sandshrew - Docile
JEREMY's Oddish - Quirky
JEREMY's Staryu - Timid
JEREMY's Tauros - Docile
JEREMY's Slowpoke - Naive
JEREMY's Shelder - Brave
Wish Kangaskhan - Naive
Wish Chansey - Calm
Wish Farfetch'd - Quirky
Wish Lickitung - Careful
Wish Exeggcute - Mild
Pokémon Box Pichu - Careful (USA)
Pokémon Box Skitty - Naughty (USA)
Pokémon Box Swablu - Gentle (USA)
Pokémon Box Zigzagoon - Adamant (USA)
Pokémon Box Pichu - Calm (FRA)
Pokémon Box Skitty - Calm (FRA)
Pokémon Box Tylton - Modest (FRA)
Pokémon Box Zigzaton - Hasty (FRA)
Pokémon Box Pichu - Quiet (GER)
Pokémon Box Eneco - Quirky (GER)
Pokémon Box Wablu - Sassy (GER)
Pokémon Box Zigzachs - Docile (GER)
Pokémon Box Pichu - Lax (ITA)
Pokémon Box Skitty - Mild (ITA)
Pokémon Box Swablu - Timid (ITA)
Pokémon Box Zigzagoon - Hasty (ITA)
Pokémon Box Pichu - Rash (SPN)
Pokémon Box Skitty - Naughty (SPN)
Pokémon Box Swablu - Lonely (SPN)
Pokémon Box Zigzagoon - Rash (SPN)
ANA Pikachu - Timid (Does not know fly due to being transferred to 5G) (JP)
Tanabata 2004 Jirachi (タナバタ) - Modest (JP ID: 40707)

2005 Events
Pokemon XD Zapdos - Adamant
Pokemon XD Moltres - Bashful
Pokemon XD Articuno - Hasty
Pokemon XD Salamence - Sassy
Pokemon XD Lugia - Sassy
Pokemon XD Togepi - Gentle
HORDEL's Elekid (Zaprong) - Hardy
DUKING's Shuckle - Relaxed
DUKING's Larvitar - Serious
DUKING's Meditite - Serious
ROCKS Metang - Impish
Festa (フェスタ) Metang - Relaxed (JP)
Hadou Mew (ハドウ) - Lax (JP)
Hadou Regice (ハドウ) - Brave (JP)
Hadou (ハドウ) Registeel - Mild (JP)
Hadou (ハドウ) Regirock - Naive (JP)
PokéPark Eggs:
PokéPark Cacnea - Quiet (JP)
PokéPark Corphish - Naughty (JP)
PokéPark Corsola - Careful (JP)
PokéPark Igglybuff - Timid (JP)
PokéPark Minun - Hasty (JP)
PokéPark Plusle - Hasty (JP)
PokéPark Pichu - Timid (JP)
PokéPark Psyduck - Mild (JP)
PokéPark Skitty - Modest (JP)
PokéPark Spinda - Bashful (JP)
PokéPark Spoink - Naughty (JP)
PokéPark Surskit - Naive (JP)
PokéPark Taillow - Adamant (JP)
PokéPark Whismur - Careful (JP)
PokéPark Wynaut - Naughty (JP)
Tanabata 2005 Jirachi (タナバタ) - Timid (JP ID: 50707)
Yokohama Pikachu (ヨコハマ) - Naive (JP ID: 50319)
Sapporo Pikachu (サッポロ) - Quiet (JP ID: 50701)
GW Pikachu (GW) - Careful (JP)
Sunday Wobbuffet (サンデ-) - Docile (JP)

Gotta Catch 'Em All
Gotta Catch 'Em All Event #1 (ID:51126)

Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Lonely/Brave (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Hardy (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Lonely (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Modest (JP)
Nagoya (ナゴヤ) - Timid (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Naive (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Quirky (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Impish (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Relaxed (JP)
Nagoya (ナゴヤ) - Docile (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Mild (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Lax (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Hasty (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Rash (JP)
Nagoya (ナゴヤ) - Relaxed (JP)
Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Serious (JP)
Gotta Catch 'Em All Event #2 (ID:51224)

Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Serious (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Serious (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Naughty (JP)
Nagoya (ナゴヤ) - Brave (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Serious (JP)
Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Adamant (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Timid/Hasty (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Relaxed (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Impish (JP)
Nagoya (ナゴヤ) - Sassy (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Bashful (JP)
Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Careful (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Bold (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Quiet (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Naive (JP)
Nagoya (ナゴヤ) - Bold/Impish (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Impish (JP)
Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Relaxed (JP)

2006 Events
MYSTRY Mew - Rash
DOEL Deoxys - Gentle (Normal) (T)
SPACE C Deoxys - Impish (Normal)
Concert Chatot - Jolly (JP)
Birth Island Deoxys - Adamant (Normal) (JP)
Pokémon Festa 06 (フェスタ) Electabuzz - Gentle (JP)
Pokémon Festa 06 (フェスタ) Magmar - Rash (JP)
Mitsurin (ミツリン) Celebi - Sassy (JP)
PokéPark Celebi (ポケパーク) - Gentle (Taiwan)
PokéPark Mew (ポケパーク) - Calm (Taiwan)
PokéPark July Jirachi (ポケパーク) - Naughty (Taiwan ID: 60731)
PokéPark August Jirachi (ポケパーク) - Gentle (Taiwan ID: 60830)
Tanabata 2006 Jirachi (タナバタ) - Timid (JP ID: 60707)
Mizunotami Manaphy (みずのたみ) - Naive (JP)
Pokémon Battle Revolution (ポケトピア) Pikachu - Hardy (JP)

10 ANIV USA ID: 00010
10 ANIV Bulbasaur - Serious
10 ANIV Charizard - Timid
10 ANIV Blastoise - Lonely
10 ANIV Pikachu - Brave
10 ANIV Alakasam - Quirky
10 ANIV Articuno - Modest
10 ANIV Zapdos - Naughty
10 ANIV Moltres - Quiet
10 ANIV Dragonite - Lonely
10 ANIV Typhlosion - Serious
10 ANIV Espeon - Brave
10 ANIV Umbreon - Sassy
10 ANIV Raikou - Timid
10 ANIV Entei - Adamant
10 ANIV Suicune - Lax
10 ANIV Tyranitar - Quirky
10 ANIV Celebi - Bold
10 ANIV Celebi - Timid
10 ANIV Blaziken - Timid
10 ANIV Absol - Sassy
10 ANIV Latias - Jolly
10 ANIV Latios - Gentle
10 ANIV Bryant Park, New York ID: 06808
10 ANIV Bulbasaur - Sassy
10 ANIV Charizard - Lonely
10 ANIV Blastoise - Modest
10 ANIV Pikachu - Rash
10 ANIV Alakazam - Naive
10 ANIV Articuno - Naughty
10 ANIV Zapdos - Relaxed
10 ANIV Moltres - Quiet
10 ANIV Dragonite - Lonely
10 ANIV Typhlosion - Hardy
10 ANIV Espeon - Relaxed
10 ANIV Umbreon - Calm
10 ANIV Raikou - Adamant
10 ANIV Entei - Bold
10 ANIV Suicune - Lax
10 ANIV Tyranitar - Impish
10 ANIV Blaiziken - Timid
10 ANIV Absol - Hasty
10 ANIV Latias - Jolly
10 ANIV Latios - Rash
10ANNIV UK ID: 06227
10ANNIV Ho-oh - Hardy
10ANNIV Lugia - Serious
10ANNIV Articuno - Modest
10ANNIV Charizard
10ANNIV Suicune - Lonely
10ANNIV Entei - Bold
10ANNIV Raikou - Adamant
10ANNIV Latias - Quiet
10ANNIV Latios - Bashful
10ANNIV Pikachu - Naughty
10ANNIV France ID: 06227
10ANNIV Ho-oh - Hardy
10ANNIV Lugia - Serious
10ANNIV Articuno (Artikodin) - Docile
10ANNIV Charizard (Dracaufeu) - Naughty
10ANNIV Suicune - Lonely
10ANNIV Entei - Bold
10ANNIV Raikou - Adamant
10ANNIV Latias - Quiet
10ANNIV Latios - Bashful
10ANNIV Pikachu - Naughty
10ANIV Spain ID:06227
10ANIV Ho-Oh Quirky
10ANIV Lugia Hasty
10ANIV Articuno
10ANIV Charizard - Mild
10ANIV Suicune - Rash
10ANIV Entei - Impish
10ANIV Raikou - Lonely
10ANIV Latias - Lonely
10ANIV Latios - Careful
10ANIV Pikachu - Jolly
10JAHRE Germany ID:06227
10JAHRE Ho-oh - Calm
10JAHRE Lugia - Naive
10JAHRE Articuno (Arktos) - Rash
10JAHRE Charizard (Glurak) - Hardy
10JAHRE Suicune - Docile
10JAHRE Entei - Brave
10JAHRE Raikou - Sassy
10JAHRE Latias - Hardy
10JAHRE Latios - Relaxed
10JAHRE Pikachu - Calm
10ANNI Italy ID:06227
10ANNI Ho-oh - Naive
10ANNI Lugia - Hasty
10ANNI Articuno - Adamant
10ANNI Charizard - Calm
10ANNI Suicune - Naughty
10ANNI Entei - Quirky
10ANNI Raikou - Quiet
10ANNI Latias - Lonely
10ANNI Latios - Brave
10ANNI Pikachu - Quiet

Gotta Catch 'Em All
Gotta Catch 'Em All Event #3 (ID:60114)

Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Quirky (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Quiet (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Naughty (JP)
Nagoya (ナゴヤ) - Rash (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Hasty (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Timid (JP)
Nagoya (ナゴヤ) - Bashful (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Quiet (JP)
Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Careful (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Hardy (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Gentle (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Brave (JP)
Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Impish (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Lonely (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Gentle (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Bashful (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Bold (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Impish (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Jolly (JP)
Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Rash (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Quiet (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Modest (JP)
Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Lax (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Mild (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Bashful (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Lonely (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Quirky (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Serious (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Bold (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Brave (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Lax (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Hardy (JP)
Nagoya (ナゴヤ) - Brave (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Bashful (JP)
Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Careful (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Hardy (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Impish (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Calm (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Sassy (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Relaxed (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Gentle (JP)
Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Docile (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Jolly (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Adamant (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Adamant (JP)
Nagoya (ナゴヤ) - Adamant (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Calm (JP)
Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Careful (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Rash (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Sassy (JP)
Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Rash (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Rash (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Jolly (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Hardy (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Brave (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Impish (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Modest (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Mild (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Quirky (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Serious (JP)
Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Brave (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Rash (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Quirky (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Bashful (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Brave (JP)
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Bold (JP)
Nagoya (ナゴヤ) - Bashful/Bold (JP)
Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Adamant (JP)
Gotta Catch 'Em All Event #4 (ID:60227)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Jolly
Sapporo (サッポロ) - Relaxed (JP)
Gotta Catch 'Em All Event #5 (ID:60321)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Careful (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Impish (JP)
Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Naughty (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Hasty (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Modest (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Careful (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Bold (JP)
Gotta Catch 'Em All Event #6 (ID:60505)

Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Adamant (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Bold (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Calm (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Hasty (JP)
Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Docile (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Lonely (JP)
Tokyo (トウキョ-) - Hardy (JP)
Osaka (オーサカ) - Brave (JP)

2007 Events
Saikyou (さいきょう) Milotic - Bold (JP)
Saikyou (さいきょう) Magmortar - Hardy (JP)
Saikyou (さいきょう) Electivire - Serious (JP)
10th Deoxys - Gentle (JP)
Shokotan (しょこたん) Tropius - Jolly (JP)
Tanabata 2007 Jirachi (タナバタ) - Brave (JP ID: 07077)
Utz Magikarp (ウッツ-) - Relaxed (JP)
Ryuuta Magikarp (りゅうた) - Modest (JP)
Ruirui Magikarp (ルイルイ♥) - Rash (JP)
Nana Magikarp (ナナ) - Lonely (JP)
Eigakan (えいがかん) Darkrai - Lax (JP)
PalCity Manaphy (パルシティ) - Hardy (Fukuoka and Roppongi Hills) (JP)
PalCity Manaphy (パルシティ) - Brave (Sapporo, Makuhari, Nagoya, Yokohama, and Osaka) (JP)
PalCity Mew (パルシティ) - Quirky (Fukouka) (JP)
PalCity Mew (パルシティ) - Mild (Sapporo) (JP)
PalCity Mew (パルシティ) - Lonely (Makuhari) (JP)
PalCity Mew (パルシティ) - Bold (Nagoya) (JP)
PalCity Mew (パルシティ) - Serious (Osaka) (JP)
PalCity Mew (パルシティ) - Naive (Yokohama) (JP)
Yamamoto (やまもと) Whiscash - Gentle (JP)
Hamanatu (ごるこ) Octillery - Serious (JP ID: 10147)
2007 Birthday Charmander (トウキョ-) - Mild (JP ID:07207)
Tom's Heracross - Quirky
TCG World Championships Pikachu - Hardy
JBHF Manaphy - Lonely
E4ALL Manaphy - Lonely
NWS Manaphy - Modest
TRU Manaphy - Mild
Aura Mew - Hardy
PALCITY Lucario - Modest
PKTOPIA Pikachu - Hardy (USA ID: 06257)
PKTOPIA Electivire - Adamant (USA ID: 06257)
PKTOPIA Magmortar - Modest (USA ID: 06257)
PKTOPIA Pikachu - Hardy (EU ID: 12077)
PKTOPIA Electivire - Adamant (EU ID: 12077)
PKTOPIA Elekable - Adamant (FRA ID: 12077)
PKTOPIA Elevoltek - Adamant (GER ID: 12077)
PKTOPIA Magmortar - Modest (EU ID: 12077)
PKTOPIA Maganon - Modest (FRA ID: 12077)
PKTOPIA Magbrant - Modest (GER ID: 12077)

2008 Events
TRU Dragonite - Mild
ALAMOS Darkrai - Modest (Nintendo World Store ID: 05318)
ALAMOS Darkrai - Timid (UK ID: 07038)
ALAMOS Darkrai - Adamant (FRA ID: 07038)
ALAMOS Darkrai - Jolly (GER ID: 07038)
ALAMOS Darkrai - Careful (ITA ID: 07038)
ALAMOS Darkrai - Lonely (NET ID: 07038)
ALAMOS Darkrai - Relaxed (SPN ID: 07038)
ALAMOS Darkrai - Naughty (AUS ID: 10308)
WORLD08 Lucario - Adamant
Gamestp Deoxys - Rash (Normal)
Nintendo Zone (Nzone) Pikachu - Bashful

My Pokémon Ranch:
Heyley's Aerodactyl - Jolly
Heyley's Buneary - Mild
Heyley's Combee - Lax
Heyley's Croagunk - Naughty
Heyley's Eevee - Hardy
Heyley's Finneon - Mild
Heyley's Lickitung - Naive
Hayley's Mew - Lonely
Heyley's Mew - Lonely, Flawless
Heyley's Miltank - Calm
Heyley's Pachirisu - Naive
Heyley's Phione - Lonely
Heyley's Pikachu - Jolly
Heyley's Ponyta - Naughty
Heyley's Shellos - Relaxed
Heyley's Shroomish - Jolly
Heyley's Snover - Relaxed
Heyley's Staravia - Jolly
Heyley's Tangela - Naughty
Heyley's Vulpix - Naive
Heyley's Wailmer - Lax
Heyley's Wynaut - Relaxed
Heyley's Yanma - Naughty

EULALIE's Ptera (Aerodactly) - Jolly
EULALIE's Laporeille (Buneary) - Mild
EULALIE's Apitrini (Combee) - Lax
EULALIE's Cradopaud (Croagunk) - Naughty
EULALIE's Evoli (Eevee) - Hardy
EULALIE's Ecayon (Finneon) - Mild
EULALIE's Excelangue (Lickitung) - Naive
EULALIE's Mew - Modest, Hardy
EULALIE's Ecremeuh (Miltank) - Calm
EULALIE's Pachirisu - Naive
EULALIE's Phione - Naive
EULALIE's Pikachu - Jolly
EULALIE's Ponyta - Naughty
EULALIE's Sancoki (Shellos) - Relaxed
EULALIE's Balignon (Shroomish) - Jolly
EULALIE's Blizzi (Snover) - Relaxed
EULALIE's Etourvol (Staravia) - Jolly
EULALIE's Saquedeneu (Tangela) - Naughty
EULALIE's Goupix (Vulpix) - Naive
EULALIE's Wailmer - Lax
EULALIE's Okeoke (Wynaut) - Relaxed
EULALIE's Yanma - Naughty

EUKALIA's Aerodactyl - Jolly
EUKALIA's Haspiror (Buneary) - Mild
EUKALIA's Wadribie (Combee) - Lax
EUKALIA's Glibunkel (Croagunk) - Naughty
EUKALIA's Evoli (Eevee) - Hardy
EUKALIA's Finneon - Mild
EUKALIA's Schlurp (Lickitung) - Naive
EUKALIA's Mew - Quiet, Careful
EUKALIA's Miltank - Calm
EUKALIA's Pachirisu - Naive
EUKALIA's Phione - Hardy, Adamant
EUKALIA's Pikachu - Jolly
EUKALIA's Ponita (Ponyta) - Naughty
EUKALIA's Schalellos (Shellos) - Relaxed
EUKALIA's Knilz (Shroomish) - Jolly
EUKALIA's Shinebedeck (Snover) - Relaxed
EUKALIA's Staravia - Jolly
EUKALIA's Tangela - Naughty
EUKALIA's Vulpix - Naive
EUKALIA's Wailmer - Lax
EUKALIA's Isso (Wynaut) - Relaxed
EUKALIA's Yanma - Naughty

GIULIA's Aerodactyl - Jolly
GIULIA's Buneary - Mild
GIULIA's Combee - Lax
GIULIA's Croagunk - Naughty
GIULIA's Eevee - Hardy
GIULIA's Finneon - Mild
GIULIA's Lickitung - Naive
GIULIA's Mew - Brave, Lonely
GIULIA's Mew - Lonely, Flawless
GIULIA's Miltank - Calm
GIULIA's Pachirisu - Naive
GIULIA's Phione - Lonely
GIULIA's Pikachu - Jolly
GIULIA's Ponyta - Naughty
GIULIA's Shellos - Relaxed
GIULIA's Shroomish - Jolly
GIULIA's Snover - Relaxed
GIULIA's Staravia - Jolly
GIULIA's Tangela - Naughty
GIULIA's Vulpix - Naive
GIULIA's Wailmer - Lax
GIULIA's Wynaut - Relaxed
GIULIA's Yanma - Naughty

Eulalia's Aerodactyl - Jolly
Eulalia's Buneary - Mild
Eulalia's Combee - Lax
Eulalia's Croagunk - Naughty
Eulalia's Eevee - Hardy
Eulalia's Finneon - Mild
Eulalia's Lickitung - Naive
Eulalia's Mew - Lonely, Modest
Eulalia's Miltank - Calm
Eulalia's Pachirisu - Naive
Eulalia's Phione - Lonely
Eulalia's Pikachu - Jolly
Eulalia's Ponyta - Naughty
Eulalia's Shellos - Relaxed
Eulalia's Shroomish - Jolly
Eulalia's Snover - Relaxed
Eulalia's Staravia - Jolly
Eulalia's Tangela - Naughty
Eulalia's Vulpix - Naive
Eulalia's Wailmer - Lax
Eulalia's Wynaut - Relaxed
Eulalia's Yanma - Naughty

ユカリ's Aerodactyl - Jolly
ユカリ's Buneary - Mild
ユカリ's Combee - Lax
ユカリ's Croagunk - Naughty
ユカリ's Eevee - Hardy
ユカリ's Finneon - Mild
ユカリ's Lickitung - Naive
ユカリ's Mew - Naughty, Brave
ユカリ's Miltank - Calm
ユカリ's Pachirisu - Naive
ユカリ's Phione - Sassy, Brave
ユカリ's Pikachu - Jolly
ユカリ's Ponyta - Naughty
ユカリ's Shellos - Relaxed
ユカリ's Shroomish - Jolly
ユカリ's Snover - Relaxed
ユカリ's Staravia - Jolly
ユカリ's Tangela - Naughty
ユカリ's Vulpix - Naive
ユカリ's Wailmer - Lax
ユカリ's Wynaut - Relaxed
ユカリ's Yanma - Naughty

Ranger Manaphy - Careful
Ranger Manaphy - Calm, Shiny
Kyle's Riolu - Serious
Karel's Riolu - Serious (FRA)
Kiko's Riolu - Serious (SPN)
Carlo's Riolu - Serious (ITA)
カイト's Riolu - Serios (JP)
Almia Darkrai - Jolly
Almia (アルミア) Darkrai - Lax (JP)
Yukina (ゆっきーな) Meowth - Jolly (JP)
Baba (ばば) Flygon - Naive (JP)
Golgo (ごるこ) Octillery - Serious (JP ID: 05138)
Saikyou (さいきょう) Salamence - Naughty (JP)
Saikyou (さいきょう) Dragonite - Mild (JP)
PC Yokahoma (ヨコハマ) Pikachu - Modest (JP ID: 10108)
Yokohama Pikachu (ヨコハマ) - Modest (JP ID: 12268)
Pokémon Center (ブイコレ) Eevee - Lonely (JP)
McDonald's (マック) Pikachu - Bashful (JP)
WCS Milotic - Timid (JP)
Movie/Tenimura (テンイむら) Regigigas - Lonely (JP)
Pokémon Movie 08 (えいがかん) Shaymin - Quirky (JP)
Tanabata 2008 Jirachi (タナバタ) - Careful (JP ID: 08188)
Buikore (ブイコレ) Eevee - Lonely (JP)
Kyocera Dome Bidoof (だいすき) - Lonely (JP)
Kyocera Dome Starly (だいすき) - Mild (JP)
2008 Birthday Charmander (トウキョ-) - Naive (JP ID: 07208)
Nintendo of Korea Rayquaza (한국닌텐도) - Hardy (Korean)
Nintendo of Korea Deoxys (한국닌텐도) - Modest (Korean)
Nintendo of Korea Darkrai (한국닌텐도) - Timid (Korean)
Nintendo of Korea Manaphy (한국닌텐도) - Quiet (Korean)
Pikachu Café Tangrowth (피카츄카페) - Brave (Korean)
Pikachu Café Electivire (피카츄 카페) - Serious (Korean)
Pikachu Café Magmortar (피카츄 카페) - Hardy (Korean)

2009 Events
TRU Arceus - Calm
Michina Arceus - Quirky (AUS)
WORLD09 Weavile - Jolly
VGC09 Milotic - Timid, Shiny (ID: 05309 EU)
VGC09 Mioltic - Timid, Shiny (ID: 05309 FRA)
VGC09 Milobellus - Timid, Shiny (ID: 05309 GER)
VGC09 Milotic - Timid, Shiny (ID: 05099 USA)
TRU Regigigas - Hasty
EUSMR09 Regigigas - Mild (UK, NET, GER)
ESTEU09 Regigigas - Bashful (FRA)
EUETE09 Regigigas - Naughty (ITA)
EUVER09 Regigigas - Quirky (SPN)
Film11 Shaymin - Modest
Movie11 Shaymin - Relaxed (EU)
Peli11 Shaymin - Timid (SPA)
TRU Shaymin - Mild
Flower Paradise/ Oaks Letter Shaymin - Jolly
Nintendo Zone/Tanabata Jirachi - Lonely (JP)
Onemuri (おねむり) Pikachu - Relaxed (JP)
Red Metagross - Brave (JP)
Akiyama's Slaking - Adamant (JP)
Eigakan Arceus (えいがかん) - Quiet (JP)
2009 Birthday Charmander (トウキョー) - Naughty (JP ID: 07209)
PC Sapporo (ブイコレ) Eevee - Lonely (JP)
PC Yokahoma (ヨコハマ) Birthday Pikachu - Mild (JP ID: 12269)
PC Osaka (オーサカ) Meowth (JP)
Birthday Chimchar PC Nagoya ナゴヤ - Mild (JP ID: 09129)
Kyoto Cross Media Experience 2009 (キョウト) Pikachu - Naughty (JP)
Ario (アリオ) Pikachu - Bashful (JP ID: 11219)
Pokémon Movie 09/Shokotan (しょこたん) Pichu - Jolly (JP)
10th Anniversary (ススム) Mew - Rash (JP)
Character Fair (캐릭터페어) Pikachu - Brave (Korean)
Character Fair (캐릭터페어) Shaymin - Mild (Korean)
Nintendo of Korea (한국닌텐도) Regigigas - Jolly (Korean)
Nintendo of Korea (한국닌텐도) Mew - Bashful (Korean)
Cinema Arceus (영화관) - Impish (Korean)
Mikena Pichu (미케나) - Jolly (Korean)
Shinsegae Department Store (신세계) Feebas - Calm (Korean)
Shinsegae Department Store (신세계) Munchlax - Relaxed (Korean)
Battle Series 2009 Arcanine (배틀시리즈) - Quirky (Korean)

2010 Events
FAL2010 Mew - Careful
HRB2010 Mew - Jolly (GER)
AUT2010 Mew - Mild (ITA)
OTO2010 Mew - Modest (SPN)
SMR2010 Jirachi - Bold (UK ID: 06260)
SMR2010 Jirachi - Impish (AUS ID: 06030)
ETE2010 Jirachi - Brave (FRA)
SO2010 Jirachi - Docile (GER)
EST2010 Jirachi - Sassy (ITA)
VER2010 Jirachi - Bashful (SPN)
VGC10 Eevee - Hardy, Shiny
VGC10 Eevee - Hardy, Shiny (SPN)
VGC10 Evoli - Hardy, Shiny (FRA)
SPR2010 Pichu - Jolly, Shiny
SPR2010 Pichu - Jolly, Shiny (AUS)
FRü2010 Pichu - Jolly, Shiny (GER)
PRI2010 Pichu - Jolly, Shiny (FRA)
PRI2010 Pichu - Jolly, Shiny (ITA)
PRI2010 Pichu - Jolly, Shiny (SPN)
GAMESTP Pichu - Jolly, Shiny
GAMESTP Jirachi - Hasty
PKLATAM Jirachi - Lonely
Oblivia Deoxys - Hasty, (Attack)
Oblivia Deoxys - Impish, Flawless (Defence)
Oblivia Deoxys - Quiet, (Normal) (JP)
Oblivia Deoxys - Quiet, (Speed) (JP)
Oblivia Heatran - Quiet
Oblivia Heatran - Quiet (JP)
Oblivia Shaymin - Hasty
WORLD10 Crobat - Timid
MICHINA Arceus - Calm
Germany Nintendo Zone (NZone) Pikachu - Bashful (T)
Satoshi's (サトシ) Pikachu - Naughty (JP)
CoroCoro DW Croagunk - Timid (JP)
Pokemon Fan DW Mamoswine - Sassy (JP)
Pokémon Black & White Guide DW Torchic - Adamant (JP)
Pokémon Black & White Guide DW Mudkip - Adamant (JP)
Pokémon Black & White Guide DW Treeko - Serious (JP)
Pokémon Peer DW Bulbasaur - Modest (JP)
Pokémon Peer DW Charmander - Adamant (JP)
Pokémon Peer DW Squirtle - Timid (JP)
Pokémon Card Game BW Chimchar - Jolly (JP)
Pokémon Card Game BW Turtwig - Adamant (JP)
Pokémon Card Game BW Piplup - Modest (JP)
Eigakan/Movie Celebi - Quirky (JP)
Pokémon Smash! Cubchoo - Careful (JP)
DW Arceus - Adamant (JP)
DW Birthday Togekiss - Modest (JP)
Pokémon Labyrinth Glaceon - Modest (JP)
Pokémon Labyrinth Leafeon - Sassy (JP)
Pokémon Labyrinth Umbreon - Careful (JP)
Pokémon Labyrinth Espeon - Timid (JP)
Pokémon Labyrinth Flareon - Modest (JP)
Pokémon Labyrinth Vaporeon - Modest (JP)
Pokémon Labyrinth Jolteon - Naive (JP)
7-Eleven (セブン) Pikachu - Docile (JP)
All Nippon Airways (ANA) Darkrai - Docile (JP)
All Nippon Airways (ふゆやすみ) Darkrai - Timid (JP)
Nintendo Zone Manaphy - Impish (JP)
Crown Entei - Adamant, Shiny (JP)
Crown Suikune - Relaxed, Shiny (JP)
Crown Raikou - Rash, Shiny (JP)
Goon Scizor - Adamant (JP)
10th Anniversary Mew (Susumu Mew) - Impish (JP)
Birthday Chimchar PC Nagoya ナゴヤ - Mild (JP ID: 09120)
2010 Birthday Charmander (トウキョー) - Hardy (JP ID: 07200)
World Championship (WCS) Eveee - Hardy, Shiny (JP)

Birthday Audino:
PC Sapporo (サッポロ) - Calm (JP)
PC Tokyo (トウキョー) - Calm (JP)
PC Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Calm (JP)
PC Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Calm (JP)
PC Osaka (オーサカ) - Calm (JP)
PC Nagoya (ナゴヤ) - Calm (JP)

Trade for Evolution:
Kyoto University (きょうえん)
Electabuzz - Naughty (JP)
Haunter - Jolly (JP)
Kerrablast - Lax (JP)
Machoke - Serious (JP)
Magmar - Hasty (JP)
Scyther - Quirky (JP)
Shelmet - Hardy (JP)
Slowpoke - Hardy (JP)
Tokyo Gakugei University (もえた)
Electabuzz - Calm (JP) (Evolved into Electivire)
Karrablast - Modest (JP)
Machoke - Adamant (JP)
Magmar - Relaxed (JP) (Evolved into Magmortar)
Shelmet - Calm (JP)
Osaka City University (いちだい)
Electabuzz - Calm (JP)
Haunter - Careful (JP)
Kerrablast - Impish (JP)
Machoke - Lax (JP)
Magmar - Calm (JP)
Scyther - Naive (JP)
Shelmet - Docile (JP)
Slowpoke - Naive (JP)
Teikyo University (せいしゃ)
Electabuzz - Calm (JP)
Haunter - Impish (JP)
Machoke - Hasty (JP)
Magmar - Lonely (JP)
Karrablast - Naughty (JP)
Scyther - Timid (JP)
Shelmet - Quirky (JP)
Nanzan University (ミカエル)
Electabuzz - Careful (JP)
Haunter - Brave (JP)
Karrablast - Relaxed (JP)
Machoke - Bold (JP)
Magmar - Impish (JP)
Scyther - Lonely (JP)
Shelmet - Timid (JP)
Slowpoke - Hasty (JP)
Meiji Gakuin University (めいがく)
Electabuzz - Docile (JP)
Haunter - Gentle (JP)
Karrablast - Careful (JP)
Machoke - Naughty (JP)
Magmar - Sassy (JP)
Scyther - Hasty (JP)
Shelmet - Quiet (JP)
Slowpoke - Quirky (JP)
Meiji University (めいじろう)
Electabuzz - Quirky (JP)
Haunter - Bold (JP)
Karrablast - Sassy (JP)
Machoke - Quirky (JP)
Magmar - Gentle (JP)
Scyther - Lonely (JP)
Shelmet - Modest (JP)
Slowpoke - Timid (JP)
Chuo University (はくもん)
Electabuzz - Hasty (JP)
Haunter - Hardy (JP)
Karrablast - Rash (JP)
Machoke - Gentle (JP)
Magmar - Bashful (JP)
Scyther - Mild (JP)
Shelmet - Serious (JP)
Slowpoke - Timid (JP)
Rikkyo University (セントポル)
Electabuzz - Calm (JP)
Haunter - Calm (JP)
Karrablast - Lonely (JP)
Machoke - Gentle (JP)
Magmar - Naughty (JP)
Scyther - Jolly (JP)
Shelmet - Calm (JP)
Slowpoke - Naughty (JP)
Yokohama National University (YNU)
Haunter - Hardy (JP)
Slowpoke - Relaxed (JP)
Hosei University (ほうせい)
Electabuzz - Calm (JP)
Haunter - Bold (JP)
Karrablast - Sassy (JP)
Machoke - Timid (JP)
Magmar - Relaxed (JP)
Scyther - Relaxed (JP)
Shelmet - Docile (JP)
Slowpoke - Rash (JP)
Waseda University (おおくま)
Electabuzz - Bold (JP)
Haunter - Hardy (JP)
Karrablast - Relaxed (JP)
Machoke - Impish (JP)
Magmar - Calm (JP)
Scyther - Calm (JP)
Shelmet - Bold (JP)
Slowpoke - Naughty (JP)
Matsuyama University (しょうだい)
Electabuzz - Impish (JP)
Haunter - Adamant (JP)
Karrablast - Careful (JP)
Machoke - Serious (JP)
Magmar - Adamant (JP)
Scyther - Bashful (JP)
Shelmet - Relaxed (JP)
Slowpoke - Hasty (JP)
Osaka University (まちかね)
Electabuzz - Lonely (JP)
Haunter - Timid (JP)
Karrablast - Adamant (JP)
Machoke - Jolly (JP)
Magmar - Calm (JP)
Scyther - Serious (JP)
Shelmet - Sassy (JP)
Slowpoke - Adamant (JP)
Hiroshima University (もみじ)
Electabuzz - Serious (JP)
Haunter - Mild (JP)
Karrablast - Rash (JP)
Machoke - Lax (JP)
Magmar - Hasty (JP)
Scyther - Bashful (JP)
Shelmet - Jolly (JP)
Slowpoke - Careful (JP)
Komazawa University (こまざわ)
Electabuzz_Rash (JP)
Haunter - Modest (JP)
Karrablast - Naive (JP)
Machoke - Hasty (JP)
Magmar - Hardy (JP)
Scyther - Bashful (JP)
Shelmet - Rash (JP)
Slowpoke - Modest (JP)
Okayama University (ピーチくん)
Electabuzz - Bold (JP)
Haunter - Careful (JP)
Karrablast - Calm (JP)
Machoke - Adamant (JP)
Magmar - Docile (JP)
Scyther - Gentle (JP)
Shelmet - Gentle (JP)
Slowpoke - Impish (JP)
Ritsumeikan University, Biwako-Kusatsu Campus (すえかわ)
Electabuzz - Gentle (JP)
Haunter - Gentle (JP)
Karrablast - Serious (JP)
Machoke - Relaxed (JP)
Magmar - Timid (JP)
Scyther - Modest (JP)
Shelmet - Modest (JP)
Slowpoke - Timid (JP)

Cinema Celebi (영화관) - Quirky (Korean)
Crown City (크라운시티) Suicune - Relaxed (Korean)
Crown City (크라운시티) Entei - Adamant (Korean)
Crown City (크라운시티) Raikou - Rash (Korean)
Shinsegae (크라운시티) Entei - Adamant (ID: 10300 Korean)
Shinsegae (크라운시티) Raikou - Rash (ID: 09180 Korean)
Time Square (타임스퀘어) Shaymin - Bold (Korean)
Nintendo of Korea (한국닌텐도) Jirachi - Serious (Korean)

2011 Events
Ash's Pidove - Hardy, Unhatched
Iris's Axew - Nieve, Unhatched
Cilan's Pansage - Brave, Unhatched
WIN2011 Celebi - Lax
WIN2011 Celebi - Lonely (EU)
WIN2011 Celebi - Modest (GER)
WIN2011 Suicune - Relaxed, Shiny
WIN2011 Suicune - Relaxed, Shiny (GER)
WIN2011 Entei - Adamant, Shiny
WIN2011 Entei - Adamant, Shiny (GER)
WIN2011 Raikou - Rash, Shiny
WIN2011 Raikou - Rash, Shiny (GER)
HVR2011 Celebi - Modest (FRA)
HVR2011 Raikou - Rash, Shiny (FRA)
HVR2011 Suicune - Relaxed, Shiny (FRA)
HVR2011 Entei - Adamant, Shiny (French)
INV2011 Celebi - Modest (ITA)
INV2011 Celebi - Modest (SPN)
INV2011 Suicune - Relaxed, Shiny (ITA)
INV2011 Suicune - Relaxed, Shiny (SPN)
INV2011 Entei - Adamant, Shiny (ITA)
INV2011 Entei - Adamant, Shiny (SPN)
INV2011 Raikou - Ransh, Shiny (ITA)
INV2011 Raikou - Ransh, Shiny (SPN)
2011INV Darkrai - Bashful (ITA)
2011INV Darkrai - Bashful (SPN)
2011HVR Darkrai - Timid (FRA/SWI)
2011WIN Darkrai - Naive
GAMESTP Suikune - Relaxed, Shiny
GAMESTP Entei - Adamant, Shiny
GAMESTP Raikou - Rash, Shiny
Ash's Pikachu - Naughty
WORLD11 Scrafty - Brave
EVENT11 Zoroark - Quirky
SMR2011 Karrablast (Laukaps) - Docile (GER)
SMR2011 Shelmet (Schnuthelm) - Sassy (GER)
SMR2011 Zoroark - Quirky
SMR2011 Karrablast - Modest (GRE)
SMR2011 Shelmet - Naughty (GRE)
SMR2011 Zoroark - Quirky (GRE)
ÉTÉ2011 Karrablast (Carabing) - Adamant (FRA)
ÉTÉ2011 Shelmet (Escargaume) - Adamant (FRA)
ÉTÉ2011 Zoroark - Quirky (FRA)
SO2011 Karrablast (Laukaps) - Brave (SWI)
SO2011 Shelmet (Schnuthelm) - Impish (SWI)
SO2011 Zoroark - Quirky (SWI)
EST2011 Karrablast - Quiet (ITA)
EST2011 Shelmet - Quiet (ITA)
EST2011 Zoroark - Quirky (ITA)
Befriend a Pokemon! Leafeon - Adamant
Befriend a Pokemon! Glaceon - Modest
Befriend a Pokemon! Jolteon - Bold
Befriend a Pokemon! Flareon - Jolly
Befriend a Pokemon! Espeon - Naughty (GMS)
Befriend a Pokemon! Umbreon - Calm
Befriend a Pokemon! Vaporeon - Modest
DW Pokemon Cafe Eevee - Naughty (JP)
Pokémon BW Multiplayer Guide Book Porygon - Bold (JP)
Satoshi's (サトシ) Scraggy - Adamant (JP)
Pokemon Cafe Eevee - Naughty (JP)
Pokemon Cafe Smeargle - jolly (JP)
Pokemon Cafe Burmy - Quirky (JP)
Pokemon Cafe Poliwhirl - Timid (JP)
Pokemon Movie 11/Eind (アイント) Victini - Adamant (JP)
Pokemon Smash! (ポケスマ!) Zoroark - Quirky (JP)
MacDonald's Carlita's Hydreigon - Modest, Timid (JP)
MacDonald's Janta's Golurk - Brave, Calm (JP)
Wi-fi Carlita's Hydreion - Timid (JP)
Wi-fi Janta's Golurk - Adamant (JP)
Satoshi's (サトシ) Zekrom - Jolly, Mild, Adamant (JP)
Satoshi's (サトシ) Reshiram - Docile, Mild (JP)
ANA Pikachu - Naive (JP)
Singing Pikachu (AAA) - Hardy (JP) (Attack All Around, Ehime)
Singing Pikachu (チサ) - Hasty (JP) (GIRL NEXT DOOR, SUPERGiRLS, Osaka)
Singing Pikachu (アミーゴ) - Timid (JP) (Ami Suzuki, Tokyo)
Singing Pikachu (ELT) - Adamant (JP) (Every Little Thing, Tokyo)
Singing Pikachu (SKE48) - Serious (JP) (SKE48, Aichi)
Singing Pikachu (わっしょい) - Serious (JP) (Osaka, Sapporo, Yokohama, Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka)
Singing Pikachu (いえるかな) - Jolly (JP) (Iwate, Fukushima, Miyagi, Sendai Air 2F Atrium)
Singing Pikachu (ちゅるの) - Calm (JP) (Roppongi Hills Arena)
Nagashima Spa Land (サーチャー) Axew - Serious (JP)
Pokémon Center (PC) Shaymin - Timid (JP)
Milos Island (ミロスとう) Thundurus - Timid (JP)
Milos Island (ミロスとう) Tornadus - Sassy (JP)
Pokémon Center Tohoku (トウホク) Snivy - Hardy (JP)
Pokémon Smash! (ポケスマ!) Mewtwo - Lax (JP)

Birthday Audino:
PC Sapporo - Serious (JP)
PC Yokohama - Serious (JP)
PC Tokyo - Serious (JP)
PC Osaka - Serious (JP)
PC Nagoya - Serious (JP)
PC Fukuoka - Serious (JP)
PC Tohoku - Serious (JP)

Han Jiu's (지우) Reshiram - Sassy (Korean)
Han Jiu's (지우) Zekrom - Quirky (Korean)
Han Jiu's (지우) Scraggy - Adamant (Korean)
Han Jiu's (지우) Pikachu - Naughty (Korean)
Movie 14 Victini (아인트) Victini - Relaxed (Korean)
Home plus (홈플러스) Darkrai - Modest (Korean)
Juanita's (잔타) Golurk - Jolly (Korean)
Carlita's (카리타) Hydreigon - Adamant (Korean)
Station (방송국) Zoroark - Quirky (Korean)
Dalgeon's (달건) Scizor - Adamant (Korean)

2012 Events
SMR2012 Pikachu - Careful
SMR2012 Pikachu - Hasty (GER)
SMR2012 Keldeo - Timid
SMR2012 Keldeo - Rash (GER)
ÉTÉ2012 Pikachu - Modest (FRA)
ÉTÉ2012 Keldeo - Sassy (FRA)
EST2012 Pikachu - Naive (ITA)
EST2012 Keldeo - Quiet (ITA)
VER2012 Pikachu - Docile (SPN)
VER2012 Keldeo - Timid (SPN)
FEB2012 Mewtwo - Naughty
FRÜ2012 Mewtu - Timid (GER)
FRÜ2012 Reshiram - Brave (GER)
FRÜ2012 Zekrom - Naughty (GER)
SPR2012 Reshiram - Modest
SPR2012 Zekrom - Docile
PRI2012 Mewtwo - Hasty
PRI2012 Mewtwo - Timid (FRA)
PRI2012 Mewtwo - Hasty (ITA)
PRI2012 Mewtwo - Naive (SPA)
PRI2012 Reshiram - Hasty
PRI2012 Reshiram - Calm (FRA)
PRI2012 Reshiram - Timid (ITA)
PRI2012 Reshiram - Quiet (SPA)
PRI2012 Zekrom - Serious
PRI2012 Zekrom - Serious (FRA)
PRI2012 Zekrom - Calm (ITA)
PRI2012 Zekrom - Rash (SPA)
2012MAY Darkrai - Timid
VGC12 Larvitar - Adamant, Shiny
VGC12 Larvitar - Adamnt, Shiny (GER)
VGC12 Larvitar - Adamnt, Shiny (ITL)
VGC12 Larvitar - Adamnt, Shiny (SPA)
VGC12 Embrylex - Adamant, Shiny (FRA)
WORLD12 Pikachu - Timid
Movie14 Victini - Rash
PELI14 Victini - Lax
FILM14 Victini - Modest
FILM14 Victini - Jolly (GER)
FILM14 Victini - Calm (ITA)
FILM14 Victini - Adamant (FRA ID: 06012)
Team Plasma Genesect - Timid
Pika Pika Carnival (Fes) Pikachu - Naive
Pika Pika Carnival (おまつり) Pikachu - Bold
15th anniversary (せんきょ) Rayquaza - Rash (JP)
Nobunaga's Black Rayquaza (ノブナガ) - Careful (JP)
ExtremeSpeed (さくら) Pikachu - Quirky (JP)
Pikachu Festival (トウホク) Pikachu - Calm (JP)
Masuda (マスダ) Deoxys - Modest (JP)
Team Rocket (Rだん) Meowth - Hasty (JP)
Pokémon Center Tohoku (トウホク)/Happy Christmas Victini - Naughty (JP)
Ruby and Sapphire Anniversary Event (ルビー ) Groudon - Adamant (JP)
Ruby and Sapphire Anniversary Event (サファイア) Kyogre - Modest (JP)

Strongest Class Single Battle Pokémon (PC):
Dragonite - Hardy (JP)
Scizor - Gentle (JP)
Tyranitar - Bashful (JP)
Metagross - Hasty (JP)
Garchomp - Naive (JP)
Powerful Tag Pokémon (PC):
Lucario - Naughty (JP)
Whimsicott - Timid (JP)
Ninetales - Bold (JP)
Chandelure - Modest (PC)
Super Strong Pokémon Present Campaign, Pokémon Center Fukuoka (フクオカ):
Kyogre - Bold (JP)
Groudon - Naive (JP)

Plasma Genesect (プラズマ) - Timid (JP)
Recital Piplup (リサイタル) - Modest (JP)
Nagashima Spa Land (サーチャー) Piplup - Modest (JP)
Movie Meloetta (えいがかん) - Neive (JP)
Shokotan (しょこたん) Keldeo - Modest (JP)

Kyushu Train Stations Event
Kumamoto (くまもと):

Swampert - Serious (JP)
Blaziken - Mild (JP)
Sceptile - Serious (JP)
Wailrein - Hasty (JP)
Kokura (こくら):
Gardevoir - Lax (JP)
Salamence - Bold (JP)
Metagross - Hasty (JP)
Milotic - Bold, Shiny (JP)
Ludicolo - Modest, Shiny (JP)
Septile - Jolly, Shiny (JP)
Blaziken - Naughty, Shiny (JP)
Wailrein - Hardy (JP)
Swampert - Quiet (JP)
Sasebo (させぼ):
Ludicolo - Gentle (JP)
Milotic - Quirky (JP)
Wailrein - Mild (JP)
Sceptile - Timid (JP)
Blaziken - Hasty (JP)
Nagasaki (ながさき):
Gardevoir - Adamant (JP)
Salamence - Calm (JP)
Metagross - Quiet (JP)
Ludicolo - Modest (JP)
Milotic - Relaxed (JP)
Wailrein - Impish (JP)
Sceptile - Mild (JP)
Blaziken - Hardy (JP)
Swampert - Adamant (JP)
Miyazaki (みやざき):
Gardevoir - Bashful (JP)
Salamence - Impish (JP)
Metagross - Serious (JP)
Milotic - Modest, Shiny (JP)
Ludicolo - Adamant. Shiny (JP)
Wailrein - Hardy (JP)
Saga (さが):
Milotic - Hardy (JP)
Ludicolo - Quiet (JP)
Wailrein - Docile (JP)
Sceptile - Timid, Shiny (JP)
Blaziken - Jolly, Shiny (JP)
Kagoshima (かごしま):
Gardevoir - Naive, Shiny (JP)
Salamence - Bold, Shiny (JP)
Metagross - Adamant, Shiny (JP)
Sceptile - Bold (JP)
Blaziken - Naughty (JP)

Birthday Audino:
PC Fukuoka (フクオカ) - Jolly (JP)
PC Nagoya (ナゴヤ) - Jolly (JP)
PC Osaka (オーサカ) - Jolly (JP)
PC Sapporo (サッポロ) - Jolly (JP)
PC Tokyo (トウキョー) - Jolly (JP)
PC Yokohama (ヨコハマ) - Jolly (JP)

Pokémon Adventure Camp (キャンプ) at Nagashima Spa Land Fossil Pokemon:
Omanyte - Naive (JP)
Kabuto - Sassy (JP)
Aerodactyl - Impish (JP)
Lileep - Bold (JP)
Anorith - Adamant (JP)
Cranidos - Jolly (JP)
Sheildon - Careful (JP)
Tirtouga - Relaxed (JP)
Archen - Hasty (JP)

Sticker Promotional Kanto Starter Eggs (JP)
Bulbasaur - Quiet
Charmander - Quiet
Squirtle - Sassy

Year of the Dragon Eggs (JP)
Bagon - Modest
Deino - Bashful
Druddigon - Mild
Horsea - Serious
Swablu - Lax
Trapinch - Adamant

Korean Kanto Starter Eggs
Bulbasaur - Modest
Charmander - Timid
Squirtle - Bold

Year of the Dragon (ID:08232 Korean)
Bagon - Jolly
Deino - Calm
Druddigon - Adamant
Horsea - Hasty
Swablu - Timid
Trapinch - Adamant

Movie Meloetta - Timid (Korean)
Movie Keldeo - Timid (Korean)
Summer Carnival (썸머카니발) Pikachu - Hasty (KOR)
Nationals 2012 (선발전12) Volcarona - Bold (KOR)
Samroseuseom (삼로스섬) Thundurus - Timid (KOR)
Samroseuseom (삼로스섬) Tornadus - Naive (KOR)
Strongest Return (최강의귀환) Mewtwo - Modest (KOR)
Recital Piplup (음악회) - Hardy (KOR)

2013 Events
HVR2013 Keldeo - Calm, Timid (FRA)
INV2013 Keldeo - Quiet (ITA)
INV2013 Keldeo - Naive (SPA)
WIN2013 Keldeo - Mild (AUS)
Pokémon VGC Winter Regionals - Abram's Cloyster - Naughty
Pokemon Centre P2Laboratory (P2ラボ) Genesect - Timid (JP)
Plasma (플라스마단) Genesect - Bashful (KOR)

I have accumulated the following shinies in trades and would like to get rid of them asap, please only offer me event pokemon for them though.
Zorua LV:1
Giratina LV:1
Palkia LV:1
Emolga LV:32
Tepig LV:5
Thundurus LV:40
Dialga LV:1
Gothitelle LV:41
Groudon LV:50
Dratini LV:1

PCNY Pokemon
PC Wish Drowzee
Birthday Audino PC Tohoku (2012 Jolly)
Pokemon Centre - Year of the Dragon Eggs (Un-Hatched eggs)
Sticker Promotional Kanto Starter Eggs (Un-Hatched eggs)
Pokémon Lover Manaphy (포켓몬사랑)
Gotta Catch 'Em All #1 (ID: 51126)
Mudkip (フクオカ)
Torchic (フクオカ)
Gotta Catch 'Em All Event #3 (ID:60114)
Ekans (ナゴヤ, ヨコハマ, フクオカ)
Meowth (フクオカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, ヨコハマ)
Growlithe (ナゴヤ, サッポロ, ヨコハマ)
Bellsprout (フクオカ, ヨコハマ)
Slowpoke (ナゴヤ)
Shellder (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ)
Chansey (オーサカ)
Kangaskhan (フクオカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, ヨコハマ)
Scyther (フクオカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, オーサカ)
Electabuzz (ナゴヤ, サッポロ)
Magmar (フクオカ, ナゴヤ)
Tauros (オーサカ, ヨコハマ)
Murkrow (オーサカ, ナゴヤ)
Misdreavus (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, ヨコハマ)
Quilfish (ナゴヤ, サッポロ, ヨコハマ)
Sneasel (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ)
Delibird (ナゴヤ, サッポロ)
Gotta Catch 'Em All #4 (ID:60227)
Bulbasaur (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Charmander (フクオカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Squirtle (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Gotta Catch 'Em All Event #5 (ID:60321)
Pikachu (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Lotad (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Seedot (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Surskit (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Skitty (フクオカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Sableye (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Mawile (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Meditide (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, ヨコハマ)
Plusle (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Minun (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Rosella (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Zangoose (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, ヨコハマ)
Seviper (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Lunatone (オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, トウキョー)
Solrock (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, トウキョー)
Chimecho (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, サッポロ, ヨコハマ)
Gotta Catch 'Em All Event #6 (ID:60505)
Pikachu (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Hoothoot (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, ヨコハマ)
Mareep (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ)
Aipom (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Sunkern (フクオカ, ナゴヤ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Wobbuffet (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Pineco (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Gligar (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Snubbll (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, ヨコハマ)
Shuckle (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Tuddiursa (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Houndour (フクオカ, ナゴヤ, トウキョー, ヨコハマ)
Stantler (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, ヨコハマ)
Smeargle (フクオカ, オーサカ, ナゴヤ, トウキョー)
Kyushu Trains Events I still need:
Gardevoir: (Kumamoto (くまもと), Saga (ちが), Sasebo (させぼ), Beppu (べっぷ))
Salamence: (Kumamoto (くまもと), Saga (ちが), Sasebo (させぼ), Beppu (べっぷ))
Metagross: (Kumamoto (くまもと), Saga (ちが), Sasebo (させぼ), Beppu (べっぷ))
Ludicolo: (Kagoshima (かこしま), Kumamoto (くまもと), Beppu (べっぷ))
Milotic: (Kagoshima (かこしま), Kumamoto (くまもと), Beppu (べっぷ))
Walrein: (Kagoshima (かこしま), Beppu (べっぷ))
Septile: (Miyazaki (みやざき), Beppu (べっぷ))
Blaiziken: (Miyazaki (みやざき), Beppu (べっぷ))
I can also clone your pokemon or infect pokemon with pokerus if you so desire.


FC: 4470 0659 5850
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Have Shiny Ageto Celebi , interested in your shiny ranch manaphy


its hacked? idk lol , btw how can it be hacked? its pokemon jungle something like channel if pokepark and pkm jungle is hacked than channel jirachi could be hacked too


u wan movie 11 japanese shaymin? for wishmkr shiny jirachi :)i could clone if u want


New Member
This is true. I would assume that most shiny channel and wishmkr jirachis would be hacks due to their rarity. But if you do a little reading online the general consensus is that only the CHANNEL/WISHMKR Jirachi and Ranch Manaphy have a chance of being shiny.


how bout my movie 11 jap shaymin for your jirachi. u need help cloning it?


how bout my movie 11 jap shaymin for your jirachi. u need help cloning it?


New Member
no deal a movie shaymin is not worth a shiny ranch manaphy you can have the regular one but otherwise the trade is off.