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Braille in your hometown?


I was skipping through my Pokémon Emerald booklet this morning when I found something that I had never noticed before. It said: "When you play Pokémon Emerald you will see and discover many things from the world around you. If you look closely and pay attention, you might even see Braille in your hometown!"

I'm not sure whether this means Emerald's Littleroot Town or just the real-life town you live in. I'm pretty sure it's the latter (your real-life hometown).
But I did see this in the game: Littleroot Town (NW House's flower patch)
As the picture points out, one of the flower patches could be read in Braille as the letter "O". As the next flower "Braille patch" (it only has one visible flower) is blocked by the house, you can't say that this is braille too, but I imagined this one was the letter "K" (only other possible letter could be "L").

Sure, it may just be a coincidence, but everytime I look at that patch, I'll always think of "OK". XD

Here's a link to my picture of the source, too, just in case you're curious about where I got the quote: Booklet page 60 (Pokémon Emerald, European version)


Back I guess??
Curious and nice =D

Never paid attention to this, but it must be a coincidence.
funny one!


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nice find, i checked my sapphire booklet, and it says it aswell!

Void of Hearts

Dreams of Murderland
I wonder if the flowers in Oldale Town are meant to be Braille, with the way they're positioned and all...


I'm a /tr/ainer.
I'm pretty sure it means IRL Braille. But, it would be interesting to see if there are hidden Braille messages throughout the game.


Nine one six ~
Interesting. I wonder if anyone noticed that before...without looking at the booklet, that is.