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Brand New Team

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by POKEMANIACOFTHEYEARPIPLUP, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Rate it please:

    Jolly Lucario@Focus Sash
    Swords Dance
    Close Combat

    This is a very typical Physical SDLuke. I dont have Crunch but oh well.
    I just might replace it with DDMence though. Lucario has abysmal Defense so I use a Focus Sash to stay alive while I SD. Just might replace this with DDMence though You think I should?

    Jolly Arcanine@Life Orb/Choice Band/Choice Scarf
    Flare Blitz
    Thunder Fang

    Physical Sweeper, it doesn't need setting up like Lucario and has different types of attacks than Lucario (besides Extremespeed) but it can be outspeeded by many OU Pokemon like Gengar and Salamence so I want to replace this, but I don't know what to replace it with. I also dont know which item to give. Life Orb doesnt get me stuck with certain types, Choice Band would allow me to launch very powerful attacks on types that dont resist the move I am using, but Choice Scarf helps my speed. Anotherr reason I use Arcanine is because it can absorb Fire-Type moves my Forretress may bait.

    Bold Milotic@Lum Berry
    Ice Beam

    It is a good basic water-type. It is not fast at all but has great Sp. Def. and HP, making it a good switch-in on Sp. Attackers that dont have Energy Ball or Thunderbolt. I decided Leftovers doesnt recover fast enough to be practical, so I decided to use Lum Berry and catch sleep-happy Gengars and Yanmega (provided I dont switch in to them) a big suprise. it takes a few hits to take Milotic down so Milotic can set up Hypnosis and destroy them with her other attacks

    Impish Forretress@Leftovers
    Stealth Rock
    Rapid Spin
    *inserts filleer*

    When somebody sets up Stealth Rock I use Foretress to remove it and explode, if they dont I find a chance to set up Stealth Rock myself and explode in their faces. Forretress should be used when Physical Sweepers come because Foretress has very good resistance against Physical Attacks and can easily use its moves (unless the sweeper has Swords Dance or Dragon Dance, then I am in trouble). When somebody gets a fire-type I use Arcanine to get the Flash Fire ability.

    Modest Gengar@Focus Sash
    Shadow Ball
    Focus Blast
    Destiny Bond

    Gengar is very basic Special Sweeper: Put my enemies to sleep and attack with Shadow Ball and Focus Blast. Focus Blast is not so reliable but covers all of Shadow Ball's resistances so one way or another I will get a neutral hit or super-effective hit. When the enemy hits me I can try and finish them with one of my offensive attacks and Destiny Bond the next one or I can Destiny Bond the current enemy if Shadow Ball cant kill it (Focus Blast is risky). It may be Modest but it has very high Speed IVs so it is just as fast as my Timid Gengar.

    Jolly Crobat@Focus Sash
    Mean Look

    I am very proud of my Crobat. In order to survive stuff like SD Lucario, Speed Boosted/Sword Danced Electivire and Dragond Dance Salamence I must have a Focus Sash. If I DO manage to ouspeed them I can save the Sash for later or switch in. After I Haze my opponent I use Hypnosis to put my enemies to sleep, make them unable to switch out with Mean Look (or make them unable to switch out what they switched out) and then send in a Pokemon good against the one I trapped.

    If there is anything better I can do with the moveset, held items, or if I should change a certain Pokemon please tell me so and why I should do that.
  2. Hetero

    Hetero Insane Trainer

    I'd go for an Adamant Luke because you have Extremespeed and also because you're using Focus Sash. Forretress wants Relaxed and Gyro Ball, it really can't sponge special attacks so don't try and force it to. Gengar always needs max speed. Weird Crobat but hope you can make it work.
  3. newbioform

    newbioform Blazing Passion

    How are you going to use that crobat? I'm really curious. You need baton pass to trap the opponent after the switch.

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