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Brave the Storm! A new Kind of League!!!

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I'm watching you
I think I might like this. I'll give this a shot.
By the way, is this singles or doubles.

Username: GalaxyEyes
PO Name: GalaxyEyes
Time Zone:GMT -8
Team: Rotom-W, Scizor, Heatran, Breloom, Mienshao, Gastrodon, Latias, Landorus

Dark Pulse94

Scienta Potentia Est
wow, people are still signing up...

Well I think I'm going to have to consider this league CLOSED - sorry guys, but I just don't have the time to run this as well as keep up with all my studies for Year 12...

if someone else is willing to run it, AND get new Gym leaders, etc. Then I'd be happy to transfer it to you, but until then, I'm going to have to ask a mod to lock it...
Not open for further replies.