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Breaking emeralds for a living (colourless mega rayquaza EX and shaymin EX+ more)


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All the hype is for decks like night march, bats, those kinds of things, Ray/shay seems to be the under rated and the over priced list of the format, though that isn't 100%. I tend to think that if the few players that find how destructive the decklist is decides not to hype it assume that the majority of the format won't play it if they don't hype it, and since I and a few others don't hype anything we're there preferred player.

I find that, especially for nationals, a lot of players like to hype tier 2-3 lists to make any player that could be considered a threat to play decks that do well to counter those decks but nothing else in the format. This helps decks like colourless ray/shay to play well and classics like yeti, donphan, etc to make comebacks on the format and see top 16 play in the right hands.

But I should be talking about breaking emeralds

3-3 mega rayquaza (colourless king)
4 shaymin EX (colourless bishop)
2-2 raichu X/Y
1-1 altaria ROS (colourless queen)
2 eggs

4 DCE (colourless rook)
5 grass

1 professor birch's Observations
1 Shauna
1 Winona
1 Lysandre
1 Professor sycamore
4 VS seeker
3 battle compressor
3 mega turbo
4 ultra ball
3 Acro bike (colourless-->)
3 trainers mail(-->knight)
3 sky field (chess board)
3 spirit link (colourless pawn)
2 switch

The deck is just as explosive w/o trainers or w/o abilities, with both it's turn 1 capabilities is turn 1 240 or 180, and the entire engine is X/Y (except eggs, that's a hard pill to swallow, but there is options) on turning alot of hype about needing post xy cards to play decks or that it makes up the format to be total Ludacris, if vile plume becomes an issue, tech wobbs and keep shaymin in hand for when they switch out your wobb.

Strategy for those that need strategy. Always start rayquaza if you can't np, you run 2 switch and since you go through about 20 cards off the top of your deck once per turn there's only need to do it once, turn 1, then keep up the pace through out the rest of the game. Battle compressor is a dual tech allowing you to get eggs for bench space and ultra balls, energy for mega turbo and a supporter for those 4 VS seeker (which if you can help it, don't discard a single one), acro bike is your hands last option and trainers mail is hand extension, if you have a supporter like shauna, priority to play it is much higher then if you have both acro bike and trainers mail, keep it for a better strategy and a better hand, which do exist w/o vs seeker and supporters in hand (which running 9 overall helps running into those kinds of combo's pretty easily). Overall, the decklist has a 25 card draw engine spanning all forms of cards in the deck, most lock decks only stop 1 at a time, it's just making it work for you.
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You noticed the eggs, but I didn't see them in your build...