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Breathe Me (OldRivalShipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by .Starbright., Aug 13, 2007.

  1. .Starbright.

    .Starbright. Hippos eatin' corn.

    Yeah, I really didn't like Paralyze, so I deleted it.
    D: So, here's to my second fic! 8D
    I think this one is better than the last one. Well, I hope it is...
    Also, later on, there will be franticshipping.
    Characters are a little OOC. D:

    Overall rating: R through NC-17
    Chapter Rating: R for Strong language, some gang violence stuff, and yeah.


    “Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Young man found brutally murdered for reasons unknown!”
    An obnoxious looking paperboy called out.

    Only a few people stopped to pick up a newspaper, tossing quarters at the paperboy.
    Really, this really wasn’t that astonishing for any people to find out, especially here in Las Vegas.
    “I bet it was another upper-class man trying something funny in one of those run-down neighborhoods.” A few people whispered.

    “They don’t even have the half of it,” A girl who looked about 21-years-old muttered.

    This woman was the girlfriend of the ‘brutally murdered young man’. This lady bared the name Blue. She, along with some gang called MS-13 are the only ones who know what really happened.


    “Red, sweetie, I don’t think we should be walking through here,” A scared Blue uttered.

    “Nonsense, if you leave them gang members alone, they leave you alone,” A slender, black-haired man replied.

    “If you say so…”

    The couple walked silently for a few minutes, until Red accidentally ran into a tall, Hispanic man.

    “Watch where yer goin’” the man grunted.

    “Why don’t you?” Red shouted.

    “I suggest ya don’t talk like dat to a tough man like me”

    “You wouldn’t know tough even if it bit you in the ***.”

    “Red, calm down,” Blue said, barely above a whisper.

    “Shut up, Blue. I can handle this myself,”

    At that moment, the Hispanic guy pulled out a handgun.

    Blue felt her heart stop. Red, however, wasn’t intimidated.

    “You wouldn’t dare shoot that at me,”

    “Red, please just-“


    A loud thump sounded as Red fell to the ground.

    “Oh my God, Red!” The chocolate-haired girl fell to her knees, caressing the lifeless body of the man she loved. Tears were falling uncontrollably down her face.

    Suddenly, the man who just shot her boyfriend tore Blue off of her boyfriend, and made her stand up.

    “Listen, lady, ya didn’t see nothin’ ya hear?” He yelled, holding a gun to her head.


    Loud sirens were heard from afar, but they were coming closer.

    “****, da police are here”

    The guy gripped Blue’s wrist, and took him with her as he fled.

    “Why are you taking me with you?” Blue asked, confused.

    “Da last thing I need is you gettin’ questioned by dem cops,” He replied.

    “Oh, okay.”

    “Plus, I was needin’ a little excitement tonight.”

    -End Flashback-

    One lonely tear trickled down the girl’s face as she recalled what happened last night.
    Her boyfriend was shot, she lost her virginity, and she didn’t know if she had any STDs. What else could go wrong?

    “I need a drink,” She sighed.

    The blue-eyed woman happened to walk by a bar called Botanas Bar.

    Sure, why not?

    She entered through the large wooden doors, the stench of alcohol and tobacco seeping up her nostrils.

    Blue trudged her way over to an empty seat, a few drunken men whistling as she walked by. “Woo, we normally don’t find girls like her ‘round here,” One old guy laughed.

    Blue just ignored them, and found an empty seat.

    “Well, hello, Miss.” A friendly voice said. Well, it sounded friendly.


    “What can I get you on this fine day?”

    “I’ll just have a Bud Light, please.”

    “Wow, somebody who has manners. Anyway, coming right up!” The handsome man chuckled.

    “Aren’t you going to ask for my I.D?” Blue questioned.

    “O-oh yeah, can I see your I.D?”


    Blue handed the small plastic card to the bar tender.

    “Ahh, so your name is Blue, eh?”

    “No, it’s Bob. Yes, my name is Blue!”

    “Sheesh, okay. I’m Green, by the way,” He smiled, holding out a hand for her to shake.

    “Nice to meet you,” She replied, grasping his hand and shaking it.

    “Anyway, I’ll be right back with your drink,” He said as he scooted off.

    He reminds me of Re-

    Red. Her beloved boyfriend, who was now…gone. She would never be able to embrace him again, or kiss his soft lips. The boy who was so kind, the boy who loved her so much, is dead.

    “…Your drink,” Green said, noticing the intense sadness burning in her sapphire orbs.

    “Oh, thanks,” She replied, faking a smile.

    “Is something wrong?”

    “Just stuff,”

    “Stuff like what?”

    “I…don’t really want to talk about it.” Blue was on the verge of crying, and this guy wasn’t helping.

    “Oh, I understand. Just don’t dwell on whatever’s wrong too much.” He winked.


    “Green! We’re thirsty too, y’know!” One impatient, drunken man hollered.

    “Coming! Sorry!”

    Why would he care about me dwelling on what’s wrong? She wondered.

    Before Blue knew it, her glass was empty, and she was ready to leave.
    She stood up, stretched, and headed for the door.

    “Wait!” She heard Green yell.


    “Call me some time!” He smiled.

    A few ‘wooo’s were heard in the background.

    The emerald-eyed man tossed Blue a small, torn piece of paper with a number neatly engraved on it.



    Well, there you have it.
    First chapter done.
    Please R&R.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2007

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