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~Breeding Bonanza~

Tak Aburame

~Water's Revolution~
Ok, I've decided to take up breeding. If you have anything you want me to breed for you I have a list, also, feel free to donate any special egg move pokes you have.
I have the following to offer:
Thunder/Ice Beam~Lapras
Flare Blitz~Charmander(May also learn focus punch and solar beam)
Belly Drum~Charmander
Fire Punch~Elekid
Dragon Dance~Charmander
Sky Uppercut+Crunch~Riolu
Dragon Claw+Earthquake+Fire Blast~Gible
Grass Knot+Shadow Ball~Eevee
Water Pulse~Skitty
Dragon Dance~Bagon
Thunder+Fire punch~Chimchar
Dragon Dance+Ice Punch~Totodile

I want Other Egg move pokes in return. If you want I can try to cross breed some of these pokes. I will also accept shinies for these. I will keep this thread as permanant as possible. FYI: I do have to breed/Hatch these pokes so like if im hatching u a lapras or snorlax itll take longer. Thank you and have a nice day!


Well-Known Member
I'd like a Water Pulse Skitty.


Active Member
pichu w/volt tackle and thunderbolt for the totodile