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Breeding Discussion

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Cooltrainer Rip

So I've started dabbling in breeding lately,and was wondering about egg moves:is the newly hatched pokemin supposed to know them strsight off,or does it learn them at certain levels? Lets take my baby slugma for example. I noticed egg moves were Acid Armour and Heat Wave. Mine has Rock Throw,Flamethrower,Fire Blast and Smog. It inherited the 1st three from its daddy Magcargo. The Move tutor in Fallarbor can only give him Yawn. Any tips?


Obsessive Beader/Mod
They will hatch knowing the moves.

Any Egg Moves, TMs, or HMs that the father knows will be passed on to the baby. Just because a Pokemon comes from an Egg doesn't mean it automatically gets Egg Moves. The father has to know them in order for them to be passed on.

If you have any further questions, please post them in the Breeding sticky, here:


Not open for further replies.