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Breeding Help/Discussion and Egg Move Chains

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Shining Mew, Jun 12, 2005.

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  1. Yes this is pretty much the exact same thing in Ru/Sa forum but after a few requests.. Im making it in here as well. Whee.

    New and improved Egg Move Chains Thread!

    Things concerning this thread/credit:
    -Aceleader did about 80% of Kanto, and I went back and did a lot of corrections oO
    -I did all of Johto
    -Fro-Dizzy and I split Hoenn
    -I made the Ru/Sa Pokemon Breeding Information thing
    -The list is split into Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. The Pokemon are listed in their respective regions
    -Look for the lowest form of the Pokemon for the egg moves. There is an exception though, as Azuril and Marill have different egg moves.
    -Moves that have ***** as their chain indicates that there is no way to get the move according to the SPP dex, although it is listed as an egg move there
    -If there is an evolved form in the breeding paths, it means that you have to breed with the evo. because earlier forms do not learn the move
    -If you see any errors, point them out please ^^

    I spent sooooo much time putting this together … ::twitches::


    Ru/Sa Pokemon Breeding: The Basics

    Commonly Known Info:
    When you leave two Pokemon at the Daycare, there is the possibility that an egg will be produced under certain conditions. The egg will hatch as the lowest evolution of the Female parent and will always be at Lvl 5. For example, a Female Sceptile and Male Vileplume will produce a Treecko at Lvl 5. Obviously, one Pokemon must be Male and the other Female to breed, and show some kid of interest in each other. When left at the Daycare, ask the man outside to check their interest. If they show an interest, an egg will be produced.

    You can breed a son with its mother, or a daughter with the father. A message that says that the Pokemon have no interest in each other appears when the two are not in the same egg/breeding group, or are both males/females. Some Pokemon as you know do not produce eggs at all, and are either genderless, "baby" Pokemon or Legends.

    Breeding Examples

    Sceptile Male + Salamence Female= Bagon
    Mudkip Male + Whismur Female= Whismur
    Voltorb + Pikachu Female= Nothing, Voltorb cant breed
    Blaziken Male + Hariyama Female= Nothing, not in the same group

    Too see if two Pokemon are compatible, just simply look at their 'dex entry here on the site at the egg groups theyre in. http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-rs/

    Simple so far huh? :p

    The Types of Moves
    There are three types of moves that a baby Pokemon can start off with, and these are Learned, Inherited, and Heriditary.

    Learned Moves: These are moves that Pokemon would start with if it was caught in the wild at Lvl 5.
    Inherited Moves: Moves or TMs that Pokemon would normally learn later in 'life' or by leveling that form up. These are inherited from the father/Male Pokemon ONLY.
    Hereditary Moves: These are also known as Egg Moves. These are ONLY inherited from the father also. These are moves the Pokemon would not normally learn. Normally, the most egg moves a Pokemon can learn is eight.

    How It Works
    When the Pokemon hatches from the egg, it starts with the moves the wild Pokemon of the same level would know (Learned Moves) . For example, (I'll be using the Treecko line for all the examples) a newly hatched Treecko would have Pound and Leer while a newly hatched Bagon would have Rage. The remaining spaces are for Inherited and Egg moves.

    Now, don't get mad if the Pokemon has to many Learned Moves. Inherited and Egg moves take priority over them, and if the Pokemon has 2 Learned Moves and has the possiblity of learning 3 Egg/Inherited moves, the forst move on the list will be erased and replaced by on of the three.

    Treecko with Pound and Leer with the chance of getting Solar Beam, Sunny Day, and Dragonbreath from the Father Sceptile. It would hatch with Leer, Solar Beam, Sunny Day, and Dragonbreath.

    If both Male and female Pokmeon used in the breeding know a move that the baby would learn later if life, then the baby will have the move. For example, two Sceptile with Slam will have a baby with Slam. This can create baby Pokemon with powerful moves that they would get much later through training.

    If the Male Pokemon knows a TM that the baby can have, the baby will hatch with it. This lets you 'reuse' your TMs in a way by breeding them to other Pokemon.

    And last but not least, the annoying Egg Moves. In Ru/Sa, breeding for Egg moves is a lot easier as you cant trade with any games (yet) so you're stuck with the Pokemon in the games, and the few from Colosseum. This makes breeding chains one or two steps long, but rarer moves take a few more. To breed for Egg Moves, find a compatible Male Pokemon who can learn the desired egg move(s) and then breed it with the Female version of the desired Pokemon. Often, the Pokemon who learns the desired move can't breed with the desired Pokemon. For this, you need a Pokemon who can act as an intermediate to connect them. Breed the two Pokemon until you get a Male baby and then breed it with the Female form of the desired Pokemon.

    Treecko with Crush Claw

    Male Zangoose(Pokemon who learns the desired move) breeds with Female Rhyhorn/Ryhdon (Intermediate)

    Their Male baby Rhyhorn should now breed with a Female Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile and will have a baby Treecko with Crush Claw.

    Waiting For The Pokemon Eggs
    After you get the two compatible Pokemon and theyre in Daycare, you need to leave them alone and walk around. Breeding time is based on conditions. There are ways to make the Pokemon breed faster. First, breeding two of the same Pokemon (Sceptile with Grovyle) cuts down the time. Also, breed two Pokemon with different ID numbers. These you get from in-game trades, friends, Colosseum or another gamepack that you own. The more the Pokemon like each other, the quicker it takes to produce and egg. Use the Mach Bike when you walk back and forth, as it also depends of steps travled and Mach Bike doubles the steps you take and lets you walk faster. It should only take 10 minutes or less to get an egg.

    And remember to have an empty slot in your party to take the egg before talking to the Daycare Man. And to hatch the eggs, you have to walk around with them for a certain amount of steps. To check the exact amount you need to take, look at their entry on the main site's 'dex again.


    1. Charm: Skitty --> Shroomish --> Bulbasaur
    2. Curse: Slowpoke --> Bulbasaur
    3. Grasswhistle: Roselia --> Bulbasaur
    4. Light Screen: Chikorita -->Bulbasaur
    5. Magical Leaf: Roselia --> Bulbasaur
    6. Petal Dance: Oddish --> Bulbasaur
    7. Safeguard: Chikorita --> Bulbasaur
    8. Skull Bash: Squirtle --> Bulbasaur

    1. Ancientpower: Omanyte/Corsola --> Totodile --> Charmander
    2. Beat Up: Sneasel --> Ekans --> Charmander
    3. Belly Drum: Snorlax --> Charmander
    4. Bite: Ekans --> Charmander
    5. Dragon Dance: Horsea --> Charmander
    6. Outrage: Dratini --> Charmander
    7. Rock Slide: Larvitar --> Charmander
    8. Swords Dance: Absol --> Rhyhorn --> Charmander

    1. Flail: Feebas --> Squirtle
    2. Foresight: Mudkip --> Squirtle
    3. Haze: Wooper --> Squirtle
    4. Mirror Coat: Corsola --> Squirtle
    5. Mist: Wooper --> Squirtle
    6. Mud Sport: Wooper --> Squirtle
    7. Refresh: Corsola --> Squirtle
    8. Yawn: Wooper --> Squirtle

    No egg moves.

    No egg moves.

    1. Air Cutter: Zubat --> Pidgey
    2. Faint Attack: Murkrow --> Pidgey
    3. Foresight: Hoothoot --> Pidgey
    4. Pursuit: Spearow --> Pidgey
    5. Steel Wing: Skarmory --> Pidgey

    1. Bite: Ekans --> Rattata
    2. Counter: Slakoth --> Rattata
    3. Flame Wheel: Growlithe --> Rattata
    4. Fury Swipes: Sandshrew --> Rattata
    5. Reversal: Vigoroth --> Rattata
    6. Screech: Ekans --> Rattata
    7. Swagger: Meowth --> Rattata
    8. Uproar: Vigoroth/Whismur --> Rattata

    1. Astonish: Zubat --> Spearow
    2. Faint Attack: Murkrow --> Spearow
    3. False Swipe: Farfetch’d --> Spearow
    4. Quick Attack: Pidgey --> Spearow
    5. Scary Face: Aerodactyl --> Spearow
    6. Sky Attack: Altaria --> Spearow
    7. Tri Attack: Doduo --> Spearow

    1. Beat Up: Sneasal-->Ekans
    2. Poison Fang: Seviper-->Ekans
    3. Pursuit: Treecjo-->Ekans
    4. Slam: Treecko-->Ekans
    5. Spite: Dunsparse-->Ekans

    1. Flail: Phanpy-->Sandshrew
    2. Safeguard: Vulpix-->Sandshrew
    3. Counter: Slakoth-->Sandshrew
    4. Rapid Spin: Donphan-->Sandshrew
    5. Rock Slide: Camerupt-->Sandshrew
    6. Swords Dance: Absol-->Sandshrew
    7. Crush Claw: Zangoose-->Sandshrew

    Nidoran F
    1. Beat Up: Sneasal-->Nidoran F
    2. Charm: Snubull-->Nidoran F
    3. Counter: Slakoth-->Nidoran F
    4. Disable: Psyduck-->Nidoran F
    5. Focus Energy: Nidoran M-->Nidoran F
    6. Supersonic: Whismur-->Nidoran F
    7. Take Down: Eevee/Snubull/Poochyena-->Nidoran F

    Nidoran M
    1. Beat Up: Sneasal-->Nidoran F-->Nidoran M
    2. Charm: Snubull-->Nidoran F-->Nidoran M
    3. Counter: Slakoth-->Nidoran F-->Nidoran M
    4. Disable: Psyduck-->Nidoran F-->Nidoran M
    5. Focus Energy: Nidoran M-->Nidoran M
    6. Supersonic: Whismur-->Nidoran F-->Nidoran M
    7. Take Down: Eevee/Snubull/Poochyena-->Nidoran F-->Nidoran M
    *this dude is like Illumis and Volbeat. Im guessing that if the Female has the moves then maybe when the 2 Nidos breed the Male will get it. I dont know, I havent breed those two yet

    1. Faint Attack: Spinda-->Vulpix
    2. Hypnosis: Spinda-->Vulpix
    3. Flail: Slakoth-->Vulpix
    4. Disable: Psyduck-->Vulpix
    5. Howl: Poochyena-->Vulpix
    6. Psych Up: Psyduck-->Vulpix
    7. Heatwave: Torkoal-->Vulpix

    1. Quick Attack: Taillow-->Zubat
    2. Pursuit: Doduo-->Zubat

    1. Razor Leaf: Tropius-->Oddish
    2. Flail: Magicarp-->Horsea-->Lotad-->Oddish
    3. Synthesis: Tropius-->Oddish
    4. Charm: Skitty-->Shroomish-->Oddish
    5. Ingrain: Roselia-->Oddish

    1. Counter: Heracross-->Paras
    2. False Swipe: Scyther-->Paras
    3. Flail: Feebas-->Lotad-->Paras
    4. Light Screen: Chikorita-->Paras
    5. Psybeam: Venonat-->Paras
    6. Pursuit: Scyther-->Paras
    7. Screech: Yanma-->Paras
    8. Sweet Scent: Oddish-->Paras

    1. Baton Pass: Ledyba-->Venonat
    2. Giga Drain: Paras-->Venonat
    3. Screech: Yanma-->Venonat
    4. Signal Beam: Volbeat-->Venonat

    1. Ancientpower: Kecleon-->Diglett
    2. Beat Up: Sneasel-->Diglett
    3. Faint Attack: Sneasel-->Diglett
    4. Pursuit: Rattata-->Diglett
    5. Rock Slide: Camerupt-->Diglett
    6. Screech: Sneasel-->Diglett
    7. Uproar: Vigoroth/Whismur-->Diglett

    1. Amnesia: Sentret-->Meowth
    2. Assist: Skitty-->Meowth
    3. Charm: Skitty-->Meowth
    4. Hypnosis: Stantler-->Meowth
    5. Psych Up: Psyduck-->Meowth
    6. Spite: Dunsparse-->Meowth

    1. Hypnosis: Spinda-->Psyduck
    2. Psybeam: Spoink-->Psyduck
    3. Foresight: Mudkip-->Psyduck
    4. Light Screen: Pikachu-->Psyduck
    5. Future Sight: Absol-->Psyduck
    6. Psychic: Spoink-->Psyduck
    7. Refresh: Milotic-->Psyduck

    1. Beat Up: Sneasel-->Mankey
    2. Foresight: Hoothoot-->Farfetch’d-->Mankey
    3. Counter: Slakoth-->Mankey
    4. Meditate: *****
    5. Revenge: *****
    6. Reversal: Vigoroth-->Mankey
    7. Rock Slide: Camerupt-->Mankey
    8. Smellingsalt: Makuhita-->Spinda-->Mankey

    1. Body Slam: Miltank-->Growlithe
    2. Crunch: Houndour-->Growlithe
    3. Fire Spin: Vulpix-->Growlithe
    4. Heat Wave: Torkoal-->Growlithe
    5. Howl: Poochyena/Houndour-->Growlithe
    6. Safeguard: Vulpix-->Growlithe
    7. Thrash: Tauros-->Growlithe

    1. Bubblebeam: Marril-->Poliwag
    2. Haze: Wooper-->Poliwag
    3. Ice Ball: Spheal-->Poliwag
    4. Mind Reader: Poliwrath-->Poliwag
    5. Mist: Wooper-->Poliwag
    6. Splash: Feebas-->Poliwag
    7. Water Sport: Psyduck-->Poliwag

    1. Encore: Illumise-->Abra
    2. Knock Off: Makuhita-->Abra
    3. Fire Punch: Medicham-->Abra
    4. Thunderpunch: Medicham-->Abra
    5. Ice Punch: Medicham-->Abra
    *To get the punches on Medicham, go to the Move re-learner and exchange heart scales


    1. Light Screen: Pikachu-->Spinda-->Machop
    2. Meditate: Meditite-->Machop
    3. Encore: Spheal-->Spinda-->Machop
    4. Smellingsalt: Makuhita-->Machop
    5. Counter: Breloom-->Cacnea-->Machop
    6. Rock Slide: Camerupt-->Spinda-->Machop

    1. Encore: Clefairy --> Hoppip --> Bellsprout
    2. Ingrain: Tangela --> Bellsprout
    3. Leech Life: Paras-->Bellsprout
    4. Magical Leaf: Roselia --> Bellsprout
    5. Reflect: Exeggcute --> Bellsprout
    6. Swords Dance: Move tutor
    7. Synthesis: Hoppip --> Bellsprout

    1. Mirror Coat: Corsola-->Tentacool
    2. Confuse Ray: Lileep-->Tentacool

    1. Rockslide: Nosepass-->Geodude
    2. Block: Nosepass-->Geodude

    1. Charm: Snubull-->Ponyta
    2. Double Kick: Nidoran M-->Ponyta
    3. Double-Edge: Phanpy-->Ponyta
    4. Flame Wheel: Growlithe-->Ponyta
    5. Hypnosis: Stantler-->Ponyta
    6. Thrash: Mankey/Tauros-->Ponyta

    1. Belly Drum: Poliwag-->Slowpoke
    2. Future Sight: Absol-->Psyduck-->Slowpoke
    3. Mud Sport: Mudkip-->Slowpoke
    4. Safeguard: Seel-->Slowpoke
    5. Sleep Talk: Snorlax-->Slowpoke
    6. Snore: Snorlax-->Slowpoke
    7. Stomp: Lickitung-->Slowpoke

    No Egg Moves

    1. Curse: Torkoal--> Farfetch’d
    2. Featherdance: Pidgey-->Farfetch’d
    3. Flail: Phanpy-->Farfetch’d
    4. Foresight: Hoothoot-->Farfetch’d
    5. Gust: Pidgey-->Farfetch’d
    6. Mirror Move: Pidgey-->Farfetch’d
    7. Quick Attack: Pidgey-->Farfetch’d
    8. Steel Wing: Skarmory-->Farfetch’d

    1. Quick Attack: Taillow-->Doduo
    2. Supersonic: Zubat-->Doduo
    3. Haze: Zubat-->Doduo
    4. Endeavor: Taillow-->Doduo

    1. Disable: Psyduck-->Seel
    2. Encore: Spheal-->Seel
    3. Fake Out: Meowth-->Seel
    4. Horn Drill: Rhyhorn-->Seel
    5. Icicle Spear: Shellder-->Corsola-->Seel
    6. Lick: Snubull-->Seel
    7. Perish Song: Absol-->Seel
    8. Slam: Sentret-->Seel

    1. Haze: Koffing-->Grimer
    2. Mean Look: Duskull-->Grimer
    3. Imprison: Ralts-->Grimer
    4. Curse: Shuppet-->Grimer
    5. Shadow Punch: Dusclops-->Grimer
    6. Explosion: Koffing-->Grimer

    1. Barrier: Tentacool-->Shellder
    2. Bubblebeam: Tentacool-->Shellder
    3. Rapid Spin: Squirlte-->Kabuto-->Shellder
    4. Screech: Tentacool-->Shellder
    5. Take Down: Lanturn/Qwilfish-->Shellder

    1. Astonish: Misdreavus-->Gastly
    2. Explosion: Koffing-->Gastly
    3. Grudge: Koffing --> Gastly
    4. Haze: Koffing-->Gastly
    5. Perish Song: Misdreavus-->Gastly
    6. Psywave: Misdreavus-->Gastly
    7. Will-o-Wisp: Shuppet/Duskull-->Gastly

    1. Block: Sudowoodo-->Onix
    2. Explosion: Geodude-->Onix
    3. Flail: Sudowoodo-->Onix
    4. Rock Slide: Sudowoodo-->Onix

    1. Assist: Skitty-->Spinda-->Drowzee
    2. Barrier: Mr. Mime-->Drowzee
    3. Fire Punch: Magmar-->Drowzee
    4. Thunderpunch: Electabuzz-->Drowzee
    5. Ice Punch: Jynx-->Electabuzz-->Drowzee
    6. Role Play: Mr. Mime-->Electabuzz-->Drowzee

    1. Amnesia: Lileep-->Krabby
    2. Dig: Diglett-->Wooper-->Corphish--> Krabby
    3. Haze: Wooper-->Omanyte-->Krabby
    4. Knock Off: Corphish-->Krabby
    5. Swords Dance: Corphish-->Krabby

    No Egg Moves

    1. Ancientpower: Corsola-->Totodile-->Chikorita-->Exeggcute
    2. Curse: Slowpoke-->Bulbasaur-->Exeggcute
    3. Ingrain: Tangela-->Exeggcute
    4. Moonlight: Oddish-->Exeggcute
    5. Psych Up: Psyduck/Spoink-->Skitty-->Hoppip-->Exeggcute
    6. Synthesis: Bulbasaur-->Exeggcute

    1. Ancientpower: Corsola-->Totodile-->Cubone
    2. Belly Drum: Snorlax-->Cubone
    3. Perish Song: Lapras-->Cubone
    4. Rock Slide: Larvitar-->Cubone
    5. Screech: Lickitung-->Cubone
    6. Skull Bash: Squirtle-->Cubone
    7. Swords Dance: Zangoose-->Rhyhorn-->Cubone

    1. Belly Drum: Snorlax-->Lickitung
    2. Body Slam: Snorlax-->Lickitung
    3. Curse: Slowbro-->Lickitung
    4. Magnitude: Diglett-->Rhyhorn-->Lickitung
    5. Sleep Talk: Snorlax-->Lickitung
    6. Smellingsalt: Makuhita-->Spinda-->Whismur-->Lickitung
    7. Snore: Snorlax-->Lickitung
    8. Substitute: Kecleon-->Skitty-->Marril-->Lapras-->Lickitung

    1. Screech: Grimer-->Koffing
    2. Psywave: Chimecho-->Koffing
    3. Destiny Bond: Gastly-->Koffing
    4. Will-o-Wisp: Shuppet-->Koffing

    1. Crunch: Seviper-->Rhyhorn
    2. Reversal: Vigoroth-->Rhyhorn
    3. Rock Slide: Camerupt-->Rhyhorn
    4. Counter: Slakoth-->Rhyhorn
    5. Magnitude: Numel-->Rhyhorn
    6. Swords Dance: Absol-->Rhyhorn
    7. Curse: Torkoal-->Rhyhorn
    8. Crush Claw: Zangoose-->Rhyhorn

    1. Aromatherapy: Roselia-->Chansey
    2. Heal Bell: Skitty-->Chansey
    3. Metronome: Clefairy-->Chansey
    4. Present: Delibird-->Snubull-->Chansey
    5. Substitute: Keckleon-->Skitty-->Chansey

    1. Amnesia: Slakoth-->Seedot-->Tangela
    2. Confusion: Exeggcute-->Tangela
    3. Flail: Feebas-->Lotad-->Tangela
    4. Leech Seed: Bulbasaur-->Tangela
    5. Nature Power: Lotad/Seedot-->Tangela
    6. Reflect: Exeggcute-->Tangela

    1. Counter: Slakoth-->Rhyhorn-->Kangaskhan
    2. Crush Claw: Zangoose-->Rhyhorn-->Kangaskhan
    3. Disable: Lickitung-->Kangaskhan
    4. Focus Energy: Nidoran M-->Kangaskhan
    5. Foresight: Mudkip-->Kangaskhan
    6. Safeguard: Lapras-->Kangaskhan
    7. Stomp: Rhyhorn-->Kangaskhan
    8. Substitute: Kecleon-->Skitty-->Marril-->Lapras-->Kangaskhan

    1. Flail: Magikarp-->Horsea
    2. Aurora Beam: Spheal-->Horsea
    3. Disable: Psyduck-->Horsea
    4. Splash: Magikarp-->Horsea
    5. Dragon Rage: Gyarados-->Horsea
    6. Dragonbreath: Bagon-->Horsea
    *I, SM, seriously hope no one is planning on teaching it Splash

    1. Psybeam: Remoraid-->Goldeen
    2. Hydro Pump: Wailmer-->Goldeen
    3. Sleep Talk: Whismur-->Wailmer-->Goldeen
    4. Mud Sport: Barboach-->Goldeen

    No Egg Moves

    Mr. Mime
    1. Fake Out: Makuhita-->Mr. Mime
    2. Future Sight: Drowzee-->Mr. Mime
    3. Hypnosis: Drowzee-->Mr. Mime
    4. Mimic: Move Tutor
    5. Psych Up: Drowzee-->Mr. Mime

    1. Baton Pass: Ledyba-->Scyther
    2. Counter: Heracross-->Scyther
    3. Endure: Heracross-->Scyther
    4. Light Screen: Ledyba-->Scyther
    5. Razor Wind: *****
    6. Reversal: Heracross-->Scyther
    7. Safeguard: Ledyba-->Scyther
    8. Silver Wind: Beautifly-->Scyther

    1. Fury Attack: Heracross-->Pinsir
    2. False Swiper: Nincada-->Pinsir
    3. Faint Attack: Trapinch-->Pinsir

    No Egg Moves

    No Egg Moves

    1. Curse: Slowbro-->Lapras
    2. Dragon Dance: Horsea-->Lapras
    3. Foresight: Mudkip-->Lapras
    4. Horn Drill: Goldeen-->Lapras
    5. Refresh: Likitung-->Lapras
    6. Sleep Talk: Whismur-->Lapras
    7. Substitute: Kecleon-->Skitty-->Marril-->Lapras
    8. Tickle: Omanyte-->Lapras

    No Egg Moves

    1. Charm: Snubull-->Eevee
    2. Curse: Torkoal-->Eevee
    3. Endure: Phanpy-->Eevee
    4. Flail: Phanpy-->Eevee
    5. Tickle: Aipom-->Eevee
    6. Wish: Togetic-->Skitty-->Eevee

    No Egg Moves

    1. Aurora Beam: Seel-->Omanyte
    2. Bubblebeam: Tentacool-->Omanyte
    3. Haze: Wooper-->Omanyte
    4. Rock Slide: Camerupt-->Spheal-->Omanyte
    5. Slam: Dratini-->Omanyte
    6. Spikes: Cloyster-->Omanyte
    7. Supersonic: Tentacool-->Omanyte

    1. Aurora Beam: Seel-->Kabuto
    2. Bubblebeam: Tentacool-->Kabuto
    3. Confuse Ray: Lapras-->Kabuto
    4. Dig: Diglett-->Rhyhorn-->Slowpoke-->Kabuto
    5. Flail: Goldeen-->Kabuto
    6. Knock Off: Corphish-->Kabuto
    7. Rapid Spin: Squirtle-->Kabuto

    1. Curse: Torkoal-->Farfetch’d-->Aerodactyl
    2. Dragonbreath: Altaria-->Aerodactyl
    3. Foresight: Hoothoot-->Aerodactyl
    4. Pursuit: Murkrow-->Aerodactyl
    5. Steel Wing: Skarmory-->Aerodactyl
    6. Whirlwind: Pidgey-->Aerodactyl

    1. Charm: Snubull-->Nidoran-->Snorlax
    2. Curse: Slowpoke-->Snorlax
    3. Double Edge: Aron-->Snorlax
    4. Fissure: *****
    5. Lick: Lickitung-->Snorlax
    6. Substitute: Kecleon-->Skitty-->Marril-->Lapras--> Snorlax

    1. Dragon Dance: Horsea-->Dratini
    2. Dragonbreath: Altaria-->Dratini
    3. Haze: Wooper-->Dratini
    4. Light Screen: Pikachu-->Marril-->Dratini
    5. Mist: Wingull-->Dratini
    6. Supersonic: Wingull-->Dratini
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  2. Johto

    1. Ancient Power: Corsola-->Totodile-->Chikorita
    2. Counter: Breloom-->Chikorita
    3. Flail: Horsea-->Squirtle-->Chikorita
    4. Grasswhistle: Roselia-->Chikorita
    5. Ingrain: Roselia-->Chikorita
    6. Leech Seed: Bulbasaur/Bellsprout-->Chikorita
    7. Nature Power: Seedot/Lotad-->Chikorita
    8. Vine Whip: Bulbasuar-->Chikorita

    1. Covet: Zigzagoon-->Cyndaquil
    2. Crush Claw: Zangoose-->Cyndaquil
    3. Foresight:Mudkip-->Psyduck-->Cyndaquil
    4. Fury Swipes: Teddiursa-->Cyndaquil
    5. Howl: Whismur/Electrike-->Cyndaquil
    6. Quick Attack: Electrike-->Cyndaquil
    7. Reversal: Vigoroth-->Cyndaquil
    8. Thrash: Teddiursa-->Cyndaquil

    1. Ancient Power: Corsola-->Totodile
    2. Crunch: Larvitar/Nidoran Female-->Totodile
    3. Dragon Claw: Bagon-->Charmander-->Totodile
    4. Hydro Pump: Squirtle/Psyduck/Poliwag/Horsea/Lapras/Omanyte/Maril/
    5. Mud Sport: Mudkip-->Totodile
    6. Rock Slide: Camerupt-->Spheal-->Totodile
    7. Thrash: Nidoking/Larvitar-->Totodile
    8. Water Sport: Psyduck/Lombre-->Totodile
    *DC is like TM breeding to Charmander. Since the Bagon chain are the only Pokemon besides Rayquaza that can learn DC, the breeding is very limited. The only way I found is to breed with Charmander. Now, DC is not one of its egg moves, but it can have it since it can learn DC from a TM as a Charmander. So basically it is an egg move. So then you just breed it to the Totodile and youll have a Totodile with DC.
    *Why Hydro Pump is an egg move is beyond me. It learns Hydro Pump >.<

    1. Assist: Skitty-->Sentret
    2. Double-Edge: Phanpy/Spinda/Camerupt/Skitty-->Sentret
    3. Focus Energy: Numel/Slakoth/Torchic/Mankey-->Sentret
    4. Pursuit: Umbreon/Rattata/Tauros/Dunsparse/Zangoose-->Sentret
    5. Reversal: Vigoroth-->Sentret
    6. Slash: Vogoroth/Meowth/Torchic/Teddisursa-->Sentret
    7. Substitute: Kecleon-->Sentret
    8. Trick: Kadabra-->Spinda-->Sentret

    1. Featherdance: Pidgey-->Hoothoot
    2. Faint Attack: Murkrow-->Hoothoot
    3. Mirror Move: Pidgey/Spearow/Swablu-->Hoothoot
    4. Sky Attack: Altaria-->Hoothoot
    5. Supersonic: Zubat-->Hoothoot
    6. Whirlwind: Pidgey-->Hoothoot
    7. Wing Attack: Pidgey/Zubat/Aerodactyl/Taillow/Wingull-->Hoothoot

    1. Bide: Pineco/Shuckle-->Ledyba
    2. Psybeam: Butterfree/Venomoth/Dustox-->Ledyba
    3. Silver Wind: Butterfree/Venomoth/Beautifly/Dustox/Masquerain-->Ledyba

    1. Baton Pass: Ledyba/Ninjask-->Spinarak
    2. Disable: Venonat-->Spinarak
    3. Psybeam: Butterfree/Venonat/Dustox-->Spinarak
    4. Pursuit: Beedrill/Scyther-->Spinarak
    5. Signal Beam: Volbeat-->Spinarak
    6. Sonicboom: Yanma-->Spinarak

    1. Flail: Magikarp-->Chinchou
    2. Screech: Carvanha-->Chinchou
    3. Amnesia: Wailmer-->Chinchou

    1. Reversal: Vigoroth -> Pikachu
    2. Bide: Seedot -> Pikachu
    3. Encore: Plusle -> Pikachu
    4. Doubleslap: Jigglypuff -> Pikachu
    5. Charge: Electrike -> Pikachu

    1. Amnesia: Wooper-->Marill-->Cleffa
    2. Belly Drum: Belly Drum: Poliwag -> Marill -> Cleffa
    3. Metronome: Clefairy-->Cleffa
    4. Mimic: Jigglypuff-->Cleffa
    5. Present: Delibird-->Snubull-->Cleffa
    6. Splash: Hoppip-->Cleffa
    7. Substitute: Kecleon-->Skitty-->Cleffa
    8. Wish: Togetic-->Cleffa

    1. Faint Attack: Skitty-->Igglybuff
    2. Fake Tears: Plusle/Mawile-->Igglybuff

    1. Foresight: Hoothoot-->Togepi
    2. Future Sight: Natu-->Togepi
    3. Mirror Move: Pidgey/Spearow/Swablu-->Togepi
    4. Peck: Spearow/Farfetch'd/Doduo/Hoothoot/Natu/
    5. Present: Delibird-->Snubull-->Togepi
    6. Psych Up: Psyduck-->Mawile-->Togepi
    7. Substitute: Kecleon-->Skitty-->Togepi

    1. Haze: Zubat -> Natu
    2. Drill Peck: Doduo -> Natu
    3. Quick Attack: Wingull -> Natu
    4. Steel Wing: Skarmory -> Natu
    5. Refresh: Swablu -> Natu

    1. Body Slam: Chikorita-->Mareep
    2. Charge: Electrike-->Mareep
    3. Oder Sleuth: Zigzagoon-->Mareep
    4. Reflect: Chikorita-->Mareep
    5. Safeguard: Chikorita-->Mareep
    6. Screech: Totodile-->Mareep
    7. Take Down: Aron-->Mareep

    1. Light Screen: Pikachu-->Marill
    2. Amnesia: Gorebyss-->Marill
    3. Future Sight: Ralts-->Castform-->Marill
    4. Supersonic: Wingull-->Marill
    5. Substitute: Kecleon-->Skitty-->Marill
    *Note: Azuril has different egg moves than Marill

    1. Selfdustruct: Geodude-->Sudowoodo

    1. Amnesia: Wooper-->Marill-->Hoppip
    2. Confusion: Exeggxute-->Hoppip
    3. Double-Edge: Jigglypuff/Togetic/Marill/Skitty-->Hoppip
    4. Encore: Clefairy/Togetic-->Hoppip
    5. Helping Hand: Plusle/Minun-->Hoppip
    6. Psych Up: Psyduck-->Mawile-->Hoppip
    7. Reflect: Exeggcute-->Hoppip

    1. Agility: Pikachu/Growlithe/Ponyta/Farfetch'd/Jolteon-->Aipom
    2. Beat Up: Sneasal-->Aipom
    3. Counter: Slakoth-->Aipom
    4. Doubleslap: Skitty-->Aipom
    5. Pursuit: Rattata/Umbreon/Dusparse/Zangoose-->Aipom
    6. Screech: Ekans/Meowth/Psyduck/Umbreon/Dusparse-->Aipom
    7. Slam: Pikachu/Sentret-->Aipom
    8. Spite: Dunsparse-->Aipom

    1. Curse: Slowpoke --> Bulbasaur-->Sunkern
    2. Encore: Clefairy/Togetic-->Hoppip-->Sunkern
    3. Grasswhistle: Roselia-->Sunkern
    4. Helping Hand: PLusle/Minun-->Hoppip-->Sunkern
    5. Leech Seed: Bulbasaur/Exeggcute/Hoppip/Shroomish/Roselia/Cacnea-->Sunkern
    6. Nature Power: Lotad/Seedot-->Sunkern

    1. Leech Life: Venonat/Spinarak/Nicada-->Yanma
    2. Reversal: Heracross-->Yanma
    3. Signal Beam: Volbeat-->Yanma
    4. Silver Wind: Butterfree/Venomoth/Beautifyl/Dustox/Masquerain-->Yanma
    5. Whirlwind: Butterfree/Beautifly/Dustox/Masquerain-->Yanma

    1. Ancient Power: Relicanth/Corsola/Omanyte/Kabuto-->Wooper
    2. Body Slam: Torkoal/Spheal-->Wooper
    3. Curse: Dunsparse-->Wooper
    4. Mud Sport: Zigzagoon/Mudkip/Relicanth-->Wooper
    5. Pound: Whismur-->Wooper
    6. Safeguard: Vulpix-->Wooper
    7. Spit Up: Ekans/Mawile-->Wooper
    8. Stockpile: Ekans/Mawile-->Wooper

    1. Confuse Ray: Zubat/Natu-->Murkrow
    2. Drill Peck: Spearow/Doduo-->Murkrow
    3. Feather Dance: Pidgey-->Murkrow
    4. Mirror Move: Pidgey/Spearow/Swablu-->Murkrow
    5. Perish Song: Swablu-->Murkrow
    6. Sky Attack: Altaria-->Murkrow
    7. Whirlwind: Pidgey-->Murkrow
    8. Wing Attack: Pidgey/Zubat/Aerodactyl/Taillow/Wingull-->Murkrow

    1. Destiny Bond: Gastly/Wobbufet-->Misdreavus
    2. Imprison: Ralts-->Misdreavus
    3. Psych Up: Psyduck-->Mawile-->Castform-->Misdreavus
    4. Screech: Shuppet-->Misdreavus

    No Egg Moves

    No Egg Moves

    1. Take Down: Numel-->Girafarig
    2. Amnesia: Slakoth-->Girafarig
    3. Foresight: Mudkip-->Psyduck-->Girafarig
    4. Future Sight: Absol-->Girafarig
    5. Psych Up: Spoink-->Girafarig
    6. Magic Coat: Spoink-->Girafarig

    1. Counter: Heracross-->Pineco
    2. Flail: Feebas-->Lotad-->Paras-->Pineco
    3. Pin Missle: Beedrill-->Pineco
    4. Reflect: Ledyba-->Pineco
    5. Sand Tomb: Trapinch-->Pineco
    6. Swift: Ledyba-->Pineco

    1. Ancientpower: Kecleon-->Dunsparse
    2. Astonish: Stantler/Girafarig/Mawile-->Dunsparse
    3. Bide: Seedot--> Dunsparse
    4. Bite: Eevee/Poochyena-->Dunsparse
    5. Curse: Torkoal-->Dunsparse
    6. Headbutt: Zigzagoon-->Dunsparse
    7. Rock Slide: Camerupt-->Dunsparse

    1. Counter: Heracross-->Gligar
    2. Metal Claw: Scizor/Nincada-->Gligar
    3. Razor Wind: *****
    4. Sand Tomb: Trapinch-->Gligar
    5. Wing Attack: Yanma/Scyther-->Gligar

    1. Crunch: Snubull-->Snubull o_O
    2. Faint Attack: Skitty-->Snubull
    3. Heal Bell: Skitty-->Snubull
    4. Metronome: Clefairy/Togetic-->Snubull
    5. Present: Delibird-->Snubull
    6. Reflect: Chikorita-->Mareep-->Snubull
    7. Smellingsalt: Makuhita-->Spinda-->Snubull
    8. Snore: Teddiursa-->Snubull

    1. Astonish: Wailmer-->Qwilfish
    2. Bubblebeam: Remoraid-->Qwilfish
    3. Flail: Chinchou-->Qwilfish
    4. Haze: Wooper/Surskit->Remoraid->Qwilfish
    5. Supersonic: Goldenn-->Qwilfish

    1. Sweet Scent: Surskit-->Shuckle

    1. Harden: Kakuna/Metapod/Silcoon/Cascoon/Nincada-->Heracross
    2. False Swipe: Scyther/Nincada-->Heracross

    1. Bite: Eevee--> Sneasel
    2. Counter: Slakoth-->Sneasel
    3. Crush Claw: Zangoose-->Sneasel
    4. Fake Out: Meowth-->Sneasel
    5. Foresight: Mudkip-->Psyduck-->Sneasel
    6. Reflect: Chikorita-->Mareep--->Sneasel
    7. Spite: Dunsparse-->Sneasal

    1. Counter: Slakoth-->Teddiursa
    2. Crunch: Snubull-->Teddiursa
    3. Fake Tears: Teddiursa/Mawile-->Teddiursa
    4. Metal Claw: Sneasel-->Teddiursa
    5. Seismic Toss: Mankey-->Teddiursa
    6. Sleep Talk: Whismur-->Teddiursa
    7. Take Down: Growlithe/Ponyta/Eevee/Dunsparse/Snubull/Poochyena-->Teddiursa
    8. Yawn: Slakoth/Dunsparse-->Teddiursa

    1. Acid Armor: Grimer-->Slugma

    1. Ancient Power: Kecleon-->Swinub
    2. Bite: Meowth/Growlithe/Eevee/Snubull/Poochyena-->Swinub
    3. Body Slam: Torkoal-->Swinub
    4. Double-Edge: Skitty/Numel/Spinda-->Swinub
    5. Icicle Spear: Shellder->Corsola->Seel->Swinub
    6. Mud Shot: Wooper-->Swinub
    7. Rock Slide: Camerupt-->Swinub
    8. Take Down: Growlithe/Ponyta/Eevee/Dunsparse/Snubull/Poochyena-->Swinub

    1. Rock Slide: Camerupt-->Spheal-->Corsola
    2. Screech: Tentacool-->Corsola
    3. Mist: Wingull-->Corsola
    4. Amnesia: Wailmer/Lileep-->Corsola
    5. Barrier: Tentacool-->Corsola
    6. Ingrain: Lileep-->Corsola
    7. Confuse Ray: Lileep-->Corsola

    1. Aurora Beam: Remoraid-->Remoraid
    2. Haze: Wooper/Surskit->Haze
    3. Octazooka: Octillery-->Remoraid
    4. Rock Blast: Corsola--> Remoraid
    5. Screech: Carvanha-->Remoraid
    6. Supersonic: Chinchou-->Remoraid
    7. Thunder Wave: Chinchou-->Remoraid

    1. Aurora Beam: Spheal-->Delibird
    2. Future Sight: Absol-->Delibird
    3. Ice Ball: Spheal-->Delibird
    4. Quick Attack: Eevee/Sentret/Zigzagoon-->Delibird
    5. Rapid Spin: Donphan-->Delibird
    6. Slash: Meowth/Sneasal/Teddiursa/Linoone/Slakoth-->Delibird

    1. Haze: Wooper-->Mantine
    2. Hydro Pump: Mantine-->Mantine
    3. Mud Sport: Mudkip-->Mantine
    4. Rock Slide: Camerupt-->Spheal-->Mantine
    5. Slam: Wooper/Dratini-->Mantine
    6. Twister: Horsea-->Mantine

    1. Drill Peck: Doduo-->Skarmory
    2. Pursuit: Doduo-->Skarmory
    3. Sky Attack: Altaria-->Skarmory

    1. Beat Up: Sneasel-->Houndour
    2. Counter: Slakoth-->Houndour
    3. Fire Spin: Vulpix/Torkoal/Ponyta/Flareon-->Houndour
    4. Pursuit: Rattata/Umbreon/Dunsparse/Zangoose-->Houndour
    5. Rage: Primape/Dunsparse/Snubull-->Houndour
    6. Reversal: Vigoroth-->Houndour
    7. Spite: Dunsparse-->Houndour
    8. Will-o-Wisp: Vulpix-->Houndour

    1. Focus Energy: Numel -> Phanpy
    2. Body Slam: Spheal -> Phanpy
    3. Ancient Power: Kecleon -> Phanpy
    4. Snore: Spheal -> Phanpy
    5. Counter: Slakoth -> Phanpy
    6. Fissure: Camerupt -> Phanpy

    1. Bite: Meowth/Growlith/Eevee/Snubull/Houndour/Poochyena-->Stantler
    2. Disable: Psyduck-->Stantler
    3. Extrasensory: Nuzleaf-->Stantler
    4. Psych Up: Psyduck-->Stantler
    5. Spite: Dunsparse-->Stantler
    6. Swagger: Meowth/Mankey/Poochyena/Nuzleaf-->Stantler


    1. Helping Hand: *****
    2. Mach Punch: Hitmochan-->Tyrogue
    3. Mind Reader: Hitmonlee-->Tyrogue

    1. Fake Out: Makuhita --> Smoochum
    2. Meditate: Mr. Mime --> Smoochum
    3. Psych Up: Drowzee --> Smoochum
    4. Wish: Illumise --> Smoochum

    1. Barrier: Mr. Mime --> Electabuzz
    2. Cross Chop: Machop --> Electazbuzz
    3. Fire Punch: Magmar --> Electabuzz
    4. Ice Punch: Jynx --> Electabuzz
    5. Karate Chop: Machop --> Electabuzz
    6. Meditate: Mr. Mime --> Electabuzz
    7. Rolling Kick: Hitmonlee --> Electabuzz

    1. Barrier: Mr. Mime --> Magmar
    2. Cross Chop: Machop --> Magmar
    3. Karate Chop: Machop --> Magmar
    4. Mega Punch: Hitmonchan --> Magmar
    5. Screech: Electabuzz --> Magmar
    6. Thunderpunch: Electabuzz --> Magmar

    1. Curse: Torkoal-->Miltank
    2. Endure: Swinub/Phanpy/Vigoroth-->Miltank
    3. Helping Hand: Growlith/Eevee/Sentret-->Miltank
    4. Present: Delibird-->Miltank
    5. Psych Up: Psyduck-->Miltank
    6. Reversal: Vigoroth-->Miltank
    7. Seismic Toss: Mankey-->Miltank
    8. Sleep Talk: Whismur-->Miltank

    1. Ancient Power: Corsola-->Totodile-->Larvitar
    2. Curse: Slowpoke-->Larvitar
    3. Dragon Dance: Altaria-->Charmander-->Larvitar
    4. Focus Energy: Nidoran Male/Cubone-->Larvitar
    5. Outrage: Dratini-->Charmander-->Larvitar
    6. Pursuit: Treecko-->Larvitar
    7. Stomp: Rhyhorn-->Larvitar
  3. Hoenn

    1. Crush Claw: Zangoose-->Rhyhorn-->Treecko
    2. Crunch: Bagon-->Treecko
    3. Endeavor: Mudkip-->Treecko
    4. Dragonbreath: Bagon-->Treecko
    5. Leech Seed: Roselia-->Tropius-->Treecko
    6. Mud Sport: Mudkip-->Treecko

    1. Counter: Slakoth-->Torchic
    2. Endure: Vigoroth-->Torchic
    3. Reversal: Vigoroth-->Torchic
    4. Rock Slide: Camerupt-->Torchic
    5. Smellingsalt: Makuhita-->Spinda ->Torchic
    6. Swagger: Mightyena-->Torchic

    1. Curse: Torkoal-->Rhyhorn-->Mudkip
    2. Ice Ball: Spheal-->Mudkip
    3. Mirror Coat: Corsola-->Mudkip
    4. Refresh: Corsola-->Mudkip
    5. Stomp: Tropius-->Mudkip
    6. Uproar: Whismur-->Mudkip

    1. Astonish: Whismur-->Poochyena
    2. Covet: Zigzagoon-->Poochyena
    3. Leer: Electrike-->Poochyena
    4. Poison Fang: Seviper-->Poochyena
    5. Yawn: Slakoth-->Poochyena

    1. Charm: Skitty-->Zigzagoon
    2. Pursuit: Zangoose-->Zigzagoon
    3. Substitute: Kecleon-->Zigzagoon
    4. Tickle: Whiscash-->Wailmer-->Zigzagoon
    5. Trick: Kadabra-->Spinda-->Zigzagoon

    No egg moves

    1. Leech Seed: Roselia-->Lotad
    2. Sweet Scent: Oddish-->Lotad
    3. Flail: Feebas-->Lotad
    4. Razor Leaf: Tropius-->Lotad
    5. Synthesis: Tropius-->Lotad
    6. Water Gun: Wingull-->Lotad
    *For those of you that don't have Feebas or have trouble getting it, you can use Magikarp-->Horsea-->Lotad to get Flail

    1. Leech Seed: Roselia-->Seedot
    2. Amnesia: Slakoth-->Seedot
    3. Quick Attack: Oddish-->Seedot
    4. Razor Wind: Absol-->Seedot
    5. Take Down: Numel-->Seedot
    6. False Swipe: Zangoose-->Seedot

    1. Pursuit: Wingull-->Taillow
    2. Supersonic: Zubat--> Tailow
    3. Refresh: Swablu--> Taillow
    4. Sky Attack: Altaria-->Taillow
    5. Mirror Move: Swablu-->Taillow
    6. Rage: Dodou-->Taillow

    1. Twister: Horsea-->Wingull
    2. Gust: Masquerian-->Wingull
    3. Water Sport: Surskit-->Wingull

    1. Disable: Grimer-->Ralts
    2. Will-o-Wisp: Shuppet--> Ralts
    3. Mean Look: Duskull-->Ralts
    4. Memento: Koffing-->Ralts
    5. Destiny Bond: Koffing-->Ralts

    1. Foresight: Mudkip-->Surskit
    2. Psybeam: Dustox-->Surskit
    3. Mud Shot: Marshtomp-->Surskit
    4. Hydro Pump: Marill-->Surskit
    5. Mind Reader: Nicada-->Surskit

    1. Swagger: Nuzleaf-->Shroomish
    2. Fake Tears: Plusle-->Shroomish
    3. Charm: Skitty-->Shroomish
    4. False Swipe: Zangoose-->Seedot-->Shroomish
    5. Helping Hand: Plusle-->Shroomish

    1. Slash: Vigoroth-->Slakoth
    2. Pursuit: Zangoose-->Slakoth
    3. Body Slam: Torkoal-->Slakoth
    4. Snore: Sealeo-->Slakoth
    5. Crush Claw: Zangoose-->Slakoth
    6. Curse: Torkoal-->Slakoth
    7. Sleep Talk: Whismur-->Slakoth
    *Yep, you breed Slakoth’s own evo. to get an egg move…silly aint it?

    1. Endure: Heracross-->Nincada
    2. Faint Attack: Trapinch-->Nincada
    3. Gust: Beautifly-->Nincada
    4. Silver Wind: Beautifly-->Nincada

    1. Take Down: Aron-->Whismur
    2. Snore: Spheal-->Whismur
    3. Swagger: Poochyena-->Whismur
    4. Smellingsalt: Makuhita-->Spinda-->Whismur
    5. Extrasensory: Nuzleaf-->Whismur

    1. Faint Attack: Spinda-->Makuhita
    2. Detect: Meditate-->Makuhita
    3. Foresight: Machop-->Makuhita
    4. Helping Hand: Volbeat-->Makuhita
    5. Cross Chop: Machop-->Makuhita
    6. Revenge: Machop-->Makuhita
    7. Dynamicpunch: Machop-->Makuhita
    8. Counter: Breloom-->Cacnea-->Makuhita

    1. Encore: Plusle/Minun-->Azurill
    2. Sing: Skitty-->Azurill
    3. Refresh: Corsola-->Azurill
    4. Tickle: Whiscash-->Wailmer-->Skitty-->Azurill
    *Azurill and Marill have different egg moves

    1. Magnitude: Geodude-->Nosepass
    2. Rollout: Geodude-->Nosepass
    3. Explosion: Geodude-->Nosepass

    1. Helping Hand: Plusle/Minun-->Skitty
    2. Psych-Up:psyduck-->Mawile-->Skitty
    3. Uproar: Whismur-->Skitty
    4. Fake Tears: Mawile-->Skitty
    5. Baton Pass: Plusle/Minun-->Skitty
    6. Substitute: Keckeon-->Skitty
    7. Tickle: Whishcash-->Wailmer-->Skitty

    1. Psych Up: Meditite-->Sableye
    2. Recover: Kadabra-->Sableye
    3. Moonlight: Volbeat/Illumise-->Sableye

    1. Swords Dance: Absol-->Mawile
    2. False Swipe: Zangoose-->Mawile
    3. Poison Fang: Seviper-->Mawile
    4. Psych Up: Spoink-->Mawile
    5. Ancientpower: Keckeon-->Mawile
    6. Tickle: Whiscash-->Wailmer-->Mawile

    1. Endeavor: Mudkip-->Aron
    2. Body Slam: Tropius-->Aron
    3. Stomp: Whismur-->Aron
    4. Smellingsalt: Makuhita-->Spinda-->Whismur-->Aron

    1. Fire Punch: Medicham-->Meditite
    2. Thunderpunch: Medicham-->Meditite
    3. Ice Punch: Medicham-->Meditite
    4. Foresight: Machop-->Meditite
    5. Fake Out: Makuhita-->Meditite
    6. Baton Pass: Ninjask-->Volbeat/Illumise-->Meditite
    7. Dynamicpunch: Machop-->Meditite

    1. Crunch: Poochyena-->Electrike
    2. Headbutt: Zigzagoon-->Electrike
    3. Uproar: Whismur-->Electrike
    4. Curse: Torkoal-->Electrike
    5. Swift: Sandshrew-->Electrike

    1. Substitute: Keckleon-->Plusle

    1. Substitute: Keckleon-->Minun

    1. Baton Pass: Ninjask-->Volbeat
    2. Silver Wind: Beautifly-->Volbeat
    3. Trick: Kadabra-->Volbeat

    1. Baton Pass: Ninjask-->Illumise
    2. Silver Wind: Beautifly-->Illumise
    3. Growth: Cacnea-->Illumise

    1. Spikes: Cacnea-->Roselia
    2. Pin Missle: Cacnea-->Roselia
    3. Cotton Spore: Cacnea-->Roselia

    1. Dream Eater: Ralts-->Gulpin
    2. Acid Armor: Grimer-->Gulpin
    3. Smog: Koffing-->Gulpin

    1. Hydro Pump: Gyarados-->Carvanha
    2. Double Edge: Relicanth-->Carvanha
    3. Thrash: Gyarados-->Carvanha

    1. Double-Edge: Relicnth-->Wailmer
    2. Thrash: Gyarados-->Wailmer
    3. Swagger: Carvanha-->Wailmer
    4. Snore: Spoink-->Wailmer
    5. Sleep Talk: Whismur-->Wailmer
    6. Curse: Torkoal-->Wailmer
    7. Fissure: Camerupt-->Wailmer
    8. Tickle: Whishcash-->Wailmer

    1. Howl: Poochyena -> Numel
    2. Scary Face: Rhyhorn -> Numel
    3. Body Slame: Spheal -> Numel
    4. Rollout: Wailmer -> Numel
    5. Defence Curl: Sandshrew -> Numel
    6. Stomp: Rhyhorn -> Numel

    1. Eruption: Camerupt -> Torkoal
    2.Endure: Vigoroth -> Torkoal
    3. Sleep Talk: Whismur -> Torkoal
    4. Yawn: Slakoth -> Torkoal

    1. Future Sight: Absol -> Spoink
    2. Extrasensory: Nuzleaf -> Spoink
    3. Substitute: Kecleon -> Spoink
    4. Trick: Abra -> Spinda -> Spoink

    1. Encore: Spheal -> Spinda
    2. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Spinda
    3. Assist: Skitty -> Spinda
    4. Disable: Psycduck -> Spinda
    5. Baton Pass: Girafarig -> Spinda
    6. Trick: Abra -> Spinda
    7. Smelling Salt: Makuhita -> Spinda

    1. Focus Energy: Pinsir -> Trapinch
    2. Quick Attack: Volbeat -> Trapinch
    3. Gust: Beautifly -> Trapinch

    1. Grasswhistle: Roselia -> Cacnea
    2. Acid: Oddish -> Cacnea
    3. Teeter Dance: Spinda -> Cacnea
    4. Dynamic Punch: Breloom -> Cacnea
    5. Counter: Breloom -> Cacnea

    1. Agility: Taillow -> Swablu
    2. Haze: Zubat -> Swablu
    3. Pursuit: Wingull -> Swablu
    4. Rage: Doduo -> Swablu

    1. Flail: Slakoth -> Zangoose
    2. Double Kick: Combusken -> Zangoose
    3. Razor Wind: Absol -> Zangoose
    4. Counter: Slakoth -> Zangoose
    5. Roar: Electrike -> Zangoose
    6. Curse: Torkoal -> Zangoose

    1. Stock Pile: Pelipper-->Spheal--> Seviper
    2. Swallow: Pelipper -> Spheal ->Seviper
    3. Spit Up: Pelipper-->Sphea--> Seviper
    4. Body Slam: Spheal -> Seviper

    No Egg Moves

    No Egg Moves

    1. Thrash: Gyarados -> Barboach
    2. Whirlpool: Wailmer -> Barboach
    3. Spark: Chinchou -> Barboach

    1. Mud Sport: Mudkip -> Corphish
    2. Endeavor: Mudkip -> Corphish
    3. Body Slam: Spheal -> Corphish
    4. Ancient Power: Lileep -> Corphish

    No Egg Moves

    1. Barrier: Tentacool -> Lileep
    2. Recover: Corsola -> Lileep
    3. Mirror Coat: Corsola -> Lileep
    4. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Spheal -> Corsola -> Lileep

    1. Knock Off: Corphish -> Anorith
    2. Swords Dance: Corphish -> Anorith
    3. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Spheal -> Corsola -> Anorith

    1. Mirror Coat: Corsola -> Feebas
    2. Dragon Breath: Altaria -> Feebas
    3. Mud Sport: Mudkip -> Feebas
    4. Hypnosis: Spinda -> Psyduck -> Feebas
    5. Light Screen: Glalie (Buyable TM) -> Marill -> Feebas
    6. Confuse Ray: Mantine -> Feebas

    1. Future Sight: Ralts -> Castform
    2. Psych Up: Psyduck -> Skitty -> Castform

    1. Disable: Psyduck -> Kecleon
    2. Magic Coat: Spoink -> Kecleon
    3. Trick: Abra -> Spinda -> Kecleon

    1. Disable: Grimer -> Shuppet
    2. Destiny Bond: Wobbuffet -> Shuppet
    3. Foresight: Duskull -> Shuppet
    4. Astonish: Duskull -> Shuppet
    5. Imprison: Ralts -> Shuppet

    1. Imprison: Ralts -> Duskull
    2. Destiny Bond: Wobbuffet -> Duskull
    3. Grudge: Shuppet -> Duskull
    4. Memento: Koffing -> Duskull
    5. Faint Attack: Shuppet -> Duskull

    1. Headbutt: Aron -> Tropius
    2. Slam: Treecko -> Tropius
    3. Razor Wind: Nuzleaf -> Tropius
    4. Leech Seed: Roselia -> Tropius
    5. Nature Power: Lotad -> Tropius

    1. Disable: Grimer -> Chimecho
    2. Curse: Shuppet -> Chimecho
    3. Hypnosis: Ralts -> Chimecho
    4. Dream Eater: Ralts -> Chimecho

    1. Baton Pass: Girafarig -> Absol
    2. Faint Attack: Nuzleaf -> Absol
    3. Double Edge: Skitty -> Absol
    4. Magic Coat: Spoink -> Absol
    5. Curse: Torkoal -> Absol
    6. Substitute: Kecleon -> Absol

    1. Block: Nosepass -> Snorunt
    2. Spikes: Cacturne -> Roselia -> Snorunt

    1. Water Sport: Surskit-> Spheal
    2. Stock Pile: Pelipper -> Spheal
    3. Spit Up: Pelipper -> Spheal
    4. Swallow: Pelipper -> Spheal
    5. Yawn: Slakoth -> Spheal
    6. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Spheal
    7. Curse: Torkoal -> Spheal
    8. Fissure: Camerupt -> Spheal

    1. Refresh: Corsola -> Clamperl
    2. Mud Sport: Mudkip -> Clamperl
    3. Body Slam: Spheal -> Clamperl
    4. Supersonic: Wingull -> Clamperl
    5. Barrier: Tentacool -> Corsola -> Clamperl
    6. Confuse Ray: Lileep--> Corsola-->Clamperl

    1. Magnitude: Barboach -> Relicanth
    2. Skull Bash: Sharpedo -> Relicanth
    3. Water Sport: Barboach--> Relicanth
    4. Amnesia: Wailmer -> Relicanth
    5. Sleep Talk: Whismur -> Wailmer -> Relicanth
    6. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Spheal -> Relicanth

    1. Splash: Magikarp -> Luvdisc
    2. Supersonic: Goldeen -> Luvdisc
    3. Water Sport: Goldeen -> Luvdisc
    4. Mud Sport: Barboach -> Luvdisc

    1. Hydro Pump: Horsea -> Bagon
    2. Thrash: Gyarados -> Bagon
    3. Dragon Rage: Gyarados -> Bagon
    4. Twister: (Guess) Gyarados -> Bagon
    5. Dragon Dance: (Hmm I wonder) Gyarados -> Bagon
    *You can breed all of Bagons moves from Gyarados :p
  4. Death Jr

    Death Jr Guest

    THank you sooooooo much for this, really.
    I'm really glad you did this. now i can breed to perfection.
    but is it true that you can breed pokemon to get better stats apart from nature stats?

    EDIT: also... if you were to deleate all moves but the desired egg move from the parent would it have better chances of being passed down.
  5. TRJessie579

    TRJessie579 Obsessive Beader/Mod

    I believe the baby gets 3 random IV values from each of its parents.

    Also, there's no "better chances" about passing down moves. If the father has the move, and the baby can learn it as an Egg Move, it WILL be passed down.
  6. GardevoirMaster

    GardevoirMaster Legendary Pokémon Coordinator

    Can I say one thing? On Charmanders breeding move list it says Bite can be passed down by Kangaskhan, but Kangaskhan are always female and cant pass any moves down. Ekans can breed with Charmander to get Bite.
  7. Do bred pokemon have items? Like if I bred a Chancey, would there be the possibility of it holding a Lucky Egg (or whatever it's called)?
  8. GardevoirMaster

    GardevoirMaster Legendary Pokémon Coordinator

    Pokemon cant hold items if they come out of an egg. (Not really sure if I can answer this though) Its illogical to have an item appear out of nowhere. Chansey are a pain to hatch too, and the only way to get a Lucky Egg is from wild Chansey.
  9. Ahh, thanks for pointing that out GardevoirMaster. I fixed it now so its all good.
  10. TRJessie579

    TRJessie579 Obsessive Beader/Mod

    Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but if I am, it needs to be made a bit clearer, I think... XD

    Since Eggs from Nido F have a 50% chance of being Nido F and a 50% chance of being Nido M, you just breed a male with the Egg Move and a Nido F, and basically hope the Egg is a Nido M. That's how you breed the moves down. If Nido F has the Egg Move, it'll do squat.
  11. indigestible_wad

    indigestible_wad Well-Known Member

    Well this was a useful idea. The only thing is that you didn't show all the father pokemon for the moves. Meh. Then there are more complicated ways to get the moves, but those aren't really nessecary.
  12. Black Widow

    Black Widow Well-Known Member

    I know these things take a long time to make, and they're very useful. Thanks.
  13. Yeah this was put together sometime last year... meh if theres anything to be added/changed lemme know and Ill edit it in.
  14. Grim

    Grim Guest

    Thank you so much for this info. You deserve an award for your contribution.
  15. Finnmonster

    Finnmonster Guest

    I was trying to get Rock Slide-Lileep on the way that is on GM's Breeding section. (Bah, Relicanth doesn't even learn RS by itself.) This thread cleared my head. Thanks a lot.
  16. saemp

    saemp Guest

    oh thanx dude i was trying to know all those moves from breeding but cant get them but now i know everything
  17. djbrayster

    djbrayster Coral Eye Trainer

    Err.. can you pass on Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon and Frenzy leaf to their offspring? eg:if two charizards breed will the charmander know Blast burn?
    and can you pass on egg moves using ditto? Egg breeding is something that was always confusing to me.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2005
  18. TRJessie579

    TRJessie579 Obsessive Beader/Mod

    You can't pass on any Move Tutor moves, which includes the "elemental Hyperbeams."

    Moves are passed on by the male. So, if you breed a male with a Ditto and the male knows an Egg Move (though since the species will be the male's, the father must have gotten the move from breeding it onto him), or it has a TM/HM, the baby will be born knowing it.
  19. Da King*23

    Da King*23 Guest

    is the nature still random in breeding???
  20. Mayhood

    Mayhood Guest

    It is in Fire Red and Leaf Green. The only way to influence natures through breeding is attaching Everstone to a Ditto or the Female pokemon in Emerald (only in Emerald).
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