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Brian and Jose trainer card shop!!!



hey shellblast i been finished i just been busy so i havent been able 2 send it sorry bout dat, but im trying2 find d size 4 it so d white stuff wont show. ill send it wen i find d perfect size 4 it ok. pm me wen u get a chance

Prof. 9

Well-Known Member
I wanted to make a trainer card request:

Name: Prof. 9
Pokémon (not shiny): Blastoise, Charizard, Sceptile, Deoxys, Beatifly and Zigzagoon
Badges: Badges from my home-made Trainer Card (it looks horrible bad):
Pokémon behind the Trainer: Blastoise
Trainer: http://www.serebiiforums.com/image.php?u=38859&dateline=1145700805&type=profile
Background: Please don't make the red and blue lines bigger:
Favorite Type: Steel
Item: Leftovers

Roy G. Biv

roar roar roar roar
Hey, could I please have a trainer card?
Name: Super Torkoal
Pokemon (not shiny): Torkoal, Azumarril, Beautifly, Gardevior, Blaziken, Ludicolo.
Pokemon behind trainer: Torkoal
Badges: Johto
Trainer: Cooltrainer Male
Background: An ice themed background
Favorite Type: Water/ice
Item: None
Thanks a lot!
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celebi mew

celebi`s man
could i have a card with my trainer red from the manga pokemon are jrachi celebi blisken shiney groudon rukario and flygon for the background could you do the celbi shrinefrom colosseum for badges i would like all of the gold symbols
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Prof. 9

Well-Known Member
Okey thanks
By the way, these Trainer Cards look SO great.
...mine is SO bad...
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Name- Armando
Pokemon-[shiny underlined]Mew,Machamp, Pichu,Mudkip,Azurill,Beldum
Pokemon behind the trainer-Mew
favorite types-Psy,Elec
do you want the pokemon coming out or not-Yes


It is for my friend.
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I am watching you...
One Please!
Name- Battler Riley
Pokemon-[shiny or not] i'd like MissingNo, Venusaur, Alakazam, Fearow, Pidgeot, and Butterfree.
Badges- Kanto
Pokemon behind the trainer- Venusaur

favorite types- Psychic
background-[you can give me a picture to put in the background] Surprise me!
do you want the pokemon coming out or not-not

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Thunder Giant

Forza Rossoneri!
I would like one please.

name: Old Man Thunder
Pokemon: (all pokemon are shiny) Salamance, Blaziken, Metagross, Rayquaza, Electrode, Blastoise
badges: Jhoto
Pokemon behind trainer: Blaziken (also shiny)
trainer sprite: Wattson (Mauville city gym leader)
favourite type: dragon
backround: the Salamance backround from example 5
items: none
pokemon coming out of boxes please!

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Don't mean to be rude or pushy, but my trainer card request was nearly a week ago.

How's it coming along?

Thanks in advance. :)