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Brian and Jose trainer card shop!!!

One Please!
Name- Battler Riley
Pokemon-[shiny or not] i'd like MissingNo, Venusaur, Alakazam, Fearow, Pidgeot, and Butterfree.
Badges- Kanto
Pokemon behind the trainer- Venusaur

favorite types- Psychic
background-[you can give me a picture to put in the background] Surprise me!
do you want the pokemon coming out or not-not


here ya go
hope you like it and don't forget to give credit

P.S. i now work at this shop now brian said i could
edit:i just noticed i missed something updated card coming up

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Prof. 9

Well-Known Member
Wow Brian your trainer cards are getting better and better! They look absolutely beautiful!

Can you slightly edit my Trainer Cards Pokémon please? Instead of Deoxys and Zigzagoon, Tyrannitar and Mightyena.
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Thunder Giant

Forza Rossoneri!
Yes!!!!!! thank you i'ts perfect!

Roy G. Biv

roar roar roar roar
Not to be rude or anything but, I have been waiting over a week for mine.

Roy G. Biv

roar roar roar roar
Awesome!!!!! Thanks a lot!


TC Please!!!

Pokemon- Sceptile, pelipper, camerupt, manectric, Kecleon, Seviper
Badges- Gold fronteir symbols
Pokemon behind the trainer- Seviper
Trainer- Factory Head Noland
favorite types- Poison/Normal

Prof. 9

Well-Known Member
I really, REALLY don't want to be rude, but...
Can you edit my TC? Instead of Zigzagoon and Deoxys, Mightyena and Tyranitar?
I REALLY don't want to be rude. If i'm rude, I'M SORRY!

celebi mew

celebi`s man
i want my card now

celebi mew

celebi`s man
name logan
pokemon all normal exept for groudon celebi jirichi rukario bliizken flygon
behind me celebi
gold frontier
trainer red from manga
background celebi shrine in agate city type fire items none