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Bring back kingler!

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Kingler was shown in the Sinnoh League, now he will go die a slow painful death at Oaks Lab.
Kingler made no appearance in the Sinnoh League at all.


I miss Kingler too.. Since it was used in the Whirl Cup, it's done nothing except get blown up by some Voltorb at the Johto League which is very disappointing, but that doesn't mean they're finished with it forever. So just be patient, because there are still plenty of chances for it to be used if Ash continues to recall his reserves for the league battles.


Joep05,Totodile was never underused and there wasn't really that many Johto gyms for him to battle in,Totodile is strong and he don't need to evolve at all,Cyndaquil was always a very strong powerful pokemon and his evolution was due to the HeartGold&SoulSiver games being promoted at the time and Totodile did do a lot more besides using water gun which fits him,Kingler is not Ash's strongest water type and he is strong,but he can use more battles to see how strong he really is.

I would love to see Kingler again,but he won't be coming back for years to come,since the show is now retool with the BW series.
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a pokemon well acknowledged to be very powerful, yet since the original kanto league, it has not been used once! despite the fact that during kantos indigo plateau league, kingler put up one hell of a fight and is arguably ashes most underused pokemon as well as arguably being his most powerful, certainly the most powerful water type (squirtle, totodile, corphish, buizel, oshawott) notice that all of these ones are basic whilst kingler is the only evolved water type. i think its sounds very reasonable to at least request that kingler get more action in the regional leagues. no other pokemon of ashes deserves as much action as kingler, and they have about 14 years to make up for (probably 17-18 by the time the unova league comes).

BRING BACK KINGLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...Are the writers on this site getting advice from viewers or something or you're just ranting? I'd say it's the latter.

The writers aren't going to do anything differently just because you made this thread, whether they see it or not.

Kingler could very well show up during the league and/or whatever they have plan for Ash after the league.

I'd like to see it again and it battle something but as of right now it's not coming back for a long while. It's the 5th generation's screen time not the 1st generation.


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Character returns are no bueno.

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