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Brock apparently = Misty!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by ~Water Lucario~, May 6, 2008.

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  1. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    There were a few, but they're only one-shot characters.

    A girl during Johto in the same ep about that crybaby Marril, then Lucy the Frontier Brain in Battle Frontier, and Holly in DP.

    Sadly, most of those girls are only in one or two eps and never return. You could also add Suzie to the list, but we'll never see her again either.
  2. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    An argument against Dawn's stay is that she's from the 4th generation and will not be as exciting or be good advertising material in the 5th generation region. An argument for that theory would be that new things are happening for D/P, making people wonder how far these new things will go... (Well, whether or not Dawn leaves people do wonder how far the writers are willing to go to try out new things.)

    If Brock does leave again, I hope he doesn't become a main cast member again. This would be the second time he doesn't go with Ash to a region.
  3. milenadrg

    milenadrg Well-Known Member

    Yeah, he was cool guy. On the begin he was funny with girls, but now he becames reeeeeeally boring..
  4. Jaguar297

    Jaguar297 I'm back!

    brock is all right he's cool without his Gym stuff. I like his Croagunk the most
  5. Yes.
    At first, I thought it was cool that Satoshi had two gym leaders traveling with him. Then...Takeshi kinda started to die off. He hasn't done much besides cook, help that dude with the Electrike, talk once in awhile about breeding, and drool over every woman under the age of 25 that he sees, getting jabbed by Croagunk.
    He's getting really old, really fast. Right now he's starting to get as bad as your standard filler Character. I guess you can say he's still Satoshi's mentor...but he hasn't done anything for a very long time.

    Either find something to do with him or kick him off the island. :/
  6. chimkong

    chimkong Well-Known Member

    its wrong that brock falls for every girl he sees. Technically he falls for every woman (not girl) he sees. Thats why he never fall for misty, may, dawn, mira etc no matter how attractive they were/are.
    But yeah its getting bored over since its shown in almost every other episode. But he's only there to help Ash and other girl learn more about pokemon moves, evolutions, technique etc.
    Something needs to be changed about brock OR they should bring another good character from the past OR bring a new one.
  7. jigglypoof

    jigglypoof oldskool pokeshipper

    Ah, I see. Poor guy, that's real tough luck. If I were him I would've given up years ago. Let the girls come to you this time, buddy ;)
  8. ztarmie11

    ztarmie11 Jewlery is heavy...

    simple hes trying to get it on with Ash.
  9. Quoted from the dub (haha.):
    "These two men are gonna do it with or without a good woman at their side!"
    "That's what I like to hear!"
    ~Takeshi and Satoshi

    My dad and I comment on it all the time. : D
  10. DarkDragonite.

    DarkDragonite. Well-Known Member

    I may be wrong, but didn't Brock want to become a professional breeder? Wtf happened to that ambition. I think if they renewed Brock's interest in becoming a breeder it would make his character a lot more interesting. It could give him an opportunity to explain in game things such as passing on moves from parents and possible IV's(although I have no idea how they would go about doing that).
  11. ex-ty

    ex-ty Swift and deadly

    Brock was only really good in the first season because...well Ash was a total noob. But now he's obviously alot better so Brock I think...should go to Hoenn for somebody. Hopefully people get what I mean about the little brat >_>
  12. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    The thing is, it was obvious that his goal was not on the writers minds when they brought him to the main cast in Kanto, since he was subsequentially dropped at the Orange Islands without any groundbreaking towards it save for 1 episode. He did mention that he could learn more about breeding at Ivy's, but when they brought him back, there was no discussion over his goal. All we got was an emo-Brock moaning "that name....". Right then and there is when it became obvious that Brock is intended for comedic purposes and nothing more. It's a shame really.
  13. Yeah, I feel sorry about Brock. I like his comedic side, but I would love to see a development in his character. Now all he does is cook and comment on Ash's battles about things we already know.
  14. Shiny pokemon lower

    Shiny pokemon lower Well-Known Member

    But if Brock shall continiue in the Anime, he should get more focus and use his pokemon more in battles.
    They could add breeding contest's for the Anme. Mabye some less focus than the Gyms/Contest's so he still could cook.
  15. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    Erm... the anime already has two plotlines going for it. They really don't need a third. Besides, the end result and the "goal" of breeding is a happy and healthy Pokémon. It's kinda hard to base a competition around that (and not make it seem too much like contests).

    Yeah, I feel sorry about Brock. I like his comedic side, but I would love to see a development in his character. Now all he does is cook and comment on Ash's battles about things we already know.

    You do remember that this is a children's anime. It's explaining the game mechaincs to children and people who don't really understand the ins and outs of the game. (To a degree...)

    I still think the best way to improve Brock's character is to give him more interesting Pokémon.

    Imagine a Pokémon similar to Chimchar on Brock's team. One with a "angsty" backstory (but not too angsty, because that would exclude it from being silly at times).
  16. BlueDragonfangirl

    BlueDragonfangirl Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of Brock leaving so Ash can mature a bit and do the cooking. I hope he leaves this generation, have Dawn/Ash travle together and some new guy comes along. I don't know who it'd be though, maybe Paul HA I can't see that. OOh maybe Jun that'd be funnyXD
  17. cocoa_adele

    cocoa_adele Well-Known Member

    i like it the way that it is, and i hope they keep Dawn for the next generation shes awesome!
  18. AdamDuffield

    AdamDuffield Pokemon Trainer

    I really would of preferred it if they kept the old team together
    Lets face it, May and Max were just annoying, as is co-ordinating
    They should get rid of Dawn, keep Brock, and get Misty back so the whole teams back together =)

    Or prehaps bring back Misty and Tracey
  19. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    LOL, no. The original team was boring during Johto, widly complained about in the fandom and bringing that up is just sad.

    May was a hell of a lot more interesting than Misty was as a whole, and Contests are far more interesting than those mundane fillers we had to deal with in Johto.

    If anything as this thread title suggests, Brock should have went the way of Misty at the end of AG.

    This show needs new characters, not ones people are bored to tears with.
  20. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    ^Whoever does remain in the show should be interesting enough (to a lot of people) to remain in the show, also...

    I feel like having Ash, Misty, and Brock, then replacing Misty and Brock at different times, and then having the group be Ash, Misty, and Brock again would be one step "forward" and one step "back." (In other words, it seems kinda pointless to me for Ash to travel with newer characters and have them leave for the old ones again for a region.

    I disagree with both, especially since I have no strong feelings toward or against Max. (I personally don't see how you could against Max, but I think that about pretty much every main character in Pokemon anyway.)

    I'm glad they have something besides battling.

    Replacing Brock with Misty or Tracey isn't much better to me, like I said before. And I see no reason to get rid of (Dawn, even though I don't have strong feelings toward her).
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