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Brock apparently = Misty!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by ~Water Lucario~, May 6, 2008.

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  1. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    Well i dont think that reuniting old thrio again would be bad idea at all.Maybe they werent that great during Johto,but this doesnt mean that this same team would be boring if it ever reunites again in pokemon.You must also take in consideration that writers probably learned on their mistakes which they did through entire Johto saga,so if they ever decide to have group consisting of Ash,Misty and Brock again in this show,they would make sure to handle them well not doing the same mistakes which they did in past.

    As for Misty,writers could easily come up with some plausible plot allowing her to leave the gym(this doesnt have to mean leaving the gym leader place permanently but for some period of time allowing her for example to make further progress in accomplishing her goal) giving her something to do keeping her interesting.This isnt really a problem,because possibillities are endless.

    About May being more interesting than Misty,well that is a matter of personal preference.While i do agree that May was great character,to me Misty was simply much more interesting than her when she was part of the main cast.

    I understand people who dont want this and i respect their opinion,but the thruth is that a lot of fans would like to see original team back for at least a season before the very end of pokemon series,and realistically speaking this could function.

    p.s.I apologize for going little of topic.I just wanted to say my point of view on this idea.
  2. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Yes yes, I like Misty too, but the Johto era really screwed her character. Its like the writers themselves got bored of Misty in Johto and didn't know what to do with her.

    Same thing is happening to Brock now. The writers have no clue what to do with Brock but they just keep him around, and this is very similar to what Misty was like back in Johto.

    Only difference is Brock was never replaced again, so we got stuck with him.
  3. Bobby Frank JR

    Bobby Frank JR Mewy Christmas!

    It would be sad to see him go, I don't think Tracey is as good at looking after the gang as Brock is. He's humorous and has a bit of brain. But I agree, the girl lovey thing is getting annoying
  4. Sk8

    Sk8 Couch Potato

    I think it's time they gave Brock a girlfriend to shut him up. =P
  5. ForeverFlame

    ForeverFlame WATER TRUMPETS

    Brock is getting really redundant. I think that the Orange Islands was too early to drop him off, but after Johto he should have been gone. Then they could have had Brendan or someone travel along with Ash and May, and scratch out Max completely (I hated that kid sooo badly, which I why I barely watched AG).
  6. sapphire_addict

    sapphire_addict Brooklyn rage!

    i think brock should take a very long break. get some theropy for being atracted to evry girl he meets. brock has been worn out. bring misty back, just get rid of dawn.


    ???...wrong person

    yes misty would be great back, but what would she contribute to the series, besides water pknm. seee you need brock, because he likes more than a sertin type of pknm...

    thats the only flaw behind misty is that she likes only water pknm. if she didn't just like them, then she would be in it more... not saying that i don't like misty... but she doesn't contribute as much as brock does.
  8. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    I don't have a problem with that, but she haven't done that much in the show in any case since Johto began.

    She'd have to have contributed more no matter what type of Pokemon she'd like.

    I disagree with all of those points (but I've explained why before), but by long break, do you mean that Brock would eventually come back? I wouldn't want him to rejoin the cast if he leaves again.
  9. the_eevee_breeder

    the_eevee_breeder Pokemon Breeder

    Brock's a good guy, but his personality is getting really old. If you're going to keep him, give him a real personality. And as for the girl thing? I read somewhere that they change the girl so that people get a better grasp of the region or something like that. Just as long as it's not another FLIPPING COORDINATOR! THEY GIVE FEMALE TRAINERS A BAD REP! ANYTHING BUT COORDINATING, WRITERS! ANYTHING!

    *deep breath*

    Now that I'm done ranting...

    Give Brock a personality and an interest besides girls, someone. Please.
  10. sweetpikachu

    sweetpikachu PYT. ♥ (:

    Brock is actually starting to annoy me a little bit. I've gotta admit, the girl thing was pretty funny at first, but now it's in every
    episode and it's getting pretty old too. I mean COME ON, do we really need to see Brock dreaming of marrying every Nurse Joy/Officer Jenny in the world? I think not. It's pretty pointless. The creators should bring Tracey
    back. He was acually NORMAL. I don't mean to offend anyone who
    likes Brock. This is just my opinion.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2008
  11. rh14

    rh14 New Member

    I don't think brock should go. He is one of my all time favorite characters on the show. He's been on the show the longest with ash. I think that its nice that the writers did that because he is now more of a brother to ash then just a travel companion. He is probably ash's best and most trusted friend of everyone that was in the show. I would like to see brock stay with ash until the very end of the entire series. That way he and ash can both fulfill their goals.

    Ya he may be redundant but who cares its still funny. He is one of the most unique characters created in the series.

    Instead of just letting brock go and bringing in someone new the writers should just bring in someone new to travel with brock and ash and maybe even dawn, may, or misty.
  12. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Jun replacing Brock would be amusing, at least. Its a new idea.
  13. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    That's just as flimsy as your "Holly wisks Brock away" and your "Nurse Joy needs Brock's Happiny" theories.

    For the sake fo my sanity, stop posting that.

    It's just as awful as those "Misty is needed in Hoenn" theories that cropped up during the Hoenn saga.

    EDIT: Jun replacing Brock is silly since he pretty much fills the role Ash already fills as Pokémon trainer. Do you really want to see two gym battles against the same gym leader in a row? One using Pokémon that have no personalities or prior characterization?

    Gosh you people are denser then a sack of hammers...
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2008
  14. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    PDL, you do realize I'm the same guy as you-know-who on BMG, right? Hence me repeating the same things on both forums.

    We don't have to see all of Jun's battles. Besides, we saw Paul battle Roark and Dawn battle Maylene, so that's two Gym battles we had to sit through twice for them and then Ash.

    I don't want to see ALL of Jun's battles obviously, but some of his would be ok at certain points.
  15. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    Still, I don't like you needlessly spreading rumors you fabricated on the spot. You actually have alot of influence on both forums, and people seem to hang on your every word apparently.

    Still, it would be silly to just dump a main character for someone who's only going to be doing his "job" only a few times.

    Also, do you think it's logical that "Get up and Go" Jun is going to just watch idly by when he could be battling himself?

    Besides, he doesn't really seem like the type that's willing to join a group of friends. Mostly due to his brash and somewhat rude personality.

    It's just like having a male version of Misty.
  16. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    That's just because I post a lot, so my opinion is just out there in the open more. People tend to cling to Dogasu's every word too, can you blame them?

    Besides, I doubt if I never posted there people wouldn't have to the same conclusion about Brock, or any other aspect of the show. Piplup (the user) would have probably come up with it himself since he says the same thing. Most people honestly see Brock as being stale after being in the anime for 11 years, its not like this is some minor opinion, a lot of people feel the same way. Its the same way people felt about Misty in Johto, there's no conspiracy here, if a character gets stale in the show the fandom will recognize it.

    Its then up to the writers to either revive that character or replace them with someone new.

    Hm, well Jun IS watching Ash battling Fantina in next weeks preview, so its not like he isn't patient to watch other peoples battles.

    They also wouldn't have to show Jun's complete match if he were in the group. The writers could just show his last Pokemon winning against a GL's Pokemon, then cut to Ash's battle, so and so.

    There's tons of ways they could do it without it feeling repetitive.
  17. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    If the writers were able to replace him with someone new, then why didn't they do so then? Or now?

    Their decsion to keep Brock despite his apparent staleness means that they don't feel like doing what most of the fandom wants. Because they really don't need to.

    They don't replace character for the sake of replacing characters. They only replace characters when they feel that the new character would be really popular with fans. Hence why they replace female characters. It's easier to draw a cute girl with a cute personality and stick her in the group then drawing a male character with no appeal and do the same thing.

    Also, if a hypothetical character were to replace Brock, what is stopping him/her from doing the same things that Brock is doing now? If he's going to replace Brock, this hypothetical character would end up taking over nearly all his roles. We'll end up back at square one with a boring character. Why replace uselessess with more uselessness?

    Also, the most interesting aspect that Brock can provide (aside from being Team Mom, which people assume that anyone can do), is that his Pokémon team can end up being very eclectic.

    Ash usually ends up having a team that sorta fills the same roles as his original team:

    2.The Flying Type (The main bird of a generation. Recently it appears that it's gaining a stalwart personality, and is quite loyal to Ash).
    3.The Grass type (Now exclusively the grass starter. It's personality type appears to be stoic. They also end up being quite powerful battlers.)
    4.The Fire type (Normally the fire starter, but it's trying to be more varied, even with the increasing fire types in later generations. They usually end up having something to prove to others.)
    5.The Water type (Used to be the water starter, now filled in by others Pokémon. Their personality ends up being very fiesty.)
    6.The Wild Card (Can be any type and any personality.)

    the female coordinator now appears to be following a similar role filling. Somewhat:

    1.The Bird Starter (Plays as the main batter on her team.)
    2.The First Love (Ends up being her first capture, and a natural in contests.)
    3.The Miscehvious one (Extremely cheeky, and is very cute.)
    4.The Feminine one (Portrayed as a female, especially when compared to her unisex teammates and other members of it's own species.)
    5.The Big Eater (Little explaination needed.)

    and if the trend continues, she might get her own egg. This might become:

    6.The Baby

    Even Team Rocket follows a similar formula:

    Jessie uses:

    2.The Snake (A "Relic" member of when Team Rocket mostly had poison types.)
    3.The Flying Insect (The main contest Pokémon as well, although all the Pokémon Team Rocket has may be used in contests.)

    James has:

    1.The APP (The Affectionate, but painful, plant.)
    2.The BFF (The Best Friend Forever. Rarely battles, due to James being unable to see his friend getting hurt.)

    and to top it off, they have Meowth, who's TR's counterpart to Pikachu.

    Brock however, is free to catch whatever he wishes. Even though his team remains small. The best way to acheive his goal of being a top breeder is to take care of as many kinds of Pokémon as he can. This means having to raise Pokémon with very different needs.

    Right now, he currently has:

    1. Croagunk, which is not only a powerful fighter, but being an amphibian, needs to keep it's skin moist. It also comes off as confident and cool, but still competitive when pushed.

    2. Sudowoodo, being a rock type, it needs to keep itself as dry as possible. It appears to be fun loving, and has grown up quite a bit from it's crybaby personality as a Bonsly.

    3. Happiny, who's only a small baby, but has alot of strength. What sort of character development will it get as it grows? who knows.

    All of this adds to more variety in Pokémon personalities. He's a good way to show off that characters don't need to follow old formulas to be useful. That's kind of his main draw. I however, would be satisfied if any replacement can do this job as well as Brock can.
  18. corphish

    corphish Banned

    cybercube get this in your head jun will never replace Brock
  19. pokeowned

    pokeowned Active Member

    tracey who in there right mind wants that guy weildo run around again...
  20. Slowking[George]

    Slowking[George] #SPP-WiFi HOP

    The only thing that I don't like about Brock is that he doesn't use as many rock type pokemon as he should be using.
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