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Brock apparently = Misty!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by ~Water Lucario~, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Tom Nook

    Tom Nook Feel free to browse

    Misty story is resolved. She wanted to train powerful water pokemon. She is now. She wanted respect from her sisters. They give it to her. She wanted to be surrounded by water pokemon every day. She is. She has no loose ends in her storyline and has nothing to gain by returning.

    Being a water pokemon master would logically involve training and battling with water pokemon for a living whilst in a position of authority. Misty is doing this.

    This is somewhat true, but it's also clear that Misty loves being a gym leader. She does not cry herself to sleep and claim to be trapped there. She could leave whenever she wants. She hasn't and won't do it.

    Swinub. Staravia. Sudowoodo. Pachirisu. All pokemon from the current saga, all of them lacking in screentime, all of them with more potential than Goldeen and Horsea. The writers have improved, but they still struggle to balance screentime.

    He works on the show. He may not be a writer but he has some idea of what is planned. If he were a janitor or the lunch lady I'd agree. But he's not.

    Brock will have cameos and return episodes like May, Misty and Tracey have had to varying degrees. Some might say his character deserves more than what he's getting, given how good he was in Kanto.
  2. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    To Tom Nook:I disagree again.

    While its true that Mistys story is resolved in some areas,it isnt resolved entirely.There is still a lot of things left to do with her and her character is left unfinished in many ways.

    Becoming a water pokemon master is just one of them.While its true that Misty gained respect from her sisters and is training water pokemon the thruth is that she will never become water pokemon master only as a gym leader no matter how hard you look at it.

    In order to become water pokemon master she needs to travell again,battling against much stronger trainers than she encounters at the gym and participating in various water pokemon competitions similar to Whirl Cup.
    Basically she would have to reach the rang and status of elite four members and Lorelai(one of the elite four and ice type master is perfect example for this).Do you seriously think that Misty has that kind of strenght and skill level?I didnt think so.
    Considering how at the gym she doesnt encounters very strong trainers often and how she loose even to rookies i wouldnt say that she can make much more improvement than she already did.Her pokemon can only become more stronger and gain more experience along with her becoming more stronger and sharping her skills by battling against trainers which give her bigger challenge than the ones which she gets at the gym.

    Not to mention Misty is adventurer and multiple times while she was part of the main cast she stated how she wants to travell,training water pokemon and learning all about them which she can.Also she casnt learn everything about water pokemon being stuck at the gym all day.

    Sure this could be countered with statement that pokemon league provides her with new water pokemon so there isnt need for her to travell but this is far from being correct.Pokemon league cant provide her with all pokemon and she can learn a lot more about them by travelling along with gaining more experience.

    About Misty being happy as a gym leader yes that is true,but im sure she would probably rather want to travell in order to achieve her goal.The reason why she still didnt leave the gym is because of her incompetent sisters and i already explained why.She only become a gym leader because her sisters left her without a choice.
    Not to mention judging by episodes "Gotta Catch Ya Later"."A Date With Delcatty"(the original version not the dubbed one) and to some extent "A Real Cleffa Hanger" it has been showed that Misty is not satisfied with her current position of being a gym leader.

    One more thing im aware how small the chances are for Mistys return to the main cast but like i said i didnt take words from that interview as "set in the stone"(this wasnt even stated by writers) and there is always a chance that writers change their mind.Afterall they are only humans and people can change their minds.

    I suggest that we end with this discussion because there is no point for further arguing.I respect your opinion but i have my own and i dont agree with you on this things.There is nothing wrong with someone wanting that their favorite character returns and i was only stating what i would like to happen,nothing more.

    p.s.I replied to you in this way because i dont know how to quote someone post in multiple pieces.
  3. milenadrg

    milenadrg Well-Known Member

    Ash wasn't look like happy in 4th gen when Brock came back...
    I think Brock became boring to Ash...
    Ash wants more interesting guy to join him...
  4. I_I_I

    I_I_I Member

    Yeah, Brock sucks!
  5. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    And exactly how do you think that?

    Misty has been a side character and a female protagonist since day 1. There was nothing implemented in the 1st Generation games where competitions for Water Type Pokemon was an option. Granted, they could do something like that in future generations, but why go through the trouble of revitalizing an old character from over half a decade ago, providing reasons to her leaving the gym, along with making a plot for her that would relate to her reign as a former main character and gym leader, when the writers could just create a new character for this, with a motive and a newly-created family member?

    Another thing I want to point out: if you want Misty to come back, then we should have May come back, and have Dawn come as well, in order to keep the balance of female characters time on the show, as a whole, virtually even.

    But she has not as of yet made any implication that she wants to leave the gym now. She possibly sees this as her big step towards becoming what she wanted. She may have never shown interest of becoming a gym leader, but I don't think she has shown any disinterest either.

    Explained above.

    Shoot, I wouldn't trust them either.

    Bingo. That is likely the writers' intentions.

    She still has her cameos to look at, and if what we have been speculating is true, she will show up in a special with Phione. With that Pokemon, we could have a whole water-themed arc set up for her to shine in, as well as Dawn and Ash. This way, she doesn't have to return to the main cast, and she is one step closer to realizing her dream.

    Glaceon was handled well when May came back for her 5 episode cameo, even if it was there for just two episodes. Misty's water Pokemon could easily be given a good showcasing in that little time. I suspected a 5th Generation evolution to Seaking, along with a fully evolved Kingdra and Golduck. The odds of this all at once are somewhat extraneous, but not impossible.

    At first, I believed the same way you did. But looking over it, I could say with a more confident tone that she won't be back. She will still get cameos, but that's likely the most we'll see of her now. Unless the board of writers undergoes a massive change of interest, but what are the odds of that?

    Given the incredible run he has now, Seasons 3-11 with about 6 episodes of absence, if he is given the boot, it will likely be permanent. He wasn't shown in the poster for the new D/P saga either, but he came back regardless. That leaves me to believe that the writers are slowly leaning towards a permanent end for the breeder, and are giving him one last regional run to remember him by. His increased roll in Sinnoh as opposed to AG gives me the impression that the writers are trying willingly, but subtlely, so as not to detract attention from Ash and Dawn, to have him remembered in a positive light when he finally does go.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2008
  6. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    If Misty hasn't been part of the show for 6 years, its obvious the writers wrapped up her story, much like they did with Tracey, Max and even May.

    I imagine she'll continue to make cameo appearances after every 150 episodes or so, but there's not much else to say anymore.

    For reference, Misty left the show in November 2002. We're now almost in 2009. Its been years since her departure.
  7. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    I dont know what will be the case with Dawn but the difference between Misty and May is that demand for Mistys return to the main cast is a lot bigger than it is for May.
    You asked me "why go through all the trouble of revitalizing an old character from over half a decade ago?"
    Well there are several reasons why this would be good idea.To please her fans,to regain people who stopped watching this show after she left and bringing her back would overall make this show more interesting and interaction between character would improve aswell(Misty had the best chemistry with the group in my opinion),to achieve her ultimate goal in life,to stop all this complaining from her fans etc.
    People already noticed how there is barely any interaction between Dawn and Brock for example now in DP.
    Basically i think that her return would improve the quality of this show.The younger generations who werent watching this show from beginning cant understand that but this show just had something when Misty was in it,and after her departure that was lost aswell.

    Many people are having enough with all this girl switching in every new region and i agree with them.Writers should stop with this and instead bring some older character and focus more on him.

    About Misty not showing any disinterest of being a gym leader i already explained in previous post in which episodes she shows her displeasure about her current position.However i agree with you that Misty possibly sees being a gym leader as somekind of stepping stone in order to achieve her goal.That and she probably didnt left the gym because of her sisters.

    Maybe its acceptable for you seeing Misty once in a blue moon after every 150 episodes or more like CyberCubed mentioned but majority of her fans arent satisfied with this at all,including me.Seeing her after every two or three years i wouldnt call as a decent amount of screentime.
    Thruth is that majority of Misty fans will never be completely satisfied unless she returns as a main character,and i think that her return for even just a season would be enough to please them.

    Not to mention there is no chance of Misty ever accomplishing her goal unless she leaves the gym for longer period of time starting to travell again.This short trips which she makes outside the gym in cameos arent nearly enough for achieving her dream.

    Also about that interview people shouldnt really take everything what has been said as "set in the stone".No im not delusional.Lets just say that i still didnt lost hope and as you can see im a very optimistic person.

    p.s.I really dont have any intention to continue with this rather pointless discussion.I must say that some people are very sensitive whenever there is talk about Misty which i dont understand at all.
    Like i said numerous times there is nothing wrong with wanting that your favorite character returns in show.I respect opinions from people who dont want that,but i have my own.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2008
  8. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    Internet Clubs do not coordinate into real world demand. I'm sure the people who are calling the shots at the anime, by various kinds of testing, know what is profitable. If they thought bringing Misty back would be good for business, they'd do it. But since it's been 7 years since she's been gone, it's a very safe bet that they haven't found any real demand.

    Sorry. I know this might be dissapointing to you. Just as like lots of forum posters are tired of Brock's womanizing, or Team Rocket's pathetic attempts at living, the people who watch the anime (and also, for the vast majority, don't post on message boards/chats/whatever) are fine with the status quo.

    Her fans aren't that numerous. As I said earlier, the Internet!=real life

    I've never seen anything to suggest people left in droves, or even signifigant numbers, after Misty left the cast. The fact is Pokemon thrives on losing older audiences and gaining new younger ones. In MIsty's case, it's the difference between a 10/12 year old watching season 1 and a 16/18 year old watching season 6 (Hoenn). I have no doubt in my mind that a lot of people probably did stop watching after Misty left, but it wasn't because Misty left. It's because older viewers stopped, and newer viewers started.

    And the show shouldn't be dictated by fans who are whiny, on any subject, especially since in 99% of the cases, it's a very small, vocal minority. That should not be a reason that the proucers take into consideration when they're writing the show.

    Those young people don't care about Misty. They have no reason to know who she is, like her, understand her, etc...However, they can know Dawn, because she was recently introduced. And May is basically Dawn in 3 years, so she's easily relatable for guest appearances. Misty however, is completely disconnected from the Pokemon world. Hell, Sinnoh and Hoenn's #2 gyms have both been non-water types in the games, whereas the #1 gym has been Rock in every gen except for Johto.
  9. milenadrg

    milenadrg Well-Known Member

    I think Misty's gone forever. She became gymleader and she will never join Ash. If she join him, those crazy agencion will close her gym forever. I just love them because they shown her advantures in gym...
  10. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    Seriously I've warned you all many times. I can't believe you all started discussing Misty AGAIN.


    Last edited: Nov 26, 2008
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