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Brock apparently = Misty!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by ~Water Lucario~, May 6, 2008.

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  1. KaylaTheHedgehog

    KaylaTheHedgehog Active Member

    Whatever happened to his desire to be a Pokemon breeder? Why aren't the writers doing anything with that, like they're doing with the contests?
  2. kevaug

    kevaug Well-Known Member

    i'm totally agree with you
  3. intergalactic platypus

    intergalactic platypus Only rescues maidens

    I've been over Brock for ages. I even gave him back my key to our apartment. That playlist he made for our anniversary has been deleted from my iTunes too
  4. Kataphrut

    Kataphrut Well-Known Member

    There's really nothing wrong with Brock. His gag may be overdone, but it doesn't affect the show in a bad way, and guarantees and appearance from Croagunk in every episode, which is a huge plus.

    It's been said before, but if they replaced Brock, who would replace him? He provides the wise-man roll, as well as the group mother and a source of comic-relief, aside from that supplied by Team Rocket. Those are, for the most part, essential roles and if you replaced him with someone do the exact same things, hell, you might as well not bother.

    Characters like Brock & Team Rocket are characters who provide important roles, yet because of this are considered dull, and done to death. But without thm, the show would have some huge gaps to fill. So, I see Brock staying for a good long time.
  5. keeblayd

    keeblayd Arbiter of the Storm

    Brock is annoying. Brock is a perv. Heck, one day, when censorship starts to go on a decline, Brock may grab an ***. That stuff aside, Brock is also in a way, the parent for Ash and his other companion. He should stay, but if he does indeed leave, what kind of person would replace him.

    Also, personally, the whole 'contest' thing annoyed me. I just never liked them, all it did was make a Pokemon look pretty and do cute things. I liked to see the Pokemon and trainers grow through battling, sure they still do that when they are being trained for Contests, but it just doesn't feel the same for me.
  6. The Benmeister

    The Benmeister Master of Magnet

    Wow, you're quite the sunamabiatch, aren't you.

    Brock staying on for another season is enough to make you contemplate suicide. I say we replace Brock with a Rastafarian Aipom. Regardless of the replacement, though, it's bound to fail and then the cycle will continue again.
  7. pokefiend_13

    pokefiend_13 Harley-san Fanboy

    You're one to talk... every reply you post is either craptastic spam, flamebait or brief opinions with little thought.
  8. Hooray4Homestar

    Hooray4Homestar Don't die, ketchup!

    Wow, I think that is a great idea. They should stop switching the girls and start switching the guys. Just to change the heroine seems wrong. Plus, Brock has been in the anime for a while, and I really do think that he should leave and Misty should come back. Don't get me wrong, though, I would miss Brock, but he would show up in specials, just like all of the old female characters are doomed to do.
  9. Sniff...You just insulted me to the CORE. DAMN YOU.
  10. Timaku

    Timaku Eloquent

    Rule No.1 on the topic of fights, don't dish out what you can't take in return.

    On topic, Brock may not do much breeding despite his desires top be the best breeder, maybe his constant advances on girls and women are the only thing holding him back. Gotta BE a breeder to know how to breed, right? :p
  11. gengartrainer

    gengartrainer Gengar

    Perhaps...perhaps Brock could return home next season, and Ash could join up with the male and female protagonists from the next game, The male pro. could even be considered a battle, "wiz" Ash could learn from him... They'd do the Gym battles together a double battles and singles! Ash'd lose a few the slightly older male could give him pointers and sometimes they'd both win, other times Ash could win and the Pro. would loses looking to Ash's tactics for insperation
  12. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Brock really has no reason to be back after Sinnoh. He's been in every season except Orange, why do we need him even longer?

    For god sakes, just because a lot of you didn't like Tracey doesn't mean they can't come up with a better male sidekick this time.
  13. Kataphrut

    Kataphrut Well-Known Member

    If (this is a big if) Brock does come back after Sinnoh, I would say he's probably become a permanant member of the cast, like Ash, Pikachu & Team Rocket. He left once, but that was a mistake, and now it seems the cast switches between each series are just the main heroines & their nerdy little brothers.

    So, let's hope he returns after Sinnoh. Of course, if he doesn't have Croagunk, Brock can stick his head on a spike for all I care...nah just kidding.

    Or am I?
  14. Dusk

    Dusk Dawn

    Quite honestly...no

    I think Brock just has a lot more character and personality to him than the other main characters had (or has)... At the start of the anime, the writers almost never created episodes about Brocks career as a pokemon breeder, rather portraying him as more of a pokemon trainer with only a dream of becoming a breeder. In recent episodes, they really have gone into his career with Pokemon Breeding a lot, especially in the Electrike episode and the fact that he has raised two baby pokemon (Bonsly and Happiny.)

    I think a btter question is 'Over Ash?'
  15. superluis5

    superluis5 Paraguayan Trainer


    I think he should stay because he whas been since th4e beggining and he is as important as ash...
  16. taxfreesobuyme

    taxfreesobuyme Well-Known Member

    haha so true about ash but of course the show wouldnt be the same without pikachu
  17. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    I actually liked Tracey, but honestly, he wasn't really the best thing for the anime at the time.

    The main reason why they replaced Brock with Tracey in the first place was that fans complained about Brock's character design (mainly his eyes). It had absolutely nothing to do with Brock being stale.

    Actually, no character can really become "stale". Even Misty who did get "replaced", was only so because the show got retooled so much so that Misty wasn't able to promote anything. (This was due to not being specialized in anything that was really unique. Her goal was almost exactly the same as Ash's except she trained a single type and didn't compete for badges). They could have had a group of 5 with Ash/Brock/Misty plus May and Max, but that would be too many characters to juggle around, plus being a male-orientiered franchise, had to keep the smurfette ratio for some reason.

    Now they replaced May for Dawn because they wanted to promote DP, and they wanted to have the newbie angle once more (May isn't a new trainer any longer, the writers make this even more apparent by having her team be mostly evolved now).

    It's easier to replace female characters since all they need to be successful is to be physically cute and to have a cute personality. With male characters, you have to go on personality alone. (It's kinda hard to go on cuteness with a male character, they tried it with Max, and the results were... unusual.)

    Unfortunately, people are not as forgiving with male characters as they are with female ones. Even if this hypothetical male sidekick character turned out to be the best character ever to appear in anime, some people will still automatically hate him for replacing a character they knew and loved so well. (This still occurs with Misty fans; had May and Dawn not been cute and appealing characters, the public outcry would have been enormous).

    The writers are not going to take that kind of risk again because of what sort of fanbase the Pokémon franchise has. They tend to balk and complain at anything new.

    Also, I don't know how everyone is able to say that "Brock doesn't do anything" since he's actually doing more then he was in the Advanced series. He's not competing in competitions like Ash and Dawn are, but breeding isn't really a competition. The end results of breeding isn't some sort of trinket. The end result of breeding is a healthy and happy Pokémon. The only thing Brock needs to have to be interesting is to have interesting Pokémon for him to raise.
  18. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Well, he really has no reason to leave after Sinnoh, either.

    Yes, Croagunk should stick around for a very long time, not just because it's cool, but because as a breeder, Brock's interactions with such an unusual and difficult Pokemon are a viewable form of his goal taking place. Training Croagunk is like Brock's breeding competition. I'd also like to see Marshtomp make a return.

    Hooray for making sense! I agree, Dusk. Brock's character history certainly does go deeper than any other cast member.

    Exactly! I'm glad there's someone else who acknowledges the difference between Brock's goal and the other goals. If you think about it, Brock has had two baby Pokemon recently, plus Croagunk. Bonsly evolved, becoming the 'eldest child', Happiny just hatched, and is the 'baby', and Croagunk is obviously a difficult and moody 'middle child'. It's obvious he is getting development in his own specific way!
  19. Treecko Girl

    Treecko Girl Sweet V

    Over Brock? Brock's awesome!
    I'm over Ash (Since AG, to be exact).
  20. gengartrainer

    gengartrainer Gengar

    after some Real thought, Brock is necessary! without Brock, Ash and Team would starve to death! Ash wouldn't ever get anywhere or have the time to train, Brock cooks,cleans, and acts as a father figure to Ketchup
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