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Broken Dream (PG) [Poem, Free Verse]


Waiting for summer
Author's Notes: Ugh, school is one of those oxymorons to my mind. It's supposed to make you feel ready to learn, but it just makes my creativity die like a pathetic rabbit devoured by a wolf at times. But hopefully, this is decent -__-. This is actually an extension of something I thought of, the whole Banette story.

Broken Dream
Spirits, Dreams, Conflict, Peace,
the silence behind a transparent glass window,
while the snow gently falls outside.
Those days when she remembers her tragedy,
when her dreams were broken,
like a butterfree stripped of its wings.

A young little doll,
with shiny synthetic blonde hair, and an adorable aqua school outfit,
Now a distorted monster of despair.
She cries for her owner,
who left her behind many years ago.

She was the best toy at the store,
all she wanted was to please her owner,
a little girl with curly brown hair and a strawberry complection,
the dimples, the baby blue eyes inspired adoration amongst all.
Her light blue rain coat and little blue rain-boots.
The girl took the doll out of the package and hugged her affectionately.

The young little doll loved her owner,
the owner loved her,
years and years they played,
frolicking in the meadows,
filled with daisies and roses,
all surreal, the doll's dream.

In the spring meadow, as the flowers bloomed,
the doll talked to her owner,
her owner screamed, terrified that her doll had spoken,
she got her mother.

A woman with a pink coat dress and hat,
sparkling blue eyes and short, curly, brown hair.
The look of contempt at the doll, a childish toy that was useless,
the woman threw the doll in haste,
it flew through the air and through a broken window,
into a deserted home.

The house lyed in a layer of dust, like a long forgotten castle.
The chairs and once gold cieling lamp buried in cobwebs.
Spinarak crawl like little cockroaches in the night,
the dust floats in the air like snow each day,
the doll felt true sadness, rejection, her shattered plastic heart,
just a useless piece of plastic with no use to the world,
her dreams shattered,
like a pitiful human with shattered dreams.

She sobs all night,
her invisible tears for noone to see,
the silence, while the snow falls,
a graceful decline to insanity,
a world without sound,
sans color,
and sans love,
her heart became annihilated.

She became a demon of grief,
a ghastly black form,
with a demented zipper on her baroque smile,
her eyes burn red from her sobbing,
her once beautiful hair, now a distorted black headpiece
her stubby yellow tail, the last of her dreams.
She cries in agony behind her unsound smile,

She screams silently behind her window,
the once beautiful doll, waiting for her answer,
she can't move on until she gets it,
why? she screams silently, her voice zipped shut.

She falls out of the decrepidly dull house's upstairs window,
the paint chipping and peeling in all the nooks and crannies,
onto a snow covered field.

The once beautiful spring meadow,
covered in a gleaming white melancholy,
the snow, tears that were lamented by a once cute doll,
she looks at her reflection, to see a tall girl in a blue jacket.

The girl in a blue jacket stares wide-eyed at her,
her curly brown locks still the same as long ago,
when she loved her doll, and her doll loved her,
but like a butterfree with shattered wings,
she was useless to her owner now.

That little white creature at her side,
with a green head-piece resemblant of a bowl-cut, and a red crest,
looked at her with empathetic eyes,
Ralts saw her pain, its weight almost impossible to survive.

She walked to Ralts, her former owner backing away in regret and fear,
how was this her doll?
Why did she know?
The ache in the girl's heart, regret like the weight of murder.
The girl chopped off a magnificent butterfree's wings,
the girl slapped herself for being so heartless.

She grabbed Ralts's hand desperately as light snow fell from above,
her silent tears, the white snow of mourning,
her red hued eyes looked into Ralts's,
she silently screamed for someone to hug her one last time,
as if she was first taken out of her rose colored package.

Her former self, translucently floated above her,
the translucent girl with long flowing hair, slightly dusty and unmanaged,
her school uniform, torn, her face cracked in the center,
murmuring a lullaby that her owner used to sing to her,
except the music box that made the once sweet sound,
depresingly reverberated with a demonic undertone.

The girl backed away even further, tears sparkling in her baby blue eyes.
The girl dropped a tear, remorse and melancholy filling her mind,
the girl then shaked as she started to cry,
falling to her knees, she couldn't bear this weight.

Breaking a dream,
like murder,
an unforgivable act.
Shattering one's heart,
like torturing someone,
intolerable on all levels.
Taking away someone's purpose,
like taking the wings off of a butterfree,
unforgivable without a single doubt.

She looked at her owner,
slowly approaching like a zombie,
the girl looked up at her, the tears streaked on her pink cheeks.
The butterfly without wings,
the star without luminescence,
the heart that had not felt love in eons,
she looked at her owner with pleading eyes,
to let her feel love one last time,
before she was sent to the world of spirits.

The girl ran to her, embracing her like when she was first opened,
she unzipped the zipper on her yellow mouth,
I'll always love you, owner, she said in sorrow,
her body floated onward towards the spirit world above,
out of the girl's grasp.

The girl fell on her knees,
the girl watched her little doll float away to the spirit world,
her tears covered by the snow peacefully falling around her,
Ralts hugged her as she cried.

Hours of grief and mental remorse went through the girl's mind,
until a woman with slightly noticeable wrinkles and a black coat,
and a cold expression on her face,
that showed contempt towards hopes and dreams.
She asked her daughter what was wrong.

And the girl sobbed, talking about the little doll that she once loved,
Ralts looked up at the mother and gave her a stern look,
the bitter woman walked away to leave her daughter on her adventure.

She observed from above,
the silver clouds blew frosty snow down,
she dropped a doll below,
as her soul tried to move on.

The doll fell from the sky,
perfect and brand new looking,
her eyes and hair cute and beautiful like the original.

The girl held out her hands to catch the tears dripping from her face,
but instead, the beautiful doll landed in her hands,
lovable, and normal, and noone to tell her what to do with it,
she prayed with her eyes closed, for her to be safe.

Wiping off her nearly frozen tears, she continued on,
Ralts riding on her shoulder, and the doll happily grinned,
her bright blue eyes looking to see what was ahead,
her face poking out of the large orange tote bag her owner carried,
as the sunset swirled in magnificent vermillion and pink,
the grey casted away with the magic of forgiveness,
the girl, Ralts, and her doll, continued onward, to a new future,
as the sun flared up with the wings of Ho-oh's father,
in a last glorious flare before the cage of beautiful night closed.

Author's Notes: Yes, I referred to Banette with the pronouns "she" and "her" for most of the story, but I didn't really wanna give it away until it was all over, if you haven't read this yet, don't read this bottom note!