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Broken Fairy Tale (SU - Rated R)


Internet Overlord
Rating Note:
This RPG is rated R because there may be violence, blood, gore, vomit, dragon related deaths, sword related deaths, plague related deaths, alcohol, gambling, magical curses, normal cursing, and generally adult-ish activity. Basically everything that would realistically happen in a magical fantasy land.

RPG: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?656892-Broken-Fairy-Tale-(SU-Rated-R)


Have you ever heard the tale of the Pied Piper? They say he came into a rodent infested town one day, and offered to lead the mice and rats away for a moderate fee. The desperate townsfolk agree and he played his pipe to lead the vermin far far away. But when he returned the townsfolk refused his fee and so that night he returned to lead their children to a land far far away.

Many say those children became the inhabitants of the many realms where all the other fairy tales take place. You have probably heard the stories of many of these lands in the form of fairy tales such as Cinderella and Snow White, but there are lands with stories yet untold. . .

Along the eastern coast of that land far far away is the kingdom of Viso-ane, a magical land, as you might expect, with a fantastic assortment of people and creatures. The centerpiece of this wondrous land is the Royal City, complete with a towering gold and white castle. To the north is the frozen mountains, with a Land of Giants nestled to the northwest, where the mountains meet the Dark Forest that lie west of the kingdom. In the southwest is the City of Magic mostly inhabited by fae and sorcerers. South proper is Farmland, extending for quite a while until it gives way to lush meadows, and eventually the boarder of the neighboring kingdom of Zinoir. To the southeast and east lies the Twin Port Cities (Northernport and Southernport), the main shipping routes for the kingdom. And finally to the northeast lies the seedy city of Ye Old Vegas, where entrainment is the main industry, as well as a series of Coastal Caves.

Viso-ane has been peaceful for many years, having good relations with the nearby kingdom of Zinoir, and no trouble with the giants to the northeast. Though they still refuse to recognize a puny human as their ruler, they tend to keep to themselves and not interfere with the kingdon's affairs. Only the occasional goblin horde, evil witch/wizard, or dragon ever seems to bother the fair land of Viso-ane.

Until recently. . .

The trouble started in Southernport. Several citizens have begun to look rather ill, with ashen skin, bloodshot eyes, and grey vein-like markings. Those effected do not believe when they are told they are sick go through the motions of their daily activities, though they are unusually slow and their attitude is decidedly dispassionate. Additionally they do not sleep and seem to get slower everyday until one day they just freeze in place like marble statues.

Every few days more victims are discovered, though local doctors and healers are at a loss to explain the illness or how it is being transmitted. All attempts at cures and quarantine have failed so far, leading some to believe it may be a curse. Though without further information, any magical attempts at cures could backfire horribly. The initial source of this malady is just as mysterious, and while some believe it may have come in on one of the ships, others point to the kingdom of Zinoir.

No matter the cause the monarch has learned of this illness and decided it is of utmost importance that the spread be stopped and a cure be found. A glorious reward awaits anyone who is brave enough or smart enough to solve this crisis. Though for some religious and moral obligations may be cause enough.

. . .So, who are you in this land, what do you do, and how do you plan to react to the current crisis? Will you join the efforts to find a cure? Or just stay the heck out of dodge?


Pending Players:
1. Solsabre - Forester
2. Sketchie - Mage
3. Cobalt XIV - Elf Wizard
4. Rotom310 - half-Elf Bard

Approved Players:
1. VampirateMace (Human Knight, cursed - Simon Rosewood)
2. Hydrangea (Half-Wolfman Mercenary - Faye Fenske)
3. Omegagoldfish (Human Red 'Knight' - Callidon Martel)
4. Monster Guy (Human Princess - Bianca Leonhart)
5. Schade (Human Prince - Raphael Leonhart)
6. Vern (Elf Alchemist/Assassin - Aluria "ALF" Featherlight)
7. lilcipher (Human Performer - Aria Leticia LeBlanche)
8. Vern (Human Alchemist - Fenris Arkwright)
9. TheCharredDragon (Golem Bard - Flute Vestra)
10. kawaiiconcept (Elf huntress - Akeala)


Sign-up Form:

Name: What you are called (titles included)

Age & Gender: How old you are & male/female/other

Species & Occupation: What species are you & what do you do?

Alignment: (Lawful/Social/Neutral/Rebel/Chaotic & Good/Moral/Neutral/Impure/Evil)

Main Tools/Weapons: What do you use for your job?

Pet/Mount: Do you have any animals?

Appearance: What do you look like? +8 sentences

Personality: How do you act/think? +8 sentences

History: What happened in your past? +8 sentences



Sign-up Form:

Name: Sir Simon Rosewood

Age & Gender: 23, Male

Species & Occupation: Human (cursed), Knight

Alignment: Lawful Moral

Main Tools/Weapons: Sword & Dragon-hide Armor (or Lance, Sword, & Plate Armor)

Pet/Mount: Simon rides a large speckled grey horse, with a black tail and mane. His name is Ash, a name he had before Simon received him. He is fairly tame and reasonably loyal. While he is fast and strong, he has no particular powers or special traits.


Simon is slightly on the tall side, well built especially in the arms, but not really bulky. He has tan skin, littered with freckles, and medium length black hair that is generally as spiky mess. He has a rectangular face, with strong features; cheek bones and straight nose, and lively blue eyes. He has several scars from training, battle, and attempts to kill his cursed form. In particular he has a nasty black scar on his upper left arm, from when he was cursed.

Simon's usual day clothes consist of a long off-white tunic made of a thick durable fabric, and an over-shirt and pants made from protective red-brown dragon-hide. He also wears heavy black leather boots. For intense battle, Simon will change into plate armor, but since it is heavy and restrictive, it's mostly for full on war scenarios.

In his boar/cursed form, Simon is transformed into a large black boar with hair very similar to his human form hair. His eyes turn red in this form, looking very monstrous. And his back bears a few hairless-less scars from attempts on his life.

Many familiar with him, would probably describe Simon as a good man, kind and helpful. In reality he's probably a step below good, as he does things more out of moral obligation then actual goodness of heart. He's come a long way from the kid who simply wanted to be famous for slaying dragons and vanquishing dark wizards, now working for the good of the kingdom regardless of if he will be recognized for his efforts.

Brave and unrelenting, he will work hard until he achieves a goal. Or die trying. Though he works very hard at not dying, because he's not stupid or reckless, though his choices may sometimes look that way to an outsider. But he has trained very hard to be able to do things most people wouldn't dream of attempting, and is aware of his own limitations.

While Simon is not one to hide his emotions, he has been taught that there are many occasions on which someone simply keeps their opinions to themself. His face and body language therefore will often give away his disagreeing with someone though he declines to actually say it. He does his best to be polite and respectful of all.

As a boar Simon is a very simple creature. He wants to eat and be left alone. If either of these conditions is violated he will attack those around him without distinction, charging and goring offenders with his sharp tusks. He is, quite simply, very dangerous to be around.

Simon the son of a gardener and a seamstress, both of whom had followed the occupations of their parents and parents' parents, expecting Simon to follow suit and take up gardening or become a tailor. Both parents showed him their work and taught him basic skills, telling him he could pick whichever job he decided he liked best. But at seven, when he was expect to start seriously apprenticing, Simon made an unexpected request. He wished to train as a page and become and knight, like the many heroes he saw parade through town after long and harrowing battles.

His parents were in some ways, obviously disappointed, but knowing it would be a step up in class his father inquired with the nobles who's gardens he kept, and managed to get him a meeting with the knight's guild. His parents told him not to get his hopes too high, and to decide which occupation to take if he was rejected. But, should he be so lucky as to get an apprenticeship with a knight, he must work hard to make them proud of his decision.

Seeing the boy was fairly intelligent and quite enthusiastic, one of the knights present decided to take him on as their new page.

Simon would soon learn that being a knight was not about the fame or recognition. The knights had a strong code of moral behavior and rigorous training regime. It was hard and not at all what he had expected, often lugging around the knights belongings, and there were many moments where the young page wanted to give up, but remembering he'd disappointed his parents once, he knew he could not do it again. And so he devoted himself to learning all the etiquette and skills required of him; to serving his knight, and his kingdom to the best of his ability. His work was rewarded in promotion to being a squire, the next step on his way to knighthood.

When Simon was old enough, his knight started to take him into battle that he might prove himself, and earn a knighting from their monarch. One day their troop set out to storm the goblin infested tower constructed by a dark wizard encroaching on the kingdom's farmland. Though the group was eventually victorious, the battle was hard, and Simon did not leave it unscathed. Though at the time it only seemed like a flesh wound and he soon found himself a celebrated full knight, one of the goblins had been armed with a cursed dagger, which left Simon cursed when he slashed his left arm. Since then, at night Simon transforms into a aggressive black boar that will attack anything the gets in it's way. Only his knight mentor knows of his condition however, and Simon quickly learned to lock himself up or flee into the woods at nightfall.
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I'm baby?
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So. I'd totally love a reserve.

Question though, species wise do you have any limitations?

At the moment I'm thinking a beastwoman/man who can fully transform into his/her animal at will.


Internet Overlord
Hydrangea: Reserved, there's a few restrictions (I mean we can't have Klingons and Wookies running around here), but your concept sounds fine.

Monster Guy: Reserved, I'm sure you'd play either one well.


bi & ready 2 di
You mind me reserving a spot? I'd love to play once I get the time to write up a sign-up.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
So, I'm only familiar with the 3x3 allignment system (Good, Neutral, Evil and Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic) I'm having trouble finding any useful information about the 5x5 allignment system besides charts with pictures of characters that aren't really any help... :/


bi & ready 2 di
So, I'm only familiar with the 3x3 allignment system (Good, Neutral, Evil and Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic) I'm having trouble finding any useful information about the 5x5 allignment system besides charts with pictures of characters that aren't really any help... :/
I'd also like to learn more about the 5x5 system as well, do you mind giving a rundown VampirateMace?


I'm baby?
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Name: Faye Fenske (Often called 'monster' or 'devil-beast')
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Female
Species: Halfling (Half Human, Half Beastman)
Occupation: Mercenary
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral ("Everything I do, I do for my own benefit.")

Main Tools/Weapons: Mostly just her own skills as a wolf


Faye is slightly short for someone her age, standing at a mere 5'2" and weighing around 135 pounds. However, her small size is certainly made up for with her large personality. She is lean, slim, but certainly not lacking any muscle; although you wouldn't exactly call her muscular you can tell that she exercises regularly. Her eyes are amber in colour, usually seen with a small amount of mascara over them to make her eyelashes seem a little larger. Her face is otherwise covered with warpaint down her cheeks as well as a small nose ring on her left nostril. Her hair is somewhat messy and wild, it is a brilliant red in colour and is parted by two fluffy red wolf ears at the top, one wolf ear is pierced at the top with two rings and a chain that goes downward towards the base of the ear. A fluffy red wolf tail extends from her behind. She considers herself cute, loving to play with her ears and show them off to other people; especially when showing off her full body with her fluffy tail. Her hands have wolf's claws that appear at all times, allowing her some form of combat while not fully transformed.

For clothing, Faye likes to wear cutesy clothing. Her favourite outfit is a yellow crop top with a matching flowy yellow skirt and white leggings. She wears yellow wedges to match her outfit. When the weather is a little colder, she wears a yellow sweater that is slightly too large; the sleeves are stained with blood.

When fully transformed she takes on the appearance of a wolf with brilliant red fur similar to that of her hair, standing around 2 feet tall at the shoulders and about 4 feet from her snout to her tail. She adores running around in this form, often wagging her tail and using her sharp strong teeth and claws to tear enemies limb from limb.

Personality: Faye can be described as a simply fun loving individual. She loves to have a good time and will always crack jokes in order to make others more comfortable around her or to simply make light of a bad situation. However she's also loud, confident, and cocky; loving to shout about any accomplishments she feels she's made. She likes to keep her tough looking exterior and as such, puts on a tough "I'll kick anyone's ***" attitude. She's a wannabe leader, and will make a huge effort in an attempt to lead. However, despite this she cares deeply for the team; wanting to help people when they get into a bind and often going out of her way to help people she runs into. However, sometimes she just tends to scare off people with her sharp tone of voice and the fact that they usually see an over-excited wolf bounding towards them. As such, she often sticks to herself, in a way that she refers to as being a lone wolf. Her career, is in order to make money; as she'll do anything for some quick cash.

She's friendly but often finds it difficult to make friends due to people hating her jokes, being bothered by her appearance, or simply being frightened about the way she holds herself and the way she speaks in her gruff tone of voice. However, deep down she loves cute things. She loves looking cute, making memes about being cute and often smirks and tries to make herself look as "kawaii-uguu" as possible. She often makes heart signs with her hands after a victory and winks at anyone watching. it's not that she's exactly flirty, she just loves to be cute and likes giving herself a cute outlook.

History: Have you ever heard of the beastmen? Large horrific men and women that appeared to be full on "werewolves" to those taking a look at them. Frightening everyone and wrecking havoc upon villages for their own gain. Faye's past starts here, her mother being a human woman from one of these villages that were raided during the night. Her mother was unfortunately attacked by one of the beastmen and impregnated with a bastard child, her heart sank upon learning she was pregnant, especially learning late enough that nothing could be done. She was forced to carry the 'abomination of nature' to term. Faye was born in the night, being a small human child by all accounts, other than her large wolf ears and tail. She was promptly abandoned on the streets, as were most halfling children.

Her childhood on the streets was rough, she'd beg for food but more often than not be pushed aside. Halflings were seen as lesser beings, treated like dirt by everyone around them; few survived past the age of six. Faye was probably going to be one of these unfortunate cases, seen time and time again by the people who kept a watchful eye on the halflings. That was of course, until she met Evelyn. Evelyn was a witch, or sorceress as she preferred to be called; with a focus in the dark arts. She took pity upon the small creature, who at this point was small, thin, and barely surviving. She took Faye under her wing, and of course, actually gave her the name Faye. It seemed like an odd, non-fitting name for such a hated creature; but Evelyn believed everyone deserved a chance in this world.

The issue with halflings, is unlike their beastman side; they have little in terms of brawn besides claws. As such, they are usually hunted for their beautiful tails and rarely live past the age of six. However, Evelyn was intent on letting Faye survive, giving her the ability to fully shapeshift into a red wolf. This, in turn; allowed Faye more fight. When she felt threatened she would simply drop on all fours and transform into a feral wolf. She loved it, and knew quite well that she owed Evelyn her life. The young halfling remained with Evelyn throughout her teenage years, hunting for their food, and picking up small jobs on the side, anything for a little bit of cash. However, recently an illness has begun to spread throughout the region; an epidemic. Evelyn was unfortunately struck with it, and before freezing into a statue; Faye swore to her she would find a cure, whatever it took. Although, Faye is also totally in this race for that money, as it would give her a better life.
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lilcipher: Sure

Monster Guy & lilcipher: Yeah, okay, so think of Moral and Impure (or Tainted) as steps between 'Good and Neutral' and 'Good and Evil'. A moral character tends to do what's right, but they're not a saint. A Impure character has evil tendencies, but they're not full on evil. Social and Rebel are just different motivations from Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic. You could do something 'Good' because it's the law, or because you're morally obligated. Rebel of course is just that, opposing Lawful, rather then how Chaos is just doing it to do it.

Also, here's some examples off dA:
(Just remember they're all from someone else's POV)


bi & ready 2 di
lilcipher: Sure

Monster Guy & lilcipher: Yeah, okay, so think of Moral and Impure (or Tainted) as steps between 'Good and Neutral' and 'Good and Evil'. A moral character tends to do what's right, but they're not a saint. A Impure character has evil tendencies, but they're not full on evil. Social and Rebel are just different motivations from Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic. You could do something 'Good' because it's the law, or because you're morally obligated. Rebel of course is just that, opposing Lawful, rather then how Chaos is just doing it to do it.
Thanks for the tip! I'll write up my character after Monster Guy does theirs, since my character (Aria) is gonna be connected to their family and story.


The Reforged Soul
Sign me up! I have a fantasy character I've been dying to use!

Warning: Wall of Text.

Sign-up Form:

Name: Bjorne Kjarr

Age & Gender: 32, Male

Species & Occupation: Mostly human (1/4 giant), A druidic Forester

Alignment: Neutral Good

Main Tools/Weapons:

Druidic Magic: Bjorne uses various minor spells complimenting his woodcraft and survival skills with the writing or engraving of a rune to activate the spell. Some of the spells include, speaking and understanding animals, increased sense of smell, hiding personal scent, silencing his footsteps/movements through the woods, enhanced night vision, purifying water for safe drinking, fire-starting wet wood, and etc.

Axe-Wielder - Since his early days as a forester, Bjorne is extremely proficient and ambidextrous in handling the axe. He can swing it around with one hand to provide greater reach or use both arms on the handle to add more power behind his hits. He wields a double-bladed ax for a combat. He is also quite skilled with throwing spears (mostly from hunting).

Physical Strength - Bjorne’s strength can be best described as ‘herculean’, allowing him to hold his own physically in fights against wildlife and other supernatural creatures. For all his strength and size, his sheer weight does make swimming very difficult for him.

Pet: Timber - A crossbreed between a Timber Wolf and domestic dog, Timber is Bjorne’s faithful and loyal companion. Timber assists in tracking/flushing prey while hunting. Also, Timber will start growling immediately when danger is present making a good early warning system. He will also fiercely attack anyone/anything that would try to harm Bjorne.

Appearance: Bjorne is a giant and imposing man of unusual size and strength, standing at a height of 6 ft. 10 in. He is very broad across the chest and very muscular. He has a very wild appearance with his fur/leather clothing. His hair is a mane of deep golden brown, long, curly, and unkempt which he keeps tied back in a knot or with twine if it’s handy. His beard is kept short with a rough cut. Deep set eyes peer out with an unnatural brilliant blue and prominent irises.*

All his clothing is made from the hides of forest animals he’s hunted. On his upper body, Bjorne wears a sleeveless open front leather vest, allowing his arms maximum movement for swinging his ax. The vest neckline and sleeve openings are lined with wolf hair. His legs are covered with leather breeches tanned from deer hides and moccasins on his feet to help muffle his footsteps in the forest.*When traveling, he wears a grizzly bear skin cloak with the bear's head acting like a hood.

On any exposed skin, scars are visible. The most notable scar are four claw marks starting high on his left cheek and running down to the underside of his jaw and neck. Other scars decorate his back, chest, shoulders, and limbs from encounters with territorial wildlife, supernatural creatures, and other sentient races.

Wears a silver charm of protection around his neck.

Personality: A gentle giant. The imposing and frightening stature of Bjorne is at odds with his gentle and quiet nature. Soft-spoken, he is not quick to anger and actually takes quite a bit to evoke a strong negative reaction from him. Due to much of the hostility he has experience in his life, he’s quite reserved around new people (except children) and slow to open up. He’d rather seek companionship from animals, rather than humans. He is also kind and caring. It is not unusual for him to find injured wildlife and nurse them back to health if it has a good chance of recovering, however, he’ll dish out a mercy kill to end an animal’s suffering and let nature resume its course.*

Bjorne seldom holds the actions of other races against them for he understands each acts only according to their nature to survive, even if they are odds with other races. Humans, magical races, spirits, demons, wildlife, and other supernatural creatures will clash for their natures and instincts differ. He has a deep respect for all forms of life. That’s why when he hunts or kills in self-defence, Bjorne recites a short druidic prayer of peace for the life departing. However, that doesn’t mean Bjorne won’t defend himself or others around him in order to survive and live. He lives a dual life as a human making an impact of the forest for resources, but at the same time he’ll act to preserve the forest from abuse.

Bjorne is fairly content to live a quiet life alongside the handful of families who have accepted him for who he is. He prefers to keep to himself and not get involved in village hubris. However, if trouble were to occur when he is present or to his forest home, he usually more than willing to step in and help.

Bjorne comes across rather stoic with facial expressions. Often times people might mistake him for being a simpleton since he does not always openly acknowledge events around him immediately. He is more likely to react or express with overall body language to convene emotion. Bjorne does not smile as most humans do, for to bare the white of one’s teeth is a sign of aggressive in the animal world. Rather, he’ll curl the corners of his lips upward slightly and express his merriment with his eyes. He also cares deeply for children and is quite protective of them. He has a rare deep laugh. He speaks when needed, but usually his actions speak for him more.

Growing up in wilderness, Bjorne never learned to read or write and is largely uneducated in ways of city life and society. He does have the basics down for Viso-ane's numeric system and related symbols from his years in the logging camp. Using druidic magic as part of his woodcraft, Bjorne knows varies runes to accomplish set tasks. A skilled hunter, more by living than trade, Bjorne prefers to catch his prey with snare trap or with a makeshift spear (hunting knife attached to a sturdy straight branch) that he’ll thrown with great accuracy. If near water, he’ll spear for fish.

History: The fabled bear man of the Dark Forest. Rumors surrounding Bjorne tell he was found as an infant by a great grizzly bear of the forest and raised as one of her cubs. However, as most stories go, only fragments of it are actually true, though Bjorne’s upbringing was strange, nonetheless.

Long ago, Rhodena, a wandering druid, was collecting herbs for her collection, when she heard a soft shuffling among the underbrush. Curious, the druid investigated the source of the noise and pushed aside a thick patch of tall ferns to reveal a naked babe, neither crying or fussing. The child bore no evidence of what village he came from or how he got there. Only a bear skin hide swaddled the hefty babe for warmth. So, Bjorne Kjarr was named for how he was found, Bear of the Woods.

Having live much of her life alone, the druid took the infant and returned to her guarded forest grove to raise the boy. Though Rhodena was not cruel, she had no quarrels with testing experimental growth draughts on Bjorne with the intent to use the perfected draughts on the plants in her grove. So, Bjorne grew exceptionally hardy and strong, whether from his adoptive mother’s potions, the demanding physical life of the woods, or perhaps a combination of both. Living so close to the land and its wildlife, Bjorne witnessed both Mother Nature’s beauty and unforgiving nature of survival.

As a young man in his late teens and already strong for his years, Bjorne left the grove one day to collect firewood and much needed herbs for his adoptive mother’s stores. When he entered an open glade, a juvenile male grizzly bear trudged into the clearing, its small dark eyes locked on the muscular teen. Bjorne frowned. It was the wrong time of day for bears to be active and this one appeared to be acting strange. Wishing to avoid provoking the bear, Bjorne avoided eye contact and slowly retreated the way he came without losing sight of it. However, the small grizzly charged forward aggressively towards Bjorne, foam frothing from the side of its mouth.*

The clash between the enraged bear and Bjorne, who was fighting for his life, was brutal. Bjorne received the claw marks running across the left side of his face and bashed the bear’s skull with a sizeable rock from the glade. However, He fell ill a short while later from the same sickness the bear had been infected with. His druid mother knew there was no cure for the illness. So instead, she used the greatest of her druidic magic to transfer the illness to herself, for despite her youthful appearance, she was advanced in years. She left behind a silver charm of protection against maladies with the last of her magic as a farewell gift to Bjorne.

After his mother passed, Bjorne found himself at a crossroads. Should he remain in the forest grove when his only family was now gone or venture forth to explore the rest of the kingdom. Choosing the latter, Bjorne departed from the quiet grove of his youth. Sometime later, he encountered a party of men sawing trees down and hauling the logs away with teams of oxen. Bjorne hesitated at first, Rhodena had always warned him to be wary of the human populations for they would likely fear his stature and wild appearance.*

However, Haeraw, the logging operation boss and an entrepreneur, saw an opportunity at the sight of the very brawny young man. The logging boss asked Bjorn if he would like to join the camp as an Axe man. At first, he was reluctant to learn a trade which could destroy the forest he loved, but he also understood in careful practice such a trade might benefit the forest and its inhabitants. So, Bjorne accepted Haeraw’s proposal, especially since he knew of no other trades he would be skilled at.*

During his service with the logging camp, Bjorne was adamant in his selection of which trees he would harvest and not practice the same wholesale clearcutting as other loggers. Initially Haeraw was irritated by this, but since Bjorne tended to bring a high quality and large size of wood back to the camp on his own without the use of oxen teams, Haeraw relented and let Bjorn do as he wish. The forester lived at the logging camp for many years, building greater strength and form. The other loggers often referred to Bjorne as a ‘Timber Beast’, for he could do both the work of human and beast of burden with little effort. During these years, he found acceptance and friendship among men who were like company.

By his late twenties, Bjorne parted ways with the logging camp to make his own way. However, due to his wild appearance and stature, he was often mistaken for a giant or frightening beast. He never remained in those villages for every long. Oftentimes, he couldn’t offer his services to harvest wood for none would come near him. Eventually he settled near a small farming community located on the eastern boundary of the Dark Forest called Aynor, known for its woodcrafters and carpenters. He slowly earn acceptance by the townsfolk by his work of delivering large logs of high quality. He won the hearts of many village children by carving small toys for them out of wood.

During this time, Bjorne, regretfully, killed a large female grizzly bear found attacking travelers through the woods during a famine. Even though, he had to resort to killing the bear to protect the travelers, he was saddened by the necessity. The grizzly would not have attacked the humans were she not desperate for food and protecting her den nearby. Wearing the female grizzly’s pelt, Bjorne tracked down the female grizzly’s den to find two partially grown cubs. Living once again in the deep woods for a spell, Bjorne raised the cubs till they were able to fend for themselves. He donned his grizzly form and bonded with the cubs and they with him. Being of large size and strength, Bjorne could rough house with his bear “brothers” in either form. However, Bjorne feared a similar fate for his ‘brothers’ like their mother if they remained near human settlements. So, with a heavy heart, Bjorn relentlessly drove the young grizzlies away deep into the Dark Forest.

Bjorne resumed his quiet life at the farming village for many years, managing the surrounding woods with careful selection of trees to support the needs of the townsfolk without depriving the wildlife of needed habitat. Aside from his woodcutting, Bjorne often helped escort farmers, craftsmen, and other travelers safely through the woods, using his woodcraft skill to avoid the paths of dangerous creatures, to the borders and trade towns.*

One day, Bjorne was checking a few of snare traps, when he came up a wolf pup caught in one. Freeing it from the trap, he discovered the pup was a crossbreed of a wild wolf and a domestic dog, probably from one of the nearby farms. Bjorne took the pup home and bandaged the wounded leg injured from the trap. The woodcutter decided to keep and raise the wolfdog as a companion, naming him “Timber”.

*more to come*


I'm going to put down this much for now for a WIP. I should be able to finish this up pretty quickly in a few days when I have more time.
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Why not both?
Seems interesting.
Can I reserve an Archwizard-turned-assassin (not sure what race yet)? I'll try and write up a sign-up when I find the time. Probably some time next week. Hope that's not too long of a wait. Probably Chaotic Impure.

Quick question: How strong can our character be?
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Vern: Sure you can. It's a fairy tale, so if you're really strong, you got to have a good weakness for others to exploit.

Sketchie: Sounds alright, going to be a lot of magic flying around in this thing.

Schade: Yes, come on in.


Internet Overlord
Hydrangea (Half-Wolfman Mercenary - Faye Fenske): Pending
- You might want to reconsider the high heels, they're not exactly good for fighting or running or walking the unpaved countryside. How about something a little more sturdy; fashionable yellow boots maybe, or even wedges?
- Personality is conflicted, which sounds about right, though I'm not sure 'natural born leader' fits, so much as she just 'wants to lead'. (This is very low priority though.)


I'm baby?
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Hydrangea (Half-Wolfman Mercenary - Faye Fenske): Pending
- You might want to reconsider the high heels, they're not exactly good for fighting or running or walking the unpaved countryside. How about something a little more sturdy; fashionable yellow boots maybe, or even wedges?
- Personality is conflicted, which sounds about right, though I'm not sure 'natural born leader' fits, so much as she just 'wants to lead'. (This is very low priority though.)
Fixed, I think. She should be alright now.

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Technically, this SU is done. However, Schade and I have agreed to be siblings, and are discussing all the details. Which means I may need to edit the references to his character.

Name: Princess Bianca Leonhart
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Species & Occupation: (Magical) Human Princess

Alignment: Neutral Good
Main Tools/Weapons: A a royal scepter she carries around with her that she channels magic through. She uses light elemental magic, that include shooting beams of light, healing wounds and injuries, and making hard light contructs like barriers for protection. She can also give foes a good wallop with it.

She also can fence and use a Rapier, but she's not exactly dressed for sword fighting. Plus, she likes magic better anyway.

Pet/Mount: Her family owns a stable of Unicorns, and she occasionally rides on one when she needs to.

For some strange reason, cute woodland animals come to her aid when she starts singing. Her mother says it's a Princess thing.

Appearance: Bianca is about average height for a young woman her age, standing at about 5'6". She has a slender frame, with feminine curves in all the right places. Her breasts are decently sized, not too big but not small either. She was born with smooth fair skin, which doesn't get tanned easily. Her light blond hair is long and wavy, that goes down to her waist. She keeps her bangs swept to the side. She has a heart shaped face, with a small nose, large, expressive eyes that are a deep violet color that usually have a childlike sparkle to them, as well as long eyelashes attached to them. Her eye color is a trait that runs in her family, and is a sign of royal blood. She goes out of her way to make sure she looks "cute", and works to maintain it.

One of Bianca's favorite part about being a Princess is that dressmakers from all over the kingdom would kill to dress a member of the royal family. She has a collection of the gowns made from the finest materials in the land. As expected, Bianca dresses quite lavishly. She always wears purple because it is the color associated with the royal family. Her usual outfit is a fancy gown that is various shades of purple and has lots of frills and ruffles. She accesorizes with lots of jewelry, and there is always an ornate tiara sitting on top of her head. Normally, she wears heels. However, since her dress is so long that you can't see her shoes anyway, she wears comfortable (but still purple and nice looking) flat shoes.

She might change to a more practical outfit if the need arises. However, right now she is representing the royal family, and feels the need to dress the part.

Personality: Bianca is a friendly, cheerful, and optimistic young woman. In spite of any chaos that may be going on, she manages to put on a smile. Despite being from a wealthy family, she doesn't believe it makes her better than anyone else. She spends time around many kinds of people from different backgrounds, and tries to find good in everybody. While she tries to act like a proper lady, she doesn't always do a very good job of it. Around others who know her well, she can come across as silly and childish. However, while it may look like she doesn't take anything seriously, she's smarter than people give her credit for. She's been groomed since young to represent the Leonhart name, in addition to receiving a formal education at an early age. However, she had to put in a lot of effort in order to do well. Her mother would never be pleased if she did only enough to get by. She finds the whole proper lady thing tiresome at times, and just wishes she could figuratively let her hair down, and be herself. She tries not to let it bring her down too much, as that's the price one pays for being a Leonhart. Bianca is a feminine girl, and she has an affinity for cute things. Kittens, puppies, ponies, etc. They all make her squeal excitedly.

Bianca is a compassionate, nurturing girl. She is always there to help others, and is normally really sympathetic and empathetic with anyone who is in trouble. She cares deeply for others, is also very maternal. She sees her friends as her family and will do anything to protect them even putting herself in danger. In regards to this she can be a bit rash. If she sees something threatening someone she cares for she will rush in to danger not thinking of the consequences of her actions. While she is not stupid by any means, she is very much naive when it comes to the real world. She's easily tricked, and is prone to giving anything she has to someone in need in the name of love.

Bianca is the type that wears her heart on her sleeve. It is easy to hurt her feelings, but it doesn't take much to cheer her up again. Growing up she was always told romantic bed time stories involving a damsel in distress and a knight in shining armor. As a result of this, Bianca loves love. She believes it's the best feeling in the world. She believes everyone, no matter how much of a jerk they may be deserves love. Her beliefs have been instilled into her since young, and she's very outspoken and passionate about them. She's a hopeful romantic, and often acts flirty towards men she likes, hoping they're Mr. Right, and find that special someone so she can get her own Fairy Tale happy ending. She tends to think every guy she's with is "the one" and takes it very seriously, making her seem clingy and overly dependent. She gets easily attached to people she's grown to like, and it upsets her when the object of her affections doesn't share her feelings, and will do anything to keep them around. She also likes to help other people find love as well, and plays matchmaker for people whether they asked for it or not.

She has an older brother, Raphael, whom she cares about very much, even though they disagree on a number of things. She does appreciate his concern about her, even if it does get in her way sometimes. Although they weren't close at first, their relationship grew after a certain incident where she caught him with the castle's butler. She also enjoys having someone she could talk to about the attractive men in the kingdom.

Growing up as a member of the royal family, Bianca is a bit spoiled by her lavish lifestyle. She's not a brat about it or anything, rather she sometimes forgets that not everyone has servants who do household tasks for them, and can occasionally be clueless about things that non royals do (She does think it's rude to refer to a non royal as a commoner though.) She does know how to cook, but she's accustomed to having whatever ingredient she needs, and having a proper stove to cook with.

History: Bianca Leonhart was born in to the Royal Family of Viso-ane. Her mother is Queen Orianna Leonhart, and her father is King Rolof Leonhart. A member of the Leonhart family has ruled Viso-ane for generations. It's such an influential name, that men who marry into it are expected to change their last names. Bianca's mother had always wanted a daughter, and was thrilled to finally get her wish when she had Bianca. Bianca lived a very extravagant lifestyle. Her parents showered her with love and affection, as well as whatever she wanted. Bianca loved her family and they loved her, it was as simple as that. She also has an older brother, whom she never really interacted with much, even though she did want to have a familial relationship with him.

Bianca was very much her mother's favorite. She didn't realize this though, and she assumed her mother gave her brother the same opportunities she gave Bianca herself. Her mother told her daughter many fairy tales when she was growing up. They usually involved lovers overcoming all odds to be together. They usually involved lovers overcoming all odds to be together. These stories instilled in her the belief that love can conquer any obstacle.

Even though she wasn't next in line for the throne, from an early age, Bianca was groomed to be the perfect Princess, and an ideal Leonhart lady. She was homeschooled by scholars and tutors that were handpicked by her parents. She was interested in some of her lessons, like learning magic to be able defend herself, or the more interesting parts of Viso-anes history, she was bored with other things, like learning proper etiquette or politics. While she performed well enough, she found it very tiresome trying to live up to her family's standards. She cared more about finding her one true love, and getting her own happy ending. Just like the ones in the stories she was told.

At first, Bianca and Raphael didn't have much of a relationship. Outside of when it was required, they rarely spoke. She never understood why. She always noticed that her brother seemed isolated from the rest of the family, and he seemed cold and distant during the times they did interact. One day Bianca went to her brother's room to talk to him about it, but when she entered her brother's room, she found him in bed with another man. It was rather awkward between them for a while, but once they did speak, Bianca quickly accepted the fact her brother was gay, and promised not to tell their parents about it. She didn't care much what gender her brother's lovers were. Besides, now she had someone with whom she could gossip about men in the kingdom with. After that incident, her relationship with her brother became much closer. He also told her about the neglect from their mother he experienced growing up, which made Bianca regretful. It explained so much.

One day, she met a handsome, blonde haired, blue eyed, young man named Alistair Valentine. He was a commoner, a page of one of the knights that served her family. Bianca was expected to marry a nobleman or even another prince, but she fell fast and hard for the handsome page. They're relationship was merely platonic at first. Eventually, they became something more. She likes to say their meeting was love at first sight, but it took quite a long time of getting to know each other before they officially professed their love, and consumated the relationship. People were surprised that a royal, who had so many suitors that were within her class to choose from would pick a mere commoner. She didn't care though. Around Alistair, she could be herself. She didn't have to impress him with the whole proper lady act. The affair was passionate, and romantic. They were both certain that they were destined to be together, and that this was going to last forever.

Ultimately, it wasn't meant to be. Alistair rose through the ranks to become a Squire. His knight then started taking him into battle. The two promised to keep in touch while he was away, and they even agreed to get married once Alistair was knighted. For a few months, the two exchanged letters. Then, the communication suddenly stopped. Months had passed, and Bianca hadn't heard a word from her lover, and she was starting to get worried. She would come to find out later, that Alistair had died in battle. He was killed by Goblins while saving his allies. This deeply saddened and confused the girl. She was certain they were meant to be together, and when you're meant to be with someone you'll find each other no matter what, right? That's what the stories say. She refuses to believe that her mother's teachings were wrong, there must be someone else out there for her, or Alistair would find his way back to her. Although heartbroken by Alistair's death, she helps other people find love as a way to heal. She keeps a cheerful attitude, and is still searching for her happily ever after.

Recently, an illness has spread throughout the kingdom that turns people to stone. Her mother grew worried as more and more people began to succumb to the disease. She offered a reward to anyone who could find a cure. Their father also traveled away from the city in search for answers. He had been gone for a long time, and still hadn't returned. Bianca felt that as princess of this good land, it was her job to help in the efforts to find a cure. Besides, she was getting bored sitting around the stuffy palace all day, and she always wanted to go on an adventure like the stories she had been told. She told her brother of her plans to travel and look for answers themselves. Her brother was initially against the idea, but after their mother got involved, he agreed.
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