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Broken Fairy Tale (SU - Rated R)


WIP for now. Mine and Mon's characters are siblings. His being the magically oriented one, mine will be more focused on physical attributes. As well as the slightly evil personality becaise I am me, after all.

Name: Prince Raphael Leonhart
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species & Occupation: Human Prince.

Alignment: Chaotic Impure
Main Tools/Weapons: Besides his mastery of athletic combat skills, he carries an enchanted Royal Rapier. Mostly an offensive combatant, he relies on his strength, stamina and agility. He does not care much for magic, rather than the more practical spells.
Pet/Mount: Nightmare. One of the few spells he bothered to learn, enabled him to summon dark creatures, his favorite being the nightmare. He nicknames it Shade. Shade is portrayed as being a black horse of skeletal structure, with a shadowy mane, and glowing red eyes.

Appearance: Raphael stands a bit above average height for young men of his age. He has a slender, yet physically fit build due to his daily training regiments, and he takes pride in his looks. His skin is fair and naturally pale, and he has difficulties with getting a tan, though he doesn't worry about that. He has short pale blonde hair that he keeps in a rather messy style. This is mostly his way of annoying his mother who puts too much pressure on him to look "Decent" due to his heritage. He has a sleek face with strong cheekbones, and prominent jawlines. His lilac eyes are sign of his royal heritage, and mostly have that "Ugh, i'm bored" look to them. He does, however, straighten up in social situations.

One of the more annoying sides to his role as prince of the land is that more or less every tailor in the kingdom wants to make his clothing at all times. He has his wardrobe stashed with a variety of elegant suits, jackets, trousers, shoes, socks, accessories, more or less everything. Though he doesn't care much for looking like the dashing prince charming from your weird nightmares, he does always prefer good quality clothing. This shows in his favorite attire, which is a pair of black pants and formal shoewear. Purple is the color mostly associated with his family, so of course he goes for something other than that. Being very stubborn about his family's traditions, Raphael wears a white frilled shirt with puffy arms. Over that, he wears a decorative dark blue vest that drives his mother insane. He also wears a cravat of the same color as his vest. To accessorize, Raphael wears a ring carrying the crest of the royal family, as is expected of him as he is next in line for the title of king. It has the same shade of lilac as his family's eyes.

Though his outfit is mostly for show, the main reason it is his favorite is due to how easy it is moving around in it. He hates the stiff, overly dressed styles the The entourage of tailors prepare for him.

Personality: As expected of the prince of Viso-ane, Raphael is a very elegant and mannered young man to the public eye. He is dashing, charming, polite and helpful. Those are the traits expected of a prince, and those are the traits he has learned from the numerous tutors he have had to endure over the years. He knows his way on the political plane, and know who to trust and who to be wary of. His father is very proud of him, something Raphael don't really care too much about. He is very intelligent as he has been home schooled from an early age, as well as having developed an interest for reading due to his mothers neglect during his childhood. Ironically, he doesn't take his wealthy status for granted, and is very snobby towards "Peasants". Mingling with socialites and basically being pimped off by his mother to promising young ladies is more or less an everyday activity for him at this point, and he has learned to fake interest.

Although people mostly think he's the best prince ever, his social personality is only a facade. He strongly dislikes more or less everything that has anything to do with politics, and does not want that throne once the time comes. Raphael is selfish and rebellious, due to always being put second to his sister Bianca by their mother. Since they only see their father in social events, he does not know this side of him. His mother, however, does. She always wanted a daughter, and puts little to no effort in trying to hide that Bianca is her favorite. Raphael resented his sister for this for many years when they were younger, but eventually grew to be able to overlook it. His sister, unlike his mother, was a fantastic person that was very very difficult to hate, even for him. He is very protective towards her, and has chased off quite the number of suitors he has deemed unworthy of her affection, something they argue over every now and then. She is also the only person he is genuinly nice to, though he is a little rough around the edges in his ways of showing it. He is determined, and cares little for how he reaches his own goals. The only real obstacle in his way is his status as prince. He often use his status as ways of persuading or threatening others, and always follow through on his threats. Be it imprisonment or death. Despite his rather cruel nature, he always upholds a gentlemanly stature as he knows that appearance is more important in his way of life.

Due to the partial neglect he has experienced, he was often alone as a child. no other kids dared trying to befriend a noble prince, causing him to feel isolated. This sparked what would evolve into his rebellious nature. When not in social events, he can be rude, manipulative, sadistic and borderline violent. He rarely plays fair, and have sent a lot of royal retainers to their deaths during sparring sessions, or just because he got bored of them. He has little regard of a human life, and although he dislike killing for no good reason (A good reason in his eyes), he is not above bullying people of a lower cast than himself. Though he acts a lot out of his own interests, he is bound by the social norms of his family. He does nothing to dishonor them, and keeps his shenanigans to himself. His rebellion is the little things he manage to say or do every now and then. Small victories as they call it.. heh.

Being a handsome young man of royal heritage, Raphael encounters young socialites wanting to marry him on a daily basis. Not very uncommon for young men in his position, as the future king does need a queen after all. What no one else besides his sister knows though, is that he would rather spend a night of passion with one of his male retainers instead. Raphael is gay, and though he consider it somewhat of a hinder, he doesn't let it bother him. However, If this came out, it would be scandalous, which is why he is very careful not to let anyone else know. His mother is getting more and more pushy with finding him a wife, although his father is more open and tells him not to worry, and that someone will come by eventually. Unlike his sister, Raphael is not romantic of nature, and can wait as long as he needs to; he's in no rush. He does, however, enjoy talking about guys with his sister.

He resents his mother. For all reasons mentioned above and more. The two of them never have anything else but toxic conversations consisting of mean comments. The two of them making amends is likely not going to happen in the near future, if at all. The strained relationship between them doesn't bother him at all, and he is respectful when the situation requires it. She is the queen, after all.

History: Raphael is the firstborn son of the Viso-Ane royal family, heir to the throne of king Rolof Leonhart when the time comes. As the title suggests, anyone with the name of Leonhart is expected to be of high standard and class. Due to all of this, Raphael was put into homeschooling from very early on, earlier than his sister did. However, His mother, Queen Orianna Leonhart had always wanted a baby girl, and therefore mostly left Raphael for the servants of the palace to look after. When she finally got a girl, Raphaels younger sister Bianca, she more or less cut off all contact with him. Despite being spoiled into the heavens above, without the loving care of his mother, Raphael felt rather empty inside. His father was the only one always showering him with affection, the few times a year they actually saw each other.

Despite being replaced with his sister, he holds no grudge against her to present day. She is adorably whimsical, and he feels obligated to protect her. He was envious as a kid though. He saw the affection his mother gave her, while all he got was strict lectures and diciplinary actions. His childhood was lacking, to say the least. He always sees the harsh reality of things, and grew to be rather cold of nature due to this. This was hidden whenever he was in social gatherings in the name of the throne though, as he had an image to uphold, wether he liked it or not.

His childhood was very privilegded, and he knew well that nothing is free, despite actually getting everything for free. The spoiled nature of his upbringing has made him somewhat shallow and snobby, especially to those under him in social rankings. Luckily for him, this is socially acceptable in the noble circles of which he threads, so he doesn't need to hide that side of himself too much. His homeschooling was the best, even though his impatient nature and "I am better than you" attitude made it very easy for him to get his way around it whenever he disliked what went down. Although interested in learning, it was the physical classes he enjoyed the best. fencing and workouts was a great way of releasing some of his agression, though it is easily seen in his otherwise elegant fighting style. Although he disliked the courses of politics and etiquette, Raphael knows how important they are, and is well educated on the topics. Despite that, he doesn't bow under to the snobby lifestyle unless he absolutely has to. He enjoys spending time alone, or with the male retainers, and cares little with the formal affairs of his parents.

However, one fateful evening when he was involved in a romantic escapade with a rather dashing young butler, his sister accidentally walked into his room and caught the two. It was awkward. Very awkward, and the two didn't speak for a few days. Raphael really worried that his mother would come and scold him or banish him from the land or just plain out order his execution. Nothing happened in a few days though, so he decided to talk to his sister. It was awkward at first, but it was very obvious that she cared very little about what gender his lovers were, so long as he found romance and a happy ending. (Or at least a happy evening amirite)

After that, the two of them connected on an even deeper level. She shared with him stories about he and her own lover, A commoner knight of the castle. Though he disliked her mingling with commoners, he figured he wasn't exactly in a position to scold her on that. He also told her about how he experienced growing up, which made Bianca seem regretful. She had thought his mother was as good to him as she was to her. Unfortunately for his sister, her relationship didn't last as the knight was killed in combat. She seemed different after this.

When the rather uncommon illness was starding to spread throughout the kingdom, his father traveled around the kingdom in search for answers, as was expected of him. In his absence though, the people turned to Raphael for comfort and solace. All he could do at the time was reassuring them that his father would return with news as soon as possible. That never happened though, and the people grew more and more worried. His sister presented the idea of traveling themselves in search for answers, and although he was initially against the proposal, after a few unpleasent conversations with his mother, he accepted.
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Hey what are the giants like in this story in terms of size because I was thinking of Bjorne having some giant blood in him to explain his unusual size (like a quarter or an eighth). If not I've got another reason.


Why not both?
Name: Aluria Featherlight (Real Name), ALF (Preferred Alias), Scarlet/Evelyn/Lillian/One-eye (Other aliases)

Age & Gender: Female. 67 (Looks closer to 18).

Species & Occupation: Forest Elf, Alchemist’s Assistant by day, Assassin by night.

Alignment: Neutral Evil.

Main Tools/Weapons: ALF’s main weapon is a sword. Her secondary weapons are concealed blades like throwing stars and daggers. Doesn’t sound very mage-like, but that’s part of the charm - it allows for up-close and personal killing, the type that’s the most enjoyable. She’s skilled in the art of using blades, any blades, to kill. That’s about it. Her art is that of killing people, killing people fast, killing people silently, and making sure they stay dead - nothing more. Her style is to go straight for the lethal points in the body, and ignore everything else. While this makes her a formidable assassin, it puts her at a disadvantage in any other sort of combat. She’s also proficient in archery, and is more than capable of killing from a distance, although that lacks the thrill of being face to face with her target.

She’s also very good at sneaking past people, hiding, blending into a crowd, and generally staying under the radar until her target is dead and their valuables stolen. Being an Elf, she’s naturally quite strong, fast, and agile, enough to rival human athletes. Her lack of muscle mass makes her somewhat lacking in pure strength compared to others, but she makes up for it in speed.

Apart from the blade and the bow, ALF has access to magic, although she prefers the good old stabby-stab. She is capable of using her own mana to create crystalline constructs that can be used as weapons, shields, cages, stairs, or reflect light to create strange mirror-mazes in order to confuse her opponent. She mainly uses it to make weapons when she doesn’t have access to her own ones - it also allows her to get past security when she needs to be unarmed. The constructs aren’t exactly durable, and can be shattered if you use significant force. They’re plenty sharp, though.

Pet/Mount: Nope.


ALF is of average height, and has a very thin, almost wispy physique. This, coupled with her extremely pale skin, gives her a somewhat ghostly appearance that doesn’t fit in very well with her upbeat personality, and that can occasionally put people off because of the dissonance. Her hair is a very dark black, and has a distinct lack of lustre when compared to anyone else’s. It’s also quite long and generally very messy, since she doesn’t bother to comb it. Her eyes are a bright red colour, and her right one has a reptilian pupil, as a result of her appearance-changing magic gone slightly wrong. She wears a grey eyepatch to cover it when going out in public. There is a sort of circular pattern tattooed into her back, consisting of multiple interweaving tentacles and several eyes.

Her clothes tend to be quite simple. When working, she wears the standard attire for an Alchemist - varying gloves depending on what is being handled, a brown sort of ‘lab coat’, and goggles when necessary. When outside of the ‘lab’, she prefers loose, plain, grey clothing, usually made for ease of movement more than fashion. She normally wears a long scarf of a similar colour. Occasionally, she wears a large, hooded cloak that casts a shadow over her face and obscures her form when she needs to remain anonymous for whatever reason.

Personality: People who talk to ALF tend to leave with the impression that she is a happy person. A more perceptive person might notice that she’s a bit too happy, unnaturally so. Some might even say that she is faking it, and they would have been right - thirty years ago, at least. Thirty four, to be exact. Her upbeat personality was once a mask and shield, protecting her from a harsh environment. But over the years, it has simply become part of her, like how a piece of white cloth left in red dye for too long remains red forever.

Her reputation of being a happy person is sometimes an exaggerated one, but just as often, it is true. She’s an upbeat person, definitely, and is often brimming with energy. She never seems to take things seriously, and is always joking around. People say that she never stops smiling, and that she’s always bouncing around like she’s ingested too much caffeine. Of course, her smile isn’t perpetual, nor is her energy - she is just as prone to frown or lay around on the couch like a deflated balloon as any other person. But there is something about the way she acts that makes it seem like she is always happy, optimistic, and content with herself. It’s like she’s always playing and having fun. She’s always a friendly person, sometimes overly so, and has no sense of personal space, prone to giving people she doesn’t even know hugs if she feels like it. She’s also a massive prankster, loving to steal things, drop things on people, and generally make things go wrong, but her activities in that sort of category tend to be quite harmless, and never cause too many problems. In this persona she created for herself, ALF finds a sanctuary in which she can hide from the darker sides of her psyche and, at least for brief moments, be free from her guilt and feel truly happy.

Of course, there are other, hidden sides to her personality. A sinister twist, if you will. She has a very negative view on the world, people, and things in general, but hides it well. All of her mannerisms and learned ones, and while they are so deeply ingrained to be habitual and not a product of a conscious effort, they still don’t reflect her actual emotions, or lack thereof. She can be cruel when she wants to, or amoral when she has to be - in fact, she is capable of ignoring human emotion entirely, being able to inflict pain and suffering without batting an eyelid. She’s a brilliant actor and an even better liar, capable of keeping a straight face in almost any circumstance. While she’s quite capable of being social and interacting with others, she still prefers to do things alone, and has huge confidence in her ability to get things done, although it doesn’t translate into confidence in her worth as a sentient being. She often finds herself feeling worthless, lacking in substance, and generally thinks of herself as a bad person. Guilt and self-doubt are constant partners to her, and she has learnt to deal with them the best she could by pushing them to the side and forgetting about them. It’s a temporary fix, but it’s better than nothing.

But the most sinister part of her personality, and the most deeply buried, is her love of killing. She doesn’t know why, and it has caused her much grief throughout her life, but the act of taking a life has always filled her with a sort of sadistic pleasure. There is something about ending the life of another being, seeing the flame of life burn out, that brings her a sort of joy that can’t be replicated by anything else. Despite her better efforts, she has given in and sought out this pleasure on multiple occasions, and each time only serves to add to the mountain of guilt and self-hatred that stifles her. She has learnt to satisfy her urge to kill by slaughtering animals - something her official job as an Alchemist’s assistant allows her to do every now and then. She loves hunting, and will often go into the forest on her days off and kill any moving thing she sees in order to sate her hunger for death. But above all, the act of taking the life of another human-like being is the ultimate pleasure for her. Taking on assassination jobs make her feel slightly better about it (since she’s simply acting as someone else’s tool), but the voices of those she has killed still return to haunt her in her moments of self-reflection or weakness.

History: ALF was born into the Featherlight family, which has held influential positions within the Forest Elf aristocracy for generations. She was a bright child, with a bright future - intelligent, good-looking, funny, and incredibly talented. Most believed that she was destined for great things, and she spent the majority of her childhood with incredibly high expectations dangling over her head. There was, however, a problem, and a very serious one at that - even as a young child, ALF loved to kill. Bugs, rats, and anything else that came within her reach would end up mysteriously dead moments later. Her parents first dismissed this as something minor that she would grow out of, but it wasn’t. By the time she reached sixteen, she was already going on solo hunting trips (something that was largely discouraged) and returning covered with bloodstains, with no arrows in her quiver, a bloody knife, and no bounty - even though she was an incredible shot. Forest Elves are a race known for being peaceful, and pride themselves in keeping things alive, protecting them, and watching them prosper. While ALF never killed another Elf or Human, her completely unnecessary killing of animals didn’t jive well with that philosophy. After three trials, she was eventually exiled at the age of twenty - still young for an Elf - much to the displeasure of her parents (a woeful understatement).

She spent the next year or so of her life living alone in the forest, hunting and generally fending for herself, without anyone to look after her. She grew bitter and spiteful, eventually resolving to distance herself from Elven society altogether, permanently. She used her existing knowledge of magic in order to remove the pointed ears, green eyes, and brown hair that characterised her as a forest elf, instead choosing a more sinister appearance - for her, a symbol of casting away her roots and going it alone from now on. Not everything went as planned, and she ended up with a reptilian pupil in her right eye.

It was with this in mind that she began moving further and further away from her place of birth, and, unknowingly, closer to the City of Magic. There, she was approached by a shadowy man in a cloak, who informed her that he had been watching her activities in the forest for a long time, and invited her to join his ‘family’ in the heart of the City of Magic. He saw her bloodlust, her talent for magic/weaponry and her bitterness, and knew that she had potential. Lost and needing support, young ALF accepted his offer, and was quickly initiated into the Cult of a Thousand Eyes - a shadowy organisation who worshipped an ancient, Eldritch god. There, she was taught in more advanced magic, as well as receiving proper instruction on how to use a blade - and kill with it. For twenty years she remained with the cult, ‘removing’ their enemies and stealing magical artefacts in order to feed their God, and eventually reawaken it. She didn’t particularly care for this God, but the cult was her only home and she had nowhere else to turn, so she stayed with them. They were by no means a loving family, and she was often treated with scorn or even physical abuse for her disbelief of their religion - but they kept her around, because she was useful. It was then that she began to develop her persona in order to forget about the guilt of killing innocent people and protect herself from the hostility of the people around her.

Eventually, she began to grow sick of her lifestyle - hated by the rest of society, forced to believe in a God she hated, treated with nothing but coldness and the stick without the carrot. She allowed herself to be tattooed with the seal of the Cult of a Thousand Eyes and initiated into their circle of Elders (who were more than happy to see that she had finally began to believe). There, she gained access to their archives, where all of their plans and rituals were stored. A few days later, she stole several of the most important scrolls and records of their plans, and ran away. She sold the scrolls - many of which contained powerful rituals - in order to cover the cost of travelling clothes and a few weapons, then gave the plans to the city authorities in a bid for revenge, who were glad to receive them. She then ran away from the city of magic and towards the port cities, where she would be out of the reach of the cult she had betrayed. There, she talked a struggling alchemist into letting her become his assistant, and has been working for him ever since.

However, such a peaceful lifestyle wasn’t for her. It had barely been a month before her hands began to twitch, and she began to feel the urge to kill again. Unable to contain this yearning, she began to get involved in the more shadowy affairs of the Port cities, taking on jobs as an assassin for whoever would pay. Her skills, honed for years, were once again put into ‘good’ use. Thus began her new life - work with the Alchemist until she could no longer stand it any longer, then venture into the criminal underworld to get satisfy her need to take lives. When the curse-disease-thing first began to spread, the Alchemist, who was quite desperate, saw an opportunity and began researching the phenomenon, so, quite naturally, ALF got involved with it as well.
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Ooh, interesting... Here's a guy.

Name: Callidon Martel, the Red Knight.

Age and Gender: Middle aged (about 48), male.

Species and Occupation: Human, vigilante/gladiator.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Main Tools/Weapons: Callidon carries a warhammer with a massive pick on the back end, and has a shortsword strapped to his waist and a silver dagger in his left gauntlet. He is bedecked in battered red plate mail, and his helmet is enchanted to create an image of baleful, red, glowing eyes in the visor. This armor is far stronger than its pitted appearance would look, and has survived numerous blows from a variety of weapons, both mundane and magical. This armor is magical and grants him the memories of it's previous wearer, and will change in shape to fit whomever bears it. His strength and stamina are massively above average, and he has punched through stone on several occasions. However, he is slow to move and has no magical aptitude. He carries with him several bottles of colloidal silver and holy water.

Pet/Mount: None.

Appearance: Underneath his pitted, crimson armor, Callidon is blue (due to drinking large amounts of colloidal silver), with black hair, green eyes and a large, crooked nose. He is a monster of a man, standing six feet, seven inches tall, and is strong enough to uproot a tree with his bare hands. Rumors abound that he may have some giant or orc heritage, but these are merely rumors. Beneath his unadorned, red plate, he wears a black chainmail tunic, but his seemingly superhuman strength allows him to climb trees, swim, and even jump moderate distances while wearing this armor. He wears a leather belt with his equipment dangling off of it, and he seems to stomp everywhere, rather than walk. He has a short, patchy beard and round green eyes. Beneath his armor his unusually colored skin is scarred with battle wounds and calloused by a life of physical labor.

Personality: Callidon is reserved, bitter, and somewhat hateful. Considering himself above brooding in a corner, Callidon travels the world, messily slaughtering warlords, animals, and, in some cases, civilians to either slake his bloodlust or gain enough money to keep moving forwards. He is slow at making new friends, or trusting others, but his loyalty is absolute. Several times he has hurled himself in front of near-lethal blows to save his allies, regardless of risk. Callidon is also surprisingly gentle around animals, but wildlife normally avoids him. He speaks in short, clipped sentences unless invested in his cause, in which case he will often make long, rambling speeches about the topic at hand.

But what gave him his name, what gave him his purpose, is his unending war with those he deems "impure". Lycanthropes, vampires and other undead are all ruthlessly slaughtered when he passes by, their heads smashed with a hammer or their organs pierced with silver blades. Nonhumans are tolerated at best and decapitated and burned at worst, and those with mixed heritage are either forcibly castrated and left in a back alley, or are messily slaughtered. The deformed, the ill, and the handicapped are rapidly dispatched without mercy, but Callidon tries to make their deaths painless. Pure humans have a right to die without pain and with honor, at least to him. The impure must be obliterated, for the sake of all life.

Callidon frowns upon magical shapeshifting, telepathic powers and body-swapping abilities, reasoning that one's home species is both their birthright and prison, and must be contained within their own kind, for their own good. He does not flinch at violence, gore, or the dead. Burning down an orphanage and turning the fleeing children to pulp with a hammer is considered an acceptable evil to him, as long as there was reason. To Callidon, the ends justify any means, no matter how barbaric.

Callidon is persistent and durable, continuing to attack even after his arms are broken, seemingly feeling no pain. He is stubborn and prideful, and insists his experience outweighs the intelligence of others by a large margin. These attributes strain his already damaged social life to the breaking point, and Callidon has been run out of towns and homes for his violence and stubbornness, but he still considers himself good at heart. He always drinks at least two bottles of colloidal silver a day, a practice which has tinted his skin blue, but makes his blood caustic to the undead.

History: Callidon was born in the frozen north, rather close to the giant's land. Raised by a single mother, Callidon had no time for such foolishness as "magic" or "wealth". The children of the North were given a bow, spear or dagger and told to hunt as soon as they could walk. Survival was all that mattered in the icy wastes, and survival was what he learned. Growing at a rate considered frightful, and frequently returning from the tundra with bounties of food, he was considered either blessed or cursed, depending on who was asked. However, when he was about sixteen, his hometown was razed by a half-dragon, who effortlessly dispatched even the giants nearby before vanishing in smoke. With no options available, Callidon wandered south, caving heads in and scrounging together whatever he could in order to make it to another town. However he lost his way and entered the Dark Forest.

However, the Forest wasn't all bad, as it was full of decaying ruins, wayward travelers and the occasional small town, but time after time beastmen, freakish combinations of man and animal, would raid his latest found city, killing dozens, and the retaliatory strikes from the villagers would often kill innocent creatures. Thus, Callidon came to believe that the races should be pure, separate, and contained. Only then, he reasoned, could there be peace. Regretfully, he started silently killing "halfbloods" in back alleys and the wilderness, for their own good.

After raiding an ancient tomb and finding an equally ancient knight's final resting place, Callidon crowned himself the Red Knight, butcher of the impure and savior of mankind, donning the magic crimson armor he found within the tomb. As it clamped shut around him, he felt a mind enter his own, and his mind enter a collective whole. Martial skill and decades of muscle memory entered his mind, but he knew he was bound to this suit. Callidon accepted this fate and continued wandering and hunting, trapping small animals and attempting to find a way out of the forest.

Time was not Callidon's ally, nor was fate, as he would wander the Dark Forest for years, with only the occasional lost soul, and the dozens of denizens of his armor to keep him company. However, he managed to break his way east and entered Royal City, but was appalled at all the beast-creatures there. Unable to preform his "work" in such a heavily monitored area, Callidon wandered east, into the seedy city of Ye Old Vegas. Here, law enforcement was lax enough, and the city crowded enough, for him to act freely.

The next few years were spent as a professional gladiator in the seedy underhive of the city, fighting in rings and arenas for the entertainment of others. In these fights, Callidon, "The Red Hammer" would always try and spare the "pure", only incapacitating them, but would violently kill any of the impure. While his long rants about safety and security were often ignored, his brutal skill and horrifying physical might were not, and he entered match after match in the day, and relentlessly stalked the impure at night.

As time went on, his thoughts became ever more violent, in part due to his armor, in part due to his life. He started believing that death would cleanse the races, and as such, the undead were to be destroyed. This is where his armor saved his life in a different way. One of the many bearers of this suit was a vampire killer, and knew that silver harmed the undead like no other substance could. Scrounging together enough funds from his pit fights, Callidon purchased a silver dagger, and managed to gain a lifetime's supply of colloidal silver from an alchemist who lived deep in the heart of the city. Now, he knew, he was the bane of undead, the impure, and the enemies of Man. His grisly work had truly begun...
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Solsabre: Pretty much like normal people, just bigger (8+ feet) and having their own culture separate from the kingdom. They ate humans in the past, but only isolated pockets do that nowadays, and the Viso-Ane giants are not one of those groups, so interbreeding would be possible.

Omegagoldfish: I'll add you to the list. 32 is not middle aged (the definition varies, but it's usually 45–65, but can also be 40-60, 40-50).

Cobalt XIV

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Name: Irauvir Wintertalon

Age & Gender: A youthful looking male who appears to be in his upper twenties, but is actually much older than typically assumed

Species & Occupation: Elf, Wizard/Researcher

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Main Tools/Weapons: Irauvir carries around a spellbook inscribed with runes and sigils that require a careful tongue and dexterous hands to create magical effects. To focus his magic more easily, he channels his magic through an amulet that he wears. His bag, which seems to hold more than it should, is full of research materials and informative books. He carries around a longsword just in case his magic ever proves ineffective, which in his travels he has found to be unlikely.


Appearance: With a striking appearance, Irauvir is a hard face to forget. Has fine, white hair. He wears it long and loose. He has long, pointed ears, a signature feature of elves. His violet eyes are piercing in nature. When accessing his magic. they lack pupils, becoming opalescent orbs. He has pale bluish skin. He moves with an ethereal grace and swiftness, seeming to glide instead of walk. He cherishes beauty and elegance, ideals in elven culture, striving to embody it at every moment, a skill among even the simplest elves. He lacks facial hair, presenting a smooth, delicate visage to the world.

Irauvir typically wears heavy cloaks and deep cowls made of rich, expensive fabrics. He likes to move about undisturbed. He conceals his elven features from most, not out of a sense of disgrace, but simply to avoid ogling. While he appears to be what humans would consider a young adult, he is actually nearing a century in age.

Personality: How do you act/think? +8 sentences

History: The subrace of elves that Irauvir comes from are an inquisitive and secretive people. Irauvir is a member of the Wintertalon family. A noble house of elves, famed for the warriors and politicians they produced. Irauvir was cast outside of this mold, swept away by more scholarly pursuits. His talent for comprehending complex theories and the delicate workings of magic were prodigious. To hone this talent, he was sent to the City of Magic.

In the City of Magic, he attended one of the best academies of magic in all of Viso-ane. As expected, he did well in his studies, receiving a comprehensive education. However, the more unsavory expects of attending an elite school began to present themselves, such as political ties preventing deserved promotions. Irauvir, a premier researcher, was blocked from receiving an apprenticeship by a much less learned student, simply because the student came from a more famous family.

Disappointed, he began to take his studies elsewhere, traveling about hoping to make discoveries regarding the metaphysics and magic of the world. A curious case caught his attention. The string of ashen, petrified beings cropping up was dire. Irauvir answered the call, more out of interest in the disease than concern for the victims.
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Omegagoldfish: I'll add you to the list. 32 is not middle aged (the definition varies, but it's usually 45–65, but can also be 40-60, 40-50).
Fixed the age, and spruced up the backstory a bit. If this character is rejected or accepted, please inform me.


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Cobalt XIV: I'll get you on the list. As for age, I'm going to at least want to know if he's older/younger then he looks.

Omegagoldfish (Red 'Knight' - Callidon Martel): Pending
In general it's good, and we need a couple full-on evil characters.
- You might push his height a little more, 6ft is a little 'tall', but if he's monster sized you might as well make him a little bigger. Eh, but you don't have to.
- I have no problem with him trying to fight with broken arms, but physically when your arms are flopping around, you're not holding a warhammer. But is that basically what you meant?


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Cobalt XIV: I'll get you on the list. As for age, I'm going to at least want to know if he's older/younger then he looks.

Omegagoldfish (Red 'Knight' - Callidon Martel): Pending
In general it's good, and we need a couple full-on evil characters.
- You might push his height a little more, 6ft is a little 'tall', but if he's monster sized you might as well make him a little bigger. Eh, but you don't have to.
- I have no problem with him trying to fight with broken arms, but physically when your arms are flopping around, you're not holding a warhammer. But is that basically what you meant?
I'm well aware that he can't use his hammer with his arms broken. He still will kick you in the groin, though. What I'm getting at is that he doesn't give up easy. He's 6'7 (I wasn't clear enough in the bio, that's fixed now.) and built like a dump truck, any larger and it'd be extremely strange. You yourself said that the giants were on average greater than 8' (I assume 10' is average, 14' being the max). His mother was about average size, and he claims he's a pure human. Thus, I want him to straddle the line between extremely large person and supernaturally large person.


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Solsabre: Pretty much like normal people, just bigger (8+ feet) and having their own culture separate from the kingdom. They ate humans in the past, but only isolated pockets do that nowadays, and the Viso-Ane giants are not one of those groups, so interbreeding would be possible.
Okay, cool, I'll probably bump up his height a bit more to reflect that since I'm going with 1/4 giant blood in him.


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Omegagoldfish (Red 'Knight' - Callidon Martel): Accepted
- Well, humans can reach 8ft+ in rare cases, but almost 7ft is reasonable for him. I agree 10ft being normal for a giant is probably a reasonable assumption, though I didn't give a height cap because giants are sometimes depicted quite a bit bigger then 14ft.


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At the moment this is a WIP, mostly to see if my character concept is alright before I get too far. Note on the age, that's going by the D&D race characteristics where half-elfs live ~180-200 years considering there hasn't been any racial characteristics specified outside of giants. He's meant to be on the upper end of middle age but also to have been around a while, so if a half-elf has a shorter lifespan in this the age might be adjusted slightly

Name: Varis Marivaldi
Age: 103
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Elf (/ Half-Human)
Occupation: Wandering Bard / Freelance Magic-man (in his own words)
Alignment: Chaotic Moral

Main Tools/Weapons: As a bard, Varis’ main tools of his trade are his instruments. In addition to his own voice, Varis at any given time has several instruments on his person, any of which could be used as his magical focus for his largely music-based magic. With an eclectic collection of instruments, ranging from the panpipes, his hurdy-gurdy, and his dulcimer to the bongos and his specially made slide trumpet, Varis is ready for any occasion. His most prized instrument, however, is his self-dubbed battle lute. His first ever instrument that has gotten him out of many a scrape along the years, Varis’ battle lute looks its age both in its older style and well-loved appearance. Thanks to the many enchantments placed on it, though, the lute plays exactly as beautifully as it had in its prime. These same enchantments also give the lute a durability akin to a very sturdy club; though better used as a focus, Varis’ battle lute is just as capable as a physical weapon! While his instruments all fit securely in his magically enlarged shoulder bag alongside his other possessions, Varis often travels with his battle lute across his back via its leather shoulder strap, ready to be played at a moment’s notice.

Outside of instruments and not counting the standard provisions of a nomadic traveler, Varis' main possessions consist of a pair of general-purpose daggers, his kit of thieves’ tools (including items such as a file, a set of lock picks, pliers, and a crowbar), and the small spellbook he uses to record various spells, incantations, or rituals he comes across and wishes to remember for future use. Not counting the spellbook, these are remnants of his misspent youth that have stayed with him across the years. His youth also gave him adequate skill with the rapier, though he doesn’t currently possess one having grown much more accustomed to fighting with his musical magic than in armed combat.

Familiar: Balasar the pseudodragon; Not a true dragon, but a small dragon-like creature approximately a foot-and-a-half in length. Very agile in the air, not as much on land. Was rescued by Varis on an adventure years ago, following which he bonded with Varis and agreed to become a familiar of sorts for the bard. Cannot speak verbally or telepathically in a complex manner, but understands spoken language and via his familiar bond with Varis can telepathically communicate in a basic manner such as emotions, images, or simple thoughts.

Appearance: What do you look like? +8 sentences

Personality: How do you act/think? +8 sentences

History: What happened in your past? +8 sentences


My SU is more or less done now. Let me know if there are anything I need to change.


it's about the CUBES
Name: Ambrose

Age & Gender: 64 years old, looks about 20, male.

Species & Occupation: Half-Elf, Freelance Mage

Alignment: Chaotic Moral

Main Tools/Weapons: He carries around a bag of amber, a second bag of other various stones, as well as a third bag of various other magical materials. Other than that, he has a quarterstaff with a ribbon tied to it and topped with amber. He also carries a small dagger.

His magic is earthy and he harnesses gemstone power, especially amber. Different gemstones have different powers associated with them. Diamonds are associated with structure, strength, and light, lapis lazuli are associated with air (especially water in the air), lepidolite and amethyst were both good healing stones… However, Ambrose loves his amber the most. It is a fire and earth stone, and he prefers to use the earthy side of the stone. It also allows him to see into the past, and has given him his ability to communicate with insects. He uses it a lot, and keeps a lot in store so he doesn’t have to continually recharge his stones.

His quarterstaff helps in larger scales of magic, especially the earth and fire types due to the amber stone on top. It is also useful for a good whack.

He also uses sigils, though they aren’t exactly for fighting. He uses them mostly to give him advantages. He primarily uses his own energy to charge them, however, so he can’t use too many of them without burning out.

As for recharging thing, as for him he just needs time to rest. His stones usually do just need time to rest and recharge, but exposing them to the sun or the moon (depending on the stone) helps.

Pet/Mount: He has a thing with insects of all kinds and can freely speak with them, but has bonded with a tarantula about the size of his face. The tarantula is named Emerald, and is mostly black with green markings. Do not threaten Emerald. Ambrose will whack you. Emerald can be a good companion, but can also be childish and blunt. Very blunt. (Most bugs are.)

Appearance: Ambrose is on the short side for a half elf, but perfectly average for a human. He stands about 5’8” and has a lithe but strong frame. He is very agile, and it shows. He has square shoulders, not too broad but fitting for his body, and slim hips. He doesn’t have very much fat on him in the first place, so his biceps and forearms

Personality: dear god: why me

History: abandonment, possible raising by dwarves.
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... You know what? Screw it, again. I'll join. Just some quick questions, are dragons allowed? Just curious. And the more important question, how do homunculus and golems work in this universe? Because I was basically thinking they're fairy tale versions of artificial humans. Or artificially born (homunculus) while the other made at any age older than an infant (golem).

Also, here's a WIP.

Edit: Finished!

Name: Flute Vestra

Age & Gender: Nineteen year old male

Species & Occupation: Golem Performer (Bard/Dancer)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Main Tools/Weapons: A simple flute that is enchanted to allow him to perform various magics by playing it. So far, he can only calm beasts down if he plays the right tune, ask the assistance of a beast through the same way, heal a variety of injuries and rejuvenate energy to a degree. He can also do the last one through his dances.

Pet/Mount: A Cheeto (a type of cat) named Spot that he's good friends with to the point of seemingly being able to "talk" to her and the little bugger calling him her "brother". Spot is an energetic friendly cat who gets along with absolutely any animal, yes, even dogs, birds and fish. Like her owner/"brother", she is quite the performer, easily doing even more acrobatic feats than most cats do, particularly balancing acts, from years of practice.

Appearance: Standing at five foot three, Flute has a fit and somewhat muscled build from his frequent explorations of his new home and the occasional performance. As an albino, his skin is unnaturally pale and his short and straight hair is a somewhat creamy white. Oddly enough, despite that, his eyes are a bright red for whatever reason. Not one for fashion or extravagence, his clothes are rather plain, almost peasant like, consisting of a simple white shirt, brown shorts and a brown cloak that can cover his body.

The cloak has quite a few scratches from Spot typically staying on his shoulders. He usually wears black sandals but does have brown leather boots for more dangerous terrain. He has a belt that holds his canteen and two pouches containing some supplies and some money. The only thing that is remotely close to an accessory is the deep purple and yellow flute that he now, whenever he isn't using it, hangs around his neck wih a silver chain.

Personality: First and foremost, Flute is a kind and gentle young man. Always helping, always soft spoken and always the gentleman, he treats anyone and everyone with an honest respect and courtesy. It isn't uncommon to see him around his home, doing odd jobs for nothing more than just a want to help. There's just one problem, he's not exactly very good at social interactions. He often comes off as awkward or timid or, at worst, a door mat. He often fumbles in speaking to girls closer to his age and is quick to apologize over the most silly things at times, even if it was unneccessary.

There's also the fact that he's quite naive. Having been sheltered for a large portion of his life and his giving nature taken advantage of, he still has trouble distinguishing people genuinely wanting his help and people abusing it. He's quite easily tricked and, more often than not, takes most words at face value, hampering him even more in his lack of social skills. Though, thankfully, he can still pick up sarcasm, jokes and most insults, but noticing subtle hints aren't his forte. Because of his naivety, he also doesn't quite know as much as some people should, making him come off as an idiot at time. It doesn't help that he doesn't have a lot of self confidence, probably the only thing holding him back from voicing his opinions more often.

But despite his seemingly submissive nature and idiocy, when it's really important, when it really comes down to it, he'll stand up for what's right. He'll stick up for the bullied, do what he can to defend the innocent and help and treat the discriminated equally. And when a life is in danger, he's more than willing to die for them or do anything that is often considered rash. Though he might not like violence, and prefers any method other than that, if forced, he will fight back, one way or another.

His friendly and kind demeanor has led him to easily befriend animals and he is quite fascinated with them. He has quite a large knowledge of them and cares about them as much as a regular person. And he has quite a few friends in the wilds around towns and cities. And, even though he might not have much knowledge, he's a surprisingly good problem solver and thinker.

History: Flute, unlike others, wasn't born, he was created. In fact, Flute didn't have a name when was created. The man who created him was trying to make another body for his son, who was so sick he would die in days. Unfortunately, the transfer failed. Instead of putting his son's soul into the infant body (as his son wasn't that old), it gained its own soul; it was alive. By the time the man realized his mistake, it was too late and his son died from his terminal illness.

By all accounts, he should've been abandoned, left in the streets to die. But he wasn't. The man went mad and he decided to raise the child for whatever reason, still trying, in vain, to revive his son. He was kept inside his facility in Royal City. He learned how to speak and read, reading the many books on legends, but that was it. Then when he was seven, he started being his errand boy around the house. Even back then, he didn't mind his place. He always thought that the man was just a reclusive hermit like in the stories. But he never went outside, because of his albinism and not wanting to be found out.

That didn't last long though as when he was nine, his creator and master was caught trying to learn necromancy. With no one claiming him, the boy was about to be sent to an orphanage when his odd looks had gotten the attention of two "businessmen". En route, they kidnapped him and eventually sold him to some circus in Ye Olde Vegas. At first, he was just an exhibit on display, an unusual sight for people to watch. He was christened the name "the White Freak".

Then, one day, one of the musicians performed with his flute nearby his cage. The instant he heard the music, he felt almost in a trance. To him, it felt like the music spoke to him. And he answered. That day, though in freestyle, he danced in reply. He moved in time to the beat and tune in appropriate movements. The crowd wasn't particularly big when the musician started, but it boomed when he started to dance.

The musician, realizing the chance, took it and started having "the White Freak" perform with him. Then when he found that he had a knack for the flute as well, the musician taught him how to do it properly. The performance, which was already well known, became a hit with him playing an instrument and dancing at the same time without a sweat. The duo soon gained the name of "the Dancing Flutes" with many people simply calling him Flute. It was during one of his practices that he attracted the attention of a certain cat. He ended up becoming close to the cat and named her Spot.

But his popularity soon became a bane. He was the more liked of the two and his partner, his mentor, ended up jealous. Wanting to end his career, he was going to murder the kid until Spot saved him and he ran off. That was when he ran into a woman who introduced herself as Vila. She asked what was wrong and he explained his story. Next thing he knew, the authorities were called and not only was the would-be murderer arrested, but the entire circus that he used to live in.

After that, when Vila asked of his home, he told her the circus was the only home he had, his creator having been arrested years ago, with no idea where he is right now, whether he was still imprisoned or if he was even alive. With a soft smile, the woman asked, to his surprise, if he would like to stay with her. Finding her kind and nice, and Spot taking a liking to her as well, he immediately said yes.

Next thing he knew, he was in the City of Magic as the adopted son of the Vice Mayor of the city, Avilia Vestra, and her husband, Halos. By then, he was eleven. To say the least, he was very happy with his new life. He learned many things, and especially liked the many animals they had under their care. They found out he had a latent skill in magic and he attended school for the first time for that. He didn't get far, but he didn't mind. He liked the chance to perform for the other students whenever he could. He even added Spot into the mix, training her in acrobatics.

It was thanks to his mother's connections that he learned of the outbreak in the twin port cities. Worried about it, and under the suggestion of Spot, asked his parents if he could go. He wanted to help, seeing as he was old enough to take care of himself. After some discussion, they agreed and Flute, with Spot on his shoulder, left to try and perhaps find a cure. If not, at least he could help those who could find it.
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- A suppose a dragon would be acceptable, but since they're just beasts, it might not be the most engaging role play.
- Yeah homunculi, golems, and synthetic humans should all be okay. Personally, I'd probably go with the old definition of homunculi as a miniature human created by alchemy (possibly by fracturing one's soul), rather then the FMA version, but if you want to define you character as such, that's okay. Following this, golems would be human shaped, but specifically made of inorganic materials. And synthetic humans would be ones that seemed normal (or at least are organic), but created by non-natural means. You character being resurrected as a baby, just sounds like zombie or undead without further details though.