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Broken Fairy Tale (SU - Rated R)


A Trickster and his Not-Cat
Uh, what's FMA? Either way, I mostly based the idea on the interpretation of homunculi by a friend of mine (and maybe a little bit of Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero), plus I didn't think artificial humans were well, just called artificial humans. And now that you mention it, yeah, it does... I was thinking the father was making a new body for his deathly sick son but it ended up being alive and albino. Then he went mad when his son died and kept the child if only because he's not a killer. I might end up making him a golem instead since you suggested it.


Internet Overlord
Full Metal Alchemist, the 'homunculi' are full size in that. Yeah, I couldn't really think of a better name for artificial/synthetic humans that didn't fit homunculi or golems off the top of my head. - And, no it didn't, because the point of that comment was that I did not have that information.


Why not both?
I think I'm done. Not 100% sure about the alignment, but everything else should be good.


bi & ready 2 di
Finally finished!

Name: Aria Leticia LeBlanche

Age & Gender: 20 Female

Species & Occupation: Human Performer (Singer/Dancer) of the Royal Court

Alignment: Neutral Impure

Main Tools/Weapons: Being a mere performer for the royal court, the only ‘tool’ in her possession is her performer’s outfit, though her proficiency in both the arts of singing and dancing could count. She also is able to ride Kinshis, and demonstrates her ability to do so with her pet Hirutto.

Pet/Mount: Aria has a pet male Kinshi named Hirutto, gifted to her by her parents. He’s about the size of a normal horse, and Aria rides him to a from where she needs to be.


First of all, Aria is short. Like, really short. 4’11” in fact. Yeah, I know, right? Most middle schoolers are taller than that. It sucks. She hates it. Don’t bring it up. Now that that’s out of the way, we can get down to business. She has bright blue eyes. Aria has long, curly, messy, dark brown hair, matching her own brown skin. Sometimes she tries to get her hair a bit under control by styling it into ringlets, but - let’s be real - it’s gonna get ruined eventually as her adventure develops. She doesn’t like talking about weight much, since she’s got a bit of a pudge - nothing really noticeable by anyone else but herself.

Clothing wise, she dresses appropriately for a performer, and SUPER inappropriately for daily life. She wears a blue bikini-like bralette to cover her breasts, connected by a metallic ring in the middle. She sports a matching blue skirt, which shows off her thick thighs and acts somewhat like a loincloth. A long and feathered train trails from her skirt, trailing behind her and twirling elegantly when she dances. She uses a blue ribbon as well when she dances, which she wears as a scarf. She wears various anklets and garters as well. A blue feather barrette is tucked behind her ear and she wears the same feathers as earrings. Two chunky bracelets are on each wrist.

Personality: Aria’s a pretty sociable gal. She’s not afraid to start a conversation and probably will keep going even if you want to finish it. She eagerly faces any new situation, whether it be making connections, performing a new routine, or serving her royalty. Her years working with Kinshis have made her able to easily read animals, and humans as well. It's easy to find when humans are scared of certain things or situations. She uses this intuition to her own more devious devices, like manipulating someone into getting what she wants or doing what she would like them to. Aria does have her faults, however. She sometimes fails to notice social cues, such as others being uncomfortable with herself or wanting their space. She’s self-conscious of her image, trying to cover up her pudge and fixing her hair to be more acceptable and prettier. Her eagerness to help can lead to her making poor choices, like taking the wrong man as a sucker, or using trying to get a more 'pure' individual into partaking in activities that are morally dubious. She’s also very forgetful when excited. She also acts like a big ditz around the Princess, being that she has such a huge crush on her.

History: Aria was born and raised in the farmlands outside of the royal city, into a family of Kinshi breeders on a small farm. As they bred such extravagant and expensive creatures, her family was quite well-off compared to others living in the farmlands. Despite their wealth, they lived in a simple farmhouse, instead putting their money into their breeding program, making sure they produced only the best of the best for the best. Early childhood was almost like living in a dream for Aria, surrounded by gorgeous birds and the vibrant farmland and ponds that were her family's estate. However, despite loving her home and her family's living, Aria wanted to do something different than just breeding Kinshis for nobles. She was enthralled with the houses of nobles that they visited when dropping off a new mount, and once even visited the royal castle itself. Her family was invited to stay and watch a performance by the royal court, and fell in love when she watched the dancers and singers perform. At that moment she knew that that was what she truly wanted to do in life. It didn't help that the princess was pretty cute, too.

She begged her parents to let her become an apprentice to the performers of the royal court, and through their connections, Aria was able to join and work her way up through the years until she was one of the best there ever were. A favorite performer for the Leonhart family, she formed a strong friendship with the princess Bianca and a somewhat alright acquaintanceship with Prince Raphael. As she worked in the royal court, she began to fall ever in love with Bianca, though hid her feelings as she thought the princess would never reciprocate them. She was a mere performer, and a breeder of showmanship mounts before that, and no political advancements would ever be made through their relationship. There was no way that Princess Bianca could ever love her.

Or so she thought. Alistair Valentine came along and ruined everything. It turned out that Bianca would lower herself to love someone like her, though instead chose the page of a knight. Aria hated that they loved each other, having to see the girl she loved fawn over stupid blond boy like himself. Why couldn't it be her? A friend ever since they were young, since she would perform beautiful arias and dances for her - just for her! But no, she chose him instead. Sure, he was handsome, and charming, but not good enough for her. No one was good enough for Bianca, not even Aria herself. She loathed Valentine with every inch of her being, wanting nothing more but for him to disappear by any means possible. But she held her tongue and smiled, putting on a happy face when Bianca would talk about their relationship, and how passionate they were together, and how their love was simply destiny. She would pretend to be happy for the princess, because what else could she do? She still loved her too much to stop being her friend, and continued to keep her feelings hidden. It was for the best, although she felt the worst.

Aria had never been more happy than when she heard the news that Valentine had died in battle. It turned out he had been killed by goblins, of all things. Filthy goblins, which were mere cannon fodder compared to most other monsters. A fitting end, she thought, for such a stupid boy. Aria knew she shouldn't have felt so happy and elated at the death of a man who had been nothing but nice to her and Bianca, but she couldn't help herself. She couldn't make herself feel guilty, or sad for him. The only thing she was truly sad for was seeing her princess mourn. But at the same time, how could he? How could he make someone as lovely as Bianca so sad? It was for the best that he was gone now, no longer able to hurt her. Aria continued to comfort her friend, and pretend to mourn herself, but plotted on the ways to use it to her advances and get closer still to the princess. Maybe one day she could grow to love her, too. Though Aria tries not to get her hopes up too much.

One day, Aria got message from her parents that her grandmother wasn't feeling well, and was overcome by a strange illness. The family had seen this coming, as her grandmother was old and her time was already running out. They expected to find that she would pass in her sleep one morning soon. But what they didn't expect was to find her laying in bed, turned to stone. As the same illness passed throughout the kingdom, more and more people began to worry. Eventually the royal family became involved in finding a cure for the illness, and Bianca decided to travel to help find it. Motivated by the death of her grandmother and Bianca's plans to travel, Aria has decided to join the effort and join both Bianca and Raphael in finding the cure, and hopefully gets a bit closer to the princess in the process.
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I'm combining two of my d&d characters togeather so...wip?
Sign-up Form:
Name: Akeala (early in life), Princess Akealana (later in life)
Age & Gender: around 90 (though later confirmed to be 96), Female
Species & Occupation: Elf (thinks she's a wood elf but is actually a high elf.) huntress (later princess)
Alignment: Rebel ,Good
Main Tools/Weapons: Bow and arrow, small knife/dagger.
Pet/Mount: An owl named artemis, thogh she can talk to all sorts of wild animals.

Appearance: Tall and thin Akela does not look like your usual wood elf. She has bright blond hair,unlike wood elves which have brown or black hair, so she has taken to wearing her hood up at all times.She has bright blue eye, wood elves have brown or green eyes.As a huntress she wears a green cloak with a hood, brown shirt and pants and brown leather boots. She constantly caries her bow, who's handle is marked with the story of her life as she sees it. Her arrows are held in a brown leather sheeth that can be adjusted to be worn around the shoulder or hips. Her Knife is carried in a leather sheeth on her upper thigh. The only thing remaining from her "old life" is her pendant which is a moonstone held by a silver dragon. She often keeps it hidden under her clothes.

A loner in the woods Akeala is always suspicious of other people. Prefering instead to talk to animals. This suspiscion has caused her to want to liberate her kingdom from its rule. She remembers nothing if her childhood which causses her to act serious more than playful. She has not assasanated anyone yet but will kill if she has too. She only kills what she needs for food, even then she tries to avoid eating meat. Instead she eats plants that she has learned are edible. This has also lead her to become quite adept at natural healing. When she finally does enter civilization it will take a while for her to adjust to talking with other people and how not to jump to conclusions.

History: When Akeala was very ,very young her castle was invaded by the Dark elves.
This castle is located in the middle of the woods. While not a fully fledged kingdom, the royalty there rules over a small comunity of elves. The dark elves live close by and want to take control of that terriotory as well.
Akeala's father was killed in the processes and she was smuggled out of the castel by a maid.She only remembered a portion of her name and was left with only the pendant and the clothes on her back. She was breifly, for about 10 years, raised by wood elves but she eventually ran off. This upbringing lead her to beileve she was a wood elf. For the rest of her life Akeala lived in the woods, either hand making or stealing what she needed. It was during her early years she found and befrended Artemis.
She now hunts for herself along with Artemis, but plans to return to civilization and overthrow the monarchy.
Unbeknowst to her the throne is actually ,righfully hers.
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Internet Overlord
Okay everybody, let's wrap up sign-ups so that we can get started.

lilcipher - Human Performer, Aria Leticia LeBlanche: Accepted
- When you mention a species that's not commonly known (outside the game series) it helps to describe it a little.

- Just checking, the castle you're talking about is in the woods and not the one on the map?


bi & ready 2 di
Kinshis (as seen here and here) are large elegant birds that are often used as mounts in the Fire Emblem series. They're considered a status symbol of nobility and strength as they are both beautiful and hard to train. Also, thanks for the acceptance!


The Reforged Soul
It maybe Sunday evening before I get a chance to finish if that's not too late. I have a big fundraiser for work I am getting ready for on Saturday evening.


Internet Overlord
- IDK, because asking questions in reply to my question really doesn't help me figure it out. I need to know because we have chars living in the main castle, so saying she's the real heir would affect them. But if it's not the main castle, it calls into question how much of the kingdom they actually rule.

- If the sign-up is good, and you promise to be clear on which character is doing what.

- That's fine, good luck with your fundraiser.


Why not both?
Cool. I'm not sure what you mean by 'good', but I hope it'll be good enough... now I'm nervous. Both my characters are probably gonna stick together through most of it, so I doubt it'll be a problem. I'll get it done by the end of this weekend.

Name: Fenris Arkwright

Age & Gender: 19, Male.

Species & Occupation: Human Alchemist, wannabe Mechanic.

Alignment: Rebel Impure.

Main Tools/Weapons: Fenris is an alchemist, and as such isn't much of a combatant. He generally carries a pair of thick leather gloves, a small knife (for cutting plants and small animals for ingredients), some empty vials and boxes to store whatever interesting thing he finds, and several potions that do varying things - anything from causing things to go up in fiery explosions when thrown to growing a little flower on someone’s head.

Pet/Mount: Nope.

Appearance (picture not entirely accurate):Fenris’s physique can best be described as ‘scrawny’. He has a distinctive lack of muscle and fat, a result of his rather inactive lifestyle and tendency not to eat much. He spends most of his time inside, and thus has the relatively pale skin to match. His height is average, not exactly short but nothing to write home about. His relatively long hair is a bright, scarlet red (originally a much duller shade, but he dyed it later using his own potions), and is always messy, sticking up in tufts like some sort of badly-made bird’s nest. His eyes are green and always see to shine with a sort of light, although people debate what it is - some say ‘manic’, others ‘cruel’, others ‘curious’, etcetera etcetera. Usually, it’s a mix of all of them. His mother always told him that he’d look handsome if he cleaned himself up and worked at getting fit, but he always dismissed it as her joking, and takes a sort of pride in his untidy appearance.

As for clothing, he generally wears a brownish lab coat over whatever shirt and pants he can find. He’s got very little fashion sense, and can often end up wearing completely mismatched colours that make him look like some sort of crazy idiot. His clothes tend to be slightly too large and a bit baggy, adding to his ‘guy-who-doesn’t-care’ appearance. Normally, most of his outfits have wrinkles and stains on them, which he doesn’t bother to smooth out or wash off.

Personality: Fenris likes to think of himself as a cynic, and almost takes pride in that label. He would be correct in his assumption - he is, in fact, an incredible cynic. He’s prone to find things ‘fake’, and has an incredibly dim view of human nature, seeing people as being inherently selfish and arrogant. He scorns the concept of ‘love’ seeing it as simply a delusion made to trick people into having babies. He has a disdain for high-class society (like the Dukes, counts, royal family etc), and dislikes people who conform to social norms despite wanting to do other things. As such, he himself has a sort of casual disregard for what others think, and isn’t afraid to go around telling people exactly what he thinks about them, sometimes just for the sake of pissing them off.

He tends to see the worst in people and gravitate towards that, ignoring the good - and that applies to himself, more than anyone. His view on himself can essentially be summed up as ‘I’m a horrible person, but most people are worse, so it’s ok’. He sees himself as being lazy, self-centred, manipulative, dishonest, as well as a whole host of other bad things. He isn’t afraid to let other see all of his flaws, and often even puts them on display, seeing them as part of his identity. He’s also prone to lying impulsively for no real reason. He has a deep-seated fear of disappointing others like he disappointed his parents, and thus likes to lower people’s expectations of him as much as possible, reasoning that he’d rather have them not consider him at all than consider him and then realise he isn’t as good as what they were expecting.

He’s a very casual, live-life-as-it-comes set of person. He has no ambition, and no goals, content to simply just drift around aimlessly. He’s lazy, preferring to not work whenever he can get away with it - although his current lifestyle pretty much forces him to work 24/7. Nevertheless, he hates to be rushed, and does things at his own pace. He’s also very comfortable with himself and around other people, and is prone to treating other people’s houses like they’re his own. He has no qualms about slumping down on someone else’s couch and putting his feet on their chair, and doesn’t care if others go and do the same in his own house. Generally, he’s very casual, tending to ignore formalities and expecting others to do the same with him. He’s an incredible actor, being able to charm the shirts off people’s backs, but he prefers not to, thinking that it’d make himself no different from all the people he looks down on.

His worldview is a very strange one. He tends to see his life as a narrative in which he is the protagonist, something born from spending most of his free time reading books. As such, he tends to sort people into character types (the happy guy, naive girl, bad boy), and story roles (he’s the main character, she’s the love interest, he’s the guy that dies in the first chapter). He also sees things in terms of being part of a larger story, and acts in accordance to that (for example, if he sees a guy dead on the street outside his door, he’d immediately think that it means he’s about to become part of a detective story, and start going around looking for clues). He often finds himself feeling bored with his life, and this constant comparing of his life to the life of a fairytale character serves to help make it more interesting. He finds the process of tinkering with potions to be incredibly satisfying, which was why he sought out a career in alchemy in the first place.

History: Fenris wasn’t born into a particularly pleasant family. It’s not to say that he wasn’t loved - in fact, he was quite loved. His family was a very loving one. But that didn’t make it pleasant. Once a noble, his father had committed fraud and thus had to flee from the royal city, taking his then-lover and now-wife with him and becoming a businessman. They were happy with their lifestyle in the Port Cities - simple, plain, but comfortable. That was, until they had a child - Fenris.

It was obvious from about six years of age that Fenris was an exceptional child. He was smart, and, more importantly, possessed the wits and the acting ability to make him successful in politics. This revelation ignited an old flame in his father, who saw a chance to lift his family back into the prestige they once had. Suddenly, his modest but comfortable lifestyle was no longer enough. He wanted the glory of being a noble, respected by society, once more. So he began to train Fenris, teaching him how to act in the presence of others, and, most importantly, how to get close to the royal family - their ticket out of ‘this dump’. He would become an advisor, or a diplomat. At first, Fenris didn’t mind, and did as his father said. It was clear that he did love his son, and Fenris didn’t want to betray his expectations.

It was when he was 13 that they managed to get him to attend a ball in the Royal city - an opportunity that couldn’t be missed, since the royal family was there. It was a valuable chance to make a good impression on them, and get on the highway that would lead to power. So Fenris went with his parents, and had all of his dreams instantly crushed. He could see none of the beauty that his father described, none of the elegance and grace. All he could see was people trying their best to act posh in a way that made it almost painfully obvious, sucking up to the king and queen like no tomorrow, throwing out false compliments and giving fake shows of familiarity to people they haven’t seen for twenty years. Try as he might, he couldn’t understand why his father, a man he had loved, would find such a life so desirable, and began to see him as someone who longed only for power, money, and more women, even though he already had his wife.

He hated it, despised it, and left early. And thus changed his entire world.

Ever since, he has resisted all of his fathers lessons on diplomacy, and in fact began to actively rebel against him, often escaping through the back door of their little home in order to wander around in the woods collecting plants. He began to get into Alchemy, and spent most of his time in his own room, burning through books on the matter. His father, loathe to see his dreams taken away, continued to push him, and their relationship steadily worsened. Fenris began to withdraw from society, unable to see the good in it and seeing only people who lied, stole, and hid their true selves. He hated it. Without friends, he sought entertainment in brewing explosive potions in makeshift flasks, and reading books. Lots of books. Seeing all the characters live their lives and experience such interesting things was a sort of wish fulfilment for him, and eventually he decided, on a whim, to run away, like he saw protagonists do so often. He already had enough knowledge of Alchemy to get an apprenticeship and maybe earn some cash.

So he did, leaving behind an overly dramatic note to his parents. Most of it was complete BS, but he wanted to do it because that’s what all the characters did - the fact that it might arouse some guilt in his parents also helped. As was his plan, he managed to talk his way into a position as an Alchemist’s assistant/student. He was fourteen then, but managed to convince the Alchemist in question that he was in fact around eleven (his lack of body mass helped in that regard). The alchemist saw potential in his home-brewed potions (which he had brought along for extra negotiating usefulness), and decided to take him under his wing. He worked for that alchemist for four years, before using the cash he had been saving to buy himself a small, decrepit shack near the edge of the port cities, and struck out alone to go solo.

Since he didn’t have a store, he just went around as a sort of street-vendor, selling potions at a cheap price to whoever would buy them, no strings attached. Since his potions were usually of incredible quality, he managed to support himself despite his lack of qualifications, earning a rather paltry sum of money. But since he never ate much anyways and wasn’t particularly concerned about his clothing and other necessities, he got along just fine. It was around this time that a girl (ALF) approached him, asking if he needed any help with his work. Curious but skeptical that he would be able to sustain two people, Fenris asked her to fetch him some dragon blood (an exceedingly rare ingredient due to how difficult it was to obtain, since one would have to injure a dragon and probably kill it), reasoning that if she could somehow procure ingredients like that, she’d be able to pay for herself. She returned with a vial of the liquid several hours later. Deciding that the girl checked all the flags, he decided to hire her as an assistant, putting the matter of how she had obtained it to the back of his mind.

The two of them lived together for three months or so before the curse first struck. Fenris had been sending ALF on gathering missions while he himself brewed the potions, not bothering to question where she managed to get the ingredients. Seeing an opportunity, he began to research it, hoping to find a cure. It was more out of a desire for adventure - he was familiar with plots that started with an illness coming over the land, and deduced that it was probably the work of some evil force - than a desire to save others. Oh, and the money would be nice, too.
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it was a concept i had in my head that my dungeon master wouldnt let me do so im trying it out here.
I dont want to intrude to much on how things are run so not the main castle. (unless thats ok)
maybe it would be a smaller portion of the total kingdom.
(the only thing i can think of to compare it to is a mayor of a town vs a presedent)


Why not both?
Actually, it's more likely to be an issue when characters are in the same place. . . and when the RPer has long conversations with themselves.
Okay, I see. I did kind of brain-fart there... I'll try and keep conversations between them short, if that's what you're worried about.


Internet Overlord
- If it's a smaller elf exclusive 'kingdom' (which is actually more of a city, or underground) it's probably okay. If you really intend for it to be the main castle, we'll need to talk with other players, because I'm not going to force a plot change on chars I've already accepted.

- While self-RP walls of text are a concern, I mostly just want clarity separating the characters.