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Broken Fairy Tale (SU - Rated R)


The Reforged Soul
You know what as much as I am looking forward to this, I'm going to have to back out. My work has been busier than usual and my internet access has been sporadic at best. Sorry for holding you up at this point and have a blast. If sign ups open up again in the future I would still be interested.


Internet Overlord
Vern (Human Alchemist - Fenris Arkwright): Pending, I'm slightly concerned about the history.
- Apprenticeships often started at young age (like training to be a knight may have started at 7), so it's more likely saying he was younger then he looked would get him one. Just two years of training seems like a tight time-line for alchemy as well.

Solsabre: Thanks for letting me know, however due to the amount of catching up one would have to do, I usually do not reopen sign-ups.


Why not both?
Okay, I edited the sign-up slightly, changed it so that he was 14 when he got the 'apprenticeship', although it's really more of just a job as the guy's assistant. That way, he gets four years, which is probably better?


Internet Overlord
kawaiiconcept ( Elf huntress - 'Akeala' Princess Akealana): Pending
- Your sign-up is hard to read due to being a wall of text (and the fact that you didn't remove my notes). There are also several typos (assasanated, enemy.This, enimies).
- Appearance: Eye color? Also, what about her specifically doesn't look like a wood elf (tall and thin is generally how elves are depicted, when they're not 'little people')?
- Also, since this is an unscripted RPG, it may be better to simply refer to the princess aspect as something she doesn't know about rather then saying 'later on she’ll'.


A Trickster and his Not-Cat
After three weeks I finally found the time and finally finished my SU... I hope it's all right. Apologies for taking so long.


Internet Overlord
kawaiiconcept (Akeala, Elf huntress): Accepted
- You still got a lot of typos, so try to watch those when posting in the RPG.
- Sorry this took me so long, somehow I managed to over look your post. You should have VM/PMed me.