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Broken Glass of Elements [R] [Sign-Up Thread]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by George~©, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    Broken Glass of Elements [R]
    (Rated R for Violence, Profanity, Gore and Adult Themes)

    Pokemon weren't always competitive battling machines. There was once a time when Charizard had no flame to its tail, Blastoise had no cannons to fire high-pressure torrents of water, and Venusaurs flowers were used for camouflage and catching unsuspecting prey. Pokemon used to be regular animals, your average birds and bee's. This was 1000 years ago. It was when the Mad Emperor of Japan rode across the world that everything changed. His armies that would never stop ripped through city's, scorched through forests, eventually taking over the entirety of the Asian continent, including most of Europe and the northern parts of Africa.

    Those who challenged the Mad Emperor would soon meet their demise, for he had something that nobody else could ever hope to grasp. A Glass, entirely transparent and glistening with Divine crystal. The Glass was a gift to a helpless boy from the Gods; a glass that held within it the 18 elements of nature, the key components of the building blocks that held the world together. This 'Glass of Elements' was intended to help him become a messiah of sorts, someone to teach people of the world the right path. However the death of his loved ones after a rival faction of Japan torched his village drove him to war. 'People can't change through mere conversation' he thought. 'I must become a ruler if people are to listen to me. I'll rule everything, and nothing will stand in my way.'

    And so he used his power to become the Emperor. And he ruled everything, and nothing stood in his way.

    Eventually the Emperor became mad with power, dismissing his original goal to guide people to the right path. All he wanted was power now. The Gods couldn't stand for his treachery any longer. They shone down upon his kingdom, daring him to come out and challenge their reign. The Emperor stood fearless, shunning them as if they were his servants. They fought, the powers of Gods clashing with eachother, shaking the face of the earth.

    The battle raged on for two whole days, The Emperor coming out as the victor in the end. As the Gods lay battered and bruised, they realised their mistake in bestowing their powers to a naive boy. They poured all of their remaining energy into one final technique; destroying the Glass and scattering its power in hands that could not use its power for injustice. The animals of earth were bestowed with powers beyond comprehension, as the Glass shattered under the intense power of the attack. The Emperor could not let go of the glass though, and his spirit was pulled in and shattered with the glass. The Gods, exhausted and battered, passed on to a deep slumber, undefined as to when they would awake once more. Without the Emperor, his armies were gradually pushed back, and the world returned to its usual state once more.

    A millennia has passed since the incident with the Emperor, and the world is as we know it now. The animals with powers have been donned the name 'Pokemon', and poke balls have been invented to capture these creatures to use for battle, or to simply own as friends. The pokedex records new data about pokemon, and the pokemon league has been set up to discover the best trainers in the world. Everything is normal, and relatively peaceful. However, the shards of the glass still remain on the earth, ten of them in total, and they will call for owners to piece them back together, and let nothing stand in the way.

    This is where YOU come in. You are an owner of one of the shards, and you have a reason to want the Glass of Elements. Be it a naive prospect of world peace, destruction of the world, or acknowledgement from your piers, you have a strong desire for the Glass. However you have no knowledge of the Glass of Elements, and only a vague idea of what happened over a millennia ago from history textbooks, literature, and wikipedia. One day, the Shard suddenly starts to speak to you. It gives you an offer: to throw away the shard, or take its challenge and have it share its power with you. It offers you a set of rules: You may use any means you want to take out your competitors, however you may only use one pokemon for the duration of the challenge. The battle will take place in Tokyo, it being a fitting stage for the resurrection of the Mad Emperor. The decision to take up its challenge is up to you, but if the shard speaks to you then you have a desire for the Glass' power. Choose wisely, it may be your only chance.

    The Battle for the Broken Glass shall commence.


    So in case you couldn't tell, this is sort of a Fate/Zero x Pokemon mishmash Roleplay. I love the Fate/Zero anime, and I'm also a big pokemon fan, so the two can't hurt being together. I'm really excited for this to start, but before I can start I need to lay down a few little details & rules about whats going to happen.

    Rules & Details:

    - It should be mentioned that this is going to be a very mature Roleplay. People & Pokemon will Die. I'm hoping for lots of violence, lots of mature drama, and lots of blood. I've put it as rated-R because of this. If you join this role-play and you are under 17, and you can't handle a severed head or two, that is your own responsibility.
    - With a role-play that has death of pokemon, and only one pokemon allowed, godmodding, power-playing and 'mary-sue'ing' is a VERY serious restriction. I'll have no tolerance of one hit kills, godly skilfull dodging, and extremely one-sided battles. Mature role-players will know when their pokemon is going to take a hit, when their character will inevitably die, and when to tone everything down a notch. I'm looking for epic battles and expert tactics, not overpowered pokemon that take a hyper beam and scratch their bum afterwards.
    - Obviously all standard RPG forum rules apply
    - Bunnying is acceptable when the following conditions are present: 1.) The RPGer has been inactive for a long period of time and their story directly affects your character, 2.) The RPGer has given special permissions to the Bunnyer, and the Bunnyer has confirmed it with the GM/Moderator first.
    - Since there are only 10 shards in total, there can only be 10 participants in the battle itself. Therefore, you do not have to be a participant of the battle to be a part of this role-play. You can be a detective who investigates the battles and attempts to arrest them, you can be a creepy Golem-like character who knows about the battle and is trying to get their own 'precious', you can be the wife/husband of an already pre-existing character (provided you have permission from said Roleplayer) and support them from closed doors. The list goes on.
    - Please try to be original. As much as 'He lost his parents and is trying to bring them back to life' works for most crappy shows nowadays, it lacks creativity. I mean, I won't stop you from doing it but know that I'll be forever shaking my fist at you from behind my computer screen. Make this role-play interesting for all of us!
    - I know this is cheesy but have fun! I really want this RP to work so long as I stick around for it, and I really want to see people enjoying this.
    - Now go back and read these rules properly! I don't like rejecting sign-ups and giving people warnings so make sure you take it all on-board.

    I hope that wasn't too long winded, because I want to talk about a couple of small details of the inner mechanics of this RP.


    - To the shard-holders: How did you obtain your Shard? This MUST be mentioned either In the history section of your sign-up (if you obtained the shard before the start of the RP), or in your first post of the RP (If your character recieves the shard at the start of the RP.
    - To the Shard-Holders: Also in your first post you should have the dialogue of the shard speaking to you and offering you its challenge. This is pretty obvious, we need to get the battle started as soon as possible.
    - If a character dies or loses their shard, and the shard doesn't find a new owner immediately, it will be set as Vacant. Anyone may claim the right to this new shard if they want to participate in the battle. New players that join can also put themselves down as a shard-holder if there is a Vacant shard, however pre-existing players will have priority over becoming shard-holders. First come, first served and all that jazz.
    - There isn't a Limit to what pokemon you can own, because I'm making it so that every pokemon is equal in power. Froakie will do the same damage to a Metagross as a Metagross will do to it. This makes it so you can have your favourite pokemon even if it is small and generally weak. Obviously there are some exceptions when you factor in Size, Weight, and Magikarp, but generally all pokemon will be of the same power level.
    - When it comes to battling, pokemon may use any move listed on the respective pokemons page on this website. I might shorten it down to maximum 10 moves and put it as part of SU, if I feel like this is too much
    - If your pokemon dies, thats a shame. You don't get to unbox another pokemon and use that as your pokemon for the rest of the battle. Once you lose your pokemon, you're on your own to fend for yourself. Good luck!
    - Speaking of pokemon, you don't actually have to own a pokemon if you don't want to! Just be that guy who shoots his way out of sticky situations! I just wanted the pokemon part because it is a key element to the story of this role-play.

    If i've missed anything, feel free to ask me however you want. If its an important point I'll put it in this post.


    Right! Without further ado, here is the sign-up form:

    Sign-Up Form:

    Character Name: (Everything in existence has some form of identification. This doesn't have to be a full name, just something to identify the character by. Keep it sensible, no 'Bumlips the Second' please…)
    Age: (Implies physical fitness, intelligence, looks, and how much tequila your character can handle)
    Gender: (Please for the love of God no 'Genetically a Man but wants to be identified as a Woman, that kind of thing fries my brain beyond belief)
    Appearance: (Height, Stature, Hair Colour, Fashion Sense, etc. Standard stuff, just make sure your character doesn't dress like a Spoon all-day every-day unless you have a damn good backstory to give a reason for it)
    Status: (Are you a shard-holder or not? If you are, good for you, say so. If not, give us an indication as to what your role in this story is. Are you a detective? Maybe a creepy homeless guy who sells information? Its for you to decide, but obviously try and make it so it has interaction with the story)
    Personality: (Are you a Naruto or a Sasuke? Or are you a bit of both with a hint of Masochism? That'd be cool. But seriously, what is your character like?)
    History: (Did your parents die when you were only 6 years old and now you want revenge? I hope not because thats boring and lacks creativity. Give us a good story about how your character came to be who he/she is today. Also if you acquired your shard before the start of this RP, mention how you got it here.
    Other: (Likes? Dislikes? Allergies even? Anything that hasn't been mentioned yet that might be of importance should be posted here.

    This section is only for the pokemon users and isn't needed for characters who don't own pokemon.

    Pokemon: (What is your characters pokemon of choice, if any? I'm getting tired and running out of witty things to say so I'll leave it at that)
    Nickname: (Does your pokemon have a Nickname or do you not really care about that?)
    Gender: (If it has one anyway. Again, no He-She pokemon because its weird)
    Pokemon Personality: (What is your pokemon like? Does he like to kill or is he/she a big softie?)
    Other: (Does your pokemon have any scars or interesting features? Any history we should know about? Any likes & dislikes that are of importance?)

    Right, I think I'm done for now! I'll post my own character when I have time, but for now feel free to start applying and asking questions! I will edit this post with accepted/pending/rejected members when people start joining. I'll also be in need of a moderator to help me out with things, as I have college and work to focus on as well as this and other things. I plan to start this RP when I have about 7 of the 10 participants of the battle, so get signing up as soon as possible!

    I declare this RP, OPEN for sign-up!


    1. Johan Lawrence (20k)
    2. Irou (Plight of Leon)

    Last edited: Nov 23, 2013
  2. Plight of Leon

    Plight of Leon custom avatar please

    *hopes that this is enough* *eh you will tell me if it is not*

    Character Name: Irou
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 5'6", thin stature, black hair that hangs over the side of his face, but is otherwise neat, wears a piece of black armor with a giant red dragon on it, has a tattoo of a scar on his face that covers his right eye
    Status: Shard-holder
    Personality: He can be classified as chaotic neutral. He doesn't like chaos per se, but he prefers the most convuluted and complicated plans in order to do something, just because it will be more fun. He doesn't have any good or bad tendencies, and simply does what he thinks is best, which can be helping an old lady out of a well one second and then killing her husband for money. But in general he is not a jackass like that.
    History: [insert old sage voice here]
    Long ago there existed a place where time did not exist. All things were one, and all things were none. In this place lived all things that had lived and all things that had yet to live. It was an utopia of sorts. Until one day some ignorant buffoon created the idea of time and the entire world was blown apart.

    Irou was born in this place, and so his place in time was secured. However, while he would have existed in the same time as his father, he would not have existed in the same time as his mother, and because of that, and multiple paradoxes later, he grew up with his mother in the future. So his goal is this: he somehow wants to bring the world back to its time-less state, and be reunited with his mother.

    He found the shard one day while searching through his father's possessions after he passed away. It was in the shape of a pendant, and he knew that this pendant was somehow his mother's. Again, crazy paradoxes. It was then that the pendant spoke to him and said, "Young Irou, motherless. I know what you crave and it is the warmth of your mother, the mother you would never have. So, I offer you this challenge. This is but one of 10 shards, and you must collect all of them to get the power you need."

    That was 8 years ago. Since then, he has learned the ways of both the gun and the sword, perfecting his technique and skills. And with him has been his faithful companion, Blaster, his Salamence.

    Others: Likes: techno music, brunettes
    Dislikes: cookies, and flying mammals, an odd fear he has

    Pokemon: Salamence
    Nickname: Blaster
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon Personality: One should hope to never come into battle with Blaster, for doing so will meet your doom. Anywho, she is by all means a dragon. She is powerful, dangerous, hordes moutains of gold, and fiercely protects Irou. She lives on a "kill them, then figure out their names while they are digesting in my stomach" philosophy. She enjoys the thrill of battle and rarely likes to stay still.
    Other: She is a black dragon with red wings. No one knows where she came from, only that Irou captured her when he had traveled to Tokyo for the first time 5 years ago.
    Likes: kittens
    Dislikes: octopi and sharks. She has an odd fear of them.
  3. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    Blaze: Yo! Thanks for signing up, but theres a couple of issues before I can accept it. First of all I need a minimum of 100 words for Appearance, Personality, and History (History clears it, but Personality and Appearance do not). Maybe for appearance comment more on his actual clothing, because all we know about him from the appearance section is that he has some black armor on unmentioned parts of his body. That could mean anything from a Chestplate to a Cricket box! Also for the history, the Shard will have spoken to your character at the same time as everyone elses shard unless you obtain the shard within the roleplay (In which case it will talk as soon as it is obtained), so I'm sorry but the part about him training for 8 years after the Shard spoke to him won't do. I like the rest of the history though!

    So I'll Reject it for now, but I like the character. It just needs a little more detail and it needs to coincide with the over-arching story.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2013
  4. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    Sorry for the double post to anyone who cares, but here is my own sign up! Hopefully people will get more interested in this once it begins.

    Character Name: Johan 'The Cleaver' Lawrence

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Johan has a very tall and slim body, about 6'2 in height. He has a very skinny stature whilst still being quite suprisingly physically fit and athletic. His hair is a blood red colour and is very messy and has been pulled out multiple times, whilst his eyes are of a greenish hue. His skin is also incredibly pale and his face looks unhealthy, bags often showing underneath his eyes. He also has some quite obvious stubble, which is uneven and very messy. For clothing, he is usually seen in a pink stripy jumper, his left sleeve rolled all the way down covering his hand and his right sleeve rolled up past his elbow, showing his collared shirt underneath with the sleeve unbuttoned. His Jeans are of a light-blue colour, and have rips in various places and the pockets hanging off. There are also some quite obvious stains of mud and... other... things (You know what I mean). He prefers not to wear shoes and wears only socks, one being pink and stripy like his Jumper and the other black with a Nike logo. He is often seen walking around with a meat cleaver in his left hand, practically stained red.

    Status: Shard-Holder

    Personality: Johan is, for lack of a better word, insane. His personality can flip from passionate, friendly homeless man, to masochistic psychopath and so on. His true personality however is the masochistic psychopath side of him, having an interest in the mechanics of murder and the human anatomy. He has a complex sense of justice, believing it to be wrong to kill people for material or emotional reason, such as love or money, but encourages the thought of killing for fun. There is no conversation with Johan, as when you become locked in conversation with him he will already be debating the possible ways of inducing death onto said person.

    History: Johan was born and raised in a wealthy part of Kyoto, his father being a big business tycoon whilst his mother stopped working for Johan's sake. His upbringing was very typical of a wealthy family, his mother always being present to keep him company and play with him. It was a very normal upbringing, free of any outside problems. It was only when Johan was 5 years old, that problems first starting arising. It was first noticed by his parents whilst they were all on vacation, and Johan and his parents spotted a Fletchling with a broken wing, lying almost dead from exhaustion. Johans parents were going to attempt to save the Fletchling, taking a step back to call a veterinarian in. As they stepped back, Johan grabbed a sharp stick that lie nearby, and stabbed the poor bird in the wings multiple times, laughing like a typical child would as he did it. His parents pulled him away from the brutalised Fletchling carcass, Johan going into a temper tantrum about not being able to see more of the 'red stuff'.

    The problems only got worse from there, as he started to develop strange hobbies, such as setting mouse-traps for squirrels, and burning small insects with a magnifying glass. As he grew older, his parents knew they could do nothing to dissuade him from these masochistic actions. He was sent to foster care by his parents, giving him one last gift before he left. A crystal shard, attached to the string of a necklace, was held out to him by his father as one last gift to remember them by. It was when Johan grabbed the shard and swiped at his father with the sharp end that his parents dismissed him entirely from their family.

    There was not a single new family that would take Johan in. He sat anxiously in his room at his care home, patiently waiting and planning how to step up his murder game to people, wondering what the 'red stuff' inside of humans looked like. A lone Pawniard who had also been abandoned by its family, came to visit him often. Johan was amazed by the sharp and pointy parts of Pawniard, seeing it as the perfect body for killing. Pawniard would visit him for the next ten years or so, whilst there was still no family that would take him in.

    At the age of 16, he was finally set for adoption; a remote countryside void of civilisation. Johan was furious, pulling his hair out and going into a temper tantrum once again, as if he still had the mind of a masochistic 5 year old. Not only would this mean he could not kill, it would mean that he couldn't see pawniard again. He and Pawniard planned an escape, Johan constantly telling Pawniard 'Don't worry, just do exactly as I tell you and we'll be together forever.' Pawniard did so, and one night, the entire adoption centre was lined with blood and bodies from Pawniards massacre, who evolved into Bisharp as they left. Bisharp continues to do exactly as Johan told him, and Johan continued to keep at his psychotic past-time. As he grew older, he managed to find more ways to kill, developing pseudonyms for a number of different serial killers; 'The Rope Strangler', 'The Haymaker' and his personal favourite, 'The Cleaver', from his signature Meat Cleaver taken from the kitchen of the adoption center. He continues to kill, never content and always wanting to see more. He was so infatuated by Blood and Killing that he developed a horrific goal: To find out what all of the 'Red Stuff' in the world, of every living organism, looks like.

    It was when he was only just 19, that the shard called to him.

    Other: He loves everything about Blood, and the colour red. He doesn't like Eggs, Babies, or anything that involves new life. His favourite food would be Beef, his ideal meal being a Rare Steak.

    Pokemon: Bisharp

    Nickname:'Buddy' (Because Johan never learned the names of pokemon)

    Gender: Male

    Pokemon Personality: Bisharp is fiercely loyal to Johan, and follows every order he makes no matter how psychotic. He is also mildly afraid of Johans madness, but still recognises him as his invaluable friend. Although Buddy has killed a lot, he doesn't actually enjoy killing. He simply wants to be able to spend his life with Johan, as a life without his invaluable friend is a life not worth living in.

    Other: Pawniard was left behind by his family whilst they were migrating to a new home. The group were attacked by Mightyena, and as the adults fended them off, Pawniard panicked and ran away. He became lost, and eventually came across the adoption center where Johan lived.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2013
  5. Plight of Leon

    Plight of Leon custom avatar please

    Alright, so I guess the shard is more "getting the Servant" then "getting the Command Seal." *too much of a Fate junkie* Also, taking your suggestion for the re-post.

    Character Name: Irou
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Irou is 5 foot 6, with a lean body that belies his strength after years of training. His hair is black that remains neat and trim until it reaches the right side of his face, where is hangs over his eye. He has light red eyes, just dark enough not to be considered pink, and a tattoo of a scar over his right eye that extends along the height of his face. When in a casual situation, he wears a black button up shirt, top button undone, with a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of black loafers. However, his preferred combat outfit is a black breastplate with a red dragon painted on the front of it with black pauldrons. He also wears leather gloves for his hands and black formal pants on the bottom, though it is not known why. His sword is black katana with red trim along the edge of the weapon. He wears a gold necklace that contain his shard, though it is usually hidden.
    Status: Shard-holder
    Personality: Irou would technically be chaotic neutral, but he leans towards chaotic good. He does the things that he believes to be best at the time, but in general does "good" things because he believes it would be best in the long run. As suck, he has difficulty thinking long-term and prefers short-term solutions to problems. He can change alliances if he sees a "sinking ship" on the horizon, but prefers not to. This often leads him to be a loner, working to fulfill his goals by himself. He prefers to fight from the shadows like a ninja in a sense, and uses both his sword and a gun on needed occasions. Though apathetic on the outside, he has a deep respect towards the people who he trusts and has difficulties killing women, especially mothers.
    Irou's history can actually be traced back to when time never existed, a place where everything came together and existed at once. There is no name for this place, and pretty much any record of it has been lost, and only the former inhabitants of this world can remember it. Irou was born in this world to his mother and father, just mere days before one of the inhabitants created time, and the world was destroyed. The inhabitants of that world were blown around time, and so Irou and his father ended up in one time while his mother ended up hundreds of years into the future. This left Irou a child without a mother, and his father raised him.

    His father taught him how to use a gun, while also telling him about his mother, a "dragon warrior," this knowledge inspiring Irou to learn how to use a katana, his mother's favored weapon. His father died when Irou was 17, and so left him on his own from their after. With his father's death behind him, Irou searched the world for the existence of the world his father had told him about and he barely remembered himself, and to see if there was a way to bring it back himself. His search was fruitless however, and he found nothing that could help him, not even the name of the world. He began to doubt its credibility and the sanity of his father, until one day while traveling in Tokyo he found a note from his mother to him, a physical impossibility normally, but since it was written in the world without time, it ended up here. The note was written the day he was born, and told him never to doubt that he would one day meet his mother.

    In the current day, he found a piece of jewelry with a brilliant luster in a neighboring town to Tokyo, and when he picked it up, the shard spoke to him. "Irou, son of a mother who hasn't existed yet. This is a shard of a great power, a power so much that you will be able to complete your goals. All you need to do is to collect the other nine shards in order to get this power. Come, come to Tokyo....." He acted without hesitation, paying for the piece of jewelry and leaving for Tokyo.

    Others: Likes: techno music, brunettes
    Dislikes: cookies, and flying mammals, an odd fear he has

    Pokemon: Salamence
    Nickname: Blaster
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon Personality: One should hope to never come into battle with Blaster, for doing so will meet your doom. Anywho, she is by all means a dragon. She is powerful, dangerous, hordes moutains of gold, and fiercely protects Irou. She lives on a "kill them, then figure out their names while they are digesting in my stomach" philosophy. She enjoys the thrill of battle and rarely likes to stay still.
    Other: She is a black dragon with red wings. No one knows where she came from, only that Irou captured her when he had traveled to Tokyo for the first time 5 years ago, the day after the death of his father.
    Likes: kittens
    Dislikes: octopi and sharks. She has an odd fear of them.
  6. George~©

    George~© All Gravy

    Blaze: Accepted! I'll edit your character into the first post now.
  7. D4saken1

    D4saken1 OT: Shad

    Character Name: Ore "False Face"

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: 5'10 185lbs Ore has always been built like a linebacker with thick shoulder and neck muscles. His eyes a bright hazel with a feint yellow ring between the transition in colors have been said to be enchanting to those who look deep enough. Auburn red unkempt and a five o'clock shadow, give the appearance of a handsome friendly man based on looks alone. That face is rarely ever seen by anyone who might know him, and those around him do not know him besides a mask of half black and white; expressionless, mouthless, and dead save the eyes peering through the holes. During the normal acts of life Ore dresses like anyone else his age would; but donning his mask cloths become black and white, a quartered hoodie, black pants, one shoe, glove, and even a sock rotate opposite spectrum of light and dark.

    Status: Shard-Holder

    Personality: Friendly, outgoing, helpful, caring, almost every emotion shown is a mockery of what body language and vocal tones reflect; truth be told only self loathing, depression, loneliness, and rage exist behind the figurative and literal mask. Emptiness constant, the most pervading of emotions or lack there of. Some sense of morality that existed before Ore's soul broke still guides him to be kind; seeking to feel something, but often his mood turns to cruel or violent out of frustration for an escape from the abyss of misery.

    History: Born to an average American family in the Northwest Ore was a fairly normal child and lived a mostly average life style. That was until at the age of nine he arrived home to find his mother in tears with a police officer, his father had killed himself. That day something inside of Ore broke; he could no longer feel truly alive, only pain began to fester in his heart.

    The "mask" was born shortly after he and his mother had resettled in a new town, much of his memory between his once loving home and his now half empty prison had simply become a void in his mind. His mother always worried tried to force him into counseling but no shrink could break through the mask he wore to save his mother's heart.

    For a time the numbness was better than pain but soon he found himself unable to feel anything but the most intense emotions and unfortunately the ones he could feel were mainly rage and self loathing. In spite of his pain he kept his mask on for his family and friends, living day to day in a fog of apathy and mock emotions.

    The only thing that could stir his emotions were his mother and his father's Steelix "Braun", who oddly seemed to feel responsible for Ore. He loved his father's beloved pokemon for nostalgia and other odd reasons, no matter how mad Ore became, no matter how much he tried to hurt the pokemon to quell his rage before succumbing to guilt, the pokemon always took his pain quietly and patiently. Braun and his mother were the only real thing keeping him tied to life, and the odd sense to hunt a solution to his pain by power, hate, love, anything but as he deemed it "the easy way out".

    After the years of the playing the well adjusted son and finally gaining freedom from the age restrictions keeping him home Ore announced he was leaving home, his mother did not argue or ask him to stay, she simply handed him a envelop with something inside of it, the hand-writing on the front was his fathers, it simply read "To Ore".


    As you may remember I was a collector of rare and interesting gems, geodes, and crystals. This was my passion, pastime, and my doom.

    Son... you must take this stone and bury it, cast it into the sea or keep it under lock and key. This will sound crazy but the crystal spoke to me, it told me to throw it away or accept its challenge and receive its power.

    Thinking I was maybe a bit mad and partially out of curiosity I humored the voice i heard and accepted its challenge, but I was not aware of what it meant, the feelings, the urges I had... I loved you and your mother, and I could not truly leave you or her.

    Forgive me I was weak, there is only one option... I know Braun can keep you safe.

    Ore expected to feel some sense of closure or burden lifting from his soul but, his pit only grew deeper. Gingerly he crumpled the note and burnt it the next time he went outside for a smoke and palmed the shard looking into it thinking his dad has to have been truly mad.

    Already packed to go on a road trip to "find himself" Ore loaded up his car and recalled Braun into his Pokeball and turned over the key, but then a voice spoke, a offer was made, Ore laughed as mad as the mad hatter himself at what he saw could be a way to feel alive again; he had accepted.

    Years passed, Ore fed on his desire to be free and alive. Now in Tokyo with a semi-"regular" life style and a literal persona to match his emotional mask, he hunts other shards in hopes of unburdening himself.

    Other: Addicted to smoking & caffeine. Very sarcastic, and mocking; mostly never serious but quickly snaps into cold seriousness when provoked too far or annoyed.

    This section is only for the pokemon users and isn't needed for characters who don't own pokemon.

    Pokemon: Steelix
    Nickname: Braun
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon Personality: Stoic, quiet, patient, loyal, fiercely protective and aggressive when he feels Ore is being threatened. Braun had no sense or morality for orders or actions told to do or done to protect Ore, his devotion is to Ore; mind, body, soul.
    Other: Unlike most Steelix, this Pokemon has the energy inside of him to Explode should he think it is the only way to save or avenge his owner though Ore know nothing about that power.

    (let me know if you want edits made)
  8. CrimsonNeko

    CrimsonNeko Member

    Character Name: Diana McAllister
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Diana is one of those women who sacrificed height for assets. Standing at a measely 5'3", her body blooms out into a pretty hourglass figure. Her arms and legs give a faint guise of muscularity, but in actuality she has very little muscle tone. Her hair, copper red and chopped cleanly off at the shoulder, hugs her face and highlights her fair skin. She has bright, almond-shaped blue eyes with a bout of golden central heterochromia that make her eyes appear green in some light. Her eyes are lightly feathered with makeup, as is the rest of her face to hide a swathe of unsightly freckles. Her long, slender fingers are pristinely manicured at all times. Her sense of style is mature but fashionable: button-up blouses and suit jackets, scarves, sensible slacks, and always black riding boots. Though small in stature, the intensity of her eyes and body language demand respect.
    Status: Soon-to-be Shard holder
    Personality: Diana is used to being undermined and underestimated by her peers. Intelligent and calculating, she has little time for friends or relationships. She is very straightforward and concise in conversation and finds idle talk and humor to be the epitome of foolishness. She is not a heartless woman, but she finds little time for sympathy and other menial emotions. After all, showing emotion is dangerous for a woman in the real world. She has a vendetta against the world, feeling she has been slighted her entire life. As such, she is a sadist and finds the pain of others highly amusing. Every action she makes is based off of careful analysis and planning. Should she lose the control she has worked so hard to gain, she becomes unbalanced, lashing out at everyone and everything. Her only true affection lies in her partner, Diablo. She is fiercely protective of him, feeling more attachment toward her Pokemon than any human she has ever or will ever meet.
    History: Diana is the only daughter of a wealthy London businessman. Her mother died due to childbirth complications, and Diana was mostly left in the care of her father's maids. Her childhood was spent having her every need attended to. She was a rotten little brat, but she showed potential when it came to anything that required logic or extreme calculation. On her tenth birthday, Diana was gifted with a Houndour. This Houndour became the only friend Diana has ever been known to have. After all, with a father who paid little, if any, attention to her, and a different caretaker every other day, Diana was not well-versed in social graces. Her Houndour, aptly named Diablo, became her friend and, as they aged, caretaker. More than her father would ever be.

    Diana began studying abroad after turning sixteen. Her father, of course, paid for the finest schooling and business education. Diana soared through her class ranks, graduating with honors at the top of her class; but she had no friends to speak of. She didn't mind that, really. She had Diablo, and her books. She began working for an accounting firm at the age of eighteen, where she spent most of her days, poring over papers and worksheets while Diablo, now a fully grown Houndoom, lay at her feet. The rest of her time was spent flying around the world, helping multi-million dollar companies sort out their financial affairs. Happiness is not a word Diana would ever use to describe her lifestyle, but she was content with the way things were. She rarely made contact with her father unless money was needed or a birthday was forgotten (which was, sadly, the norm).

    At the age of 20, Diana was sent to Tokyo on a business trip to sort out the finances of a toy industry mogul. This trip would prove to be the most life-changing event she ever experienced. While waiting in the office where her meeting was to take place, she noticed a beautiful iridescent shard of glass in a case. As she approach, she was startled to find the shard speaking to her. Though initially skeptical of what her own eyes and ears believed, she was about to step off into a unknown destiny.
    Other: She has a lilting proper British accent, though a hint of her mother's Cockney roots sometimes show in her words. She enjoys fine wines and swimming. She despises loud, obnoxious people, partying, and cheap alcohol.

    Pokemon: Houndoom
    Nickname: Diablo
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon Personality: Diablo's personality is a mirror image of his partner's. He is very cunning and relies on tricking enemies into a false sense of security instead of using brute force. He could be considered a coward, as he prefers to use long-range attacks when battling and avoiding approaching his foes unless absolutely necessary. He is fiercely devoted to Diana, willing to leap into battle at her command. Any other time, he is lazy and content to just lay around and sleep at Diana's feet whilst she works. He is well-trained and is known to "fetch" items that Diana needs, regardless of what they are.
    Other: Diablo, despite being a pampered pooch, is a British champion competitive battler. He avoids battle if he can, but is a force to be reckoned with when pushed too far.
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    I can't throw anything out riiiight now, but I like the idea of this. I'll lob out a Shard Holder character if that's okay? Maybe a non-glass holder too if we can go for more than one character.

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