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Broom's Breeding Centre

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by broomstig, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. broomstig

    broomstig Water/Dragon Leader

    Hello all, and welcome to Broom’s Breeding Centre, the shop dedicated to offering legitimate breeding services without hacking, cloning, RNG or anything like that just good work by the book. Feel free to ask for any breedable Pokémon, with any ability (providing it has been released to females), any nature, compatible egg moves, up to three max IVs and of course they are all nicknameable.

    I specialise in DreamWorldFemales and have worked hard to collect them all, as such I have constructed a list with every DWF released with their abilities throughout their evolutions, and a separate list for every DWMale exclusive/DWGenderless Pokémon that has been released so far – check the List section for these.

    All services are currently suspended until further notice

    Follow all Serebii Forum and Trade Shop rules.

    No asking for/offering Hacked/Cloned/RNGed Pokémon. I breed without these methods and will keep it that way.

    Either post here or PM me with requests – there is no set format/form to fill in, just let me know what you want with any specifications, plus what you want to offer. e.g. please could you breed me a DWF Carvanha, I can give you a DWM Tyrogue. e.g. could you please consider breeding me a naughty DWF Pichu with volt tackle, wish and 31 IVs in attack, special attack and speed, thanks – I can give you a shiny Shroomish.

    Orders are fulfilled on a first come first serve basis. I offer a guarantee; if you aren't satisfied with my work I can either refund you what you gave me or replace the Pokémon I bred for you.

    I will breed up to 8 Pokémon for one of my wants, this depends on the difficulty of the request and the actual number may vary.

    I always breed Pokémon ASAP after the original request; I appreciate it when others do the same. Outstanding orders are put into the stock at the end of each month (excluding ones completed in the last 2 weeks) so be punctual. The date noted by the orders indicates when this will happen.

    Do not try and recruit me, or ask to be recruited - I am not interested, I take pride in my work and do so independently. Other breeders may not maintain the exceptional standards I keep, nor can they be trusted to work quickly and efficiently so I have found it best to work on my own to ensure only the best quality is offered.

    Remember, manners cost nothing. If you have good manners, and are nice to me in the process, I will look upon you favourably and will be more likely to prioritise your future requests, and ask for less (if anything) in return but only if I like you.

    1st warning is a mere warning and can be revoked through reliable trading.
    2nd warning is when I stop breeding requests for you although you may claim my stock. This can be reduced to a permanent 1st warning.
    3rd warning is a 1 month ban.
    4th warnings are 3 month bans.
    5th warnings are complete bans with no chance of relief.
    Depending on the nature/degree of the offence the warning received may vary even for first time offenders. First warnings are hidden, but 2nd warnings and bans are shown publicly.

    All DWFs and DWM/Gs which have been released are shown in the next posts, DO NOT ask for any DWF or DWM/G Pokémon which are not listed here as they do not exist legitimately. Some multi-gender Pokémon have been released as Male only, like the DW Starters available – these are classed as DWMs which cannot be bred for abilities, and others have not been released with their Hidden ability at all, like Larvesta. Other Pokémon can be found in the Dream World but do not even have a Hidden ability and will have their regular ability instead, like Cherubi, Gastly, Rotom, Duskull and Kecleon.

    I am looking to trade for DWMale exclusive Pokémon, DWGenderless Pokémon and shinies

    I am willing to breed up to 8 DWFs/8 IVs spread over however many Pokémon (3 max on one)/8 egg moves spread out on however many Pokémon for 1 DWM/DWG/Shiny Pokémon and anything which I have in stock I will trade away for free. If it is a clone, I advise you not to tell me as these aren't as valuable and I will do a max of 2 DWFs/IVs/Egg moves for it.

    I am after any and all all DWM/Gs, especially the following:

    ;004; Charmander Solar Power
    ;007; Squirtle Rain Dish
    ;081; Magnemite Analytic
    ;150; Mewtwo Unnerve
    ;236; Tyrogue Vital Spirit
    ;249; Lugia Multiscale
    ;250; Ho-oh Regenerator
    ;252; Treeko Unburden
    ;258; Mudkip Damp
    ;387; Turtwig Shell Armor
    ;390; Chimchar Iron Fist
    ;393; Piplup Defiant
    ;483; Dialga Telepathy
    ;484; Palkia Telepathy
    ;487; Girantina Telepathy
    :511: Pansage Overgrow
    :513: Pansear Blaze
    :515: Panpour Torrent
    :645: Landorus Sheer Force

    Other DWM/Gs will be accepted but these are my preferred DW trades. I will accept most legit (non-hacked, preferably non-cloned AND non-RNGed) shinies and will offer more for them (if theyre UT) if they have a good ability and good nature.



    You can contact me by posting here or messaging me by PM/VM. I will accept/negotiate by your chosen method and all subsequent contact will be through PM/VM.

    I will be using my White 2 game, with the FC: 5201 0380 0795


    The lists in the next few posts contain every DW Pokémon available with their abilities, listed by their lowest standard evolution (without incense etc). If the Pokémon you seek isn’t listed here, then it doesn’t currently exist with its Hidden ability.

    Kanto DWFs – Gen I
    ;010; Caterpie Run Away/Regular Shed Skin (Metapod)/Tinted Lens (Butterfree)
    ;013; Weedle Run Away/Regular Shed Skin (Kakuna)/Sniper (Beedrill)
    ;016; Pidgey Big Pecks
    ;019; Rattata Hustle
    ;021; Spearow Sniper
    ;023; Ekans Unnerve
    ;027; Sandshrew Sand Rush
    ;029; Nidoran Hustle/Sheer Force (Nidoqueen/king)
    ;037; Vulpix Drought
    ;041; Zubat Infiltrator
    ;043; Oddish Run Away/Stench (Gloom)/Effect Spore (Vileplume)/Healer (Bellossom)
    ;046; Paras Damp
    ;048; Venonat Run Away/Wonder Skin (Venomoth)
    ;050; Diglett Sand Force
    ;052; Meowth Unnerve
    ;054; Psyduck Swift Swim
    ;056; Mankey Defiant
    ;058; Growlithe Justified
    ;060; Poliwag Swift Swim/Drizzle (Politoed)
    ;063; Abra Magic Guard
    ;066; Machop Steadfast
    ;069; Bellsprout Gluttony
    ;072; Tentacool Rain Dish
    ;074; Geodude Sand Veil
    ;077; Ponyta Flame Body
    ;079; Slowpoke Regenerator
    ;083; Farfetch'd Defiant
    ;084; Doduo Tangled Feet
    ;086; Seel Ice Body
    ;088; Grimer Poison Touch
    ;090; Shellder Overcoat
    ;095; Onix Weak Armour/Sheer Force (Steelix)
    ;096; Drowzee Inner Focus
    ;098; Krabby Sheer Force
    ;102; Exeggcute Harvest
    ;104; Cubone Battle Armour
    ;108; Lickitung Cloud Nine
    ;111; Rhyhorn Reckless
    ;113; Chansey Friend Guard (Happiny)/Healer (Chansey & Blissey)
    ;114; Tangela Regenerator
    ;115; Kangaskhan Inner Focus
    ;116; Horsea Damp
    ;118; Goldeen Lightningrod
    ;122; Mr. Mime Technician
    ;123; Scyther Steadfast/Light Metal (Scizor)
    ;127; Pinsir Moxie
    ;129; Magikarp Rattled/Moxie (Gyarados)
    ;131; Lapras Hydration
    ;133; Eevee Anticipation/Hydration (Vaporeon)/Quickfeet (Jolteon)/Guts (Flareon)/Magic Bounce (Espeon)/Inner Focus (Umbreon)/Chlorophyll (Leafeon)/Ice Body (Glaceon)
    ;138; Omanyte Weak Armour
    ;140; Kabuto Weak Armour
    ;142; Aerodactyl Unnerve
    ;143; Snorlax Gluttony
    ;147; Dratini Marvel Scale/Multiscale (Dragonite)
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2013
  2. broomstig

    broomstig Water/Dragon Leader

    Johto DWFs – Gen II
    161 Sentret Frisk
    ;163; Hoothoot Tinted Lens
    ;165; Ledyba Rattled
    ;167; Spinarak Sniper
    ;170; Chinchou Water Absorb
    ;172; Pichu Lightningrod
    ;173; Cleffa Friend Guard
    ;174; Igglybuff Friend Guard
    ;175; Togepi Superluck
    ;177; Natu Magic Bounce
    ;179; Mareep Plus
    ;183; Maril Sap Sipper
    ;185; Sudowoodo Rattled
    ;187; Hoppip Infiltrator
    ;190; Aipom Skill Link
    ;191; Sunkern Early Bird
    ;193; Yanma Frisk
    ;194; Wooper Unaware
    ;198; Murkrow Prankster/Moxie (Honchkrow)
    ;202; Wobbuffet Telepathy
    ;203; Girafarig Sap Sipper
    ;204; Pineco Overcoat
    ;206; Dunsparce Rattled
    ;207; Gligar Immunity/Poison Heal (Gliscor)
    ;209; Snubbull Rattled
    ;211; Qwilfish Intimidate
    ;213; Shuckle Contrary
    ;214; Heracross Moxie
    ;215; Sneasel Pickpocket
    ;216; Teddirusa Honey Gatherer
    ;218; Slugma Weak Armour
    ;220; Swinub Thick Fat
    ;222; Corsola Regenerator
    ;223; Remoraid Moody
    ;225; Delibird Insomnia
    ;226; Mantine Water Veil
    ;227; Skarmory Weak Armour
    ;228; Houndour Unnerve
    ;231; Phanpy Sand Veil
    ;234; Stantler Sap Sipper
    ;235; Smeargle Moody
    ;238; Smoochum Hydration/Dry Skin (Jynx)
    ;239; Elekid Vital Spirit
    ;240; Magby Vital Spirit
    ;241; Miltank Sap Sipper
    ;246; Larvitar Sand Veil/Regular Shed Skin (Pupitar)/Unnerve (Tyranitar)

    Hoenn DWFs – Gen III
    ;261; Poochyena Rattled/Moxie (Mightyena)
    ;263; Zigzagoon Quick Feet
    ;265; Wurmple Run Away/Regular Shed Skin (Silcoon & Cascoon)/Rivalry (Beautifly)/Compoundeyes (Dustox)
    ;270; Lotad Own Tempo
    ;273; Seedot Pickpocket
    ;276; Taillow Scrappy
    ;278; Wingull Rain Dish
    ;280; Ralts Telepathy/Justified (Gallade)
    ;283; Surskit Rain Dish/Unnerve (Masquerain)
    ;285; Shroomish Quick Feet/Technician (Breloom)
    ;290; Nincada Run Away/Infiltrator (Ninjask)/Regular Wonderguard (Shedinja)
    ;293; Whismur Rattled/Scrappy (Loudred & Exploud)
    ;296; Makuhita Sheer Force
    ;299; Nosepass Sand Force
    ;300; Skitty Wonder Skin
    ;302; Sableye Prankster
    ;303; Mawile Sheer Force
    ;304; Aron Heavy Metal
    ;307; Meditite Telepathy
    ;309; Electrike Minus
    ;314; Illumise Prankster
    ;315; Roselia Leaf Guard (Budew & Roselia)/Technician (Roserade)
    ;316; Gulpin Gluttony
    ;318; Carvanha Speed Boost
    ;320; Wailmer Pressure
    ;322; Numel Own Tempo/Anger Point (Camerupt)
    ;324; Torkoal Shell Armour
    ;325; Spoink Gluttony
    ;327; Spinda Contrary
    ;328; Trapinch Sheer Force/Regular Levitate (Vibrava & Flygon)
    ;331; Cacnea Water Absorb
    ;333; Swablu Cloud Nine
    ;335; Zangoose Toxic Boost
    ;336; Seviper Infiltrator
    ;339; Barboach Hydration
    ;341; Corphish Adaptability
    ;345; Lileep Storm Drain
    ;347; Anorith Swift Swim
    ;349; Feebas Adaptability/Cute Charm (Milotic)
    ;353; Shuppet Cursed Body
    ;357; Tropius Harvest
    ;359; Absol Justified
    ;361; Snorunt Moody (Snorunt & Glalie)/Cursed Body (Froslass)
    ;363; Spheal Oblivious
    ;366; Clamperl Rattled/Water Veil (Huntail)/Hydration (Gorebyss)
    ;369; Relicanth Sturdy
    ;370; Luvdisc Hydration
    ;371; Bagon Sheer Force/Overcoat (Shelgon)/Moxie (Salamence)
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2013
  3. broomstig

    broomstig Water/Dragon Leader

    Sinoh DWFs – Gen IV
    397 Staravia Reckless
    ;399; Bidoof Moody
    ;401; Kricketot Run Away/Technician (Kricketune)
    ;403; Shinx Guts
    ;408; Cranidos Sheer Force
    ;410; Shieldon Soundproof
    ;412; Burmy Overcoat (Burmy & Wormadams)/Tinted Lens (Mothim)
    ;415; Combee Hustle /Unnerve (Vespiquen
    ;417; Pachirisu Volt Absorb
    ;418; Buizel Water Veil
    ;422-e; East Shellos (Blue) Sand Force
    ;422; West Shellos (Pink) Sand Force
    ;425; Drifloon Flareboost
    ;427; Buneary Limber
    ;431; Glameow Keen Eye/Defiant (Purugly)
    ;434; Stunky Keen Eye
    ;441; Chatot Big Pecks
    ;442; Spiritomb Infiltrator
    ;443; Gible Rough Skin
    ;447; Riolu Prankster/Justified (Lucario)
    ;449; Hippopotas Sand Force
    ;451; Skuropi Keen Eye
    ;453; Croagunk Poison Touch
    ;456; Finneon Water Veil
    ;459; Snover Soundproof

    Unova DWFs – Gen V
    :504: Patrat Analytic
    :506: Lillipup Run Away/Scrappy (Herdier & Stoutland)
    :509: Purrloin Prankster
    :517: Munna Telepathy
    :519: Pidove Rivalry
    :522: Blitzle Sap Sipper
    :524: Roggenrola Sand Force
    :527: Woobat Simple
    :529: Drilbur Mold Breaker
    :531: Audino Klutz
    :532: Timburr Iron Fist
    :535: Tympole Water Absorb
    :540: Sewaddle Overcoat
    :543: Venipede Quick Feet
    :546: Cottonee Chlorophyll
    :548: Petilil Leaf Guard
    :550b: Blue Striped Basculin Mold Breaker
    :550: Red Striped Basculin Mold Breaker
    :551: Sandile Anger Point
    :554: Darumaka Inner Focus/Zen Mode (Darmanitan)
    :556: Maractus Storm Drain
    :557: Dwebble Weak Armour
    :559: Scraggy Intimidate
    :561: Sigilyph Tinted Lens
    :564: Tirtouga Swift Swim
    :568: Trubbish Aftermath
    :572: Mincinno Skill Link
    :577: Solosis Regenerator
    :580: Ducklett Hydration
    :582: Vanillite Weak Armour
    :585: Deerling Serene Grace
    :587: Emolga Motor Drive
    :588: Karrablast No Guard/Overcoat (Eskavalier)
    :590: Foongus Regenerator
    :592: Frillish Damp
    :594: Alomomola Regenerator
    :595: Joltik Swarm
    :605: Elgyem Analytic
    :610: Axew Unnerve
    :613: Cubchoo Rattled/Swift Swim (Beartic)
    :616: Shelmet Overcoat/Unburden (Accelgor)
    :618: Stunfisk Sand Veil
    :619: Mienfoo Reckless
    :621: Druddigon Mold Breaker
    :624: Pawniard Pressure
    :626: Bouffalant Soundproof
    :629: Vullaby Weak Armour
    :631: Heatmor White Smoke
    :632: Durant Truant
  4. broomstig

    broomstig Water/Dragon Leader

    These Pokémon cannot be bred with their hidden ability so are not for offer; this list is just here for your information.

    ;001; Bulbasaur Chlorophyll
    ;004; Charmander Solar Power
    ;007; Squirtle Rain Dish
    ;081; Magnemite Analytic
    ;100; Voltorb Aftermath
    ;120; Staryu Analytic
    ;128; Tauros Sheer Force
    ;132; Ditto Imposter
    ;137; Porygon Analytic
    ;150; Mewtwo Unnerve
    ;236; Tyrogue Vital Spirit
    ;249; Lugia Multiscale
    ;250; Ho-oh Regenerator
    ;252; Treeko Unburden
    ;255; Torchic Speed Boost
    ;258; Mudkip Damp
    ;374; Beldum Light Metal
    ;387; Turtwig Shell Armor
    ;390; Chimchar Iron Fist
    ;393; Piplup Defiant
    ;436; Bronzor Heavy Metal
    ;483; Dialga Telepathy
    ;484; Palkia Telepathy
    ;487; Girantina Telepathy
    :511: Pansage Overgrow
    :513: Pansear Blaze
    :515: Panpour Torrent
    :538: Throh Mold Breaker
    :539: Sawk Mold Breaker
    :575: Gothorita Shadow Tag
    :600: Klang Clear Body
    :622: Golett No Guard
    :628: Braviary Defiant
    :641: Tornadus Defiant
    :642: Thundurus Defiant
    :645: Landorus Sheer Force
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2013
  5. broomstig

    broomstig Water/Dragon Leader

    These DWF Pokémon are available on a first come first serve basis for free, there may be more than one of each. The list will be kept updated when more are bred and others are claimed.


    Deadline - 31/10/2013

    - DWF Audino

    - DWF Kangaskhan
    - DWF Shellos (East/Blue)
    - DWF Shellos (West/Pink)

    These are my current orders, which I am currently breeding in the order received.

    Liam2324 - 31/10/2013
    - Jolly Larvitar, Stealth Rock (+ Fire Punch Tyranitar)
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2013
  6. Br4veh34rt

    Br4veh34rt Member

    swwet can i have a venanot kangaskong and bagon pl
  7. broomstig

    broomstig Water/Dragon Leader

    Yep, you sure can :) theyve been set aside for you whenever your ready to trade
  8. Minedreigon

    Minedreigon Prisoner to Formulae

    Heya! I would like a dwf poliwag from stock please! (This is because I need a drizzle politoed.
  9. skullbros

    skullbros shadow of darkness

    i have a shiny rayqueza barely touched from r/s/e i think for dwf Sunkern Surskit Numel Spinda Tropius Luvdisc Lillipup Pidove does that sound fair?
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2013
  10. SilverChiko

    SilverChiko Protect The Smiles!

    Could I please have a DWF Eevee?
  11. broomstig

    broomstig Water/Dragon Leader

    Yes you can :) Will set one aside for you and trade later on

    Ill be happy to breed you those but not until tomorrow when I start breeding again :) so if your happy to wait I can do that then

    I actually have Luvdisc in stock, so if you want then thats free and I can do another for you?

    Sure can, its been set aside for you :) Will probably have to wait a couple of days as Im not free when youre generally online until wednesday
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2013
  12. skullbros

    skullbros shadow of darkness

    ok i take Blitzle too plz
  13. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    hey there just curious i can breed any dwf i have normally for that you don't have...if not its no biggy if you decline ill just get it from someone else that i know, i just need it for breeding purposes for my rnging and i just wanted to help you out with your shop...all what i have is listed in the trade shop i work at which silent reaper's shop....

    Corsola Regenerator i wanted for anything you want from my dwf list i have...

    also just noticed your opening about legitimate breeding i breed as well not sure why you put rng in the category of being bad just asking...not starting nothing just saying that is completely legal no device touches your game once for ever but everyone has there own opinions...like i said not trying to start nothing just letting you know how it works...since i do rng...
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2013
  14. broomstig

    broomstig Water/Dragon Leader

    Ok blitzle has been put on the list :)

    Sorry but I already have all the DWFs there are to get so I'm afraid you will have to look elsewhere :/ thanks for the offer though

    I know RNG is perfectly legal and isnt hacking or anything like that, its just that some people prefer RNG not to be involved and I cater to those people. Nothing against people who do use it or anything like that I just like doing it all myself :)
  15. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    okay no problem yeah i just wanted to state though its legal thats all :) thanks for time and very polite response...if you need anything though just let me know...i can help you out...also yeah there isn't anything wrong with breeding without the rng mechanics mostly i use that for competitive purposes...

    i do have a bulbasaur actually not sure if it iv's tbh i think the ivs are normal in game ivs from entree link, dwm japanese ability is chlorophyll i can upload it to check to see if you want that i can help you out its in your want list i noticed...its nature i think is lonely i can get a clone for you if you want to it, i just like to keep it though for my collection purposes that i have a regular dwm bulbasaur...if you don't like clones its cool i understand fully...sorry i should of looked at your want list >.< just disregard this post if you don't like clones...
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2013
  16. broomstig

    broomstig Water/Dragon Leader

    No problem, I fully understand why RNG is appealing to people especially for competitive use, but I get satisfaction from breeding normally :)

    If its just the one DWF I will do it for a clone as corsola isnt much effort, but the same as skullbros I'm afraid you will have to wait until tomorrow when I can start breeding again if thats alright?
  17. XionLord

    XionLord New Member

    Hiya Broom. I actually have a question. I am attempting to do a mystery egg play through of Black 2. Issue is, getting a hold of 6-14 random eggs. I was wondering if you might have a egg or two that you would want to give up to help me out? I dont need to know whats in it, and thats the point. But if you have any interesting choices or favorites you would like to donate let me know.
    The main issue is most people either hatch the egg before hand, or only breed specific things. I have had no luck elsewhere, and since Serebii is the biggest forum, i am trying here.
  18. broomstig

    broomstig Water/Dragon Leader

    Sure can :) will be able to in about 3 hours time
  19. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    okay so you just want to do one dwf for the dwm is what your asking cuaz i noticed this in you wants...

    I am looking to trade for DWMale exclusive Pokémon, DWGenderless Pokémon and shinies - I am willing to breed up to 8 DWFs for 1 of these Pokémon and anything which I have in stock I will trade away for free.

    does that include DWmale exclusive pokemon cuaz that bulbasaur is exclusive just the iv's are normal not sure what you meant by that thats XD
  20. XionLord

    XionLord New Member

    Nice^^, I shall love you forever <3
    Now I shall start a new game then. I need to get to the point where wifi trading is available. I think thats just past gym one.

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