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Brothers or Sisters?


Shade of Blue
Only child right here ^^
...First one on this thread I think, right?

Duck Fella

Little Ninja
I have a younger brother who is 9, a younger sister who's 12 and an older brother who's 18 :A


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I have a older half brother who's 28 and a younger brother who is 18


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I have a younger sister who is... I think... 14. It's pretty bad that I don't keep track of her age, but the fact that she's about 6 years younger than me helps to give me an idea.



Well-Known Member
I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters.


Ash's fangirl
I have 1 older brother, 3 older sisters and 1 younger sister.

I also have 2 older bro/sis which didn't make it...

dark rift

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No brothers/sisters and 5 cousins total. I bet I have the smallest family on Sppf. I only had 3 cousins until 4 years ago though.

No. 1 Machop Fan

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I have an older brother, who has Autism and a severe intellectual disability. :(


Fighting Type Prof.
I'm an only child, but there was one a year before me who didn't make it. (Miscarrige)

I'm glad I'm an only child. I see my mom and dad fight with their siblings a lot, so that sort of burns me on siblings. Plus, I grew up in extreme poverty. Things would have been much worse if there was another me. (My mom has four sisters (three older, one younger) and one little half brother, and my dad has three brothers and two sisters. Most are older than him, except for one sister who is ten years younger than him. Both of them have a deceased brother each. My mother's brother Tommy and my dad's brother William. I don't know what Tommy died of, but he was born before my mom (which is why my grandpa loved my mom so much. She looks just like him, and they have a near match of a personality. She used to be called "Little Tommy"). William had Anecephaly, meaning that he was born without a brain (make a brainless joke and die), and he was born after my dad, but before my aunt Tina.)


Flabebe's Kids
One older brother who will be 21 in Dec, one younger brother who's 16, one half-sister who is 5, and one half-brother who is 3.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I have five younger brothers from ages 16 to 6. I've always wanted a sister, so I cried when I found out I was having another brother, and then cried again two years later. By the last one, I was all "meh".

But I love my brothers, even though they're annoying.


is your favorite
I have two brothers, a sister, and a miscarried sibling.

I'd have to say I'm the best of the bunch.

shadow wolf

The one and only!
Have one older sister who is twenty-one and a younger brother who is fifteen. The hilariously thing is that their birthday's are only two days apart. The wonderful middle child has to break this trend.


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One older brother, who goes to college.