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BT team- 2 choices and a cross-over


Someone has to win..
I thought I'd post my own battle-tower team...enjoy:

Scizor@choice band
☆Wing Attack
☆Night Slash
☆Iron Head/Bullet Punch

Huge Power
□Calm Mind
□Bulk Up
□Baton Pass

Azelf@Choice specs/scarf
△Shadow Ball

This set has to be one of my favourite to use at the battle tower. Band-Scizor leads it off, but also tends to end it. Anything that scizor can't get a super-effective hit on is STAB u-turned, which usually does around 60-65% neutral damage. Azelf is the scarfer/specs user in this set, covering most of the pkmn that resist scizor. Medicham is the interesting cross-over between the two...just set up a substitute, then baton-pass calm minds to azelf/bulk ups to scizor. Rate away!


seems so familiar...
Theres not really a reason to have a passer like Medicham in Battle Tower. Battles are not very long in Battle Tower, so it's a better idea to just run another sweeper in that spot. Lati@s and Garchomp are excellent Pokemon in Battle Tower.

As for your Scizor, those moves don't really do much for it. I reccomend using this set instead:

Scizor @ Choice Band
248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 Spe
Ability- Technician
Nature- Adamant
~Bullet Punch
~Quick Attack

Night Slash and Wing Attack are pretty bad on Scizor, Bullet Punch is mandatory on any Scizor, Quick Attack is a great priority move for Scizor to hit Pokemon who resist Steel, and Superpower is just a powerful attack to hit Steel-types. U-turn da bess

Witch of 'Cos

i love the pee pees
Ever heard of something called igrmt?

As that is where this belongs.