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Bubblegum Crisis


So 1991
This used to be a popular anime back in the day when I was but a wee one. But it seems to have been forgotten after the post-pokemon flood of anime fans. And that's a damn shame.

Has anyone else here seen any of the Bubblegum Crisis animes besides me?

If not go watch the original the first episode of the original OVA series( both the original series and 2040 are on Hulu*) because I just told you to.

*if you live in a country that gets Hulu that is


a) It's a pretty cool cyberpunk/action anime
b) It's the most 80s anime you will ever watch, and has a kickass soundtrack
c) Vampiric Lesbian Sex-Bots, done in a non-fanservicey way. (in a later episode not the 1st)

So yeah this is a thread to discuss Bubblegum Crisis and its related spinoffs.
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