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Bubbles Bubble tastic Bubbling Hidden Ability and IV Breedery NOW FEATURING BUBBLES!

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by BubbleSquadCommander, May 26, 2014.

  1. BubbleSquadCommander

    BubbleSquadCommander Poke-Breeder

    Hello and weling to Bubbles Squad Commanders Bubble tastic Bubbling Hidden ability and IV breedery That may or may not feature bubbles!

    Here you can request pokemon With their hidden abilitys from our lists of available pokemon Along side ordering pokemon bred out with their finished IV's Natures and abilitys!

    Feel free to pick pokemon From our below list!

    Below is our list of available Pokemon With hidden abilitys:

    I also have the following pokemon available

    Now its time to see what Im looking for~

    Now pending on what your looking at having me do I have serveral payment teirs

    Teir 1:

    Your just needing a hidden ability pokemon of pokemon Bread out for you no IV's no specific Nature Male or female is up to you,

    What I ask for in return is one of the following Pokemon or their Evolutions:

    Teir Two:
    You need one of my pokemon Bred out with a Specific IV set and a specific Nature this can be on any pokemon,

    Here I ask for any of these pokemon or their Evololutions:
    Teir Three:

    Lastly If your looking for a Specific Ability Gender along side its nature and IV's Or for a 6IV english Ditto Thats when I ask for you to pay in Events, Shinys Or one of the following (BTW I don't care if its been cloned)

    Feel Free to comment below on what your looking for or what you want I only ask for payment upon pokemons compleation.

    Hey all Im sorry about me being away After Exams I had some personal Issues to take care of but as of this current moment my trade shop Is once again open for business!
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2014
  2. BubbleSquadCommander

    BubbleSquadCommander Poke-Breeder

    This is as stated by my partner in breeding tunaNate please contact me for said services at the date that it becomes available

    Last edited: May 28, 2014
  3. BubbleSquadCommander

    BubbleSquadCommander Poke-Breeder

    Lists updated 18:26 EDT 8/17/2014
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2014
  4. BubbleSquadCommander

    BubbleSquadCommander Poke-Breeder

    reserved Space
  5. TubaNate

    TubaNate Dragon Trainer

    Everything other than whats on my 5Gen games


    Vivillon*(will clone, not breed):
    Icy Snow(one is very special, you'll find out in a later post)
    Polar(one is very special, you'll find out in a later post)
    Meadow(one is very special, you'll find out in a later post)
    Modern(one is very special, you'll find out in a later post)
    High Plains
    Savanna(one is very special, you'll find out in a later post)
    Ocean(one is very special, you'll find out in a later post)

    6IV Dittos:
    Shiny English Timid
    Shiny Japanese Jolly
    Japanese Adamant
    English Rash

    6IV Shinies:
    Hardy Manaphy
    Relaxed Skarmory
    Adamant Metegross
    Hardy Lucario
    Adamant Tyrunt
    Modest Amaura
    Impsih Chespin(HA)
    Modest Fennikin(HA)
    Bold Klefki
    Relaxed Latias
    Hasty Genesect
    Hardy Riolu
    Hardy Lucario(Clone of Riolu, EV Trained for my team)
    Jolly Salamence(HA)
    Mild Smoochum(LV100)
    Calm Metapod(LV100)
    Modest Goomy
    Timid Heliolisk(HA)
    Timid Eevee
    Sassy Cloyster
    Jolly Slakoth
    Calm White Flabebe
    Modest Ocean Patten Vivillon
    Rash Heatran
    Timid Mew
    Adamant Breloom(HA)
    Impish Lileep
    Modest Zorua
    Jolly Shedinja
    Hardy Gyarados

    4-5IV Shinies:
    Jolly Weavile(5)
    Modest Chandelure(5)
    Adamant Hawlucha(5)
    Modest Umbreon(5)
    Icy Snow Vivillon(5)
    Savanna Vivillon(5)
    Jolly Barbarcle(5)
    Adamant Scrappy Kangaskkhan(5)
    Adamant Pawniard(5)
    Timid Protean(5+HA)
    Calm Orange Flabebe(5)
    Jolly Ho-Oh(5)
    Adamant Bunnelby(5)
    Hasty Froslass(5+HA)

    Bold Vullaby(5)
    Brave Aegislash(4)
    Adamant Blaziken(4+HA) *can include Blazikenite for needed item being held on Pokemon sent to me*

    5-6IV Non-Shinies(I can attempt to breed others, except for legends.):
    6IV Naive Jirachi(Draco Meteor)
    6IV Adamant Jirachi
    6IV Jolly Tyrunt
    5IV Timid Darkrai
    5IV Impish Gligar(HA)
    5IV Modest Bulbasaur(HA)
    5IV Adamant Monferno(HA)
    5IV Modest Eevee
    5IV Brave Honedge
    5IV Modest Chandelure
    5IV Timid Mismagius
    5IV Timid Latias
    5IV Modest Reshiram(Event)
    5IV Timid Greninja(HA)
    5IV Adamant Flygon
    5IV Adamant Zekrom(Event)
    5IV Modest Togekiss
    5IV Jolly Gyrados(HA)
    5IV Jolly Excadrill
    5IV Adamant Mawile
    5IV Jolly Garchomp
    5IV Timid Alakazam(HA)
    5IV Sassy Bergmite
    5IV Adamant Corphish(HA)
    5IV Adamant Torchic(HA) *can include Blazikenite for needed item being held on Pokemon sent to me*
    5IV Quiet Litwick

    0-3 IV Shinies(will be modified after I check who I stockpiled on my 5Gen Games):
    German Quiet Deoxys
    English Rash Raikou(Zoroark Event)
    Timid Dialga(Sum2013)
    Japanese Adamant Mew
    English naive Mew
    Italian Lax Shaymin
    English Modest Heatran
    English Lax Cresselia
    English Calm Dialga
    English Lax Luvdisc
    English Timid Lopunny
    Japanese Jolly Steelix
    English Bold Tympole
    English Docile Gliscor
    German Adamant Tyranitar
    German Relaxed Glaceon
    Japanese Naughty Aggron
    Japanese Adamant Dragonite
    English Naive Eevee
    German Jolly Medicham
    English Adamant Snorlax
    English Mild Rotom
    English Naughty Arbok
    English Gentle Samurott
    English Quirky Metagross
    English Docile Carracosta
    English jolly Darmanitan
    English Hasty Feraligatr
    English Brave Rampardos
    English Lonely Rapidash
    English Hasty Chandelure
    English Timid Lucario
    Japanese Gentle Axew
    English Adamant Ninetails
    English Modest Clampearl
    English Docile Haxorus
    English Gentle Cloyster
    English Quirky Mawile
    English Bashful Teddiursa
    English Docile Druddigon
    English Docile Golem
    English Quirky Gyrados(KB)
    English Gentle Durant
    English Mild Politoed
    English Careful/Lax Spinda
    German Careful Goldeen
    English Timid Walrein
    English Relaxed Banette
    English Hardy Audino
    English Naughty Amoongus
    English Brave Smeargle
    English Impish Swellow
    English Docile Golurk
    English Lax/Naughty Chansey
    English Modest Helioptile
    Mild Gothorita(Personal Catch on X)
    English Charizard

    Events(if no info, then I cant tell, as its Japanese, or from 3Gen event):
    Shiny 6IV genesect,
    2 SMR2010 6IV Jirachi,
    3IV Movie 14 Pre-booking Darkrai(with Enigma Berry)
    5IV Darkrai
    Shiny German Deoxys,
    Shiny Eppie Mew,
    Shiny Faraway Island Mew,
    Shiny Shaymin,
    Plasma Deoxys,
    10 Aniv Celebi,
    Tru Regigigas,
    SMR2012 reg Jirachi,
    Hayley Mew,
    faraway Island Mew,
    Navels Rock Lugia and Ho-Oh,
    Wishmkr Jirachi,
    Nobunga Rayquaza,
    Tru Arceus,
    Reg Sinnoh Trio special Move Arceus,
    YOTD Collection,
    sMR2012 Pikachu,
    Smr2012 Keldeo,
    Sum2013 Dialga,
    Sum2013 Palkia,
    Sum2013 Giratina,
    victory Ticket Victini,
    Movie 14 Victini,
    Channel Jirachi,
    Oblivia Heatran,
    Plasma genesect,
    Tru Dragonite,
    Win2013 Keldeo,
    Movie Event Hydreigon,
    Gamestp Suicune,
    Kyushu Extremespeed Pikachu,
    SPR2013 Meloetta,
    Eppie Shiny Deoxys,
    Win2011 Celebi,
    2012May Darkrai,
    Tru Manaphy,
    My Personal Pokebank Celebi,
    another Pokebank Celebi, ,
    yet another POkebank Celebi,
    Smeargle with Happy Hour,
    deoxys from Emerald,
    Oblivia deoxys,
    Movie 11 Shaymin,
    PRIMAV2014 Magmortar,
    SPR2012 RTeshiram,
    Mystery Mew,
    Dream Ball Arceus
    GAMESTP Jirachi,
    Alamos Darkrai
    World 2012 Pikachu(with Lightning Rod, and somehow Fly)

    Every service except cloning is now Open. I plan on resetting both of my games, and that is why Cloning is not available. I will only make an exception if you want to do a trade, and want no more than 3 of the Pokemon you traded to me back. Im looking for any and all 5-6IV Shiny/Non-Shiny I do not have, as well as any event I do not have. Certain 4IV Pokemon will also be accepted. If offered a 5-6IV Shiny Calm Flabebe(-Atk if 5IV) in a color I do not have, Shiny Vivillon Patterns I do not have, or Events from this year(especially LEGIT Diancie once it is release), I will offer more. I mainly do 1-1, although my 6IV Ditto's, 6IV Shinies, certain Events, and all of my Shiny Vivillon Patterns will go for 2/3-1, unless offered 5-6IV Shiny Vivillon Patterns, VCG Mamoswine, or Legit Diancie(once officially released). All Events offered from this year please show a little proof: Proof will be not needed if I have done alot of successful trades with you.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2014
  6. Kitt Geekazaru

    Kitt Geekazaru Infernape Trainer

    I would like a 6IV Ditto, I don't care what language. I can offer a 6IV legit shiny heatran at Lv. 100. I may or may not have counter offers as I am also looking for something else, but I think I will get that myself.
  7. BubbleSquadCommander

    BubbleSquadCommander Poke-Breeder

    Sounds good just pm me your friend code when available
  8. ghsrkm

    ghsrkm New Member

    Hi, I would like the following HA pokemon (without any special nature):
    Slowpoke (Regenerator)
    Phantump (Harvest)

    I can offer you a Sableye (Prankster) or Snorunt (Moody) in return.
  9. BubbleSquadCommander

    BubbleSquadCommander Poke-Breeder

    Perfect give me about 30mins to and hour to have your order ready I'll add you in the mean time is this alright with you?
  10. Miss Alexis

    Miss Alexis Event Collector :)

  11. BubbleSquadCommander

    BubbleSquadCommander Poke-Breeder

    Jap is adamant english is rash
  12. TubaNate

    TubaNate Dragon Trainer

    Asmoday, I also have a couple different 6IV ditto that will be added to this shop once I get my list up.
  13. BubbleSquadCommander

    BubbleSquadCommander Poke-Breeder

    Bumping thread
  14. BubbleSquadCommander

    BubbleSquadCommander Poke-Breeder

    Just stopping on by to BUMP
  15. Kitt Geekazaru

    Kitt Geekazaru Infernape Trainer

    As I think my old deal is not happening, can you list the natures and langauges and all that of your 6IV dittos?
  16. BubbleSquadCommander

    BubbleSquadCommander Poke-Breeder

    There is already a post above stating languages and natures
  17. TubaNate

    TubaNate Dragon Trainer

    Ok, the list is taking longer then I expected. I've been EXTREMELY busy with work and school recently. I will be off of EVERYTHING all day on Friday, so I will go through my games and create different lists. Remember, cloning is not available until 6-15-15.
  18. coolfreez

    coolfreez The Chill Veteran

    Hi can you breed me a Modest Rotom with IV set 31/xx/30/31/31/31 (Hidden Power Ice)?

    I will breed these for you in return:
    HA Kangaskhan
    HA Chimchar
    HA Anorith
    HA Carbink

    Please PM me back :)
  19. TubaNate

    TubaNate Dragon Trainer

  20. ST48

    ST48 New Member

    HI, could I get a 6 IV ditto please in exchange for any legendary (including event). Also have shiny legendary dogs and shiny Mr Mime.

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