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Bubbles Bubble tastic Bubbling Hidden Ability and IV Breedery NOW FEATURING BUBBLES!


Dragon Trainer
Hows about I take a look before doing any cloning. I've been tricked before with legendaries


Pokemon Champion
sounds good so when can u trade oh and pm me. im ready when u are


Dragon Trainer
Ok, I need your FC again. My list got full, so I deleted everyone except for my other ds. Now, I will check the Mew's IV's before I clone it


Pokemon Champion
ok my fc is 4554-0404-1813 oh and i will be on my 3ds for a while so come online when u can


Dragon Trainer
OK Blade, Im getting online. Remember, I'll check Mew's IV's before cloning it.


Pokemon Champion
ok good i am too


Dragon Trainer
I have a very nice update coming shortly, so stay tuned, to TubaNate's, Shiny/Event, Tradelist. (Total Drama Island reference, haha).
Hey all Im sorry about me being away After Exams I had some personal Issues to take care of but as of this current moment my trade shop Is once again open for business!


Dragon Trainer
BUBBLE!!!!!!!! Welcome back. Perfect timing too, I've been looking for some HA's.I'll go through your list, you go through mine


I should be able to get on anytime on Sundays or anytime after 5:30pm eastern on Mon-Sat. So PM me with whatever time would work for you and I'll get on.

Looking for female Unburden Swirlix. IVs and Nature don't matter as I've got a Marill prepared already to fix that up.

FEMALE Iron Fist Chimchar (Lv1)
IVs: 31/31/31/x/x/31 Adamant (+Atk -SAtk)
Egg Moves: Focus Punch, Fake Out, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch

EDIT: Since I hatched a female, I decided to list the stats of the one I'm sending.
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Alright what are you looking to offer for the Swirlix?


I am
Offering my Lv1 female Iron Fist Chimchar with four egg moves and Adamant Nature and 4IVs
In exchange for one of your Unburden female Swirlix (any IV/Egg moves/nature is fine).

I know Chimchar is a higher tier than the Swirlix, but figured you wouldn't mind getting a bit extra. It gave me an excuse to try to Shiny Charm Masuda Method some Chimchar while I was bored last night, so it's all cool. (I didn't get a shiny that batch if you wondering).

If you already have a Chimchar but just didn't get your first post updated let me know, as I got a whole slew of Hidden Abilitiy Pokemon I can breed for. My trade shop is a bit out of date as I just got back from a few months long break myself
Sounds good Ill get that bred out for you in the morning, Pm me and we can setup a trade date THanks for using my shop!


Thanks for the Swirlix. It was the last piece I need to finish my mono Fairy team to use against my friend's undisclosed mono team. Looking through your list, I'd also be interested in a Female Shell Armor Turtwig, as it's the only currently released HA starter I'm missing (as I believe Gen 2 and 5 HA starters are still unreleased). I know female starters can be a pain, so I'm not going to ask for any egg moves or IVs.

Pokémon wanted: Turtwig with Shell Armor
Preferred Gender: Female
IVs/Egg moves/nature: Doesn't matter, I've got a 6IV Charmander ready to fix up IVs.

Pokémon offered: Piplup Female with Defiant
IVs offered: Aiming for at least 3 random IVs maxed (Shiny Charm Masuda Method with 5IV JP Eevee, just like with the Chimchar, so I have no problem doing a box or two this weekend).

I should have Piplup ready by tomorrow morning. So I'll check my PMs tomorrow morning if you'd like to setup a time to trade. If you are busy this weekend (or get like a whole box males, I have that happen sometimes), that's cool. I'm in no rush on Turtwig and can wait until next weekend if you need some extra time.

If you want something other than a Piplup, just let me know. The Kanto and Johto sections of my trade shop should be up to date for Hidden Abilities. I am planning to update the Hoenn and Sinnoh sections next week.


Berry Master
I'm offering a SPR2013 Event Meloetta(Hasty lvl 50 UT) for one of your 5iv/6iv Ditto


Hello! I'm interested in a Feebas with Adaptability and 5 Ivs.
I can offer stones, pp ups and or shiny vespiquen or a counter offer.
Hmmm Alright Just curiouse if you have any HA Hippopatas? If not I can do it for a shiny vesp I just need to know what IV's your looking for.
ZombieDeviant My partner in the tradeshop TubeNate takes care of most of our work for dittos m him if you've yet to get a reply quickly.This is because I'm unable to clone and cannot giveaway my Ditto.

Too-Weak Glad to hear you liked your Swirlix It came out fo a batch that all had its Ha which is common for me, As for the Female HA turt Id be glad to plus it would finish off my Ha's for Sinnoh getting that! Pm me and we can discuss more and donw worry I pump out 3-5 boxes worht of eggs a day so getting you a Femal is Not a worry Hoever Id sugest you hit up mt partner TubeNate a 6 Iv Ditto can make Breeding Excessivly Easier and can be used to matsuda method If I remember correctly But youll have to contact him for that, Ive sent you a Pm with some discussion so check for that in your inbox


Returning Veteran
Hello. I am interested in many pokemon in the shop.

Looking for
- ha bulbasaur with leaf storm- male
- ha gilgar- female
- ha starly with double edge- male
- ha pikachu- female
- ha slowpoke- female
- ha murkrow with brave bird/ mirror move- male
- ha magikarp- female
- ha carvanha- female
- ha bagon with dragon dance- male
- ha gible- female
- ha chespin- female
- ha fennikin with wish- male
- ha froakie with toxic spikes- male
- ha croagunk with cross chop- male
- ha noibat with outrage- male
- ha goomy with acid armor- male
- ha buneary- female

I know this a lot. Egg moves are preferred, but are truly optional. I can offer a lot as well. Some of my offers may be worth two or more, like shinnies.

- shiny scizor
- shiny basculin
- ha eevee with wish
- ha munna
- pichu with volt tackle
- tyrogue with rapid spin, bullet punch, Mach punch, and pursuit
- dratini with iron tail
- ha chimchar with thunder punch
- ferroseed with spikes and stealth rock
- ha zubat with brave bird
- Shieldon with fissure

I can also work something else out. Feel free to pick and choose from the lists. Hope we can do a lot of business together.
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Back from the Dead
Hello there! I'm interested in one of those HA Froakies. I can offer:

Shiny Starmie- I evolved it, but otherwise UT. Lv 25. No IV's, Brave nature. Just a trophy. Caught in a Net Ball for aesthetics.
Shiny Relicanth- French, UT, Lv 35, caught in an Ultra Ball, no IV's, Hardy, another Trophy.
Masterball. 'Nuff said.

As for details on Froakie, I would like it to be Timid, Male, in a Dive Ball, and with the spread 31/x/31/31/31/31.