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budew's evolution


I Crush Everything
Simple question. If I hold off my budew from evolving will it try to evolve again? It's just that in the pokedex it said it evolved by being happy in the daytime. Azurill is said to evolve after leveling up when it's happy. But budew's says nothing about leveling up, so I'm wondering if that means it will only try to evolve once.

Sorry for not waiting for the question to make it to the diamond and pearl section, but I had to get the answer before budew started to evolve.


aka Arbok
It evolves after level up.. And yep I guess it can evolve again after you stopped his evolution.


Every pokemon will always try to evolve every level as long asd you've met the requirements.


I Crush Everything
So does that mean budew will only try to evolve in the daytime?


Paciferous Porygon
Yes Budew will only evolve at daytime as long as prerequisites (happiness) are met. It needs to lvl up to do this so don't wait until budew is at lvl 100. lol.


yeah..every pokemon tries to evolve again and again...i had a wurmple and i prevented it from evolving into a silcoon...after a level up it evolved into cascoon...lucky day for me!!


Back here. >.<
It evolves in the daytime with maxed happiness and if you stopped it from evolving, if it levels up again it will evolve..


I Crush Everything
what I meant to say is if it tries to evolve the first time "from happiness" and I hold it off from evolving and then level it up at nighttime then it won't evolve?


Well-Known Member
You can level it up at nighttime. It really helps I guess, because you don´t need an everstone and can use EXP share, yet you don´t have to cancel the evolution again and again aftr every level up.


Buy only levelling a pokemon up at nighttime would be really annoying if it has to be at a high level anywhere soon. Then I'd say it would be a lot easier to just cancel the evolution over and over again, or keep it from having max happiness by letting it faint every now and then.