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[Bug] AREAS1LVESTRE code stuck in redeem fase for 5,5 hours

Discussion in 'Pokémon Sword & Shield Discussion' started by Otjenyn, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. Otjenyn

    Otjenyn ROADRUNNER


    Tried to redeem the AREAS1LVESTRE code for 10 premier balls. Now my game is stuck for 5,5 hours. Can't press any button besides switch home button and probably power button.

    It already passed the verification fase, ofc fist time using that code. It just needs to get to the present screen, which it doesnt. I have steady & fast internet, my switch is next to my modem atm. It still doesnt work.

    If I make my switch go into flightmode, or if I turn the internet off, will that code be forever lost for me? As in, the games said I redeemed it, but in fact I actually didnt? Just started playing btw, but not feeling a reset, as that will lose some stuff (few codes unable to redeemed again) and progress

    Dunno what to do, unable to play, unable to cancel, unless I turn internet/the switch off.
  2. Otjenyn

    Otjenyn ROADRUNNER

    So yeah, I turned off my internet, and the redeemfase got cancelled. However the mystery gift was not received. I did not get the 10 premier balls. And the code is now unable to be redeemed again. The wondercard for the code doesn't show up in my mysterygifts. It says the 'code has already been used once in this savefile'. But as I said, nothing shows for it, did not receive the 10 premier balls and have no wondercard.

    Great game, nice bug!

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