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Bug-Catching Contests


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The Bug-Catching Contests were a competition in the Johto games that as held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. In them you could capture a Bug type Pokemon that was judged and you'd win a prize for having a high score.

Did you participate in the Bug-Catching Contests in GSC? Have any fond memories of competing in them?


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Oh heck yea! Loved them. Came in first place before. Usually with a Scyther, Pinsir or Butterfree.


I thought that the Bug-Catching Contests were an amusing side event. I thought that winning them was rather pointless since Sun Stones could only be used to evolve two species of Pokemon in Gen II, but it was entertaining to compete in these competitions just for fun.


jaden767 said:
There should've been more rare prizes in these contests to make winning worth it.

I would've liked to have seen more evolutionary stones than just the Sun Stone offered as potential rewards for winning, or perhaps extra copies of trade evolution items since those were rare and usually one-per-game in Gen II.


jaden767 said:
Definitely I never got why only Kanto bugs were found in these contests in GSC. Most of them were common in other places anyways.

I think Game Freak wanted to spread out the Gen II Bug-types, which is why they made some of them version exclusive, time of day exclusive, and Headbutt tree exclusive. Having them be available at the Bug-Catching Contest would've been convenient, though.

Ditto B1tch

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No, I had no patience for these contests, but I like their existence. It's nice to have alternate options of entertainment besides Pokemon battles