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Bug-Type Legendary


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Of course...not only is this my first time posting art,it is also my first time starting a thread...

We need a Bug-type legendary.Really,we do.It would open up so many new ways to defeat Darkrai,Azelf,Mewtwo,Deoxys,and Cresselia.I'd imagine low defensive stats,but attack and speed on the high side.
This is Flyreign he's the counterpart to another ice-type legendary named Psyshoal,who I may post later.I hope you like him,and I won't get angry at all if you say you hate it.(Because I hated how he cam out at first.)
My scanner is awful...

its a cool design;

but there may be a little too much going on...

i love the name.

and i can't tell what the green thing is.

in the middle.
otherwise, it's very intersting.


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Its pretty good, but a Pokémon Design should be simple. Your Fakemon have too much things on it and looks full. Also, it looks more Bug/Dragon to me.




Onions? WHERE???
I like the design very much but I dont think that your legend is pokemonish.. its too complicated

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Wow, that's really good. It looks sort of like an anceint chinese dragon, but I would like to ask has it only got one arm or is it hiden by a wing?