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Building a modified Grass deck; help needed!

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by manaphee, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. manaphee

    manaphee 新たなる誓い

    So, I've been going to my local League for the past four weeks as of now, and I'm loving it. I'm getting more "serious" with building decks, and I've decided to build a modified deck, using mostly cards from B/W-on.
    I /am/ going to the Emerging Powers pre-release in two days, so If you'd like to suggest using cards from that set, I'd be fine with that.

    I know a few things I will use in my deck;
    x3 Snivy 2/114 B/W
    x1 Snivy 1/114 B/W
    x3 Servine 4/114 B/W (I have one so far; two more needed)
    x3 Serperior 5/114 B/W (Have two so far)
    x3 Deerling 13/114 B/W (One so far)
    x2 Sawsbuck 14/114 B/W (One so far)
    x2 Maractus 12/114 B/W (One so far)

    I'd like about one more evolution line. Feel free to suggest trainers, amounts of energies, different Pokemon, a second type, etc.
    Don't be too harsh, however. I'm just starting out (well, not really. I played in fourth grade, but not the correct way) with this, so I'd like suggestions, but just don't be rude. |D Thanks in advance !
  2. Charze

    Charze Always flyin'

    If you want to run a deck with only Black and White cards, you may want to wait until the new set comes out next week. Here is how I would set up a BW-on Grass deck.

    x1 Snivy 1/114 B/W
    x3 Snivy 2/114 B/W
    x1 Servine 3/114 B/W
    x2 Servine 4/114 B/W
    x1 Serperior 5/114 B/W
    x2 Serperior 6/114 B/W
    x3 Pansage 1/98 EP
    x2 Simisage 8/114 B/W
    x? Virizion EP
    2-2 Watchog EP
    x2 Audino 83/98 EP

    B/W Trainer wise, you'll want Pokemon Communications, Pokemon Catchers, Cheren, Bianca, Switch, Recycle, Great Ball, what ever you feel your deck needs. Energy wise, I'd say up to 18 max, and feel free to replace some with Double colorless.

    Audino and Pansage are good cards to start with. Serperior and Virizon are your main goals to get out. Simisage can deal up to 120. And Watchog is another good guy to have in case of Fire.

    This is just a suggestion, good luck!
  3. manaphee

    manaphee 新たなる誓い

    Thanks. C:
    I made a new deck, using cards only from Emerging Powers. I scrapped the whole Snivy line, and I have 2 Virizion from EP. I also included fighting type, as well as four Pokemon Catchers.
  4. Shiningmilotic

    Shiningmilotic Jewel of the Sea

    i missed to pre-release at my league :( did your league do anything special?
  5. manaphee

    manaphee 新たなる誓い

    Well, we had an afterdraft for an additional $15. It was really fun. o3o I'll probably be going to the next one...
  6. Charze

    Charze Always flyin'

    A quick correction, if you're using the Pan line, you may want to change types so that it will cover your weakness since its almost all colorless. Have fun bothering people with your catchers :p
  7. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    eww, where's the setup, support, search, the great assets that make grass decks so effin annoying. Cards to consider for this deck

    sunflora hgss (pkmn search engine)
    levanny 7/98 (evo setup)
    bellawesome UD (heal)
    vileplume UD (lock)

    Yes i used cards from HGSS to explain that grass decks cannot rely strictly on themselves if they are bw-on, for attacking yes, but for support your always going to need a hand for that, or your decks setup is going to be slowed down.

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