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Bulbasaur [Oneshot] Advanceshipping AaMayL

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by FadedRibbon, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. FadedRibbon

    FadedRibbon Member

    This is my first ever fanfic thingy so hopefully all goes well. :p Anyway, this is an Advanceshipping fic, in other words, AaMayL, so yeah. Enjoy! Oh and this is rated G. Still getting the hang of these ratings stuff. Meh >.< Ah, well. Oh I don't know if I ought to do disclaimers, but just in case, I don't own Pokémon, so yeah. :)


    It was early, too early for anyone to be up. The first light of a new day was not yet spreading its happy cheer over the sleepy little town known as Pallet Town. However, that didn't stop a certain trainer from being up and about, walking down an all-too familiar road. At first glance, he looked like your everyday Pokémon trainer; the most information one could obtain from a brief glance was his slightly sun-kissed skin, and his deep chocolate eyes, and his messy hair. However, upon a closer inspection, one could see that his eyes expressed his vivacity, as well as the determination and fighting spirit he had. They also revealed his other side, his deeper, softer side, full of compassion for those around him; friends, family, Pokémon, acquaintances, and strangers alike, and a passion for Pokémon. Plus, his rumpled raven black hair added to his appearance, giving him a cute (in a rakish kind of way) charm. Another thing that separated him from your average, everyday trainer was his smile: he had a smile that could light up the darkest situations, heal the most shattered heart, and make even the most painful situation seem light. Perhaps... perhaps this was why he was greatly admired by his friends and those he just met, and maybe it was what made her love him. If only he knew...​
    The boy shivered as he pulled his blue hoodie tighter over his black tee. It was definitely too chilly for anyone to be up at this hour. But that didn't stop him. He had been in tougher, colder situations than this with less than what he currently had. The wind glided through the air searching for a partner to dance with, finally finding one in a small pile of fallen leaves. Together, the wind and leaves twirled around the young trainer's jean clad legs gently, accidentally brushing the toe of his sneakers that, once upon a time, were as fresh as newly fallen snow, but were now old, with a grayish tinge creeping in around the edges of the shoe, from the many run-ins, adventures, and scuffles they'd met during the Hoenn adventure. The trainer paid no mind, however; his fingerless-gloved hand reached up for his cap, allowing the wind to brush through his hair, leaving it slightly disheveled. Clinging sleepily to the trainer's right shoulder was a yellow rodent-like Pokémon, the trainer's best friend, also known as Pikachu.​
    Pikachu didn't question the trainer's motives because: first of all, it was too tired, secondly, it trusted its trainer (they had been best friends from the very start, after all), thirdly, it knew nothing would stop him, and finally, it knew better than to interfere, especially since the boy seemed so... out of it lately. Finally the boy reached his destination, a lab, sitting at the top of a hill. Professor Oak, the owner of the lab, and renowned professor of the Kanto region was, not surprisingly, awake. After all, mysteries and new discoveries never sleep.​
    "Ah, Ash! What're you doing up so early? Shouldn't you be getting some rest so you'll have enough energy when you leave for Sinnoh later?" The surprised professor questioned. At first, the young trainer offered no explanation for his early morning appearance. He seemed distracted and deep in thought. However, a moment later, he seemed to come out of his... haze as he glanced briefly at the professor, his face a mask of confusion, as he seemingly registered the professor's words. But, then he blinked, and was back to reality, and gave the professor a quick smile, before answering.​
    "I... I couldn't sleep, Professor Oak. I keep thinking about M-" Ash cut himself off suddenly, his cheeks taking on a tinge of pink, under the professor's curious gaze. "M-My journey," Ash finished lamely, "I guess I'm so excited that I just couldn't sleep." Ash gave a little half-smile as he went into deep thoughts again. After contemplating his thoughts for a quick second, Ash quickly continued, "I also wanted to see some..." Ash paused, as if searching for the right word, finally coming up with it, though he still seemed unsure as he continued, "friends... before I left. If that's all right with you of course, Professor," Ash quickly added as if it were an afterthought. He held his breath, letting it out when the Professor agreed.​
    Ash smiled gratefully, then quickly slipped into the lab. He had to pause every so often, for he was stopped quite a number of times by his old Pokémon. Not wanting to hurt their feelings, for that was the kind of person Ash was, thoughtful and caring, he stopped to greet each one. Luckily for him though, since it was early morning, most of his Pokémon were still asleep.​
    Finally Ash reached the lab's outdoor pen, his eyes skimming over the green grassy surface for a certain green Pokémon, or rather, two green Pokémon that resembled rather stout, little dinosaurs with a closed, green bulb on their backs. For, where one went, the other was sure to follow suit. One never came alone, but as a pair, an inseparable pair. At first, Ash didn't spot them, then suddenly -​
    "Pika, pi!" Pikachu, who'd by this point, guessed Ash's motive for his early trip to the lab (they were best friends after all) pointed out into the distance. Ash squinted, the shapes along the horizon hard to make out at first, but soon he could see them clearly. It was indeed who Ash was looking for. Ash graciously thanked his Pikachu as he slowly headed over to the shapes. Pikachu, deciding that maybe Ash needed some time alone, bounded off to catch up with some fellow comrades. Ash, meanwhile, headed towards the horizon, nearing the Pokémon, when -​
    Ash ignored it at first, but the call got more consistent, persisting Ash until the young trainer finally whipped around to see the Professor waving Ash over. Ash frowned, hesitantly starting towards the Professor, who was now waving quite madly. The young trainer took a last glance at the horizon, but much to his dismay, the Pokémon had disappeared. He frowned, but kept silent as he ambled uncertainly towards the direction of the Professor.​
    "I realize how hungry you must be, how about some breakfast?" Ash looked up at the Professor in surprise. This was what the Professor had called him over for? On any normal occasion, he would've gladly accepted, except this was not just any normal visit to the lab, he was here for a reason. For her...​
    Ash politely declined the Professor's kind offer, but the Professor persisted.​
    "Come now, Ash, it's not a healthy way to live! I know I'm not as great a cook as your mother or Brock, but I can make a decent meal! How about some tea, at least?" Ash, sighed, then agreed, admitting defeat, as he followed the Professor back to the lab, taking one final glance behind him.​
    Ash sat drinking tea out of dainty chinaware with Pikachu (who he had picked up along the way) and the Professor, when suddenly a teen ambled down the stairs, sleepily. He wore a loose, green tee with red shorts, and a light red headband which rested upon his head, keeping his floppy dark hair at bay.​
    "Mornin' Prof. Mornin' Ash" Tracy mumbled, stifling a yawn, as he headed to the refrigerator.​
    "Ah! Tracy! I have to talk to you!" The Professor excitedly waved his arms as he chattered unceasingly, to which Tracy gave sleepy, incoherent responses every now and then. Ash quickly seized the opportunity to make his escape, leaving the lab unnoticed, along with Pikachu.​
    Ash headed back to the pasture, his dark eyes scanning over the field. However, his search came up empty, and frustrated, Ash kicked at the grass. The wind ruffled the grass, and brushed through his hair. Ash's foot came up, ready to strike the grass again, when -​
    "Bulba!" Ash looked down in surprise, a grin breaking out upon his face. It was the very Pokémon he was looking for. The little green Pokémon looked up at Ash, its large red eyes peering curiously at Ash, then down at the grass, confusion and wonderment spelled out on its face as if to wonder if there was something wrong with the grass.​
    "Hey, Bulbasaur," Ash chuckled, bending down to pat his Pokémon. He then looked around. "Hey, where's your little friend?" Ash asked. His Bulbasaur turned a little to its left, extending its vine to point.​
    Ash stood, dusting his pants as he looked to the direction Bulbasaur has gestured to -​
    He froze. There was another, slightly smaller Bulbasaur heading over. It had two hearts on its forehead. He recognized it immediately, but stood there staring at it. It was May's Bulbasaur. Pikachu, sensing that Ash wanted to talk to May's Bulbasaur alone, ushered Ash's Bulbasaur off with talks of old times.​
    Ash stood there a moment longer before motioning with his head for May's Bulbasaur to follow him, then turned and headed toward the fence of the pasture. Curious, May's Bulbasaur followed him. Ash sat, on the other side of the fence, his back against it, Bulbasaur next to him. For a moment neither of them so much as made a sound, just sitting there staring out at the horizon.​
    "You miss her, don't you?" Ash spoke, suddenly. His companion looked at him in surprise, quickly averting its gaze back to the horizon, but gave a quick, short, simple, "Bulba!" in response.​
    "Me too," Ash sighed, closing his eyes. In his mind, he envisioned his best friend. His mind conjured up the image of her thin, curvy body. Her lovely endless pools of deep sapphires. Her sweet smile, and her light brown that framed her face. Her trademark bandanna and fanny pack. Her sweet melodic voice. He sighed, opening his eyes. His mind often came across memories of her since she'd gone. Every time he thought about her departure to be in Johto with... with Drew of all people, every time he thought of that, it broke his heart just a little more. His eyes teared up a little.​
    "The thing is... the thing is Bulbasaur, I think, I think... I think that... that... I lo-" Ash's voice cracked as his vision blurred. He could sense Bulbasaur looking at him, but he quickly turned his head a different direction.​
    "I think that I love her." Ash's voice was barely above a whisper, yet its words so powerful and the stillness following it so silent it was almost as if he'd shouted the words. "I love her!" Ash's voice wobbled and the tears flowed freely now. "Bulba" Bulbasaur looked up at Ash, extending a vine to wipe away his tears. "Bulba, Bulbasaur" it soothed Ash, comfortingly.​
    "Thanks, Bulbasaur" Ash said. He smiled, standing up suddenly, calling out to the winds, "Someday, May! Someday, we'll meet up again and I'll tell you how I feel. I will! I promise!" He smiled, then looking down at the Pokémon, he said, "C'mon let's do something together, in honor of May."​
    "Buba!" Bulbasaur agreed. As they walked away Ash looked back. One day, May. I'll tell you how I feel.

    There it is! Now that wasn't so bad was it?? Or maybe it was... You tell me! :) ;172; :172bros: ;267; ;012; ;196; ;351-i; < Ok, maybe I'm going just a little crazy with these. Oops. Hehe ^_^;;
    Last edited: May 30, 2008
  2. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Well good attempt for a first fic. However I suggest you space things out more to make the story appear more cleaner and easier to read.
    How about this
    There were some missing puntuaction here and there, other than that I liked the ending.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2008
  3. FadedRibbon

    FadedRibbon Member

    Thank you, C.Gholy for your help and editing. :)
  4. swampert55

    swampert55 Well-Known Member

    Pretty good fic you have here! I haven't seen a new AS fic for a while now. Mistakes:

    I'm pretty sure it's vivacity.

    Extra comma.
  5. FadedRibbon

    FadedRibbon Member

    Whoops! You're totally right! Thanks swampert55! Hehe, maybe I ought to proofread more carefully. ^_^;;
  6. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    Please add a rating to the first post. o.o
  7. FadedRibbon

    FadedRibbon Member

    oh, whoops. sorry. ^_^;; I forgot. It's all taken care of, now.
  8. Gazmof

    Gazmof Zephyr Trainer

    Wow, this is your first fic? O_O; This is really impressive stuff, FadedRibbon: not too short, not too long, and a really great portrayal of both characters and Ash's emotions. I'm actually surprised all your prior reviews have simply focused on your grammar, because the story itself is excellent.

    I love how you touched on Vineshipping, a ship which helps to solidify Advanceshipping in many people's minds, and how you portrayed Ash's emotions so earnestly. Your description was sublime - really powerful stuff and I felt like there was no detail too small to spare. You also ended the fic on a great note, and it gives me hope that perhaps May will eventually return to her senses :D

    Great job, and I'd like to think you'll be writing more Advanceshipping in the future. Thanks for the read!
  9. FadedRibbon

    FadedRibbon Member

    Ohmygosh! It's you! It's really you, Gazmof!! I've read your fic, Good Love Charm, and it's one of my favorite advanceshipping fics! It's like totally meeting a movie star!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!! You have no idea what this means to me! Okay maybe you do but, ohmygosh!! I should stop now before I make a bigger fool of myself. ^^; I just want to thank you again for your kindness! ^^
    ;351-i; < You get a castform just because you're just so awesome!! :)
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2008

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