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Bulbasaur & The Hidden Village (010)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
Staff member
Bulbasaur & The Hidden Village!

Whilst travelling to Vermillion City, Ash & Co battle an Oddish. A Bulbasaur appears and defends the Oddish. Ash decides to catch it however he soon finds out it defends a village of sick Pokémon. Will Ash catch Bulbasaur?

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Omega II

I like this episode. Being the episode that he catches one of my favorite Pokémon, Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur is brave... mwa. Shame he didn't evolve in that Bulbasaur Episode.


Yeah I love this episode, it was nice of Bulbasaur to have a battle with Ash so he can go along with Ash on his journey around the world :)

I love protective Bulbasaur too, which is why he's so good at Oak's place.

Pity they didn't capture an Oddish, that would have been interesting to say the least.


I liked this episode as well, I remember how Ash originally wanted to catch Oddish and when he was trapped with Misty in a net he went on rambling about how Brock got lost and became a pirate. XD

And Bulbasaur didn't like Ash at first...but later had a battle with him and got caught. Brock wanted to stay with that girl forever. XD

Ororo Munroe

I liked this episode. Oddish is cute and I wanted Misty to catch it.

Amadeus Windfall

Gespenst KIIIICK!
I have INSANELY fond memories of this episode- it was the first I saw, and it changed my life- because of Pokemon, I got a Game Boy, eventually became interested in other japanese anime... well, you get the idea. I love it!


Battle Factory Champion
Misty was never going to catch an Oddish, she's a water pokémon trainer, although it doesn't do any harm to break tradition I guess.

I just loved Ash's face after he realised the Pokémon protecting Oddish was a Bulbasaur.

Having a battle at the towards the end of the episode to determine if Ash could keep it or not kinda summed up Bulbasaur's stubiness. Must of been a strong electric attack from Pikachu, don't forgot electric attacks are weaker against grass (only half as effective in the games).


misty was going to cath the oddish but bulbasaur was protecting it ash was gunna catch it but then misty pushed him aside and sed they found it by the water and water pokemon areher speacialty

Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
I loved this episode a lot. Ash catches my 2nd favorite Pokemon (#1 being Venusaur, & #3 Ivysaur).

Ash and Misty in the net was funny. "...then came the storm"

It was also kind of intersting when Brock fell in the river like he was done for.

What is up with rickety rope and wood bridges everywhere? It gets pretty annoying when you find them all over the show, and you just think in your head "don't fall, don't fall", and then they fall.

Nice flying stadium.

I like Bulbasaur's guardian role, and how it challenged Ash.

10/10, cause of Bulbasaur
Blech, first of the Three-Consecutive-Catches. Brock being swept away was something new, and this would've been a prime opportunity for him to leave for a good reason. It would've been sweet to see him stay with the girl to which he owes his life, rather than with a completely self-sustaining professor. Meh. The traps were really good, too, especially when TR fell for them XD.

Overall rating:
8.1 out of 10!!
Not the best catching episode, especially since Bulbasaur was fried with an electric attack(WRONG, not right, 4-Kids). But, it was good to watch, and a replay won't come unwelcome.

SC~ out


this was a first,Misty tried to catch an Oddish which is a grass/poison type than a water type.

Kenta master

Marsh Trainer

This episode it's awsome, first ;001; it's a brave PKMN that protect an health center for PKMN, then it fights Ash's ;025; in a spectacular battle... I didn't like ;001;, but the day I saw this episode it became one of my favorites, eheh - ''Bulbasaur, use VineWhip!!''


Team Awesome
You know, if it wasn't for Melanie, I'd really like this episode. That breathy preschool story reader voice of hers quickly gets on my nerves. At least Misty keeps things entertaining by teasing Brock about having a crush on her. :D It's so interesting that the future ear-puller is actually egging Brock on.

Bulbasaur really makes this episode. It's interesting how tough and protective he is. I'm glad he became part of Ash's team, and it was great that he made another appearance not too long ago in the U.S. I hope we'll be seeing more of him past the final season eight episodes.

Oh, and the part where Ash is imagining Brock getting kidnapped by pirates- ROFLMAO. :D That's definitely one of the funniest scenes ever.


Custom User Title
Funny continuity error I noticed in this one. After the Rocket-dan say their motto and it goes to a close-up of Kojirou, he has no glove on, despite the fact that he's clearly wearing his gloves in the rest of the scene.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
Here's another animation goof for ya - as Fushigidane battles Musashi-tachi, Satoshi goes to reach for it, and in the close-up shot of Fushigidane struggling, the parts of his bulb that would be overlapped by Satoshi's fingers are already missing before Satoshi puts his hands on it. I'm guessing they laid the wrong cel down, and they either missed it or had no time for a retake.


mE Entertainment
Amadeus Windfall said:
I have INSANELY fond memories of this episode- it was the first I saw, and it changed my life- because of Pokemon, I got a Game Boy, eventually became interested in other japanese anime... well, you get the idea. I love it!
it was the first one i saw too!
( i bought the cassetes)


Another great memorable episode. Man I really should go back and watch some of the old, older shows. Sometimes it's good to go back and see how it all got started! man that sounds so cliche!

Volt Tackle

That girl's voice was terrible. It was so sickening.

However, that episode was great. Especially the battle.