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Bulbasaur & The Hidden Village (010)



This episode was the one that I first saw also. Ever since then, I've been a big fan of Bulbasaur.

This episode is beyond awesome. Completely flawless, in my humble opinon.

Atomic Boo

Oddium Wanderus ftw
This is my favorite episode that i've ever seen, namely because of the way Oddish ''waves'' goodbye at the end!

Mini Apocalypse

Soul Trainer
I like this one. I think its cute bulbasaur made ash battle him at the end. I thought that was a nice touch.


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Bulbasaur was kool in this epi. I thought it was sweet with the Misty/Oddish Relationship they had.


Since when have houses been called villages? Anyway, this wasn't too bad episode. This one has a scene in the intro (Which is totally flippin' sweet & awesome), so i think it's worth noting. The same house was in Yellow too (Even though it wasn't so "secret" anymore, hence it being in middle of a city)


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This episode was good, Ash has one active imagination LOL I loved how imagined Brock getting captured by pirates LOL I laughed so hard at that so hard. I also loved how Team Rocket fell for there own traps, its a good episode.


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I have the episode on VHS and watched it the other day!

Ha. It was funny when Ash started going on about how Brock was swept out into the sea.

I also liked it when Team Rocket fell for the traps too.

Has Meowth gotten a different voice actor since then? He sounds very different compaired to current episodes.


Turnabout Pokemon
To answer Turtloopa's question, I believe that they referred to it as a village in the sense that several Pokemon inhabited that particular house/area. At least, that's my take on it.

Anyway, this is my favorite of the 'Ash catches a starter' episodes. It was odd to see Misty immediately want to catch an Oddish, even though she is a Water type trainer. Heh, oh well. I also liked the way this episode had Brock crush on Melanie. In fact, Melanie is probably my favorite girl for him. It felt so much more natural than all his other girl crazy moments in the later episodes. Misty's teasing of him also seemed much better than the ear pulling that I would find annoying in the near future (in those days).

Bulbasaur had the interesting role of being the protector and it was deadset against Ash intruding in its friends' peaceful life in the forest.

So, this is another of the more entertaining episodes of the series.


Team Awesome
Has Meowth gotten a different voice actor since then? He sounds very different compaired to current episodes.

Yes, another voice actor played the role of Meowth for the first 20-30 episodes before Maddie Blaustein took over. For more details, check out the Ask Maddie Blaustein thread on the main anime discussion page.


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An excellent episode, great that Ash caught Bulbasaur who will become one of his strongest Pokemon. Melanie is very cute I like her and I thought her VA fit very well in this episode. I like watching Brock in this episode since he's not coming onto women like he usually does in fact he's more embarrassed about it especially when Misty is teasing him. I think Misty catching an Oddish would have been interesting, even though she's a Water Pokemon trainer she has made it known that she is willing to catch cute Pokemon. Hey this is the first episode in which Eric Stuart takes over for voicing for James and I think he did it very well, also I liked seeing Meowth walk on all fours like a regular cat, I think this is one of the few episode he does it.


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I loved everything about this episode except that Misty couldn't catch Oddish. I thought that they would have been a good pair.


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The only problem I have with this, is it starts the whole "The pokemon chooses to go with ash" instead of him catching the pokemon.
It happens here with Bulbasaur, then with Squirtle and finally with Charmander, in back to back to back episodes.


The King of Karp
Good episode, I just dislike how it signified the end of the era of Butterfree & Pidgeotto ever battling again. =/


The Black Knight
ah yes this was my favourite episode because Ash caught MY favourite pokemon it was very very amusing and the first season was always MY favourite season