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Bulbasaur & The Hidden Village (010)


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1 of my favorite Kanto episodes! Loved the part where he fought and captured Bulbasaur! Too bad he didn't capture oddish.



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I liked Misty's interaction with Oddish, I thought it was very cute. ^__^
But, it was a bit weird to see a water-type trainer obsessing over a grass-type.

I liked how starry-eyed Ash was when he first saw Bulbasaur, it's like he was a major fan boy. Bulbasaur itself seemed mean at first, but I'm glad it came around and decided to go with the group.


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This just so happens to be one of my all-time favorite Kanto oriented episodes. I loved everything about it, especially the part with the bridge before they wound up at the Hidden Village. I am so glad that I own it on VHS Cassette, but it's too bad I can't watch it on TV anymore because my VCR no longer works.


Another favorite show! I was hoping Bulbasaur would evolve as I really like Ivysaur. But I enjoyed this episode a bunch because Bulbasaur is my favorite starter Pokemon. Hoping that Boomerang would show it once again, though.


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This was a great episode. If I remember correctly, I've finally reached the
three consecutive episodes where Ash catches the starter Pokemon.

Bulbasaur, Brock, and TR made this episode very enjoyable. :)


This is my least favorite of the starter capture episodes. I liked the baseball references that Team Rocket was using in the episode but that's as far as it goes. Bulbasaur's mean streak would've been an interesting thing to keep for a few episodes but I guess that's what Charmeleon and Charizard were there for.


I loved this episode. Bulbasaur was great and it was nice to see how it was protecting other Pokemon within it's community. It's also nice to introduce characters who help the weaker Pokemon. And lol the bridge getting Team Rocket.
It was sort of bad and funny how Bulbasaur attacks Misty. o: And lol Team Rocket failing yet again. I didn't really like how Bulbasaur was basically just given to Ash though.

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I personally liked this episode a decent capture equals decent episode.


aka Lamia
Although again Ash gets it a bit easy as the lady sort of tells Bulbasaur to go with him, it's nice to see that he does actually battle and defeat it first. I liked the general concept of this episode, I guess you would find these kind of people looking after ill Pokémon in the Pokémon world. Oddish is such a little cutie pie!


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I liked Misty's derp face when she was hounding Brock about liking the girl in this episode XD I was watching it yesterday, and.... lol... just great XD "Did ya seal the promise with a kisss? -OW-"


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I really don't like Oddish in game but it was pretty cute in the anime. I really wish Misty would've caught it.


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Recently watched this episode, it was great. Especially after Team Rocket falling into a pit trap and getting scooped up in a tree. Great to see Ash catching a Bulbasaur.


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Ash and his imaginations LOL.

Well, this episode introduced the Pokémon Ash has the longest (excluding Pikachu) and I did like the personality they gave it. I always enjoyed the Kanto starter arch because Ash probably got some of the most characteristically Pokémon he got during the entire Kanto and Orange Islands sagas (Immature and hilarious Squirtle, mature and stubborn Bulbasaur and the fighter Charmander)

Therefore, this episode was unsurprisingly, really enjoyable to watch and to see the roots of a epic Pokémon.


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Bulbasaur wasn't given to Ash. He battled it.
Melanie told Bulbasaur to go with Ash, it agreed but wanted a battle first. Bulbasaur kinda was given to Ash.

Torterra (when it was a Turtwig), and Aipom were other pokemon who decided to join Ash but wanted to battle him first.


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^ Battling it is enough for me.

As for the episode, it was alright. Bulbasaur is my favorite of Ash's starters, so it's great to see he finally captured one. Charmander's okay, but I still prefer Bulbasaur. I also like that fainted pokemon can still be captured. It makes more sense than being swallowed by a hole in the ground.

And Brock, stop beating up Misty. It's already so blatantly obvious what you want to do with Melanie.


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A good episode introducing Ash's Bulbasaur, I liked Misty's interactions with Oddish, it was really sweet. However, it was very disrespectful when Bulbasaur tackled Misty in such a rough manner thinking it was going to harm Oddish when she would never do such a thing. The COTD was really nice, I liked how she took care of all the abandoned Pokemon.
However, it was very disrespectful when Bulbasaur tackled Misty in such a rough manner thinking it was going to harm Oddish when she would never do such a thing.

No not really considering Bulbasaur wanted to protect his fellow pokemon, and besides she tried to catch it earlier and that could have pissed him off. Bulbasaur had every right to tackle Misty at least IMO.